Super Male God System Chapter 39 - Failed Seduction

When Ye Qingyi received the news from the palace, she knew Li Qingyu would help her! She felt even more excited to hear that she could go to the palace again. When she thought about seeing the man again, she didn't know why she blushed.

Mother Ye did not expect that her daughter's face was so big that even the Empress could give it to her. She hurriedly told her husband about this. When Father Ye heard this, although he didn't think his daughter could do anything, his daughter had the family in her heart at least. Father Ye also knows well and finally prepares clothes for Ye Qingyi and then personally sends her to the gate of the palace.

At the gate of the palace, Ye Qingyi was taken in by the eunuchs to the Empress's palace. Ye Qingyi used to think that this place was like a place to imprison a woman for a lifetime but now, when Ye Qingyi re-enters the place, she felt that this is a perfect place for the wife of the wise and powerful emperor. Not only does he have all the power in this world, but he still loves the Empress so much. If all this is hers, how good would it be? If this spoiled person was herself, how good would it be?

Along the way, Ye Qingyi knew that she shouldn't have such an idea. Obviously, Brother Tang was also a very good person. The two of them were young and engaged but since the day Ye Qingyi saw the emperor, she didn't know why but she will always think of that man and even the dream of him and in the dream, the man is her lover and cherishes her.

He is so tender and loving that Ye Qingyi's love at first sight turned out to be such a wonderful thing.

Shadow and the Empress did not know that Ye Qingyi had such an idea even though they just met. Now Shadow was sitting next to the Empress and the Empress had also dressed up and waited for Ye Qingyi to appear.

This time, when the eunuch in the Empress's palace brought Ye Qingyi to the Empress's palace, Ye Qingyi knelt down in accordance with the etiquette. When she looked up again, she saw the dazzling Empress on the high platform, her former friend Li Qingyu.

Her friend is sitting high up in a large red silk brocade. The red material is a phoenix embroidered by gold threads and the phoenix on her friend's head caused Ye Qingyi to never forget it after taking a look.

This is all that the Empress can have, gold inlays, phoenix crown and at this moment, Ye Qingyi suddenly became jealous like never before.

She is jealous that the woman in front of her can have the love of the man, jealous that the woman has the position of Empress, and jealous that the woman gave birth to a child for the man. Maybe, the child of the other person will become the prince of this country in the future, the next generation emperor!

Working hard to conceal the jealousy in her eyes, Ye Qingyi bowed her head slightly, not daring to look at her again, and heard Li Qingyu's voice.

Get up, come and sit down.

This time Li Qingyu changed her clothes specially to maintain her prestige. After all, Ye Qingyi came here today to ask her for a favor. If her posture is too low, it is meaningless.

Ye Qingyi, who was kneeling on the ground, didn't get up and said.

Empress, this servant is guilty, and this servant is afraid to rise, so let this servant kneel here.

To retreat is always Ye Qingyi's favorite method, so she knelt there stubbornly at this time, but she already raised her head to look at the Empress above. At this time, she had jealousy in her eyes, and only one expectation remained, and that was pleading.

Ye Qingyi, whose eyes were reddish slightly, did give Li Qingyu a hint of cowardice, but thinking of the things her friend's grandfather did which was really not worthy of being an official in this dynasty. Her father once said that the emperor of the DaYong Dynasty is also the emperor of the world. To deceive the emperor is to deceive everyone in the world. Li Qingyu cannot forgive those who want to hollow the country to fill their dirty desires.

Oh? Why are you guilty?

Li Qingyu didn't tell her to stand up again. Li Qingyu looked at the woman who was once her only female friend and thought of the relationship between her Li Family and their Ye Family. In the early years, the Li family had a good relationship with the Ye family, maybe It should be said that the relationship between the Li family and many other families was good, but the emperor was weak and only the son of the emperor was at his knees. Many thoughtful families wanted to control the emperor in order to achieve the result of controlling the imperial government. she never thought that Li Qingyu, who was only eleven years old, went out on the road but met the emperor who was still the prince, who then fell in love with Li Qingyu at first sight.

Afterwards, the emperor ordered the decree, and Li Qingyu became the prince's fiance, but after that, too many things happened. When Li Qingyu married Xiao Qingrong, Shadow became emperor.

After the Li family's secret order for the concubine was issued, they were only able to become royalists, and they could only press everything on the emperor.

When the family head heard that the emperor fell in love with Li Qingyu, she was carefully taught by the Lord Li. To this day, she was taught how to be a kind mother and her exquisite know-how is naturally more than others.

Empress, this servant came to the palace because of things at home. The Empress and this servant grew up together. My Ye family is patriotic and we are by no means the kind to be greedy for power. If this servant and her elders go to Jiangnan, I'm afraid it's hard to see the Empress in this life...

Regarding the matter of her grandfather, naturally, it cannot be put on the bright side. After all, the emperor could not be said to be wrong, so Ye Qingyi could only speak out of intercession with the affection of their friendship, and expected the Empress to give her a face.

At this time, Ye Qingyi did not consider her own status and what face does the Empress need to give her?

Li Qingyu above the high level naturally understood that there was something in the other party's words, and remembered what had been discussed with the emperor, but she was still calm.

The matter of your Ye Family being sent to Jiangnan by the emperor.... Whether your Ye family is loyal to the monarch... your grandfather and father should know in their heart...

Ye Qingyi's legs kneeling on the ground were a little uncomfortable, but she still had to listen to the Empress. After the two talked for a while, Ye Qingyi also heard a trace of the way out from the Empress's words but she never expected that in order for them to stay, they would need to pay a large price... She wants to ask for an alternative but after seeing the Empress look of dignity, she had to swallow back her heards..

This is probably the influence of power. For the first time, Ye Qingyi saw the influence of power so intuitively. The ambition in her heart was like a vine growing in an instant, drowning all feelings quickly.

She thought that if she was the Empress and the emperor's favorite woman, then the Ye Family would definitely not be treated like that! [TN: Can someone kill this woman already]

Okay, I have told you what you need to do. You may leave now.

The Empress waved her hand to let Ye Qingyi back down. Ye Qingyi's knees trembled becuse she was kneeling on the ground for half an hour, but even so, she still had to say Thank You Empress and then drag her two already numb legs and left the Empress's Palace.

It is also a coincidence that Shadow originally planned to come over at this point to look at the Empress and the acting performance of the Empress, and as soon as he arrived at the door, he saw Ye Qingyi coming out of it.

I have to say that this woman, Ye Qingyi, is different from the Empress in appearance and temperament.

If the Empress is the peony among the flowers in this garden, then the woman Ye Qingyi is probably the most favorite clivia of all scholars.

Today's Ye Qingyi wore a light blue gown, her hair was a stable, with a little white jade decoration, and a small face which was even more petite. At this time, after seeing Shadow who came over, she blushed, making Shadow stunned and causing him to look at her again.

618, did you say she was seducing me?

Suddenly, 618 is also speechless. Is the personality of shadow too much of a dunce? Does he not have self-awareness?


618 said vaguely to let the other party know for themselves. From 618's investigation. For an ancient woman like this Ye Qingyi who has been engaged in a marriage, if there is any overly close relationship with other men, then she can't marry in the future. Moreover, she will also shame the family. The emperor knows from the plot that he cleverly grabbed Ye Qingyi. How could the other party seduce people casually?

However, what happened next really hit the face of 618, because just after the 618's words fell, Shadow has already come close to the legendary Ye Qingyi who will be a disaster for the country and the people. When he was about to pass her, Ye Qingyi said Oops and fell over towards Shadow...

If it was any other men, embracing such a beautiful woman would have caused a relationship to blossomed long ago, but who is the shadow? He's the one who wants to win the Oscar trophy!

So for Ye Qingyi's trip, shadow moved aside, and pushed Ye Qingyi a little so that she could then fly into the arms of an eunuch on the side...

Shadow's face suddenly turned black. Although he had no other concubines, in the early years, his father and grandfather had many concubines, so he has seen a lot of women's means. In the eyes of Shadow, in fact, what Ye Qingyi did was not a good method, even a little low. Moreover, she has a fiance so Shadow felt a bit uncomfortable seeing this.

To top it off, she was also regarded as a close friend by the Empress, and his empress even pleaded him so that she can stay in the captial.

618, look at this. She must be trying to seduce me. If I didn't move away, she would fall into my arms. You know, my body and my heart are all Empress! Except for the Empress, I can't have close contact with any woman

The chattering shadow continued to complain to 618, so that 618 finally understood why its host felt annoyed when it complained to him and it suddenly felt a little bit annoyed too. [TN: Lmao]

Shadow didn't hear an answer from 618 so he stopped talking to 618 and looked at Ye Qingyi, who flew into the arms of the eunuch, and felt that this woman was different from his imagination...

Ye Qingyi also found her condition at this time, and quickly released the eunuch, and she knelt directly on the ground.

This servant Ye Qingyi disturbed the emperor. I ask the emperor to please forgive me!

After kneeling on the ground and talking, she looked up at Shadow with a pitiful appearance. This look, if it is on ordinary men, it will certainly cause them to be distressed.

Unfortunately, the person she met was Shadow.

For this woman who later discredited his reputation, Shadow did not like her.

Guard, when can anyone come to this palace? What if she was an assassin?

On the side of the emperor, when the guard heard the emperor's word, he lowered his head. He knew that the emperor was not in a good mood, so he said quickly.

Reporting to the emperor, today Miss Ye entered the palace by the order of the Empress but she should still be punished for disturbing the emperor. What does the emperor think?

The guard knows that the emperor has never been the kind of beauty-loving person. This woman tried to seduce the emperor as soon as she came up. The identity of the woman is still someone with a fiancée. If it is spread out, the reputation of the emperor will be damaged.

Ye Qingyi didn't think that this gentle and loving man in front of the empress would be so indifferent when facing herself and she felt a little uncomfortable in an instant, and hurriedly said.

Emperor, this servant accidentally fell before because she knelt in the Empress's Palace for half an hour. It was not intentional, I ask the emperor to please forgive me...

This statement can be said to have been blatantly given to the emperor in front so that he can know that the Empress is not a good person. However, when she came here today, she totally forgot about how the Empress treated herself and Ye Qingyi had never thought about it. The Empress had given her a seat before but she was unwilling to get up and sit there.

Oh? Shadow looked at Ye Qingyi in front of him. He really felt that the woman became more and more boring. Compared with the Empress, she was far worse and soon, he had an idea.

Guard, she said she had a bad leg before she fell. So, she wasn't a careful person. Let Miss Ye fall here a hundred times and find someone to watch here.

After speaking, he walked towards the Empress's Palace without looking at Ye Qingyi at all.

The emperor's approach made the guard, other eunuchs, and court maids laugh. Since there was such an incident at the Empress's palace door, the Empress also heard the news so when Shadow walked in, the Empress did not have much of a reaction. Shadow, who had just punished someone. After coming to the Empress, he held the hand of his Empress.

Yu'er, is that woman outside your friend? Don't go near her later, she tried to seduce me, didn't she say that last time? She has a fiance, but she don't know shame!

Being able to make an emperor evaluate someone like this, this woman's life will also be ruined.

Li Qingyu thought of the news that had been reported outside before, and gently stroked the emperor's hand, watching the emperor look so angry, she soothed him.

The emperor is wise and enthralling. You are admired by every woman in this world. It is fortunate that Yu'er can accompany the emperor for three lives. Other women are envious. Now Qing Yi has done such a thing. It is not impossible to guess, she must have admired the emperor since she saw the emperor last time but she did such a thing. From now on, the relationship between Yu'er and her may be gone, in Yu'ers heart, The emperor is the most important person and I do not want others to take you.

These days, Li Qingyu has figured out what the emperor wants to hear now. The emperor used to always liked to discuss matters of the court, but now, the emperor seems to like to love and show love to her, always using a self-impressed expression Looking at herself, which made Li Qingyu not know whether to laugh or cry, but it was a good change, so Li Qingyu would cooperate with the emperor and say something that the emperor liked.

Sure enough, Shadow immediately smiled when he heard this, and he was already happy. At this time, he was even more gentle when he laughed. Even if Li Qingyu had seen this person many times, she still felt a little dazzelled. Qing Yi seems to have a good reason to like the emperor.

Isn't Li Qingyu angry because she was betrayed by her friend? In fact, Li Qingyu's hands were trembling. In the palace two years ago, there were no other concubines in the palace. Li Qingyu had a good life. As an Empress trained by the family, she had already been ready to accept the preparations of her husband's other women, but at this time, Ye Qingyi should never have such an idea.

However, the emperor's performance really made Li Qingyu happy, so in order to reward the emperor, Li Qingyu, the Empress, personally peeled grapes for the emperor to enjoy, making Shadow logically fall into the beauty incense.

Outside the hall, the guard had sent someone to look at Ye Qingyi, and made Ye Qingyi pounce on the little eunuch over and over again, then pulled herself up and pushed herself down again since the emperor said that he would make the other person fall a hundred times!

At this time, the sun was getting more and more intense, Ye Qingyi's face was already sweaty, and her delicate makeup and clothes were all in a mess. On the side, there were little eunuchs and maids casting taunting eyes, so Ye Qingyi only wanted to find a hole to bury herself into. She never thought that the emperor would be such a person who didn't know how to care for beauties.

Shouldn't he hold herself in his arms like she's so beautiful and so touching?

And these eunuchs and maids, she also remembered the face of these people one by one, thinking that if she becomes the empress in the future, they will all be killed!

No wonder these eunuchs and court ladies look down on Ye Qingyi, it is because Ye Qingyi was the Empress's best friend. Once this kind person stood up and collapsed, it would be more shocking. Ye Qingyi betrayed the Empress and tried to seduce the emperor. Naturally these are court maids and eunuchs looked down on her, let alone the fact she still had a marriage contract!

A woman with a marriage contract seduced the emperor at the door of the Empress's palace, wasn't she trying to die?

In short, under everyone's watching, Ye Qingyi fell a hundred times at the gate of the Empress's palace. After being sent out of the palace, she was even more embarrassed.

Mother Ye who was waiting outside the palace door saw her daughter like this and thought what kind of thinking the daughter had been subjected to. After asking, her daughter said nothing, but fortunately, her daughter said that the Ye Family can stay in the capital for a price.

After knowing the meaning of the Empress, although the Ye family had a heartache, they also knew that staying in the capital is better than going to Jiangnan so they contacted the Tang family as soon as possible, and the two went to visit the Li Family as soon as possible.

Mr. Li, the father of the empress's body is still healthy today. Although he can't say much in the Jinyu Hall, he's still smart and influential. Li Qingyu's father is also a genius, and his brain turned fast. After hearing his son's report about his daughter yesterday, he Already knew the emperor's thoughts so when he was visited, his attitude was very high, and he was fierce and he directly asked for 60% of the profits from the two of them. Otherwise, he would never plead with the emperor!

Seeing this was actually done by the emperor, but everyone still had to admit it. The Tang family and the Ye family were really embarrassed. In the end, they agreed to the Mr. Li's request and within a few days, the money was delivered and Mr. Li then took the Jin Yiwei to check these financials, and he was satisfied.

Other officials in the Dayong Dynasty did not dare to say anything when they saw this. Father Tang and Father Ye haven't been seen for a few days and the emperor seems to have forgotten them, but Lord Liang has gone to Jiangnan. Seeing the Tang family and Ye The family did not move, everyone knew that the two spent a huge price to stay...

Shadow saw that the treasury became wealthy at once, and he couldn't be happier. Coupled with the fact that the Ministry of Public Works had made cement and bricks so fast, it made Shadow feel happier. He invested all of his money in investment and construction, hoping to get more things.

Ye Qingyi suddenly became a benefactor of the Tang and Ye families. Both of them knew that although they paid a lot at home, if it was not because of the relationship between Ye Qingyi and the Empress, they would really have to go to Jiangnan. Therefore, Ye Qingyi is very enthusiastic. In fact, after this incident, Ye Qingyi should have entered the palace to thank the Empress, but Ye Qingyi did not go in the end because she knew that those things she did must have been known by the Empress, so she she don't want to see the Empress.

Tang Mingyu followed his grandfather to the Ye family, and was very grateful that his fiancee could turn the tide when this kind of thing happened in the family, and it was because of Ye Qingyi that Tang Mingyu's status at home had risen a lot.

Qingyi, I thanked you on behalf of the Tang family for this time. Since you were a child, you have been smart and beautiful. Since you can ask the Empress to intercede. My father and mother like you very much. Come here this time, my mother specifically brought you a present. This jade pendant is my mother's beloved thing. It is only for future daughters-in-law. Would you like to take it? [TN: I feel bad for Tang Mingyu]

Tang Mingyu, who grew up with Ye Qingyi didn't know that there was a green hat on him. When thinking that the two of them will get married after the year, his face can't help but be full of expectations.

Ye Qingyi's cheeks were reddish, and she also made a shy look. She reached out and took this jade pendant from Tang Mingyu's hands, feeling the warmth. She has to say that this jade is really a superb jade pendant, which makes Ye Qingyi very satisfied. Although this man is inferior to the emperor, she can't really complain

Brother Tang, you and I grew up together. This is what I should have done. Besides, you and I have been engaged for a long time. In Qingyi's heart, Brother Tang has always been important...

In this remark, Tang Mingyu was so impressed that he reached out and wrapped Ye Qingyi's hand in his own hands lovingly.

Qing Yi, rest assured, when you marry in my house, I will definitely be nice to you, my father and mother like you very much, and they will love you too. At that time, we will have a smart son and a beautiful daughter like you.

Although there was a change in the family, Tang Mingyu was sincere to Ye Qingyi, so at this moment, he just wanted to give the other party a thousand promises and all kinds of affection, but Ye Qingyi was not very serious. At this time, she was a little dazed, and she seemed to hear the voice of the emperor. [TN: RIP Tang Mingyu]

He was as tender as water to the Empress, but ruthless to herself, was she really not as good as the Empress?

When thinking of this, Ye Qingyi felt a little unhappy in her heart, and asked Tang Mingyut.

Brother Tang, in your eyes, is the Empress lady beautiful, or am I more beautiful?

Nothing is known about what happened in the palace. Ye Qingyi was worried for a few days before, but afterwards, there was no movement, and she knew that the incident had passed. The unwillingness in her heart naturally spread again. At this time, she just wanted to know. Is she really inferior to the Empress? [TN: Yes]

In Tang Mingyu's heart, he is naturally biased towards his beloved.

Of course you are more beautiful. The Empress is different from you.

The Empress is the woman of the emperor, and is she something other men can judge at will? Therefore, Tang Mingyu naturally does not say much about the Empress.

Ye Qingyi listened to these words, but felt it was perfunctory and she suddenly became unhappy and pushed Tang Mingyu away.

Brother Tang, of course, she is different. She is the mother of a country, and the emperor's wife, but I am just a little girl. The Empress and the emperor are very loving. It is useless to be more beautiful!

She said so arrogantly, if it is someone else, people would, but Tang Mingyu has only Ye Qingyi in his heart, naturally he will not use other thoughts to guess his beloved woman, and hurriedly re-held Ye Qingyi, trying to sooth her.

I was wrong, I was wrong, Qing Yi, in my eyes, you are the prettiest woman in the world. Of course, the Empress is not as good as you, you are the prettiest.

With such an answer, Ye Qingyi felt relieved, so she was willing to talk to Tang Mingyu well.

Because of Ye Qingyi's behavior, the Tang family is also very grateful to the Ye family. The two can now be said to be tied to a boat, so they plan to start the wedding of the two. All the evil spirits were washed away, there was news that the Tang family and the Ye family was going to marry.

The news spread and the major families were not very surprised. Many people knew that it was Miss Ye's relationship with the Empress.

As the news spread throughout the Dayong Dynasty, a bigger news shocked everyone.

Hu Po, the leader of the Jin Yiwei is getting married. The object of marriage was the Empress's cousin and they even heard that both parents had died! Not only that, there was also an imperial decree the emperor personally wrote the words of love and inseparability for the little couple, and it made everyone understand the emperor's attention to the Empress. This is Jin Yiwei's leader, Hu Po. The emperor even agreed to wed him to the Empress's cousin, the emperor really trusted the Li family!

The people in Jin Yiwei are also happy for their boss. Everyone outside thinks that the lady is not worthy of the leader of the Jin Yiwei but the people in Jin Yiwei knew that there is nothing unworthy of them. Many of them are orphans without fathers and mothers who were later cultivated, and have come to the present step by step. Alone, they have long been used to it. Now to see how the emperor still cares about their love and marriage, many people in Jin Yiwei look forward to it. Hu Po can marry a lady from a major family and was able to change his fate. After all, for them, they can only hope that their next generation can have a better life.

Shadow didn't know that the Jin Yiwei had high expectations for him. After all, he also arranged an affair for Hu Po he needed to. If he is single for a long time, he will sooner or later become abnormal! If he was given a wife to marry, he would never look for another woman and wouldn't be cheated by another woman. When thinking of this, Shadow was happy.

The people of the Li family are also happy. The marriage of Fang Xueji was originally in the heart of the Li family. The major families didn't want to marry her into their family and the small families didn't want to either, causing her to stay single until now. Now, although they knew that both of Hu Po's parents also died, Hu Po is a good person and Fang Xueji will not be bullied. With the assurance of Empress Li Qingyu, everyone in the Li family feels that this is a good marriage.

The Ye family is getting married, and Ye Qingyi, who embroidered the wedding dress, also heard the news. Although she didn't know who the so-called Jin Yiwei leader was, when she heard the news, Ye Qingyi didn't know why she was uncomfortable. Although she was preparing to marry at home during this time, she still occasionally thought of the emperor. At that time, she was still impulsive. If there is a long flow of water, she may be able to win the emperor, and then she can be a concubine, maybe... maybe she can still be an Empress...

Greed has captured Ye Qingyi's heart, and she never thought about how much turmoil would be caused if her behavior in the palace was exposed.

This matter should never have been exposed, but the strange thing is, Ye Qingyi's elder brother Ye Rui went to the restaurant to drink. As a result, he heard that the private room was being bagged, and then he was reluctant to leave so he caused trouble and smashed the restaurant.

However, he never expected that the person who was drinking in the restaurant at the time was Li Qingyu's brother Li Qingfeng. He was idle and gathered here with his colleagues, but never thought of meeting Ye Rui and was provoked by Ye Rui.

Now, when he thought of his sister's grievances when she was talking to him and when he thought of the fact that Ye Qingyi is already in a marriage contract but she still tried to seduce the emperor in her sister's palace! He was pissed.

Therefore, when Ye Rui knew that he had offended someone he couldn't, he wanted to apologize. Then, he heard Li Qingfeng's scolding. Not only did he devalue Ye Qingyu, but he also specifically said that Ye Qingyi went to the palace to plead, and finally tried to seduce the emperor and when this was heard, it caused an uproar.

It was originally in a restaurant where people came and went, and the situation inside the Empress's palace was exposed. Of course, everyone was excited! In fact, this matter came out of the palace maids and eunuchs. Many guards also knew about it, but everyone didn't say anything. Now that Li Qingfeng has exposed it, the rumors spread quickly.

Ye Rui's face turned pale and hurried home, went directly to Ye Qingyi's boudoir and when he saw that Ye Qingyi was embroidering with a red wedding dress, his eyes were instantly flaming.

Ye Qingyi! You still have a face-embroidered dowry! Those things you did are not shameful enough? No wonder mother said that you were very embarrassed when you were out of the Palace. We all thought you were punished by the Empress for courtship. What about you? It turned out that you were punished for seducing the emperor! A woman like you does not deserve to be my sister

He yelled directly at Ye Qingyi in anger, causing Ye Qingyi's hand which was holding the needle and thread tremble, and the needle pierced into her hand, and the blood leaked instantly. This caused Ye Qingyi's hand to hurt, but she couldn't care about it. Her complexion had been pale for a long time, and she did not expect that this matter would be exposed like this...

Hearing that her son came to find her daughter in anger, Mother Ye followed him. As a result, she heard her son's words. she couldn't believe it and looked at her daughter. You must know that Mother Ye also taught Ye Qingyi when she was very young. What kind of character her daughter has, she knew best.

Rui'er! How can you frame your sister so nonsense? If it weren't for your sister, can our family still stay in Dayong Dynasty? Apologize to your sister

As a result, Ye Rui seemed to be stimulated and looked at Ye Qingyi with a sneer.

Apologize? She has to look at it. After today has passed, who else dares to marry you Ye Qingyi! If you seduced the emperor successfully that day, it won't matter. However, you failed and was punished by the emperor. Do you know what will happen from now on, you will be called a wh*re? Even though you have a marriage contract, you still want to seduce the emperor and was punished for it. If not for the Empress and the emperor having a good temper, do you think that you can come out of the palace alive?

Ye Rui was really mad. Thinking of Li Qingfeng's eyes, he only felt that the Ye family's face was all pressed to the ground and stepped on, and he never felt so embarrassed.

Mother Ye also found something wrong at this time. Thinking of her daughter's appearance when she came out of the palace, she couldn't believe it and asked pleadingly.

Qing Yi, tell me that your brother isn't telling the truth, right? You are in the palace for the family to plead to the Empress and you didn't seduce the emperor, right?

Once this name was pressed on her daughter, Mother Ye knew what her daughter was about to face, and her voice was trembling at this moment.

Ye Qingyi's face was pale. She really didn't think that this matter would be suddenly exposed. The calmness before her made her think that this matter had passed, so she faced her mother's tearful questioning but she couldn't say anything.

Seeing this, Mother Ye knew this was true and her tears fell instantly. she knew it early, and knew that she shouldn't have let her daughter enter the palace, even if they went to Jiangnan now. If the Tang family knows, what will the Tang family do?

It is a pity that for rumors like this, it spreads really fast. How can things related to the emperor not spread quickly! So it only took an afternoon that everyone knew that Ye Qingyi was called into the palace by the Empress that day. It was for the Ye family and the Tang family so they have to move to Jiangnan. However, she unexpectedly met the emperor and she then tried to seduce him. she did not expect that the emperor was not seduced and instead, he punished her.

This made Shadow's reputation better, and Ye Qingyi's reputation was ruined.

The Ye family really collapsed. They never expected that Ye Qingyi, who had always been smart and pleasant, would seduce the emperor, and the Tang family was also angry and wanted to cancel the marriage. The Tang family must not let this kind of woman marry into Tang Mingyu who will be the future master, if so, wouldn't it shame their ancestors?

In the end, it was unknown how the Ye family negotiated with the Tang family but Ye Qingyi's marriage was canceled. The Tang family returned the engagement tokens of the year, and found another woman. Ye Qingyi was also sent away because she was the shame of the Ye family.

After learning about all of this, Shadow only felt that the development of things was different from his imagination. He thought that Tang Mingyu would resist the family and had to marry Ye Qingyi! You know, after Tang Mingyu became emperor in the future, he personally remarried Ye Qingyi and he didn't care about Ye Qingyi being eaten by others at first...

However, this is the case with all things in the world. Even small changes can cause strange things to happen. Shadow only thinks that the enemy is better off this time.

Seeing the spring day of the coming year, Shadow has been preparing for the coming of summer for a long time, because this summer will usher in a drought.

However, it is not a long-term drought. Dayong Dynasty will not rain for two months from June to July and the weather is extremely hot. Shadow intends to take this opportunity to prove his identity.

What could be more shocking than the appearance of the true dragon emperor?

Anyway, shadow was excited for this and wanted for summer to hurry and come.

618 just watched shadows bought artificial rainfall in the system mall. It just felt that it wanted to choke the other person for a moment. Isn't it already good to be an emperor? Do you have to pretend? Is this male god point worthless to you? How could you spend so much?