Super Male God System Chapter 36 - Shadow

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At the splendid Jinyu Hall, the courtiers were discussing the flood disaster in the southern part of the country this year. As long as they mentioned the disaster relief, they would push three obstacles, and Xiao Qingrong sitting on the dragon chair was smiling nonchalantly and was talking to 618 in his head.

I advise you not to lie to him in the future. In your eyes, is he a fool? Is he so easy to lie to?

618 heard the host's words and felt something was not right. Therefore, it didn't know what to say at first and it felt that the person talking to it was not Dr. Xiao.

Dr. Xiao...?

The man who heard 618 sneered, his voice was even colder.

Don't mention that stupid person to me! Was the things you did before because he made you do it? Did he ask you to do it? Are you stupid?

The irony in this statement was so obvious that 618 didn't even know how to react for a while. Dr. Xiao did tell 618 that he had other personalities but he did not tell him about every personality... so, who is this personality...?

Seemingly to be able to guess the reaction of 618, Xiao Qingrong's voice is even more cold.

Have you ever seen a schizophrenic can get along well with their other personality? Every personality will scramble to swallow the personality. For you to hypnotize him in a dream, do you want to kill him?

As one of the sub-personals, this personality did not find it so easy to appear in reality. After all, besides the master's personality, Dr. Xiao's personality is more powerful. He saw all this happen, but he did not expect that he could actually appear here.

618 was really embarrassed. It didn't know about such a thing. It looked at the host sitting there in a dragon robe blankly. This face was clearly the host, but the brutality emanating from the other person's eyes allowed 618 to know clearly that this person is different from its host...

I didn't want to kill the host...

It just wants to help him, he so long for those love...

Oh, you have hypnotized him with the whole world and you still say that you want to help him? 618, no matter how beautiful the world you made is, it is still a false world.

Xiao Qingrong was also a little impatient. After saying this, he ignored 618, and then looked at the reaction of the courtiers below, and he felt that the blue veins on his forehead jumped.

Master Zheng, the people at Da Yong Dynasty are now in the midst of a disaster. Relief is already an urgent matter. If not, the thousands of people in Da Yong Dynasty would be in the midst of deep waters...

An old man burst into tears and talked to Lord Zheng of the Ministry of Housing.

As an important place to manage the property of the court, Lord Zheng of the Ministry of Housing was also upset. It was not that he was unwilling to respond to the disaster, but there is really nothing to spare. Last year, they had not received much money. Moreover, the emperor had just married the Empress and it is really impossible to get money.

Master Ye, I naturally know about the sufferings of ordinary people today, but now that the state treasury is empty, it is impossible to provide disaster relief...

Although everyone continued to argue down below about the situation, everyone did not think about asking the emperor sitting there.

Thirty-four years of the Da Yong Dynasty, after the founding of the Da Yong Dynasty, now sitting on a dragon chair is the third generation emperor Xiao Qingrong. Counting up, the Xiao family was still mud-legged when they first established the country, but they later became emperors. The major families may have also surrendered but to be honest, they can't look at the mud-legged emperor so Xiao Qingrong is basically just a figurehead. There is no even a serious family daughter in the palace. The wife who married last year is from a small family, Li Qingyu, the young lady of the Li family.

Although some large or small affairs need the emperor to handle them, there are things that the emperor can't handle. For example, the emperor is unable to handle the major families. It is because the emperor is weak so he is unable to control them. The fact of the Jiangnan flood was actually fabricated out of thin air in order to empty the treasury and the emperor.

In addition to the Ye family who just spoke, the Tang family and the Meng family are all participating in this event for their own interests. How can they really consider what people's livelihood is? A disaster occurred in the country last year, but it did not spread to the emperor's ears.

Since the emperor now uses kindness to govern, he is of course easy to bully. However, since Xiao Qingrong is here, the ruling style will change since, he, Xiao Qingrong, considers himself a tyrant

In the Jinyu hall, there was still quarrel. Zheng Xi, the head eunuch standing next to Xiao Qingrong, secretly took a look at his emperor. He has been serving the emperor since he was a child. Seeing the emperor oppressed by these people, he felt distressed.

Emperor, please drink tea. The ministers will definitely discuss the best Jiangnan disaster relief method, you must not worry.

Zheng Xi brought over the prepared Biluochun, which was the emperor's favorite tea. Every time as long as the emperor was upset, he drank this tea and felt better.

Xiao Qingrong glanced at him for a long time, and finally, he grabbed the tea cup a bit of irritability and took a sip of this good BiLuochun.

Between the heavens and the earth, the emperor is the person who enjoys the most. This Biluochun is tea that is grown in the early spring of each year and it is the most expensive. Moreover, it is only served to the palace every year and it is absolutely impossible for outsiders to drink.

Although his tea is good tea, the people below... still made Xiao Qingrong a little irritable.

As soon as he came over this time, the life belonging to Emperor Xiao Qingrong appeared in his mind. As the third-generation emperor of the Da Yong Dynasty, Emperor Xiao Qingrong was a good emperor, despite his weak character and the implementation of benevolence. Whether it was in politics or otherwise, all of it was easily handled by him. Not only are his poetry skills excellent, his intention to tear the connections between the major families had finally created a prosperous age for the Da Yong Dynasty and he can also be regarded as the true emperor.

But all this was destroyed, destroyed by a woman.

Thinking of this, Xiao Qingrong is even more irritable. He has sipped the tea several times and when he looked at the so-called ministers below, they are still arguing, causing him to directly throw the tea cup in his hands to the ground.

For a moment, all the ministers were startled by the sound of the tea cup bursting, and then kneeled on the ground towards Xiao Qingrong.

The Jinyu Hall was quiet for a moment so Xiao Qingrong's irritability was a little less, and his eyes glanced at the ministers kneeling on the ground, Xiao Qingrong laughed and opened his mouth.

Ye Aiqing, the flood disaster in the south of the Yangtze River is also a very heartbroken matter. Now the afflicted subjects are suffering from this. Presumably, heaven is also intolerable, but the treasury is empty. I don't know how Ye Aiqing can solve it.

Lord Ye, who was suddenly named, knelt on the ground, first hesitating, then finally carefully raised his head.

The emperor, us ministers also know that the state treasury is empty, but I am afraid that the floods in the south of the Yangtze River cannot be postponed. After such a calamity, for as little as three years, up to five years, I am afraid that the Jiangnan side will not be able to recover well..

Isn't this just a direct translation, saying that the disaster over Jiangnan was serious so the emperor should decrease the taxes? Since the establishment of the Great Yong Dynasty, taxes have been reduced a lot. In addition to the necessary taxes for households, there is also an exemption from the head tax. If the land tax and the business tax are all reduced, the emperor can only eat air at that time.

After all, Jiangnan is the land of fish and rice, coupled with the land redistribution and management before the amnesty world, and the tax reduction by 30% after the emperor's amnesty caused things to be even more affordable, but some people... just because they are uneasy.

Whether it is the Ye family or the Tang family, the ultimate thing to do is to control the place in the south of the Yangtze River. The hometown of fish and rice is a place where a lot of money can be earned. In the past, taxes were reduced by 30% there but these officials had begun to increase the public tax without the emperor's knowledge. From the water tax at the beginning to the exploitation today The Jiangnan people are not living well, but it has nothing to do with the flood.

Oh? Ye Aiqing seems to have a deep understanding of Jiangnan. So, Ye Aiqing is responsible for the disaster relief. Since Ye Aiqing is dedicated to the people of Limin, I am also very pleased. This time, Ye Aiqing will leave for Jiangnan and Ye Aiqing should also take roots in Jiangnan. How's this solution?

Xiao Qingrong, who was sitting there, really hated people who would only fish for the sake of their own personal interests, so he made this suggestion with a smile.

Landing and taking root is to let Mr. Ye relocate with his family and live in Jiangnan from now on!

As soon as this remark came, not only Lord Ye, but also other officials on the court were stunned. Moreover, Lord Tang and Lord Meng on the other side's heart started to beat rapidly. Their plans... Does the emperor know?

Emperor, this...

Okay Ye Aiqing, don't talk about it. I know you are loyal to the country and the people. I will arrange for the Jin Yiwei to help with this family migration. Presumably, Ye Aiqing will go to Jiangnan and you will be able to protect Jiangnan...

For such a person, you should not let him continue to try to say anything. Although Xiao Qingrong's voice was soft, everyone can hear it and can not refuse.

Emperor, I don't think that it is appropriate. It is true that Mr. Ye is worried about the people in Jiangnan. However, it has already been handled by Mr. Liang. If Mr. Ye leaves the capital, it is not appropriate for him.

Before Mr. Ye spoke, Lord Tang spoke. These two families are very powerful and are in an alliance so they will usually help each other out.

Seeing this, Xiao Qingrong smiled a bit as a sudden thought appeared in his mind. He really liked being the emperor, who will live or who will die will depend on his mood! Under such an ancient environment, what could be more comfortable than being an emperor?

Thinking of this ill-mannered Lord Tang who is also a vengeful person, Xiao Qingrong laughed even more happily, as if he didn't understand what he said.

Oh? I don't think it's inappropriate. Lord Tang seems to defend Ye Aiqing. I heard that Tang Aiqing's grandson will soon marry the eldest daughter of the Ye family. So, I can't bear to break up the couple. Since Ye Aiqing's family will have to move to Jiangnan and since Lord Tang is reluctant to separate from the Ye family. There is a good way to do it. Why don't the Tang family and Ye family move to Jiangnan together? I think the scenery in Jiangnan is pretty good, Lord Tang will definitely like it...

At this time, the voice of the emperor could not be refuted. The ministers kneeling there already knew that the emperor must have made a decision, or... he knew about the affairs in Jiangnan.

Otherwise, he will not directly make a move on Ye Family and Tang Family...

Although moving to Jiangnan sounds like a promotion but isn't it directly telling Lord Ye and Lord Tang that they are unneeded anymore?

This is going to take the official positions of Lord Ye and Lord Tang ...

Master Meng who was kneeling on the ground had already been frightened. At this time, he did not dare to say a word. For fear of being involved, he scolded the Tang family for many things. Other officials also looked at each other and did not dare to say a word.

Who told Lord Tang to speak up? As a result, he is sent directly to Jiangnan.

Seeing that no more ministers dare to resist, Xiao Qingrong was quite comfortable and spoke again.

Liang Rui, go to Jiangnan to investigate the disaster relief, the Jin Yiwei will also follow.

This is telling Liang Rui directly. I will let the Jin Yiwei follow you so don't try anything funny.

Liang Rui can also be regarded as the emperor's confidant, who is incompatible with the major families.

This official obeys!!!

The reason that the Xiao family can become rulers of the country is not only by luck. Compared to those families, the Xiao family controls the army! Today's Ministry of War Shang Shu, the general who guards the border gates, and the Jin Yiwei of the Central Government are all under the Xiao family.

For the major families, the person they least dare to mess with is Jin Yiwei.

The Jin Yiwei members are people who can kill people in the blink of an eye without blood even touching them. Apart from investigating officials, he does the job of killing people. Those families have been quiet because the Jin Yiwei has always been a royalist.

It's a pity... Jin Jinwei's head was muddle headed at that time. For the sake of a woman, he betrayed the emperor.

A thrilling early dynasty was over and Lord Tang and Ye were relocated to Jiangnan by the emperor Xiao Qingrong, and even the Jin Yiwei was dispatched, which made all the families feel the warning.

The Tang family, Meng family, Ye family, is already the perfect example of what could happen to them. The Chen family, Wang family, Xie family watched and did not say anything and now seeing the emperor's methods, everyone is mostly guessing that the emperor knows about the events in the south of the Yangtze River. The Tang family and the Ye family was demoted and it will be hard to come back in this life...

In the Da Yong Dynasty, no one has dared to disobey the order of the emperor, not to mention the emperor and the Jin Yiwei.

Xiao Qingrong didn't know what other families thought. He returned to the palace under Zheng Xi's service. Being an emperor was fun and easy for XIao Qingrong. He would get up at three in the morning and start early at five and around nine o'clock, Xiao Qingrong started to get hungry.

Zheng Xi, I'm hungry.

Zheng Xi heard the words and hurriedly arranged it. The little eunuch on the side guarded Xiao Qingrong. It was summer, and the weather did not heat up at nine o'clock in the morning. The two court ladies stood beside Xiao Qingrong and fanned.

The breezy wind blew across, with a fragrance that seemed to be absent, which made Xiao Qingrong comfortable on the chair, and felt that it was nice to be emperor.

Zheng Xi returned shortly after and brought news along with food.

Emperor, the Empress sent someone to bring the white jade soup in person and it is outside. I heard that the young prince likes the soup. Would the emperor like to taste it?

Xiao Qingrong squinted slightly, opened his eyes suddenly and then he remembered that he was no longer a single noble. Not only does he have a wife, but also a child who had been born less than six months.

Come in.

Searching about the Empress in the memory, He found that the Empress is very good. The Li family is loyal to the emperor. The Empress Li Qingyu loves him and gave him a child. The Empress's brother Li Qingfeng is the Jinwu avant-garde leader in this capital and later died to protect the emperor...

While thinking, Zheng Xi had sent the white jade soup to him, then tasted the soup himself, and passed it to Xiao Qingrong after the test.

Fortunately, the other party didn't touch his lips on the bowl, otherwise Xiao Qingrong felt that he could not eat it.

Take a glance at this soup... Oh, what white jade soup, isn't it just cabbage soup? However, Xiao Qingrong was still hungry and took a sip. The smell of this vegetable spread in his mouth, with a medicinal taste, and the taste was OK.

He quickly drank the small bowl and looked at the meal on the table. There were a lot of prepared dishes. The dishes looked good. After tasting these dishes one by one, Xiao Qingrong once again praised himself as an emperor.

Zheng Xi on the side saw the emperor eating, so he was relieved a lot. Just now he saw the emperor worried about Jiangnan's affairs. He did not eat much yesterday. Now he sees the emperor eat so much, he was relieved and happy.

After finishing his meal, Xiao Qingrong remembered his ‘wife' and his child, and neither of them had a good ending.

What is the Empress doing?

Reporting to the emperor, the Empress announced today that the granddaughter of Lord Ye is entering the palace. It is said that the empress was a close friend of the granddaughter of Ye before entering the palace.

Zheng Xi's words made Xiao Qingrong instantly happy. The drama has come! Isn't Ye Qingyi the granddaughter of Lord Ye? The woman who... went to marry the emperor.

Let's leave to Jingyang Palace and take a look at the Empress.

With the emperor's words, everyone hurried to prepare and in the emperor's Jingyang Palace, Li Qingyu was entertaining the former close friend Ye Qingyi.

Qingyi, you and I haven't seen each other for half a year. I called you over this time and heard that you are about to get married, congratulations.

The Empress took Ye Qingyi's hand and did not put on a Empress's aura. She had a good relationship with Ye Qingyi when she was young. Now that she knows that Ye Qingyi is about to marry someone after half a year, she thought calling Ye Qingyi into the palace can also be regarded as giving Ye Qingyi face.

Today, the matter of the Jinyu Hall has not passed to her ears. After all, the harem is not allowed to do politics, and the news that the Empress knows is known from the population at home.

Your majesty the Empress, you're joking again~

Ye Qingyi's cheeks were reddish, as if she was shy because of the marriage, but she secretly looked at the pearly Empress in front of her. She was jealous. It was clear that her Ye family was no better than the Li family but it was Li Qingyu in front of her who became a Empress, not herself. Now, she has to bow down to her former friend, giving Ye Qingyi a sense of humiliation for no reason.

It's a pity that under the eaves, she had to bow her head. Ye Qingyi knew that her grandfather had arranged for her and brother Tang to marry . She and brother Tang were close so it was good for her to marry brother Tang. Then, when thinking of the fact that it is destined for the emperor to have three thousand beauties in the harem, she felt a bit relieved since she can at least keep her man to herself.

The thought of her brother Tang's flattering and caring about her, Ye Qingyi's cheeks turned red, and for a while there was a feeling of being better than Li Qingyu.

Empress Li Qingyu is a woman with a delicate face and her wearing a robe made her look even more beautiful. She looks very beautiful, like a phoenix, and she has a very bright look. Her brows are a bit thin, making her look more beautiful, showing her grace and luxury.

You, you are shy. This will be a happy marriage. Besides, you have been engaged for a long time with your elder brother Tang. It is time to make preparations. The elder brother Tang is the heir of the Tang family and he will soon take over the Tang family

Holding her friend's hand, Li Qingyu explained carefully. After marrying into the palace, she knew how much the woman was different before and after marrying.

Ye Qingyi listened, and nodded gently.

I know...!

This kind of look, on the contrary, made Li Qingyu not know what to say. She could only look at the person in front of her and sighed. Since entering the palace, she no longer has a friend. Now this friend is about to marry. Li Qingyu's heart is naturally a bit conflicted.

Just as the two were talking, there was a sudden movement outside.

The emperor is here!!!

The eunuch's voice at the door made Li Qingyu startled and hurriedly lowered her head to tidied up her appearance. The maid on the side even hurriedly stretched out her hand to help Li Qingyu straighten up her dress.

Ye Qingyi also sorted out her posture instantly and stood up with Li Qingyu, but she was in a state of perplexity. Thinking of the family members once said about the emperor, now, will she see the emperor?

The emperor... What kind of person is he?

Li Qingyu's eyes smiled and she was still very satisfied with her husband. Shee elegantly walked forward, and Xiao Qingrong also walked into this room, and saw his Empress Li Qingyu and the woman beside Li Qingyu.. this is the woman who made him abandon his wife

We see the Emperor...

Led by the Empress, everyone salutes to Xiao Qingrong, and Xiao Qingrong hurries forward to support the Empress.

Yu'er don't need to do this. The white jade soup that Yu'er has just sent is very good. I heard that it was made by Yu'er.

Hearing her husband praise her like this, Li Qingyu blushed slightly and was extremely happy.

If the emperor likes it, Yu'er will learn more and make more for you.

Her eyes were full of joy. Although Li Qingyu did not fall in love with the man in front of her, she was very much in awe of her husband under the instruction of her grandfather and father. It is enough to make Li Qingyu happy all day.

Because of the compliments of the other person, she felt that her entire efforts had paid off.

Li Qingyu is not a very high profiled woman but as the Empress of the Da Yong Dynasty, the benchmark for women in the world, she wants to do better.

Okay, I just have some troubles. Don't do this kind of thing often. It will hurt Yu'er hand. If you hurt your hand, I will feel more distressed.

Speaking of it, Xiao Qingrong took Li Qingyu's hand and showed a kind smile but when 618 heard it, it felt a little weird since it felt it has seen this scene before.

The endless loving words was continuously uttered in the cheeky mouth of Xiao Qingrong, which made Li Qingyu blush, and other maids who heard the emperor's words also had red cheeks, only to feel that the emperor simply liked the Empress too much.

Ye Qingyi, who was still kneeling on the side, didn't see what the emperor looked like, but she also heard his voice. This kind of words, brother Tang never said to her, for a while, Ye Qingyi wanted to see what the emperor looks like.

It is said that the entrance to the palace is as deep as the sea, but if you can have the tender care of this person after entering the palace, it will seem as if you are in heaven. Even if it is the fire pit, who wouldn't want to jump in?

Li Qingyu didn't expect her husband to be so tender, and what he said made her feel nauseous but even so, Li Qingyu even felt that she didn't know why, and the crispness from her heart began to spread throughout her body. Passionately pulled down to sit down, her hand still in the other's hand and she can't pull it back either. Her cheeks are slightly red, and she's at a loss.

Xiao Qingrong just admired the shyness of his own Empress. It is said that the ancient woman was thin-skinned, just a few words made her so shy.

The Eunuchs and guards standing behind were smiling and watching their love and affection.

Yu'er thanks the emperor for his concern, but as long as the emperor liked it, Yu'er is willing to make soup for the emperor. This is the responsibility of the empress.

To be a wife is to make her husband love her. When Li Qingyu was in the palace, she tried to learn to be a good wife and she also tried to learn to be a good Empress. That is, her husband is not a talkative person. Now that she has been married for more than a year, she has her own child, and there are no other concubines in the palace, so Li Qingyu is naturally rejoicing.

I am still concerned about you and you are not like those old officials in the Jinyu hall, who made me upset

Xiao Qingrong also laughed but he did not let go of the Empress's hand. He was having so much fun and he seemed to be observing her every move, but this hot sight made Li Qingyu even more embarrassed, wrapped in her husband's warm hands, coupled with the other's sight, Li Qingyu was at a loss.

The court officials did not dare to make rash remarks about the emperor, but if the emperor is upset, the emperor should tell someone to prepare good tea for the emperor, and the emperor would definitely like it.

Li Qingyu calmly said to her husband. Li Qingyu also knew how her husband was in the Jinyu hall today and there was a distress in her eyes. Although she had no love for the person in front of her, she cared about the other person. The husband and wife are the same since ancient times. With this palace, all her people are in the world, and the person in front of her is the one she will spend a lifetime with.

Well, I want to see Yu'er a lot, but Yu'er should not be bothered.

Xiao Qingrong's words softened the Empress's heart and looked at her husband, only to find that the years in this palace were not so difficult.

The two talked for a while, and Xiao Qingrong finally seemed to remember the others in this hall.

Yu'er, I heard that you called a close friend of yours into the palace? Oh, isn't thi Mr. Ye's granddaughter?

Ye Qingyi, kneeling on the ground and she has weak legs, unlike the Empress. When she was just saluting, the Empress did not need to kneel on the ground, but other people had to kneel. Xiao Qingrong helped the Empress but did not let others get up. The people around the Empress and the eunuchs, they, and everyone else are kneeling ...

Li Qingyu remembered her friend, and she felt guilty and said quickly.

Emperor, Yu'er indeed summoned Ye's granddaughter. She is still on her knees, emperor...

Seeing the plea in the Empress's eyes, Xiao Qingrong then spoke.

Get up, let me see, what kind of person Yu'ers close friend is.

Thank you!

Ye Qingyi was finally able to get up on the ground at this moment, and her legs were trembling a bit. When she first got up, she almost fell to the ground. If it was not supported by a maid, it is estimated that she would be on the ground.

Ye Qingyi, who finally stood up, also saw the man sitting there next to the Empress. She almost choked for a moment because the man was more handsome than brother Tang. It seemed that because of his long time in the palace, his skin was even whiter. Extraordinary whiteness, a pair of peach eyes which looked passionate, but the person she sees is not hers, but her own friend, now the Empress.

Ye Qingyi never thought that the emperor turned out to be such an excellent man, just a glance and he stole the heart of Ye Qingyi.

Suddenly there was a bit of greed in her heart, if... how good would it be if this man was hers?

Xiao Qingrong glanced at this woman and knew that this woman was not a good woman, and her eyes were full of greed.

However, Li Qingyu seemed to have a lot of trust in her friends, she said.

Emperor, Qingyi is the eldest daughter of Lord Ye, and the eldest daughter of Ye family. Since I was a child, I have been close friends with her. I asked her to come to the palace because I want to congratulate her on her upcoming marriage.

Li Qingyu's explanation made Xiao Qingrong very satisfied, but Ye Qingyi, who had listened to her friend who introduced her and then talked about her engagement in front of the man. She doesn't know why she was a little unhappy and felt irritable

Oh, give Miss Ye a seat. Since you are Yu'er friend, of course, I can't have you standing

Soon, someone brought Ye Qingyi a chair and let Ye Qingyi sit down, but Xiao Qingrong did not look at her and still took the hand of his Empress.

Yu'er, my reason for coming here is to see you, but also to see Huang'er, is Huang'er is still sleeping?

The Empress's son was naturally raised in the Empress's palace, so after the birth of the child, Li Qingyu was taking care of the child and now he has a chubby appearance.

Emperor, Huang'er did sleep more recently. Now he is sleeping in the side hall. Do you need someone to bring him in?

Any mother in this world wants her husband to care about her child. When it comes to her son, Li Qingyu's smile is even more sincere.

No need, I'll just go see for myself. Isn't Yu'er talking to a friend? Just stay here with your friend and have a nice chat.

Xiao Qingrong ignored Ye Qingyi, he even ignored everyone else. After talking to the Empress, he patted the hand of the Empress and led by a guard, he walked towards the side hall behind, leaving the Empress and Ye Qingyi behind.

Ye Qingyi's eyes stared at the back of Xiao Qingrong's. Li Qingyu only smiled after seeing it. She felt that her friend had never seen the emperor before and must be curious.

Qingyi, the emperor has left. You just kneeled on the ground. Does your leg hurt?

She doesn't think there is anything strange about the eyes of her friends, after all, Ye Qingyi will marry next year, Li Qingyu will not think too much.

No, it doesn't hurt too much.

It took a long time to reflect on it. Ye Qingyi answered Li Qingyu's words, but she was more envious looking at Li Qingyu. The woman in front of her not only got the greatest power in the world, but the man was still so excellent, making Ye Qingyi envious.

That's good, I didn't expect the emperor to come over suddenly...

Li Qingyu said, suddenly remembering that she was just holding her hand in front of her friend, her cheeks were reddish, and a little embarrassed.

This scene fell in Ye Qingyi's eyes even more dazzling, causing Ye Qingyi's hand on the side to tighten and her heart was long filled with jealousy.

Xiao Qingrong didn't know the situation outside. He came to the side hall and saw the silly little prince lying in bed sleeping. The half-year-old child looked quite cute, clean, and fat!

Unfortunately, the child died in the harem before he reached adulthood.

Emperor, do you want to hug the little prince?

Long Yan, the guard, on the side spoke, hoping that the little prince could get along well with the emperor so they can have a good father and son relationship.

No, let him sleep, just sit here for a while.

When he waved his hand, Xiao Qingrong reached out his hand and poked the child's face carefully. The soft feeling made him retract his hand instantly, and felt that the child was like a fragile product.

618, seeing this scene, didn't know what to say, thinking of the anger of this person before, is this person more calmer now?

[So, that... what should I call you? What's your name?]

Since it is not the host, it seems that calling him host is not right. For the first time, 618 felt that it had some headaches, of course, if the system had a head.

Xiao Qingrong's eyes still fell on the sleeping child, but at the moment he was not afraid to answer the question of 618.

Name? I don't have a name. If you really want one... you can call me a shadow.

Born in light and hidden in darkness, this is the shadow.

When the master personality is indulged in the dream, the shadow will appear and break all illusions without hesitation.


618 is a little confused, it doesn't know how to analyze the origin of the name. When it was thinking hard, it heard shadow speak again.

What do you think of my performance just now? Is it amazing?

Suddenly the sound of excitement left 618 scratching its head in confusion. Performing? What show?

The show I and the Empress just performed was the fourth episode of the TV series Harem Palace. In that scene, the emperor is so comforting to the Empress. I think I can get an Oscar, don't you think so too?

At this moment, 618 finally remembered why he just felt that scene a little bit familiar. He had also seen the show and Xiao Qingrong's previous behavior and look, isn't that the emperor in the TV series?

[I, I think...]

Without finishing, 618 was interrupted again.

This time I set myself up as the loving husband but the tyrant of an emperor. This whole world will be my stage and I intend to have fun...

Shadow, who set up a personality for himself, was very excited, and felt that he must work hard to maintain his own personality, but 618 had nothing to say.