Super Male God System Chapter 37 - Hu Po

In any case, Shadow is still very satisfied with the role he made for himself. As a personality who has read all kinds of novels, he has deeply understood the nature of the women in the harem and he especially understood that as long as there are more and more women in the harem, not only will you have more and more kids, but you will also be cuckolded

Although those women would be in love with the emperor at first, but they will then have a change of hearts and fall in love with either the doctor, or the guard or the servants, and then pregnant with the wild seed, which will result in the emperor becoming mad.

Shadow will not allow this to happen anyway. His current Empress, Li Qingyu, is gentle and virtuous, and she has given birth to a child. This child will be his crown prince! The only son! In this way, not only can he avoid the concubine struggles, but he can also avoid the future of his children killing each other! In the Harem TV series, there are too many children, which is also terrible.

To make a decision with peace of mind, Shadow also informed 618 of his thoughts and wanted to get 618's support.

It has been seen that this shadow is a performing personality. The 618 simply doesn't know what to say. Can it say that the decision isn't a good one because you are supposed to like Ye Qingyi in the future and after watching Ye Qingyi get married, you can't help it. In the end, you forcibly brought Ye Qingyi, who was married to Tang Mingyu, into the palace? Finally, in order to take back his wife, Tang Mingyu took away your country?

It sounds even more unreliable...

[As long as you are happy...]

At this time, 618 felt that as long as shadow maintained a smile, everything else seemed to be useless.

Shadow continued to look gently at the little prince who has been identified as the future crown prince. The gentleness of his eyes made Long Yan look happier. He knew that the emperor still cares about the Empress most and cares about the prince.

Outside, Li Qingyu was still a little worried about the emperor, so after saying a few more words to Ye Qingyi, she gave Ye Qingyi some treasures and told her maids to send Ye Qingyi out of the palace, and she returned to the side hall again.

As soon as she went in, she saw her husband sitting by the bed, and her eyes fell on her son carefully. This warm picture suddenly touched Li Qingyu's heart. Her father said that her husband was an emperor and will usually not care about his children but now looking at her husband, Li Qingyu feels that her husband is the same as herself and is also a parent. Naturally, he also cares about his children.

Emperor, is Huang'er still asleep?

Slowly walking over lightly, Li Qingyu came to the bed and saw that her son was lying on the bed and really did not wake up. Except for eating, the child likes to sleep most. After eating, he usually wants to sleep for a long time.

Shh~ let's go outside and let him continue to sleep.

Putting his finger on his lips to make a silent movement. Shadow also looked at this child for a long time. It seems that he finally knew why many people like children. The child is soft and really is quite cute. [TN: Unfortunately, some kids aren't cute at all]

He stood up, directly held the Empress beside him, and the two walked towards the outside. The pulled Li Qingyu was somewhat uncomfortable, but she watched her husband hold her hand secretly, and the corner of her mouth was slightly raised.

The two soon arrived outside and sat back in their chairs.

Yu'ers friend is gone?

Seeing no one here, Shadow knew that the woman was gone. The thought of that woman appearing again would be far away in the future. Without participating in his performance, Shadow felt very comfortable.

He hated this disgusting villain the most.

Reporting to the emperor, she has already gone, but Yu'er still has to thank the emperor. If it were not you, Yu'er could not see her former friend in the palace.

Li Qingyu's voice is gentle and meticulous. Looking at her elegant face, it makes people feel good. Unlike Ye Qingyi's, Li Qingyu is just like the blooming peony. The emperor was able to choose such an Empress for himself. It has been more than a year now, and no other concubines have been added to this harem.

Shadow looked at the Empress in front of him and he felt more comfortable. After all, if you were looking for an actor to play, of course, you had to play with a beautiful actor, so you would feel like a protagonist, otherwise, wouldn't it be dull to be playing with normal people?

Yu'er, I want you to be proud. This world is your world, and you are the true Empress and the mother of this country.

Li Qingyu showed an embarrassed expression but this expression was not sincere enough in the eyes of shadow and the performance traces were slightly stronger, but that was all right. Shadow believed that if the other party had been playing their role for a long time, the acting skills would definitely be alright.

Yu'er has done a good job. I've heard you have been taking good care of our son. I'm relieved that you are the one who is taking care of him.

At this moment, after hearing this, Li Qingyu was grateful. Although she said that she was an Empress, she also acted with caution and did not care too much about things in the court or help. As for what position her loved ones wants, she can only help a little.

Just when the two were chatting, there was a sudden movement outside the door.

Your empress, the rare flowers and plants sent by Mr. Li have been delivered. How do you want to arrange it?

This voice made Long Yan look cold for a moment. Didn't he see that the Empress and the emperor were building their relationship? How dare they disturb them. As soon as he thought about going out to reprimand, he heard the words of his majesty the emperor.

Hey, let them send in the things. I'll take a look. Li Qingfeng has sent another good thing to the Empress. After looking at it, he looked at her Empress.

Yu'er, your brother Li Qingfeng loves you a lot and is making me think my love for you is a bit inferior, if you like these plants, I will get however many you like

The Empress was also shocked at first, afraid the emperor was going to blame her, but after hearing the emperor's words, she smiled and nodded.

As they continued speaking, a little eunuch came over in haste. After kneeling on the ground, Shadow recognized that this was the eunuch in charge of the Empress's Palace. There were several eunuchs behind him, holding things in their hands.

Yu'er, follow me to see if there is a good gift from Li Qingfeng

The two stood up and Li Qingyu was pulled again to look at the stuff. Although she felt that the emperor today is extra close to herself, this feeling of being spoiled still made Li Qingyu very happy. After all, as a Empress, If you can get the emperor's love, it is also a blessing.

Seeing that the empress and the emperor were so interested in these things, the eunuchs held the things in their hands solemnly and held them up high.

The first thing that catches their eyes is the beautiful peony flower. Just looking at it, it has a radiant feeling. Half of it is bright and half is pink. The color is quite what Shadow likes. These layers of color on the peony flower perfectly intersect together and it can be called the national color of heaven.

When Shadow saw this peony, he didn't really understand what kind of thing it was, he just felt good when looking at it.

Yu'er, this peony is worthy of you.

As he said that, he stretched out his hand and picked it up directly, and then reached out to hold the flower and wanted to put it on the Empress's head.

Seeing the emperor's so gentle look, Li Qingyu bowed his head slightly, allowing the emperor to put the flower into her hair.

Putting the peony in Li Qingyu's hair and staring at Li Qingyu's dark and thick hair for a while. Shadow looked more and more satisfied. This peony was mixed with the Empress's hair accessories, which has a magnificent feel to it.

Yu'er is very beautiful and this peony sent by Li Qingfeng is quite good. If the Empress likes it, there are still a lot of peonies out there. I will send someone to get those peonies to let Yu'er play with it.

Shadow felt that the Empress in front of him should be passionate like in the TV drama. As long as the emperor gave the concubine a flower, the concubine would definitely be emotional, and then fall in love with the emperor!

Looking at Li Qingyu's red cheeks in front of him, Shadow felt that this scene was really wonderful, and most importantly, the Empress cooperated well!

Yu'er thanks the emperor for his praises.

Li Qingyu tilted her head slightly, revealing a childish smile. In fact, to be honest, this year's Empress is only seventeen years old, and has not yet reached adulthood in modern times... The emperor Shadow is also only nineteen years old. It can be said that they are very young.

Long Yan who saw this scene felt that this couple complemented each other well and they really were a natural pair!

Then the two continued to look at each other, the atmosphere was extraordinarily comfortable, until... Li Qingyu saw something.

This white soft cotton is like a cloud of flowers, causing Li Qingyu to look for a moment, stretch out her hand and touch it gently, it turned out to be soft.

Emperor, you can see that this flower is soft like clouds, and it is also beautiful and tight. I don't know where my brother got it from.

Shadow also saw the cotton touched by his own Empress, and he was stunned. This thing is not supposed to be here. The Dayong Dynasty has not yet engaged in cotton! Without cotton, of course, there is no cotton coat... The thought of Shadow made his gaze at this cotton a little bit heated. With this, he won't be so cold during winter and he won't have to get cold feet

What is this? I have never seen it before.

At this moment, the eunuch on the side finally came in handy, and said hurryingly.

Reporting to the emperor, this is a plant called Baimu sent by Mr. Li. It is said that it was found from a foreign country. The exact location is unknown, but this flower is cloud-like and it is also extremely soft to touch.

Li Qingyu also understood the origin of this thing, nodded, and wanted to speak until she heard the emperor beside her speak.

Yu'er, I like this white flower very much. How about Yu'er give this white flower to me?

This is cotton! Shadow feels that in order to stop being frozen in winter, he must get this cotton!

Everyone cannot refute the words of the emperor, and of course Li Qingyu can't either.

Emperor, if you like it, just take it. Everything in this world is yours. Everything in this palace is yours. As long as you like it, it's yours and I am happy that you found something you like.

Such thoughtfulness made Shadow even more satisfied with this Empress who is willing to accompany him in acting. They obviously do not love each other but she is to show such love.

Okay, okay, Yu'er is really a caring person! Everyone will get a reward today

Seeing the emperor laughing, everyone laughed happily. After all, the companion in this palace is like a tiger. After the emperor is happy, everything is easy to say.

Shadow spoke with the Empress for a while... Oh no, it is playing the empress's affectionate drama for a while that the shadow felt that his play was better, so he left the Empress's bedroom happily.

[Shadow, cotton production is all in the system mall, the price is low, you can buy it~]

618 is really powerless. How can this shadow be so lucky? Two years later, the Dayong Dynasty will usher in a real disaster. The huge snowstorm will flood the ancient city. At that time, the people will not talk about life, but if there is cotton, everything will be easier.

Shadow, who was sitting in the Yangxin Hall watching the memorial, remembered that there was also the system mall, and quickly opened the mall, and it turned out that this thing was very cheap...

In the system mall, except for Golden Fingers, everything else is very cheap. Looking at himself with more than 3 million male god points left, he was immediately satisfied.

Next, 618 saw shadow spend a lot of points, of which its host was unwilling to spend.

Because cotton is already available, Shadow bought a book on cotton production, worth 10,000 male god points. In addition to this, he also bought a collection of house building materials, 10,000 male god points, and potatoes and corn. He also bought a lot and farming methods were scattered. Moreover, he bought a special effects skill and in total, he used more than 200,000 male gods.

[So... why are you buying this?]

The price of this thing is quite expensive. One special effect requires 100,000 male gods points!

618 feels that, as an emperor, in this ancient society, shadow should be the last person in the world who does not need to open a golden finger but instead of a golden finger, he bought this thing. Does he really need this thing?

When Shadow heard 618's words, he smiled wretchedly.

Although I don't plan to rob someone's wife and I plan to drive others away. If I meet someone who really wants to mess with me, I will use this skill and turn myself into a dragon. If I am known as a dragon emperor, what more could be shocking than that? Everyone will worship me than

Speaking of this, shadow had already spoken with a strong voice, and his face was full of excitement.

618 Think about it, I stand on that high platform while roaring like a dragon in the sky of the Dayong Dynasty and then returns to my body. How shocking should there be?

When it comes to this one-time special effect, shadow is an expert at it and this thing can be said to be a powerful weapon in the ancient world! Just enter the setting you want and it will trigger a super special effect, all in 3D! Whether modern people will recognize it or not does not matter, anyway, ancient people will definitely be shocked by this stuff...


For a moment, 618 didn't know what to say, but should it praise the wit of shadow? Should it think that shadow has a problem? It sounds like shadow is excited about this so how can it say otherwise?

Such a big scene is really just to build momentum for yourself, should it also create a bgm(background music) for shadow when he does that...

You know, whenever a protagonist in a TV series appears, they must have their own bgm, otherwise how can the audience recognize you as the protagonist?

Shadow was sitting there, and he had no intention to make a rut, thinking that he would play in the most awesome play and be admired by the world. Everyone will say that he is the incarnation of a Dragon Emperor and he will definitely be worshipped.

The thought of it made him feel excited!

However, he still can't do it yet. For now, he directly sent the information about the farming methods to the Ministry of Agriculture and asked the other party to have effects within three months!

When the people in the Ministry of Agriculture saw that the emperor gave them a task, how could they not do their best? Besides, they heard that after three months, the emperor had to see the effect. Naturally, they would guarantee that they would do a good job. Moreover, the emperor finally used their Ministry of Agriculture once, and everyone naturally wanted to perform well.

Next was the Ministry of Works, who was also approached, and shadow gave the other party a complete collection of housing construction materials directly, and asked them to follow the instruction in the book. Shadow was very satisfied. Since there is a book, it will only take them a minute, Right?

Everyone at the Ministry of Works knew that the books were ancient books when they saw them. Of course, one by one, they couldn't wait to hold it in their palms. They said that they would definitely research things soon, and vowed to complete the task

In ancient times, there were a lot of smart people. At least Shadow had a look at the contents of the book, and they knew what it meant in the book, and it was really good.

When Shadow took over this body and found out he is the emperor, he wanted to be a good emperor.

When Ye Qingyi, who came out of the palace, returned home, she saw her parents frown.

Father, mother, what happened at home?

Thinking of The Jin Yiwei guarding outside, Ye Qingyi always felt that something must have happened. In this capital, the emperor's dispatch of The Jin Yiwei was not a trivial matter...

Yi'er.. You are with the Empress today. Did the Empress embarrass you?

Holding her daughter's hand with red eyes, mother Ye did not expect that the Ye Family would reach such a point that they would be driven out of the political center by the emperor. The thought of them moving to Jiangnan was very uncomfortable. She doesn't know when she will be able to come back...

No, mother, don't worry, the empress and I are close friends, and this time, the Empress also rewarded me with a lot of things

Although she hates her former friend, she also has to admit that the existence of this friend makes her more valued by her major families. After all, only she can meet the Empress and enter the palace. Such an honor, others can't even get it even if they want it. [TN: Die B*tch]

That's good, this is good...

Holding her daughter's hand, mother Ye's eyes were reddish, which also made Ye Qingyi confused and she looked at her frowning father a little uneasily.

Father, when I first came back, I saw The Jin Yiwei outside the house. What happened?

You know, The Jin Yiwei is generally not dispatch. If he is, then something must have happened...

Father Ye felt uncomfortable looking at his daughter. Thinking of his father being treated by the emperor in the Jinyu hall, now that The Jin Yiwei is guardeding outside, they can't act lightly, and can only go to Jiangnan....

It's not something you can worry about.

After speaking, he finally chose to go to his father's study, and wanted to see if there was room for them to be saved.

The major families that is as anxious as the Ye Family is the Tang Family. The Tang Family is also a well-known major families and has been under two generations of emperors. As a result, it is naturally extremely embarrassing to end in this way but since The Jin Yiwei is outside. Even if the Tang Family wanted to ask for help, there was no way to ask for help.

In the Tang's study, all the men in the Tang's are in this study.

Father, is there really no room for discussion at this time? The emperor's actions may have been provoked by some treacherous men...

Tang Mingyu's father looked at his father and he couldn't help but open his mouth, knowing that things were irretrievable. They planned for a whole year before they reached this step but they did not expect that it would become the last step.

The emperor did not take any action, and immediately shot them out of the circle of the Tang and Ye families, leaving them to roast on the fire.

Yan'er, no need to say anything, the emperor is taking the Ye Family to operate with our Tang Family. It seems that we looked down on the emperor. Today, above the Jinyu, the emperor reacted like that, I am afraid that he knew about our works in Jiangnan.

Mr. Tang said and he was depressed. Knowing that at this time, any major families might be next so how can they help them when they need to fend for themselves?

It is also that the major families have grown too long so that they have lost their due diligence and they will even look down on the emperor sitting on the dragon chair. If the emperor starts to deal with many families today, there will definitely be a hard fight but only their Tang Family and The Ye Family suffered this kind of infringement so the other major families won't do a thing.

Although the royal family despised the major families but it did not oppose or try to destroy them.

Since the establishment of the Dayong Dynasty, the Xiao family have always controlled the military. In the early years, the Xiao family took control of the entire lands without a hitch. Even now, even to the third generation, it still attaches great importance to the military. There is The Jin Yiwei who is set in the middle. Moreover, The Jin Yiwei's men have surpassed tens of thousands of people. If anyone in the Dayong Dynasty plans to revolt, they will be immediately dealt with.

This is why the major families did not act although they calculated. They all said that the major families were aloof, but in fact, everyone knows that they are just putting an act. The emperor was willing to keep them so they are respected by everyone but if the emperor does not want them anymore, they will be ignored and tossed away.

Since the three generations of the Dayong Dynasty, the major families have not been allowed to raise elite soldiers in the Dayong Dynasty, and even slaves must not exceed 2,000 people. These rules have been set for so many years. Once someone touches this point, no matter who they are, there is a price to pay.

Why... why don't we ask for help from the Xie Family?

Tang Mingyu's father still didn't want to go to Jiangnan in such a humiliating way. Besides, they are to move their families. When they arrive in Jiangnan, who knows what will happen...

The Xie family is the most powerful major family and has a vast amount of authority, second to the emperors.

When Father Tang heard this, he sighed and waved his hand.

I am afraid that this matter cannot be resolved by the Xie Family. The Xie Family said in the early years that they would not enter into politics. However, in the past few years, they have been preparing for entering into the political world. Moreover, their relationship with the emperor is considered close. I am afraid that they will not help us...

This is the case with the court. If you make mistakes, you will lose everything. Father Tang hated himself for being too greedy. If he hadn't done that in Jiangnan, would the emperor still be so angry?

In short, no matter what the Tang and Ye families think, Shadow's move has successfully warned the families. The kindness that the emperor has shown since he ascended the throne has made these families start to grow out of hand. But now, once Shadow opened his fangs, these people suddenly realized that the emperor was the emperor, the master of the world, and they couldn't hide what he wanted to know.

What's more, The Jin Yiwei was not placed to watch. Although The Jin Yiwei has seen so little blood since the emperor ascended to the throne, he still has a reputation. Now that the people saw The Jin Yiwei are at the gates of Ye and Tang families, everyone has understood the meaning of the emperor.

The Ye family and the Tang family have done all sorts of evil deeds before but the emperor have always had one eye closed. Seeing that they now want to make a move on Jiangnan, the emperor suddenly made his move. Now, for the Ye Family and the Tang Family, it will be difficult for them to return in this life.

There is also the Meng family, and when Master Meng returned, he invited a doctor.

The Meng Family was also involved in the Jiangnan incident and Shadow did not intend to let the Meng Family go, and directly directed Li Qingfeng, and issued his latest will.

Li Qingfeng was stunned when he received the news. He was ordered by the emperor to go to the Meng Family to ask for something. In fact, this kind of thing is generally done by The Jin Yiwei. How did it fall on him?

However, although he was curious, he still had to complete the task. Li Qingfeng took his subordinates directly to the Meng Family. After all, they cheated and tried to do things under the emperor's eyes so there was a price to pay!

In the palace, Shadow only remembered one person, when he was criticizing the memorial, he heard his assistant, his father-in-law, reported. [TN: Li Qingyu's father]

Emperor, The Jin Yiwei is with Hu Po outside the hall. Is he to be allowed in?

Generally, the Emperor will use The Jin Yiwei when there are big things. Shadow's father-in-law also has some anxieties. He doesn't know why the emperor suddenly announced that The Jin Yiwei should watch over the major families.

Oh? Then let him in.

Hu Po... Thinking of this name, Shadow smiled fiercely, and there was a hint of killing in his eyes.

You know, The Jin Yiwei belongs to the emperor, and is considered the emperor's most trusted relative. To this day, the number of people has reached 15,000, and they are all martial artists. The Jin Yiwei members started training and worked for the royal family from young to old. It can be said that the person who can become the leader of the Jin Yiwei is a talented and loyal person.

But such a person had betrayed his emperor who should be loyal, just for a woman.

Recalling what he looked like when he first saw Hu Po, the child wore a black mask but had a pair of stubborn eyes, which made him interested in him and seeing his excellent performance, he was eventually promoted to be the leader of the Jin Yiwei.

Probably the person in the dark also yearns for the light, the mask that he has worn for a long time, which was given to Hu Po by him was taken off by Ye Qingyi.

Then, this Jin Yiwei leader who has been loyal to the royal family for so many years bowed down under a woman's skirt and removed his fangs and he became a dog who wags his tail for his owner.

Hu Po entered the Jinyu Hall and knelt on the ground.

Hu Po sees the emperor!

Hu Po is in a black robe and has a mask with fangs on his face, such a person, just standing there is enough to make people feel scared. It seems that everyone thinks so, but Shadow seems to have no emotion in general and continues to look at the memorial in his hand.

Although shadow is like this, but in fact, he is acting because this is the way it is in the TV series.

Hu Po is an unknown variable. As long as there is a fundamental problem, he should be replaced in time. Otherwise, things that he might do might cause a huge damage that isn't fixable.

Hu Po, who was posture kneeling on the ground, is strong and not uncomfortable because of kneeling there. He knelt like this for a long time. Only then did Shadow, who was sitting there, move and threw the handwork on the table and walked from behind the table. He came over and walked in front of Hu Po.

Hu Po, look up and look at me.

Hu Po was shocked. He didn't know why the emperor said so, but he obediently looked up and looked at the emperor who he thought was omnipotent. He had already wished to protect the emperor for a lifetime.

Shadow looked expressionlessly at his eyes that were still as stubborn. He has to say that the child really looks good. Although the mask blocked a part of his face, but just looking at his eyes, it can already tell people that the person under the mask is a good looking person, but unfortunately, he did what he should not do.

Hu Po, when I personally named you Hu Po and created this mask for you, to this day, you are already the commander of the prestigious Jin Yiwei. No one can deceive you inside and outside the imperial city. What do you say... How have I treated you?

Hu Po's eyes were fixed on the emperor's, and he said without hesitation after hearing the emperor's speech.

The emperor's sincerity toward his ministers can be learned from heaven and earth. The same is true of his ministers.

This was a bit unexpected and Shadow, who was about to pretend to be stunned, laughed, then stretched out his hand, and gently stroked the elaborate mask.

Then do you think that this mask has become a drag on you?

Since Ye Qingyi was able to impress this man after taking off his mask, Shadow still didn't believe it. Is he not as good as the heroine? Anyway, he gave Hu Po a new life!

Hu Po was a little confused, thinking that someone had said something, and hurriedly explained.

Hu Po has no such idea! The mask is the emperor's personal gift to the minister. It is the most treasured by the minister. How can it become a drag?

Today's Hu Po is indeed sincere and the loyalty in his eyes can also be seen by Shadow.

Thinking of how Hu Po will betray him in ten years, Shadow's heart is a little conflicted and an angel and a devil formed inside him. One said to cut the grass and root, kill the other first, and the other said that now Hu Po is innocent and should not suffer this crime.

Originally Shadow had been tangled in this matter for a long time, but now, after seeing Hu Po, he wanted to see how loyal this Hu Po who was raised by himself is.

Oh? Really? You take off the mask, I want to see your face, I haven't seen your face in a long time.

Shadow looked at the man in front of him with a smile, but there was a sharpness in his eyes, making Hu Po kneeling there blink slightly, and the promise in that year sounded in his mind.

[His Royal Highness, this servant wears this mask for one day and will not take it off. The mask is there, and this servant is there. If the mask is gone, this servant will live without a soul!]

A faithful scene of the chronology came to their minds. Although he did not understand the meaning of the emperor, Hu Po reached out his hand tremblingly, slowly took down the mask on his face, exposing his eyebrows. His face is indeed very handsome, and he can be regarded as a beautiful man.

Your appearance has changed, but these eyes are still the same as before...

Shadow laughed even more happily, making the Hu Po kneeling on the ground even more confused, but since it is the words of the emperor, the person he swore to protect, he obeyed.

In this life, Hu Po had met the emperor and was able to be in this position because of him so he is satisfied.

Looking at the man clearly nervous, his eyes were still loyal, Shadow felt that he already knew how to deal with him.

The Empress recently told me that she has a cousin that is not married yet. This year, she will turn into an adult and she is not engaged yet and the empress thought that you might be a good match since you are also not engaged yet. Now I look at you. I think the Empress's cousin will like you. I plan to engage you with her, are you willing to accept?

This weird change of plot not only made Hu Po stunned, but even 618 was stunned... It thought Shadow would kill Hu Po! It didn't expect shadow to marry Hu Po to someone!

Hu Po also hurriedly reflected over, kneeling on the ground and scratching his head

Of course the minister is willing. I thank the emperor for grace! The minister is willing

That's the Empress's family. How can Hu Po be unwilling? He really did not treat his love life as an important thing these years, but now that the emperor is so worried about his love life, it is even more inexplicable that Hu Pois moved.

In the grateful and loyal gaze of Hu Po, Xiao Qingrong sent the other person to wear a mask when he worked in the office, and at other times exposed his face so that people could appreciate it, making the Hu Po's cheeks red.

After people left, 618 couldn't help but ask.

[Host, why didn't you kill Hu Po and instead give him a wedding?]

Xiao Qingrong was holding BiLuochun and he was quite emotional as he answered the question of 618.

Kill? That is what happened in the future. Now Hu Po is still loyal to me . As for the marriage... I have already inquired. The cousin of the empress is not as generous as the queen. The reason why she has never been married is because she asked her future husband to be loyal to her. Presumably, Hu Po is not a person who usually sees other women, and this cousin, I have also seen her and she is a wonderful person. Besides, with such a noble wife, will Hu Po dare to look at other women?