Super Male God System Chapter 38 - With You Forever

That's right, Shadow may have wanted to kill Hu Po at first, but without this Hu Po, there may be the next Hu Po. Every leader of Jin Yiwei is his target. Of course, these people must not be single! Having a wife is even better!

After talking to Hu Po, Shadow went to the Empress who was virtuous and generous, and planned to arrange her cousin's affairs.

In the Empress's palace, Li Qingyu was checking the bills of the Sixth Palace. Although most of these things have been handed over to Empress Dowager but Empress Dowager is not the emperor's biological mother, so in general, these will be given to the emperor to see later. The Empress is the true master of the first house.

It was under such circumstances that Shadow came over and let Li Qingyu take a moment's notice. Thinking of the closeness between the emperor and herself yesterday, she couldn't help but blush.

Shadow didn't feel that it was bad for him to find the Empress. In this palace, there is only the Empress who can play with him so it is more comfortable to have fun with the Empress every day.

Yu'er, what are you doing?

Taking a glance at the books on this table, Shadow quickly drew back his eyes. Seriously, Shadow was annoyed by the thoughts of having to sign papers.

Reporting to the emperor, this is the account book sent by Empress Dowager so I can take a look at it.

Putting the account book aside, Li Qingyu gave an answer, making Shadow even less interested in these.

Since that's the case, it's been so hard for Yu'er. I came here this time to ask Yu'er about your cousin, that is... the little girl who tried to beat me up before I got married with Yu'er.

When mentioning this, Shadow also laughed. The reason why the girl is a wonderful person is because of this. For her cousin, she wanted to beat the emperor secretly because she was afraid the emperor would be bad to her cousin!

When Li Qingyu heard this, she blushed and laughed also. Then she looked at the emperor with affection. She didn't expect the emperor to think of it. Now it has been more than two years since the incident. Li Qingyu remembered that too and felt it was funny.

Emperor, Xue Jia was young and rash at that time and she did something so offensive to the emperor. Yu'er really did not expect that the girl would treat the emperor like that. Yu'er wonders why the emperor suddenly thought of her now.

Regarding Fang Xueji trying to beat the emperor, in fact there was a reason for her actions. The Li family knew that Fang Xueji's parents were killed, her uncle was also killed and her aunt sent Fang Xueji to the Li family and committed suicide afterwards. Therefore, Fang Xueji grew up in the Li family and like the other girls in the Li family, she was treated the same. She was spoiled, especially by Li Qingyu.

This, of course, is for a happy event. I heard that the girl hasn't decided on a husband yet? I have a suitable candidate here. If the girl likes him, she will marry him and it is a beautiful thing.

Shadow once again held the hand of his Empress, watching the Empress expressing affection and really felt that his acting skills were still a bit rusty compared to the Empress. He needs to follow the Empress example a lot and practice his acting skills!

Oh? Marriage? Li Qingyu heard this and she felt a little bit sad. In this world, everything depends on back but her cousin's parents have died. In ordinary families, it is impossible to find a good husband. For many years, her cousin has not settled on a marriage, and it has a lot to do with the situation of her cousin. Although her cousin is backed by the Li family, the identity of her cousin as a parentless child is still not considered by many major families. Forbearance to marry a cousin casually to ordinary people, this dragged on, until now. Even though she is now an adult, she still isn't married yet.

Who is the emperor talking about? Yu'er naturally believes in the emperor's vision, but Yu'er cousin, the emperor, also knows about her. She is extremely clever and she is also very picky on her man...

My cousin, because of my aunt and uncle's affairs, she was looking forward to finding a husband that really belongs to her. Moreover, she also wants a monogamy relationship but how can a woman like this live under the sky?

Shadow looked at his Empress and was a little stunned, and hurried to speak.

Yu'er, I promise, this candidate can be said to be unique. In terms of ability, he is famous and everyone respects him. If you are worried about his family background, you don't have to worry about it. He has no relatives and if your cousin marries him, she won't have to worry about him finding another woman outside. You can still believe in Hu Po.

Shadow immediately exposed Hu Po.

Hu Po? Li Qingyu was really at a loss now. For a moment, she didn't know whether the emperor was testing their Li family or he was really looking for a husband for her cousin.

Now she is in this deep palace. Originally, the Li family was regarded as a foreign family. Some people already thought that their Li family was big. If her cousin then married the leader of Jin Yiwei, then the entire capital would probably fall into the hands of the Li family. Although Li Qingyu knew that the family had never thought of any treason, at this time, she couldn't help thinking about it.

Yes, it's Hu Po. At that time, I chose him from many Jin Yiwei and cultivated him, so that he became the leader of Jin Yiwei today. Now he is only twenty years old, very young, and his family won't care about your cousins background. Well.. it's because he has no relatives and he only has friends so I thought that your cousin would be a good match with Hu Po. If your cousin is married to him, she would definitely not be oppressed, and no one would pick on her. If she can win the love of Hu Po, they will be born a pair.

Fang Xueji is not an ordinary person. If Hu Po marries her and wants to seduce other women, huh, is that even possible?

Li Qingyu naturally isn't dumb. Seeing the emperor seems to really want to promote this marriage, there is a lot of protection in mind. Thinking of the situation of her cousin today, this Hu Po is a good candidate so she nodded.

Emperor, Yu'er thinks this Hu Po is indeed a good candidate, but my cousin has had no parents since she was a child and her character is not as soft as that of other women. If you want my cousin to promise marriage, you may have to set up a meeting between the two of them. Although Yu'er feels that Hu Po is a good candidate, but for my cousin's future happiness, Yu'er still hopes that my cousin could meet Hu Po first. If my cousin liked him, I would also be happy with this marriage.

Li Qingyu really loved her cousin. After her cousin lost her parents, Li Qingyu was taking care of her all day long. On her cousin's marriage at this time, even if she risked offending the emperor, she still had to fight for her cousin's happiness.

Of course this is okay. I will have to trouble Yu'er to bring that little girl into the palace and let her see Hu Po with her own eyes. If she likes him, then they can get married, and if she doesn't like him, she doesn't have to.

The Li family did not want to marry Fang Xueji to the family. Even after the generation of the Empress, the girls from the Li family did not marry inside the family, almost all of them were married to others.

The two quickly confirmed the matter, and then they began to talk about their daily lives.


The palace was peaceful, but the outside was turbulent. Li Qingfeng took people to the Meng family. When he left, he took away almost half of the Meng family's things. It was said that it was the money of the Meng family. At that time, everyone who observed this event knew that the Emperor knew about the Ye family, Tang family, and the Meng family actions. The emperor had known about it for a long time and could not bear it anymore and now, he suddenly started to make a move.

This fierce approach also made these families feel the emperor's might.

At this time in the Ye Family, Ye Qingyi finally knew about their own situation. It turned out that the reason her father was frowning is because the emperor told them to move to Jiangnan with his family? The place in Jiangnan sounds good. The hometown of fish and rice, but it is completely different from the capital. When Ye Qingyi thought of the handsome man she saw in the palace, she felt that the man could not do such a cruel thing. How can she do this?

And Li Qingyu, isn't she a good friend of hers? Why did Li Qingyu say nothing about such a big thing?

There were some complaints in her heart. At this time, these complaints burst out in a frenzy. When thinking of Li Qingyu and her having to kneel on the ground, Ye Qingyi felt jealous like never before.

Holding her mother's hand, Ye Qingyi finally spoke after thinking about it for a long time.

Mother, the emperor said something like that, he must be angry for a while. The relationship between me and the Empress is good so should I go to the palace and ask the Empress what is going on?

If she could see that man again, she would certainly be able to make that man retract his words and fall for her...

When Mother Ye heard her daughter's words, she shook her head with a bitter face and patted her hand.

Stupid girl, this time is not as good as it used to be. Even if the Empress is on good terms with you, I'm afraid she is also powerless. Besides, the Empress has just told you to leave. If you go again, who knows if the Empress is willing to see you, If you do go and if the Empress doesn't come out to meet, mother afraid yo 're going to lose face... Let the men above worry about this, and you, a little daughter, just have to stay at home and do nothing. It's the best thing right now.

Thinking of the Tang family, Mother Ye was also very upset. In order to help her father-in-law, Mr. Tang was warned by the emperor. If the two of them really went to Jiangnan, the girl 's marriage would not be good...

Thinking of this, Ye mother was only worried for her daughter, she didn't know what Ye Qingyi was thinking at this time.

Mother, now that our Ye family is in dire straits, even if I is useless, I still wants to help, even if I am not as powerful as my father and my uncles, I have an idea and I also wants to try it, if the Empress meets me, isn't there a chance for the emperor to take back his words? Mother, are we going to go to Jiangnan willingly, will we never come back in this life?

The whole family was moved, it was impossible for them to come back for a lifetime! Ye Qingyi definitely doesn't want to leave the capital. No matter how good Jiangnan is, is it as good as the capital?

This... but what if this Empress doesn't see you...

Mother Ye is still a little worried.

Mother rest assured, the Empress once gave me a jade pendant and that jade pendant is a testimony of the friendship between the two of us. As long as we send someone to send this jade pendant into the palace, the Empress will definitely meet me

The thought of being able to return to the palace and see the man, Ye Qingyi didn't know why, she felt an unprecedented excitement, and even thought of Li Qingyu. How good would it be if the man beside her was hers? [TN: As if]

In the end, Mother Ye still listened to Ye Qingyi's words and sent someone to send Ye Qingyi's jade to the palace. Although the Ye family is now in such a situation, a thin camel is larger than a horse.

A day later, the Empress in the Royal Palace welcomed her cousin Fang Xueji.

Empress, I am so happy to see you, you are so beautiful!

Saluting her cousin, Fang Xueji has been going to the palace less often for such a long time. After all, she is older. If she keeps going to the palace, there may be rumors, so she has not seen Li Qingyu for almost a year. The last time of their meeting was when the empress married.

You little girl, just have a sweet mouth, like honey. Hurry up, come to me and let me see how you've grown.

Li Qingyu hasn't seen her cousin for a long time and she is also very happy. Watching the little girl's regular salute, remembering that the girl also wanted to beat up the emperor, she suddenly smiled helplessly.

Fang Xueji got up, and then walked in front of her cousin, letting her cousin hold her hand. At this time, looking at her cousin, her eyes also became red. She also misses her cousin but this palace is not a place where she can just come and go. She is now an adult and it was impossible to come to the place whenever she wanted. So even if she always missed her cousin, Fang Xueji had not seen her cousin for a long time. Yesterday she received the Empress's letter and was happy. She couldn't sleep all night.

Cousin Fang Xueji grievously shouted at her cousin and with her small appearance, Li Qingyu was also red eyed and then Long Ye quickly took a handkerchief to wipe tears for the Empress.

Okay, don't cry, cousin, don't cry. It is good for you to enter the palace today. If you cry and have bunny eyes, you will regret it later.

Squeezing her cousin's little nose and seeing that her cousin is all right now, Li Qingyu is at ease.

Fang Xueji also pursed her lips, and then tried to suppress her tears.

Cousin, people won't have bunny eyes if they cry... Cousin lied to me when I was young and I believed it!

Her crisp and moving voice, with a nameless joy, made Li Qingyu feel as if she had returned to those years when she was still at home, and looked at Fang Xueji more tenderly.

That's not to lie to you. You've been crying for a long time, and your eyes are red, aren't they like bunnies?

They talked for a while, and after knowing that her cousin's life at home was quite comfortable, Li Qingyu felt relieved. At this moment, she took her cousin's hand seriously and began to speak.

Xue Jia, although you are my cousin, you are like a sister to me. I also know something about your struggle to find a husband and I am also very sad because of it. Today, I asked you to come to the palace because the emperor intends to marry you and wants to ask if you would like to.

Fang Xueji, who was sitting there, never expected that she would hear her cousin say thi. Fang Xueji knew her own conditions, her parents died, and love life was left unattended. Many major families wouldn't marry a bereavement woman like her, so Fang Xueji watched the marriage of her other cousins all these years but Fang Xueji didn't want to just marry anyone, even if she is in a hurry.

Now suddenly she heard her cousin say that the emperor wants to marry her and her instinct is to feel repulsive. However, in order not to make her cousin embarrassed, Fang Xueji immediately showed a happy smile.

Cousin, isn't this a good thing? If my marriage is known to other sisters, I'm afraid they will envy me

The smile on her face is even sweeter but unfortunately, as it fell in the eyes of Li Qingyu, she knows that the child is only saying this because she is not willing to make her embarrassed. For so many years, although the Li family has shown love to Fang Xueji but she is, after all, not a part of the Li family so naturally, she sometimes has a feeling of solitude. Now, in order not to make Li Qingyu not embarrassed, she could only compromise.

You girl, do you think I will harm you? This time, the emperor wants to wed you to a good man. Have you heard of Hu Po from Jin Yiwei? He is twenty this year and although he has no father and no mother, no one can bully you. It is said that this Hu Po is busy working for the emperor and he doesn't even have a lover yet so you won't have to worry about him finding another woman outside.

Fang Xueji was listening carefully. When she heard of Hu Po from Jin Yiwei. She remembered the rumors about this man in the Dayong Dynasty. It can be said that people in this capital are most afraid of Jin Yiwei and especially Hu Po.

However, when she heard her cousin say that the other party didn't even have a lover, Fang Xueji suddenly blushed and didn't know what to do. She could only lower her head slightly and her face was hot.

In fact, Fang Xueji had heard of Hu Po, but the other party seemed to have been wearing a mask. No one had ever seen his true face. It was rumored that only the emperor could see his face. It is also said that he has a hideous face underneath that mask.

Of course, there are many rumors but Fang Xueji is more convinced by her cousin. As long as her cousin says that he is good, he must be good.

When Li Qingyu saw the appearance of her cousin, she felt that this matter could be achieved, and hurried to continue.

Although I haven't seen the face of the Hu Po leader, the emperor said that the Hu Po leader is a pretty handsome young man. I asked you to enter the palace today not only because I want to see you but I also want to arrange for you to meet Hu Po. If you like him, you two can be married. If you don't like it, how about I find other men for you?

For the sake of her cousin, Li Qingyu told the truth. After all, this child had a miserable life, but she was kind-hearted.

I will do as my cousin says.

Fang Xueji's voice was so low that it could barely be heard and her cheeks were hot at this time. After all, as a young girl who didn't go out of the house, of course, she was shy about talking about her own marriage. The meeting was a bit flustered, and her heartbeat was irregular.

The Empress here soothed Fang Xueji and in the Royal Garden, the two big men were sitting there. In fact, Hu Po was definitely not willing to sit down.

Look how good your outfit is today. There will be no girls who like a man who is in black all day. Xue Jia will come here later, but you have to behave well, please Xue Jia, do you understand?

Shadow put the tea cup on the table, looking at the Hu Po blue gown in front of him, which was very good. Today, Hu Po is not wearing a mask. There is an indescribable style in this gown. If Hu Po is walking around like this on the road, barely anyone will recognize Hu Po, the leader of Jin Yiwei.

Emperor... emperor, is this really okay?

Hu Po was a bit nervous. He knew that this clothing was sent by the emperor and he had to wear it. Moveor, he had to leave the mask at his house. At this time, there was nothing to cover on his face. Hu Po's handsome face looked helpless. Seeing the look in Shadow's eyes of expectation, he didn't know what he should do.

With such a look, Shadow suddenly laughed for a while, then looked at Hu Po and said.

Hu Po, Hu Po! If anyone outside knows that you are so cute, who will be afraid of you? It was good that I gave you a mask back then. Look at you, you are just like an innocent girl!

Shadow's undisguised words directly made a big man like Hu Po blush immediately. Not only did he blush, but also his neck and ears turned red.

No wonder this stinky boy can be seduced by Ye Qingyi casually. He has been this innocent for all this time?

Silently talking to 618 about Hu Po, Shadow simply felt too happy today.

[So... Do you have a lot of experience with relationships?]

After hearing 618, Shadow's face froze, and then he laughed.

Ha, ha, although I have no experience, I have watched many TV shows! A man like Hu Po, as long as he meets a passionate little girl, he will definitely be hooked?

Shadow was extremely proud of himself as he said this.

618 no longer cares about the bragging shadow, silently expecting its host to come back quickly. God knows how depressed 618 was after looking at the male god point in the system mall

After seeing 618 ignore him, Shadow set his eyes on Hu Po again, and reached out and patted Hu Po's shoulder.

Hu Po, don't be nervous. Although Xue Jia's has a bad temper, she looks sweet and cute. She is even more well-behaved when she is silent. If she likes you, she will be a good wife to you. If she comes over later, isn't this the Royal Garden? Pick some flowers for her!

As Shadow said this, he felt that he is such a good actor but he also felt a bit embarrassed. However, Hu Po, who had no experience with women, nodded seriously.

Emperor, I will do as you say!

His cheeks were too red at this time and Hu Po was still a little nervous, but thinking that the emperor was so concerned about his love life, he was also very excited and didn't want to mess this up.

After sitting in the Imperial Garden for a while, they heard the movement from afar, the Empress and Fang Xueji arrived.

In order for Fang Xueji to show her best, the Empress brought out the clothes she had made for Fang Xueji in advance and put it on Fang Xueji. Her clothes are like a butterfly flying on her body and with her face, she looks sweet and pleasant. Although it is said that her character is more temperamental but with appearance alone, it can be deceiving.

The Empress slowly brought Fang Xueji to the Imperial Garden, and she saw Hu Po standing beside the emperor at a glance and she was a bit surprised. She did not expect that the leader of the Jin Yiwei was not a talented person, but he was also really handsome.

Fang Xueji looked down slightly, and she walked more elegantly. Naturally, she couldn't see the Hu Po on the other side. Shadow stood there with the tall Hu Po and when Hu Po saw the girl standing next to the Empress at one glance, he became nervous.

Shadow observed the look of the two, and knew that this matter could be achieved, and hurried to speak.

Yu'er, hurry, sit here.

After telling the Empress to sit, he set his eyes on Fang Xueji who was saluting.

At this time, Hu Po saluted the Empress, and Fang Xueji saluted the emperor. The two were alike.

Let's all get up, Xue Jia, you little girl, you have really changed dramatically since then.

Fang Xueji got up, and now she remembered what she had done when she was young and ignorant. She was a little embarrassed, and the Hu Po standing beside him was even helpless.

The emperor is also heroic and handsome!

Looking at her brother-in-law with a smile, Fang Xueji knew that her brother-in-law was a gentle person, so this kind of joke was naturally affordable, and even when she treated him like that, her brother-in-law was not angry...

Okay, you little girl, enough flattery, you're going to make me die of happiness.

Shadow asked Fang Xueji to sit down. Of course, Fang Xueji was very obedient, and her face was a cute and flattering smile. It is estimated that any guy will like it when he sees it. After all, she is too cute to forget.

Hu Po was still standing, and it was time for the Empress to speak.

Master Hu Po, don't be polite today, just sit down and talk.

After seeing the true appearance of this Hu Po, Li Qingyu felt that her cousin must have liked him. Don't look at the cousin's strange thoughts all day, but she also likes handsome men. At least in this aspect, Hu Po is no problem.

When she heard her cousin's voice, Fang Xueji secretly glanced at the Hu Po on the side. Seeing the handsome appearance of the other side made Fang Xueji stunned. It never occurred to her that the Jin Yiwei leader would have such a handsome face.

Hu Po was almost at a loss, sitting there stiffened.

Hu Po, do you like Xueji? I heard people say you have prepared a gift for Xueji. Now it is inconvenient for me and my Empress to be here, so we will be going somewhere else. Have fun you two

As soon as this word came out, both Hu Po and Fang Xueji were stiffened and both of them blushed. Although they knew what the situation was, they were so shy because they were arranged so clearly.

Shadow then left with his own Empress, leaving these two alone. After all, these two can see to eye as long as the two of them get along alone.

The Empress was a little worried, but she still believed in the character of Hu Po. As Shadow arrived at the place where peony was planted and as he was appreciating flowers with Li Qingyu, he heard the news from the eunuch that a piece of jade was sent to his Empress.

Shadow was stunned, but a little curious, staring at the jade in the Empress's hand.

Yu'er, this jade... did Yu'er give it to others?

The somewhat sour feeling of this remark made Li Qingyu not know whether to cry or laugh. She could only look at the emperor and say with a smile.

Emperor, this jade pendant was indeed a gift from Yu'er, but it was given to Yu'er best friend, miss Ye Qinyi. Seeing as how she sent me this jade, I'm afraid she wants to see Yu'er...

Speaking of this, Li Qingyu frowned, naturally she also knew about the Ye family and the Tang family. The harem could not do politics, but it did not mean that the woman in the harem knew nothing. As an Empress, Li Qingyu's political sensitivity was also extremely high. So at this time, Ye Qingyi brought this thing over, and Li Qingyu certainly understood what it meant.

Is it about the Ye Family?

Oh, the legendary woman who married and was taken away by himself.

There was a little excitement in Shadow's heart. He thought that if the Empress begged him, should he agree? After all, as an emperor who loves the Empress, he can't let the Empress be a little disappointed, but if it is so easy to release the Ye family, then Shadow is also unwilling.

Yes, emperor, the matter of Lord Ye and Lord Tang a few days ago,Yu'er already knows that I should not talk about the court but I believe that there are better options. Yesterday, Yu'er heard her brother talk about the floods in Jiangnan. I never thought that these people were so brave to do such things in order to maximize their profits. If the emperor let them off, it is like allowing a tiger to return to the mountain.

Li Qingyu was a bit unable to control herself when she first spoke, but later found that she said too much, so she could only withdraw her thoughts, but Shadow had another meaning for her dignified and generous Empress.

Being able to choose the country over her girlfriend is really a good example of an Empress.

Actually, Shadow not only wanted to dismiss the officials of the Ye family and the Tang family, but also wanted to dismiss everyone. If he was not afraid of the actions of the so-called major families, Shadow would surely do it.

Li Qingyu saw that the emperor did not blame her so she continued to speak.

Emperor, now the state treasury is empty, but the Ye and Tang family are trying to make a fortune and they were even collecting high taxes with the governors of Jiangnan. From another point of view, it is true that the Ye and Tang family are being punished but I do not believe that it is enough. I believe that the emperor should not make them go and the emperor should instead make the Ye and Tang family spit out their fortunes. Presumably, Lord Ye and Lord Tang should be willing to do so for their family. Emperor, Is that right?

As an Empress, she knew the situation inside the palace. In fact, Li Qingyu also had to know a lot. Otherwise, how could she worry about the emperor? Since ancient times, the Empress is different from ordinary concubines.

Other concubines can be as beautiful as vases, and they can be brilliant and clear, but the Empress must take national interests first.

Yu'er has a good plan! You really deserve to be an Empress!

Shadow immediately understood Li Qingyu's meaning. This jade pendant was not only a knock on the door, but also an opportunity for him to hollow out the Ye family and the Tang family! On the surface, they punished the Tang family and the Ye family, but these two families have existed for so long so they definitely have a lot of fortunes and they also contributed to the later work. Now, the Empress means that through the Li family, through the Empress, tke the two families' ill-gotten wealth back to the state treasury, and then leave a little thought for the two families...

This is a good plan to kill two birds with one stone! Not only can they fill the national treasury, but they can also put the Ye Family and the Tang Family under their eyes. If they want to do anything else, Jin Yiwei will be staring at them.

Li Qingyu smiled suddenly. At this time, her personal feelings were already set aside. Only national affairs can really make Li Qingyu care.

After making a decision, the Empress sent a letter to tell Ye Qingyi to go to the palace tomorrow.

The Ye family did the kind of betrayal to the country and should have been punished. They deceived the emperor and arrogantly amassed wealth, and it is said that the act of deceiving the emperor is an act of rebellion...

Shadow thinks that having such an Empress is really nice. Of course, what makes him happy is happening.

Hu Po fancy Xueji Fang! Fang Xueji seemed to like Hu Po too! This is the best of both worlds!

Seeing that her cousin was holding the bouquet that seemed to be a treasure of the Imperial Garden, the Empress smiled happily. Then, she looked at the emperor blinking at herself, and she knew that the idea was from the emperor.

Even for married men and women, the act of giving flowers can touch their lover's heart.

As soon as she thought about it, she saw that the emperor cut out the red peony on the side and handed it towards her.

Yu'er, I think this peony is gorgeous and beautiful, but it is not as beautiful as Yu'er. I remembered the night when I became married to Yu'er, and I drank a lot of wine. Yu'er, guess what is my favorite wine?

As he passed the red peony, he looked carefully at his Empress, and his eyes were full of flattery.

Li Qingyu was really stunned by the emperor. She immediately thought of the emperor's favorite wine, which is the Dragon Domain. She reached out and answered, while trying to take the peony flower.

Yu'er knows that the emperor's favorite is the Dragon Domain.

Shadow didn't expect Li Qingyu's answer, and suddenly his eyes widened, and the flowers in his hands were unwilling to let go. He was a bit unhappy.

That's not my favorite wine.

Holding a flower in her hand, Li Qingyu looked at hier emperor again, guessing in her heart what answer the emperor wanted, and tentatively said.

What wine does the emperor like?

Finally, he got the answer he wanted. Shadow smiled happily in front of Li Qingyu. The other hand covered Li Qingyu's hand and his eyes were full of emotion.

With You Forever.

For a moment, Li Qingyu didn't know why, but felt that an indescribable crispy hemp spread from the bottom of her heart instantly. At this time, looking at a serious emperor, she had the urge to laugh. Looking forward, there were many gorgeous red peonies. After looking for a while, she finally couldn't help but laugh.

Emperor, Yu'ers favorite wine is also With You Forever.