Super Male God System Chapter 42 - Biological Son

Jiangcheng County in Hangzhou City was a remote place. The economy in Jiangcheng County was not very prosperous. Because of the terrain, the surrounding villages were very poor, But today, the Heping Village in Jiangcheng was very lively.

Many children in Ping'an Village were running around the cars they have never seen in their lives before. They have only seen them on TV. There was a small car from the city. They heard that it costs a lot of money...

The people in the village also came around and wanted to know what was happening. Although the car stood at the entrance of the village, many people knew that those in smart suits who came down from the car went to Xiao Qingrong's house. Speaking of which, this Xiao Family was very. pitiful. Xiao Qingrong's parents worked hard to bring him to adulthood and just when he married his wife, his parents died in a landslide. Although the government gave them compensation, even after getting 100,000 yuan, two lives were still lost. Xiao Qingrong's wife happened to be pregnant at that time. In addition, such a thing happened at home. This child was almost unable to keep up with it and was very distressed. After finishing his parents' funeral, he took his wife to the city. When he returned, there was only Xiao Qingrong and his child, his wife died in the hospital.

After that, many people in the village said that Xiao Qingrong was cursed. Although the appearance of Xiao Qingrong in the village was considered good, no one really dared to approach him for many years, they only saw him raise his child alone from afar.

Although the Heping Village is poor, they are not so poor that they can't even afford to send their child to go to school. Almost every family's children have been sent to school. The child from the Xiao Family was named Xiao Ming but he looked different from Xiao Qingrong.

Now it seems that several cars have arrived in the village, and they also arrived at Xiao Qingrong's house. In fact, many people thought that Xiao Ming was not Xiao Qingrong's son at all, did Xiao Qingrong adopt him?

Things were going like this for many years, Xiao Ming grew bigger and bigger, but he wasn't really similar to Xiao Qingrong. When Xiao Qingrong was young, he was also a handsome boy in the village.

But what about Xiao Ming? Although he was also a little handsome, but those looks on his face weren't gentle like Xiao Qingrong, he was like a wolf cub that came down the mountain. When he was young, he liked fighting, and the people in the village didn't dare to mess with Xiao Ming. Whenever he heard people gossiping about him, Xiao Ming would beat the children in the village. If it wasn't for Xiao Qingrong going to apologize, things wouldn't have gone so smoothly.

Xiao Ming was only fourteen years old this year, but he was tall and big, he was the tallest kid in the village. It was unknown what Xiao Qingrong gave him to eat that he grew so tall. Anyways, the villagers didn't dare to mess with him.

Everyone in the village was secretly discussing this matter, and in Xiao Qingrong's house, he was sitting there with an expressionless face, and a tall child was sitting beside him, because his skin had been exposed to the sun for a long time, it became chocolate-colored, but his face was as sharp as a blade, and at this time, he was looking at the few men in suits who came here.

What I want to say is, that when Mr. Xiao's child was in the hospital, he was accidentally replaced with our boss's child. After finding this out, the boss sent us over to pick up the second young master. We hope that Mr. Xiao will understand.

Such a strange thing happened in such a poor small mountain village, it will inevitably make the listener feel strange, but after Xiao Qingrong heard this, his face didn't change much, it seemed as if he didn't care about this matter at all.

After coming out of the so-called virtual world, Xiao Qingrong had learned about 618's calculations for himself, and this time he directly chose to block 618, so he had no idea what he should do in this world, or what he should achieve or how he should earn male god points in this world.

Perhaps even if he knew, Xiao Qingrong might not care.

The feeling of being counted on was good for once but Xiao Qingrong will not allow it to happen again. In addition, these people were soft on the surface but their actual expressions showed that they felt as if they were superior than him, which really made Xiao Qingrong feel unpleasant.

Xiao Ming also understood the meaning of these people. In short, he was not the biological son of his father, but the son of another rich boss. Now that the rich boss found that his son was not his biological son but a child of his father, he sent someone to take him away.

This situation made the 14-year-old Xiao Ming feel strange. Although the children in the village would secretly gossip about him when he was young, saying that he was not similar to his father, Xiao Ming actually never suspected that himself, because in the village, he was simply the happiest child!

Although he didn't have a mother since he was child, Xiao Ming was raised by his father alone. It could be said that some children had stuff while some didn't. Compared to the children in the village, he didn't know how many times lucky he was. Even in such a poor environment, Xiao Ming was able to grow to a height of 1.99 meters(6.5 Ft). In addition to his genes, it was also very much related to his father's upbringing.

Children in the countryside couldn't just eat whatever they wanted, but Xiao Ming had milk and snacks since childhood, as well as his favorite chocolate, and even a large pocket money after school. All these things let Xiao Ming know how much his father spoiled him.

If... if he was really not his dad's child, then why was dad so good to himself?

Xiao Ming's eyes fell on his father's face. Today Xiao Qingrong was only 33 years old, but he looked very young. With his face, many people would regard him as a man in his twenties. Rural people get married early. When Xiao Ming was born, Xiao Qingrong was only nineteen years old.

These several people who came under the orders of their boss were also born and raised in big cities. When they saw such a poor place for the first time, they were somewhat surprised to see Xiao Ming, because Xiao Ming's appearance was exactly the same as that of their boss. If the second young master was welcomed back, he would be more favored, so even if he somewhat looked down on Xiao Qingrong, he had to respect him for raising Xiao Ming.

Mr. Xiao, rest assured, this time we came to pick up second young master so he can have a better future. You have taken care of our second young master for so long. This 500,000 is your compensation.

He took out a card and put it on a table that looked a bit shabby. The speaker was Zhou Kun's secretary, Secretary Fang and he was someone that he could trust.

Xiao Qingrong glanced at the card on the table, and then thought of his dilapidated home. He hadn't got married for so many years, and he had been raising his child himself. He also used a lot of money for the child. Although he didn't spend much, he had already spent more than 300,000. Although it was not as much as 500,000, he still spent a lot.

Moreover, from the words of this man, this so-called boss not only wanted to take away Xiao Ming, but he was not even planning to return his own child.

In the eyes of your boss, is my son's fourteen years of life only worth half a million?

Finally speaking, Xiao Qingrong's eyes were filled with irony, without any fear at all. The clear eyes made Secretary Fang bewildered because he felt that he was oppressed for a moment but after carefully thinking about it. He felt that this person was just an ordinary person from a rural area. Look at the clothing of the other party, even the old men in their 50s or 60s won't wear this ...

Mr. Xiao, you have misunderstood. The 500,000 is just a thank you gesture by the boss. He will give you a sum of money when the second young master reaches home. Thank you for taking care of the second young master for so many years.

Secretary Fang laughed flawlessly. His masked appearance made people see no flaws at all, but in his heart, he felt that the rural people were rural people, they were just greedy.

When Xiao Ming on the side heard his dad talk, he clenched his hands and looked at his dad. He was afraid that his dad would surrender him to these strangers.

Even if what those people were saying was true that he wasn't his dad's child, but he was unwilling to leave his dad...

His dependence on his father surpassed his longing for big cities. Even if Xiao Ming's goal had always been to live in a big city, suddenly finding out that he had another father, Xiao Ming didn't feel excitement but fear. He was afraid of the unknown life, fear of separation from his father, and even of his so-called biological father.

These people also didn't say that they will send his father's biological son back after he went with them. Does that mean that his father's biological son is not planning to return? If so, can I also stay with my dad?

Feeling Xiao Ming's hot eyes, Xiao Ming's closeness to him made Xiao Qingrong a little uncomfortable, causing him to give out a cough to ease himself..

Money is not important. I just want to know. Now that your boss knows that Ming'er is his child, why not come and pick him up personally?

If he really values this child, why would he just send a few people here?

Aren't you bullying the child like this?

The smile on Secretary Fang's face was really stiff, and then he took a quick look and explained towards the second master who was looking at him.

Mr. Xiao, this is the case, the first young master was in poor health, and fell ill again, so the boss and the wife are accompanying the young master, so the task of bringing the second young master home naturally fell on us…

He tried hard to explain, but Xiao Qingrong's next words made Secretary Fang and others stunned.

So, if he truly is my biological son? Since he was not born to your boss, why not send him back?