Super Male God System Chapter 41 - Leaving The World

However, in a few days, the festival ceremony was prepared. Whether it were the ministers in the Jinyu Hall or the people, they all attached great importance to the rain since it had not rained for three consecutive months. Now, seeing that the weather was getting hotter, everyone was worried.

For more than a year, the emperor had done so much for the people of the Dayong Dynasty. Whether it was producing thousands of grains per mu or the cement that was very popular last winter. They have saved the people of the Dayong Dynasty from fire and water. So this time, the matter of praying to the heavens for rain was spread, the people also looked forward to it.

Nowadays, Shadow had a very good reputation in the Dayong Dynasty. When it came to the emperor, there were no complaints from the people. After all, for the people of the Dayong Dynasty, being able to eat and wear clothes was already the happiest thing in the world.

On the day of the ceremony, Shadow was in a bright yellow dragon robe, coming from the palace. The location of the festival was the royal temple in the center of the capital, and there was a prepared rain-seeking platform.

After seeing the emperor coming out of the palace, everyone knelt on the ground neatly, saying long live the emperor. Their voices were loud, so even though Shadow wanted to laugh but, in order to maintain his dignity as an emperor, he didn't.

However, he could share his excitement with 618.

618, you see, since I gave the people what they need, they all love me now.

He looked toward the people and their shouting gave shadow an unprecedented refreshment, and the feeling of being needed was indeed nice. It feels very refreshing.

[Is it really because of you? ] 618 answer didn't give shadow any face at all. It could be seen, the personality of shadow was not only a performing one, but also a thick-skinned person! Thinking of the male god points in the mall, 618's teeth were itchy.

Shadow didn't care about the cold words of 618. In his opinion, all of this was because of himself. When he thought of what might happen later, Shadow was even more excited and eager to run all the way to the center of the capital. There were many people as well as soldiers. When the road was opened, the people were very gentle, and they knelt quietly.

Such a huge prayer to the heavens, it was the first time for such a thing to happen in the Dayong Dynasty for so many years. Of course, the people hoped for rain, but the officials who were on the ground, it was unknown what they were thinking.

Shadow climbed onto the sacred alter step by step. As per Shadow's request, there were no people on the sacred altar, and even the eunuchs who served him were gone. When he went up, everyone in the audience suddenly shouted long live the emperor again.

Long live the emperor! Long live the emperor!

The Empress led the people to kneel below, and there was also the little prince kneeling next to her. This prayer was very important. All important officials in the capital had to participate, and the Empress was no exception.

Standing on the high platform, Shadow's eyes swept over the crowd, and suddenly there was a feeling of standing on the stage, as he looked up at the bright sky.

After that, it was time to pray for rain. Shadow, who was standing there, looked serious, and his voice passed down brightly, so that the people kneeling there could hear the voice of the emperor. When the prayer for rain was about to be recited, All the officials below and the people of the Dayong Dynasty had raised their heads secretly, looking forward to the emperor on the high platform.

They believed that their emperor of the Dayong dynasty was the true dragon emperor and the master of this world, so this prayer for rain will definitely succeed!

With this idea in mind, many people gazed at Shadow with eyes full of reverence and when everyone was secretly looking at the emperor who had stood up to pray for the rain, they suddenly heard a dragon's roar, Then those people saw a scene that they would never forget in their life.

They saw the emperor standing on the sacred altar and when suddenly, a golden dragon rose to the sky, followed by a dragon roar, it kept resounding in their ears.

Dragon... that's the dragon...

A trembling voice sounded. Everyone couldn't help looking up and looked at the rising golden dragon. The golden dragon circled over the capital that everyone could see and sent out a burst of roars. The sound of dragon roaring scared everyone, but their heart was filled with excitement that could not be concealed. That is a dragon, a real dragon...

The giant golden dragon soared in the sky and danced constantly, and the golden scales on its body emitted a dazzling light under the reflection of the sun.

Shadow also looked up, watching such a shocking scene, knowing that what just happened must have fallen into the eyes of the people. When he thought of it, he felt excited, and his name as the true dragon emperor will always be remembered.

When everyone was still mesmerized, Shadow planned to strike the iron while it was hot, and when everyone couldn't believe that there was a dragon in the sky, they suddenly heard their emperor's voice in their ears. Moreover, it was not only the people present who heard the voice, but even the people around the capital heard Shadow's voice for a moment and they were shocked.

Rain ~ Come!!!

After these two words, everyone saw that the golden dragon suddenly sneezed, and then there was a deafening thunder, then there was a sudden flash of lightning from nowhere. For a moment, the lightning flashed and the sky was even more colorful. Suddenly, it turned into darkness, and everyone could only see the golden dragons soaring in the gray clouds and the bursts of dragon roar!

Next, the first drop of rain fell on the ground, and the second... After a while, the officials kneeling there and the people of the Dayong Dynasty were already wet, and Shadow standing on the altar was not much better. Shadow struggled to maintain the majesty of an emperor with a stretched face, and then there was a sudden outburst.

Long live the emperor! The emperor is the true dragon emperor! Long live the emperor!

The people in the entire capital were almost shouting. After seeing such a miraculous scene in person, they were almost 100% sure. The emperor was the true dragon emperor. Otherwise, why would a golden dragon fly for the emperor? They all saw it!

The sound of the rain falling on the ground was mixed with the shouts of the people. Shadow stood on the stage and suddenly looked at the Empress kneeling on the ground through toese blurred rain curtains and he found that the Empress seemed a bit stunned, but he didn't know what she was thinking in her heart. Shadow didn't know why he felt uncomfortable.

Afterwards, the golden dragon left the capital city. According to Shadow's setting, it would disappear after flying around the site of the Dayong Dynasty, and it would be considered as adding some luck to this troubled Dayong Dynasty.

After all, what the world likes the most, are these weird legends. What a real dragon emperor is, although it was all a ruse, there were still many people who believed it.

However, this time the price of pretending was still heavy, Shadow caught a cold.

Since returning to the palace that day, he caught a cold. He was supposed to maintain his image. He didn't let the doctor reveal the matter, but there were rumors outside that he got sick.

Fortunately, although Shadow was sick, he enjoyed the feeling of being served by his own Empress.

Emperor, good medicine is bitter. Yu'er knows that the emperor does not like this medicine, but for the emperor's body, Yu'er still wants the emperor to take the medicine. Yu'er has also prepared your favorite rock sugar pear.

The Empress coaxed Shadow with the medicine in her hand. Before, Li Qingyu would have never thought that it would be so difficult for a big man to take medicine, but this time, Shadow seemed to be so unwilling to take medicine.

Yu'er, I know my body, I really don't need to take medicine. I'll be fine after a few days

Shadow said this but his face was exceptionally pale but he still didn't want to compromise.

Emperor, I can listen to anything else. Only this thing, I can't listen to you. Just drink the medicine, and you will get better in no time.

Li Qingyu slowly delivered the medicine to Shadow's mouth. Seeing that his Empress was so worried, her eyes were red. Although Shadow was not very willful, he drank the medicine obediently and he got his favorite rock candy pear porridge, just like a child.

Li Qingyu, who was sitting there, watched the man tenderly.


Now there were rumors that the emperor was a true dragon emperor, especially when the golden dragon was seen flying on top of the emperor that day. If it was just a few that saw it, no one would've believed it, but everyone saw it and then the golden dragon flew around the Dayong Dynasty and it made everyone affirm that this golden dragon was the incarnation of the emperor, which specifically protected their people in the Dayong Dynasty!

At this moment, Shadow didn't know that he had gained popularity among the people of the Dayong Dynasty, and even his male god point value had increased all of a sudden but 618 will not tell Shadow about that. If it told him, who knows what shadow would do with it...

The emperor's body was getting better, which made the officials and the people assured. Now not only the people, even officials thought that Shadow was the true dragon emperor, otherwise why would a dragon appear?

Even if it was all fake, such a huge golden dragon was by no means easily created by anyone!

At this moment, the Tang family was anxious. Originally, Tang Mingyu met a famous fortune teller who calculated that Tang Mingyu had the destiny of an emperor. Therefore, the Tang family wanted to do their best to do something for him. However, the emperor was now known as the true dragon emperor! What is this? If the Emperor is the True Dragon Emperor, then what is Tang Mingyu?

And the master who calculated the emperor's life for Tang Mingyu, after seeing the golden dragon soaring, died of vomiting blood that night, and when the Tang family looked for him, the man was completely dead.

It was very embarrassing. Wasn't that counterproductive?

The Tang family didn't know that their actions were already under the emperor's eyes, so after tangling for a while, they finally decided that since things have already started, they could not step back and had to proceed with their plans.

In the winter of the 36th year of the Dayong Dynasty, the emperor ordered the promotion of cotton cultivation. This year, even the soldiers in the borders were able to enjoy cotton clothes and it was at this time that the Tang family united some other families.

There was no way but to do this. Originally, they wanted to plan quietly for more than ten years, but they were forced by Shadow and in the end, they were only able to follow this path.

On that day, the snow was heavy, Shadow accompanied his Empress in the palace and there was martial law both inside and outside the capital. The Jin Yiwei, led by Hu Po and deputy commander Li Qingfeng went to defeat the enemy. On that day, the snow in the capital was red but the people were inside and no one knew what happened until after the matter was over.

In the days that followed, all officials involved in the case lost their heads. However, the people in the capital were not really afraid! The emperor was the true dragon emperor. Can ordinary people overthrow him at will?

Shadow, who handled this matter perfectly, finally decided a name for his prince this year and formally declared him as his only prince!

Due to the lack of medical achievements, when Shadow was sick and lying on the dragon bed, he was only in his forties. The Empress hadn't slept for three days and three nights, staying with her emperor. On that day, there was the prince who was now an emperor. Just three days ago, Shadow felt that he had little time and he had written an edict and declared the prince as emperor.

Yu'er, I'm afraid I have to leave before you. Looking at the woman's red eyes and falling tears, he was happy but sad at the same time since he was just a lonely soul that was wandering in the world. Even if he died, he will be in another world but for this empress of his, they may never meet again.

Emperor, you will be fine. Yu'er knows that you are the true dragon emperor. You must be fine, right?

Tears kept falling, Li Qingyu held Shadow's hand, and she knew what was happening now but she was stubborn and reluctant to let go.

With full strength, Shadow's hand moved slightly, reached out his hand and then came to Li Qingyu's face, gently wiping tears for the woman who had been with him for more than 20 years.

Yu'er, don't cry. You don't look pretty when you cry.

Li Qingyu held the hand on her face, her eyes were still red.

Emperor, Yu'er won't cry. As long as the emperor can get better, Yu'er will never cry, okay?

Her voice was full of sadness and despair.

No, I don't like to see you cry. I like to see you smile

Shadow looked seriously at the woman in front of her, and he clearly wanted to make this woman happy, but after hearing this, Li Qingyu's tears fell again, and the warm tears fell on the shadow's hand. It was as if it had burned into his heart. Shadow didn't know why but he suddenly felt sad.

Emperor, why must you do this. Yu'er has nothing to ask for but for the emperor to be well

Li Qingyu was crying, but she still wanted to show a smile to this man. Li Qingyu never would've thought that she would fall in love with this man, a man who acts in front of the world but today, Li Qingyu finally understood that this love was the most difficult to control.

Maybe... when this man said to her that he would live with her forever, was that the time she started to truly fall in love with him?

Shadow felt that the Empress in front of him was already a bit vague. He opened his mouth and wanted to say a lot. He wanted to say that you don't have to wait for me. He wanted to say that he was happy to be able to meet her.

Suddenly, Shadow didn't want to say anything anymore. He just tried his best to touch the Empress's cheek with his hand, felt the Empress's temperature, and heard the voice of 618.

[The host has died, leaving the world...]

The Empress sitting there felt that the hands on her face loose strength and suddenly fell on the bed, and she looked at the pale-faced emperor, and burst into tears. In this life, she behaved dignifiedly and acted as a model for all the women over the world and never cried for herself.

But now, Li Qingyu saw her beloved leave, she couldn't help but cry in sadness.

She reached out and gently touched the emperor's hair behind his ears. Li Qingyu's voice was the most gentle.

Oh, emperor, you said you have a small heart and only one person can be accommodated, but you... why do I see such sadness on your face?