Super Male God System Chapter 40 - Underground Dungeon

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Soon, a few months passed and summer arrived.

Summer was not as hot as imagined, but after its arrival, it didn't rain for three consecutive months. This was a headache for the people of the Dayong Dynasty.

The ministers were also very worried, not to mention that it was not just the capital. In addition to the capital, many places in the Dayong Dynasty were also very dry. Some people had already started thinking that maybe there will be a drought this year...

Under such circumstances, Shadow expressed his thoughts in the Jinyu Hall to pray for rain to the heavens.

The emperor is wise, the emperor is a true dragon emperor, and he will certainly be able to call rain, and benefit the world!

After almost a year, the ministers of the Dayong Dynasty already knew that since the emperor had said this, he must have made a decision. This was definitely not a request for their opinions. Although the emperor looks very gentle and cheerful now, his means could not be any more cruel.

Last year, the Wang family and the Xie family were destroyed by the emperor. In the words of the emperor, if the so-called family does not contribute to the people of the world, there is no need for them to exist. At that time, The Jin Yiwei was at the door of the Wang family and the Xie family and although they tried to resist, it was futile and they were soon destroyed.

Of course, the world granary managed by the Xie family and the Wang family and the national bank under the supervision of Jin Yiwei have gradually developed last year. They produced more than 800 kilograms of potatoes and corn, which made the people of the Dayong Dynasty grateful to the emperor. Everyone was very respectful, thinking that the emperor must be the true dragon emperor, otherwise, how was he able to create such food?

Since the two crops officially began to spread from around the Dayong Dynasty last year, the people had a good winter. Even if it had not rained for three months now, everyone was just worried, and not afraid of it. Growing potatoes was extremely simple, requires very little land, and has a high yield, which makes people more or less stock their grain and they can live well.

Also, the national bank, in the name of the country, allows the people of the Dayong Dynasty to put their money in the national bank, which virtually enriches the national treasury, and also makes the people have a stronger sense of belonging to the Dayong Dynasty. This was achieved in only half a year. The Silver tickets issued by the bank were very popular.

These things were all done by the emperor, which made everyone dare not to underestimate the emperor now. The other party was not as harmless as they imagined.

Shadow was certainly not harmless. Especially at the end of last year, when he discovered that some families were still being greedy, he felt a little bored. He gave these people so many opportunities but these people just had to be greedy. It really annoyed Shadow a bit.

For more than a year, the number of Jin Yiwei members had surpassed 50,000 in secret, and they were all excellent masters. Apart from those who have been arranged, most of them protected the palace near the capital. Shadow had to keep watch. What do those so-called families wanted to do!

After the date to pray to the heavens was confirmed in the Jinyu Palace, someone had arranged it. Shadow went to the Empress's palace. This year, except for going to the Jinyu Hall, he stayed with the Empress most of the time. After all, it was boring to always stay in the Jinyu Hall to watch the memorial.

When Shadow came, Li Qingyu was holding and feeding their son. The three-year-old little prince didn't even have a name. In ancient times it was thought that a child who was not born long before could not have a name, or he would be taken away by the demons.

Emperor, you are here?

Seeing the emperor, Li Qingyu was also very happy, and the child she was holding looked at Shadow with excitement.

Hug, hug! Father, father emperor!

He was well educated by his mother, and now he has spoken very clearly. Shadow stepped up, reached out and held the child in his arms, and weighed it.

Hey, Hey be careful, you've got heavier again

Then he sat next to the Empress with their child in his arms, and Long Ye opened his mouth happily when he saw the emperor. Now he could see that the emperor was sincere to his wife. Even though the ministers said that he should enrich his harem, the emperor refused because of the Empress!

Emperor, if you tell him that, he will be unhappy.

Helplessly watching the emperor saying that their son was heavy, Li Qingyu also laughed. In the past, she would have never dared to imagine that she could live like this. When she came to know that she would become the Empress of this country, Li Qingyu had already made preparations to push down all of her love and concentrate on being the mother of the country but she didn't knew why, she was suddenly unable to control her heart while getting along with the emperor.

Obviously, the emperor's eyes with emotions were full of playfulness and jokes, but Li Qingyu was still moved in her heart.

Really? But what I'm saying is true, he is a bit fat and he will grow up later. If he isn't handsome, he will blame you for not taking good care of him as a child.

Shadow deliberately blinked at the Empress and took the bowl from the Empress's hand and fed his own son for dinner. In this life, he could only have such a son, so Shadow was very pleased.

Li Qingyu was captivated and didn't know whether to cry or laugh. She did not expect that the emperor would talk about their son not being handsome in the future, but seeing that her son's wrists were like plums, it seemed that he would be more fat as he grew old. Moreover, if the child was too fat, his body will not be good.

Empress, the emperor is concerned about the little prince. This child, although he is cute when he is chubby as a kid, but when he grows up and is still chubby, then he will not be so cute. The little prince and the emperor are carved out of the same mold, when he grows up, he will be very similar to the emperor and it would not look very nice if he is chubby.

Long Yan hurried to speak, seeing that the emperor was in harmony with his wife, it made these servants happy.

It's still Long Yan who knows my heart. Yu'er, if you raise him like this. Be careful he won't be happy in the future

Shadow said this but the movement in his hand did not stop, and continued to feed his own child. Shadow successfully achieved the double standard, so that Li Qingyu, who was next to him, did not know what to say and could only change topics.

I heard that the emperor has planned to hold a ritual of praying for rain after seven days, but has the emperor thought about it?

The world was envious of the emperor sitting on the throne, but who knew that the more things you gain with this position, the more you need to pay, whether it is the grievances of the people, or the natural disasters. As long as something goes wrong, it's the emperor's fault. When the sky falls and the drought is common, it is the emperor who is generally considered to have a problem. Otherwise, why would God punish them like this?

Even the former emperor had sinned so Li Qingyu was very worried.

Yu'er, rest assured. Of course, I am sure. I am the true dragon emperor. At that time, I will sincerely ask for rain for the people in this world. God will definitely stand by my side!

For this day, Shadow didn't know how long he had been prepared, so he would definitely not allow any mistakes in this matter.

Yu'er believes that the emperor is the true dragon emperor, not only the people of the world, but the emperor is also recognised by the Gods!

Looking at the man in front of her, Li Qingyu felt that she could not see through the other person no matter how many times she tried. He was clearly mischievous in front of her, always saying something messy and making her very happy, but from the mouth of her brother and father However, this person was a fiercely popular person.

Which one is he? Li Qingyu has seen his kind and tender side, has seen his pitiful side, and even seen his embarrassed side, but only the cold-blooded and ruthlessness described by her father and brother, she has never seen it.

How could such a person... be a cold-blooded and ruthless person?

Shadow didn't know the idea of ​​his Empress. After Shadow played with his child for a while, he left the Empress's palace and went to the Jinyu Hall. After he had people guard the Jinyu Hall, he passed through the secret passage of the Jinyu Hall directly and went to the basement on the lower floor.

This thing was found by the shadow while reading the ancient books before and it's a passage which leads to a dungeon, so after discovering the passage, shadow started using it.

At the end of the secret passage there were many prison cells, which were used to imprison some unspeakable criminals, so Shadow naturally did the same, and now let Hu Po manage this mysterious dungeon.

At the end of the closed path, two people were standing at the end waiting. Hu Po, who was wearing a mask, was in all black and was standing on one side and Li Qingfeng of the Li family was on the other.

Since Li Qingfeng was officially promoted by Shadow last year, many things need not be hidden from him, so Li Qingfeng and Hu Po cooperated better, after all, they were all relatives.


Li Qingfeng and Hu Po cupped their hands while kneeling on one knee.

Get up, did you catch the rebel?

Li Qingfeng and Hu Po got up on their knees, and Li Qingfeng said.

Reporting to the emperor, the rebel has already been caught, and is in cell number nine. Unfortunately, we have not been able to get any information out of them.

Today, Li Qingfeng felt he was deeply rused. The more he knew, the more he had an inexplicable fear towards the emperor. Since he had already boarded the ship, it would be really difficult to get off. For his younger sister and the little prince, he could only hold on, even if he knew that the emperor in front of him was completely discrete from their benevolent emperor.

Oh? You still encountered hard stubble? Take me to see, I have to know, what kind of person is this traitor!

Shadow was a little excited, but he still had no expression on his face. In order to maintain his image in the hearts of officials, he still looked very reliable.

618 looking at all this, in fact, had a feeling of powerlessness, because it also did not expect this shadow turned out to be a maniac.

Why does it always get a host who's a maniac?

The two brought Shadow to Cell No. 9 soon. The cells here were closed, so it was a little dark along the way. Occasionally, the creepy screams of the people detained here could be heard. Shadow was afraid yet also a little excited.

Cell No. 9 was opened, and Hu Po walked in with a torch. Soon, the kerosene lamp inside was lit. Shadow and Li Qingfeng walked in and saw a man chained to the wall by the iron chain. This man was the latest captured rebel.

Xiao Qingrong thought that he had already punished the Ye family and the Tang family enough. The other party would not do any idiotic thing, but what he did not expect was that this Ye Qingyi, who was sent outside, married into another big family and that family was still a retro-type. After Ye Qingyi was married, it can be said that everything was reported to the Tang family and the Tang Family went crazy because of this and started to rebel secretly.

The person bound there tilted his head. Although he was unconscious, he was definitely alive. As soon as Hu Po wanted to do something, he heard his emperor.

You need not to worry about this. I'll do it myself. Go out with Qingfeng first.

After hearing the words of the emperor, Hu Po and Li Qingfeng stared at each other, then saluted tacitly, and then exited the door. Both of them stood at the door expressionlessly to prevent anything from happening.

Since the first time they saw the emperor interrogating these rebels, Hu Po and Li Qingfeng were very shocked, because they never expected that the emperor who was called benevolent, when doing these things, would be even more brutal than jailers. Because of this, the two had more respect and fear towards Shadow, kindness can bring admiration, but cruelty can make people surrender in fear.

Only Shadow and the man hanging on the wall were left in the cell. Shadow turned around and looked at the things placed in the jail, uttering his thoughts.

I've used the hooks last time. What should I use this time?

Looking at the display here with interest, Shadow's eyes finally fell on the charcoal-fired pot in the corner. There were several iron palms used to imprint the prisoner. He reached out and picked up one. Looking at the red iron palm, Shadow's smile grew wider.

Seeing that shadow was getting more and more crazier, 618 almost collapsed, and finally couldn't hold back.

[Shadow, if you like acting, we can find the Empress. You always come here, I can't stand it, it's so dark...]

Well, 618 has to admit that it was mainly the large mosaic that really made 618 dare not imagine what was happening and it also felt that Shadow's smile was gradually getting abnormal.

618 really wanted to leave shadow because of this. Although its host and Dr. Xiao also did this, but it was only because they had their reasons. However, shadow was only doing this purely for fun, which made 618 feel that it was unacceptable.

After hearing 618, Shadow laughed even more innocently in such a dark cell.

No, what's the point of finding the Empress? The Empress does not need to cooperate with this and she should only be focused in historical TV dramas. I heard that ancient criminals were punished in various ways. This is called life experience. If I have a chance to act in the future, my acting skills will definitely win an Oscar!

618 felt that shadow was only suitable for the evolutionary state, it was impossible to get an Oscar in this life! However, it couldn't say it directly.

Later, the man locked on the wall was instantly awakened by Shadow. The screams of the other person who were full of pain instantly resounded in the cell and because the underground cells here were not built with sound insulation, Li Qingfeng and Hu Po standing at the door could hear the screams of the prisoner.

The two have become accustomed to such screams, both of them looked indifferent. In their view, betraying the emperor was the biggest crime. No matter what the emperor does, it was right. For such a rebel, killing him a thousand times wasn't too much.

This kind of torture took only a little while. After Shadow used all the tools he was curious about, he got out of the cell. He didn't care if he could ask anything from this person. After all, the Tang family will sooner or later be destroyed.

Hu Po and Li Qingfeng personally sent Shadow to the end of the passage and just watched the emperor leave. After a while, Hu Po spoke first.

Let's go back.

Hu Po didn't know if he could save that man's life. Although Hu Po was not a kind-hearted person, he had to take a look.

Li Qingfeng also turned and left with Hu Po, the bloody smell spread on the two and then disappeared into the darkness.

For Li Qingfeng, if he could, he would rather not let his younger sister see this side of the emperor all her life.

The emperor's ruthlessness should never be known to Li Qingyu.