Super Male God System Chapter 35 - Love

For the Wei family, the return of the husband and wife is bound to cause waves. For the Wei family to have its current glory, it is also very much related to Wei Heng. Grandpa Wei(The head of the Wei Family), let Wei Heng enter the company early on and Wei Heng soon became the head of the Wei family. Before he got married, he had taken care of the big companies very well and allowed them to flourish.

Other than Wei Heng, the second child, Wei Er is most loved by Grandpa Wei. Since there was such an excellent brother from an early age, the second child had a good life. He was loved by his parents and he wasn't forced to learn. He also has a good relationship with his brother. Although he did not work in the company, he also took shares after he became an adult. The shares in the company can make him live a good life.

After all, although Wei Er is a bit stupid, he also knows that the company being able to grow so huge is because of his elder brother so he has always respected his brother Wei Heng and they even have a much better relationship than many people think.

After all, in the eyes of many people, like the Wei family, the two brothers are vying for property, which is probably the normal plot they want to see.

Grandpa Wei's preference for Wei Er also made many people think that Grandpa Wei planned to make him the heir also. After Grandpa Wei started to give more authority to Wei Er, it further affirmed their thoughts..

However, things were rather chaotic at that time and in the end, Wei Heng became the head of the household. After Wei Heng married his wife, he only had one child. Wei Heng and Wei Er were kidnapped because of business. In this kidnapping, Wei Heng was hurt by gangsters in order to protect his brother. Since then, it is no longer possible to have other children, at that time Xiao Qingrong was only three years old.

Later, after Xiao Qingrong was seven years old, he was suddenly lost, leaving Wei Heng and his wife to be searching madly, even Wei Er joined in. Seeing that his brother's only son was lost, he couldn't help but panic. After more than a few years, no one was able to find him. In the end, others began to say that since Wei Heng couldn't have any children anymore, he had to let the child of Wei Er be the heir.

Wei Er disagreed at first, thinking that even if his brother's child could not be found, his child shouldn't take up his brother's position but his wife didn't agree with him. In the end, Wei Er's child became the in name heir and since then, he had not been close to the two children since the two children were adopted and became the child of Wei Heng. For so many years, even if he saw them at home, he pretended not to see them. [TN: I feel bad for the second brother... His f*cking wife wanted more status and power so she basically sold her kids...]

After all, he saw it with his own eyes. His wife forced his two children to call his elder brother father. For her own selfishness, the fate of her son and daughter probably didn't matter much.

Later, after this matter was settled, Wei Heng still took his wife to find Xiao Qingrong outside and since then, Grandpa Wei attaches great importance to Wei Yunzhe that he brings Wei Yunzhe everywhere he goes, and it makes everyone think that Wei Yunzhe is the heir to the Wei family.

As for the child of Wei Heng, many people thought that he is dead. If he is not dead, how can a child who is already seven not be found?

Before Wei Er received the news from his brother, he was idling outside. Since his wife is a person who only cares about status and power, she has been trying her best to please his father and since then, he has not been home in a while. Because of this, let alone seeing his two biological children, he hasn't even seen his wife and a while and he has no other children except Wei Yunzhe and Wei Yuanyuan.

Because of this, after receiving news from his brother, Wei Wei hurried back to his old house, only to find that this time, not only his elder brother came back, but even his two children were at home ...

Brother, are you back? I heard you have news about Yunheng?

At first, his older brother's childs name was Yunheng. Although the pronunciation is similar to his brother, it has another meaning. Wei Yunzhe's name followed Yunheng.

Wei Heng looked at the younger brother in front of his eyes, and then glanced at the brother and sister who had dark expressions. His little brother is the source of all this but he could not be angry at his brother because he knew that in this matter, his younger brother is the most innocent one.

Grandpa Wei sat there and watched his own youngest son please his older son as soon as he returned but he ignored him, causing him to be very happy. The crutch in his hand moved and made a noise.

Look at what you look like. You haven't been home all this time. Do you even care about your family? Do you know how worried your grandma is?

Although he loved his second son, he was also angry. For so many years, he was holding his son down, he didn't listen to his son, and passed on his second son's child to his eldest son but even still, aren't they still his children? Will he not be blessed then? [TN: This old man makes no sense and he is so selfish]

Wei Er froze, although he knew his father loved him, but in his opinion, the man he admired the most from his childhood was his elder brother, who was so excellent that he was nothing like him. They were obviously both humans. However, his brother's brain is inherently smarter than him. Sometimes, his parents blame him for not being able to complete the learning task. Only his brother will help him seriously, and he will not be annoyed at all. Wei Er always thought that his father had done something wrong. His brother's son was lost, but the loss did not mean death. As a result, he passed on his son to his brother. What will happen to the child after that?

In the eyes of Wei Heng, this looks like his brother was always rebellious, although many times his parents love his brother more.

Occasionally, he was jealous, but after seeing my brother's eyes full of trust when he looked at himself, Wei Heng was no longer jealous, and he still took care of this brother.

Dad, don't talk about Grandma, I'm calling Grandma back this time to inform everyone of a happy event.

When Wei Heng spoke, he glanced at his brother, and then glanced at the two children standing next to him.

Wei Er's wife is very nervous. When she thought about the news she heard from her daughter when she came back, she felt that her son will lose everything he has now and her hand involuntarily clenched.

Wei Yunzhe seems to have accepted all of this. When he was ordered to return home by Huo Wenyu from school, Wei Yunzhe knew that the identity of that person had been determined. It was time that he, the dove who occupied the nest, should return already.

Wei Yuanyuan, who was standing aside, was gritting her teeth and looking at the couple in front of her. She used to think that the other party might never be found, she thought that person would never return, but now, that person reappeared...

Brother, has Yunheng been found? Of the people in this room, probably only Wei Er is really happy for his brother. For so many years, when he thought of his brother's only child, he was quite sad and when he heard theres news about him, he had a face full of joy.

Looking at his brother with such a happy expression, Wei Heng was feeling a bit complicated at the moment but he still turned around and nodded.

Yes, Yunheng has found it and has already made a DNA certificate. He is no doubt my biological son..

This sentence fell and Grandpa Wei sat there holding his crutches tightly, his eyes suddenly sharpened and Wei Er's wife's face turned pale, thinking that this day should not come. She was working hard to please the old man and to train her son and daughter, just so they don't grow up to be like their father and now everything will be better in a few years but why did that boy have to come back like this?

Really? That's good news. I also miss Yunheng, why don't you bring him back? Is he not willing to go home? I want to meet him...

When he heard his brother say that he had found his lost child, We Er's eyes burst into joy. He was very happy and his eyes were reddish. After all, things that had happened that year made him feel sorry for his brother. His brother couldn't have a child anymore and his only child was lost. However, their father still did that. Wei Er had been afraid to see his brother for so many years and he even secretly helped investigate the child's affairs. Now that the child has finally been found, he is certainly very happy.

The younger brother's excitement reminded Wei Heng of the child who was a little restless sitting with them, and his heart was full of sourness for a while. If the child was not lost, it would not be what it is today...

He's in Mingcheng High School. If you want to see him, I can take you to see him later, but before that, I need to do something. Wei Er, from young to now, as long as you like something, I have given it to you and what you want to do, I have helped you do it. Now, I only ask you to do one thing for me, would you?

If the truth of that year has not been exposed, then perhaps Wei Heng will not be like this, but after seeing the so-called disappearing video, Wei Heng knows that all of this can't be a coincidence!.

What do you want? Brother, don't worry, I will do whatever you want

Patting on his chest, thinking of such a big happy event at home, Wei Erwas so happy and he was willing to do whatever his brother asks of him! When he was a kid, his brother helped him so many times and he wants to repay him.

Wei Heng looked at his younger brother, showing a bitter smile, and then set his eyes on the side of the woman, Jiang Wen, who was protecting the two children in a guarding manner.

I want you to divorce Jiang Wen and give up Wei Yuanyuan's custody right after the divorce, and hand over Wei Yuanyuan to Jiang Wen.

At this time, Wei Heng's voice was firm, even though his eyes were across the glasses, it fell sharply on Jiang Wen's body, and also Wei Yuanyuan's body.

He never thought that what happened to his son that year was not a sudden occurrence, but a careful calculation, and everything turned out to be because of this little girl...

There is also Jiang Wen. It is impossible for Wei Heng to let go of the other party, whether or not the other party knows what happened. If Jiang Wen is willing to divorce, he is willing to let go of the Jiang family. If the other party is not willing, then he will destroy the Jiang family along with Jiang Wen.

Jiang Wen's face turned pale and she turned her pleading gaze to Grandpa Wei, she didn't look at her husband at all. She didn't expect her husband's brother to put forward such an idea and she was also confused.

Wei Heng! You haven't come back after such a long time, won't you give me face? Jiang Wen is the daughter-in-law I chose for Wei Er. Even if she is not good, she is still Wei Er's wife. Moreover, Wei Yuanyuan is your niece, you're overstepping your boundaries.

Since his eldest son said that he found his grandson, Grandpa Wei has been planning how to maintain the interests of the younger son. As a result, the oldest son made such a request, which made Grandpa Wei feel strange.

Wei Yuanyuan secretly looked at the old man who was not old at all, and she did not dare to look at his eyes. When she held her mother's hand, she didn't know why but at this moment, her heart was beating crazily and an indescribable fear spread in her heart.

In fact, in the Wei's family, the person she was most afraid of was not grandpa, but this uncle, because this uncle never smiled. Even in the face of his children, he often didn't smile, like an iceberg, causing her to feel afraid.

Grandpa's preference for her father has always caused Wei Yuanyuan to be proud. Although her father is useless, Wei Yuanyuan also knows that she and her brother can do what they do today because of his love for her father. However, now, this man is back and made such a crazy request. Wei Yuanyuan didn't know why, but she felt very scared. She thought that she had done the things in the past perfectly and no one knew, but now, she feels as if she was seen through.

I'm overstepping my boundaries? Wei Heng looked at his father coldly. Since his child was lost, Wei Heng hasn't talked to his father for such a long time. When his father took the lead of his younger brother's child, Wei Heng didn't show up. But now, returning again is to end the events of that year.

My good father, you always do this, and no decision will take into account how I feel... whether then or now!

As he said, there was a ridicule on his face, and then raised his finger to his brother.

Look at this. This is your affection for Wei Er, take away his biological son and daughter, and then tell him upright that his child will have a better future in my name, and then nourish his child. Moreover, you let them start to look down on Wei Er, is this what you call a father?

How did the younger brother stay at home for so many years, Wei Heng actually knew a lot so he broke out all at once, and surprised Wei Er, who then felt a little uncomfortable because he knew what his brother said was true. He is really uncomfortable in this family, because his wife looks down on him, his son and daughter were pretty good when they were kids but after they grew up, they changed.

Wei Er looked a little stunned, but Wei Yunzhe, who was standing next to his mother, stood up with a loud voice.

Uncle! I didn't look down on my dad! In my heart, you have always been my admirer, but my father has only one.

As he said that, he left his mother's side and walked towards his father. He never looked down on his father, but when he happened, he was a child and knew nothing. Later, his father was suddenly indifferent. Wei Yunzhe felt sad. Later, because of his temper, he did not cultivate his feelings with his father.

But this does not mean that he hates his father...

Suddenly, his hand was held by his son. Wei Er was immediately happy. Looking at the son near him, he only ignored his son because he heard his daughter call him uncle.

Wei Heng knew that this matter had nothing to do with Wei Yunzhe. The child was a good boy, so he nodded comfortably.

Yunzhe, I'm not talking about you, but I'm talking about your younger sister, Wei Yuanyuan.

His eyes fell on Wei Yuanyuan, and in the other's fear and pale eyes, he opened his mouth again.

At the time Yunheng disappeared, it was Wei Yuanyuan who did it. Jiang Wen, I don't know if you are involved in this matter but the Wei family cannot tolerate you. The Wei family can't accommodate people who are so desperate to murder their blood relatives. You're ruthless, and when you grow up, you will definitely not be a good person. You can't stay in the Wei family

The sudden arrival of this truth shocked everyone present. Grandpa Wei looked at Wei Yuanyuan and couldn't believe that such a girl would do such a thing. How old was she then?

Wei Er also couldn't believe it. Is the loss of his brother's child really related to his daughter?

Wei Yunzhe, who was standing with his father, was also stunned by the words of his uncle. He looked at his sister even more at a loss, and suddenly thought of what Huo Wenyu had investigated about his sister's bullying of the person and wanting to deal with that person....

Is it... Is it because of the events of that year that my sister was so sensitive?

No! Impossible! Brother Yuan, Yuan Yuan was only six years old when Yunheng was lost! How is she the culprit? Brother, even if you don't like me and Yuan Yuan, why do frame us like this..

Jiang Wen couldn't believe it for a short time, and then immediately retorted since she knew how troublesome the incident was. Moreover, she felt it could not be done by her daughter. Herdaughter was only six years old at that time.What does a six-year-old know?

Have I framed her? She knows in her heart and now I have got the video of that year. In the video, she took the tracker from Yunheng herself, and after seeing Yunheng being taken away, she returned. Without looking for someone, I really can't think of a six-year-old child who can do such a cruel thing!

If it were not for watching the video, Wei Heng couldn't believe that such a thing would happen. They all thought that it was an adult that kidnapped Yunheng but the real culprit is the most inconspicuous Wei Weiyuan!

After Wei Wenyuan behind Jiang Wen heard there was a video, she nervously grabbed her mother's hand. Such an action made Jiang Wen determine her daughter's behavior, and every time she did something wrong, she would grab her hand...

Wei Wei also understood the situation at this time, remembering that Yunheng was really with Yuan Yuan before that time, and then everyone hurriedly retrieved Yuan Yuan, and then forgot about it. They never thought there was such a secret...

Yuanyuan, tell your dad how Yunheng was lost. Was it you?

At just six-year-old child, We Er really didn't dare to imagine that his daughter would do such a thing, and a pair of eyes looked at Wei Yanyuan's eyes full of pleading.

But the more he did, the more he stimulated Wei Yuanyuan was, thinking that that person had already confirmed his identity. Her brother would not be the heir of the Wei family! She will also lose the identity of Miss Wei, and suddenly, there is not so much fear. She walked out from behind Jiang Wen, and looked at the weak father ironically, her voice became sharper.

What is it! A coward like you is not worthy of being my dad! Uncle is the heir of the Wei family. You are nothing. Wei Yunheng was praised when he was a child because he was the heir of the Wei family, but my brother and I were ignored by everyone, because we are the second child of the Wei family, a child of someone who can't even enter his own company! From an early age, I felt that it would be great if I could not be your child, if I were uncle's child, it would be great. Finally, one day, my dream came true! Without Wei Yunheng, everyone is courting me and my brother. We are no longer a little pitiful that is ignored by others. How wonderful is such a day? People like you never know how much I paid for standing here

Her appearance was a little crazy, so that everyone present was shocked. Jiang Wen looked at her daughter blankly. For the first time, she wondered if she had done something wrong. If she wasn't so hungry for status and power, it wouldn't have been like this...

Grandpa Wei also didn't expect that his granddaughter, who he loved so much, hated his son so much, and even scolded his son as a coward. He suddenly became angry, and his appearance changed a little.

We Er stared at his daughter blankly, wondering why his daughter suddenly became like this and Wei Yunzhe standing beside him couldn't help pinching his father's hand.

He... seemed to understand what his sister meant.

After the two brothers and sisters were taken over by his grandfather, his father was in a state of no night. He secretly wanted to find his father, but he was stopped by his sister and mother every time. His sister also told him that he was already uncle's son. It would be bad if he kept looking for his father.

He didn't understand what that meant at the time, and now Wei Yunzhe understands everything.

Everything finally came to light. This video was found by Xiao Qingrong after learning about it through the Internet. When the Wei family investigated the incident, the video was not found, because when it was later found, the video was automatically destroyed and Xiao Qingrong just fixed it.

In the end, Wei Wei agreed to divorce Jiang Wen, because other than that, he no longer knew what he should do.

Jiang Wen agreed to a divorce, demanded that Wei Yuanyuan not to be exposed, signed a divorce agreement to leave the house, and took Wei Weiyuan away from the Wei family.

Wei Yunzhe was in a mixed mood. Although his mother was sad, his father was even more sad since his sister was doing something wrong. Therefore, Wei Yunzhe stayed beside We Er to take care of him. The father and son felt a bit of coolness.

After Grandpa Wei knew the truth, he no longer intervened in this matter.


Xiao Qingrong was still in school. Of course, the entertainment company that belonged to him had been established and the name was called Qingrong Entertainment.

With the company, what to do next will depend on what Zhan Tianhao had planned.

How are other stars famous?

Qing Rong, do you like singing? Or acting? Let's invest in a movie for you first?

Zhan Tianhao did not understand the mode of operation of the entertainment industry and since he is so rich, he thinks that nothing can't be solved with money.

It was Xiao Qingrong who wrote a script these days. After hearing Zhan Tianhao's words, he threw it over.

Just take this.

After receiving the script, Zhan Tianhao took it for a look. The name of the script was Second Personality.

All the stories happened in an orphanage and most of them are about horror films. Zhan Tianhao, who has never watched horror movies, felt a little creeped out. The story was based on a flashback model. At first, it was a deserted unmanned hospital. Under the dim light, A corpse immersed in formalin, and a laboratory full of surgical instruments...

This kind of opening made Zhan Tianhao feel cold all over. When he saw a doctor dissect a living person, he was even shocked because it was written so accurately that Zhan Tianhao couldn't bear it when he saw it. It made him so scared that he threw the script directly on the table.

This, is this a horror movie?

God knows, Zhan Tianhao is also very brave.

Un. Xiao Qingrong nodded. He spent about six years writing this in the system learning space. The script is exquisite. As long as he films well, it will definitely be a hit.

Of course... this script is to commemorate someone.

I, I don't like horror movies, but since you are the main actor, I'll be able to do it. It was a little irritating but when he thought of himself as a manly person, he can't back down so Zhan Tianhao gritted his teeth and agreed to do it.

With the approval of Zhan Tianhao, things soon began to be implemented. This script was brought to Qingrong Entertainment, and invited the best director in the industry to film the horror movie. Along with the materials required, the total investment alone has reached 50 million, and has now entered the arrangement stage.

There are professional management staff in the company so Xiao Qingrong can still go to school leisurely. In addition... he was harassed by Wei Heng and his wife.

Wei Heng doesn't seem to care about Xiao Qingrong's not going home, so he takes his wife to visit his son almost every day, and doesn't do anything else. He just cares about Xiao Qingrong, and every time he comes, he brings a lot of mess.

Xiao Qingrong initially wanted to refuse, but in the face of the couple's diligent look, he couldn't help it. In the end, he could only let the couple invade his life for no reason. The whole bedroom was covered by this. The couple's appearance has become popular and Huo Wenyu, who always comes together, is finally not so awkward.

This feeling of being loved by the so-called parents left Xiao Qingrong at a loss.

Lying on the bed in his bedroom again, Xiao Qingrong recalled what happened over the past month, Wei Heng and his wife had invaded into his life and for some reason, a sour and unreasonable feeling spread inside him but the corner of his mouth was raised.

618 was aware of the feelings of its host, thinking that the host was so lonely before, it is happy for the host since he finally has parents who love him...

618 ... If they knew I wasn't their son, I wonder how they would react?

He was full of sighs, which reminded 618 of Dr. Xiao's words. Obviously, the host was sometimes so domineering but why is he so weak at times like this?

[Host, you are the son of Wei Heng. Since you came to this world, your identity is the child of Wei Heng and his wife.]

Lying there, Xiao Qingrong didn't talk anymore, not even 618 knew what he was thinking.

In the days that followed, Xiao Qingrong's relationship with the Wei family became better and better. He also knew that Jiang Wen took Wei Yuanyuan away after the divorce and went to a foreign country. No one knew where they went.

Second Personality has gained popularity on the Internet since the beginning of preparations. After all, it is filmed by one of the best directors, so after more than three months of preparation, this movie is finally going to start!

As the head of Qingrong Entertainment, Xiao Qingrong's main character can also be regarded as a leading player in the film, playing the male lead in this movie. The other roles are to complement the script, and lighten a lot of acting stars. It can be said that the filming of Second Personality was also the time that the name Xiao Qingrong was known to the public for the first time.

Exquisite and beautiful eyebrows, white shirt, and specially-made gold silk glasses make it impossible for others to not stare at him. This man looks really good and he is hard to forget at first sight.

Xiao Qingrong intends to be a star. Wei Heng also knows that and he did not interfere with this matter and even helped a lot. When Xiao Qingrong was filming in the crew, he came to visit almost every day. It was not like a newly returned CEO. Wei Hengs wife is also the same. She supports all the actions of her son.

Although the feeling of being loved by family was strange at first for Xiao Qingrong, he gradually began to accept the couple.

Half a year later, Second Personality finally went green and officially entered post-production and publicity. Xiao Qingrong also successfully became a senior in high school. He will be facing the upcoming college entrance examination. Moreover, Zhan Tianhao, who was supposed to apply for the Finance Department had actually applied for the Director Department, because he started an entertainment company, and fell in love with being a Director.

After the college entrance examination, Xiao Qingrong's grades were of course good. He was successfully admitted to the Beijing College in Beijing, making Wei Heng, the father, so happy that he felt like he could walk on clouds.

In the summer vacation, Xiao Qingrong's first film Second Personality was officially released. In such a hot summer vacation, it became a dark horse! With Xiao Qingrong's outstanding acting skills and the blessings of others, coupled with the excellent script, it has created a lot of achievements. Moreover, the box has also reached 1.2 billion, which can be said to be very amazing.

The doctor Xiao Qingrong played in the movie has become a collector of countless horror movie fans. Among them, the picture of his right hand turning the scalpel is also known as a classic action, which has been imitated and caused many people to become injured.

After all, the scalpel is still very sharp.

Xiao Qingrong didn't film anymore after that. For four years at the university, he worked hard to hone his acting skills. Even if there was system space for cheating, Xiao Qingrong felt that he needed to learn a lot.

618 also accompanied Xiao Qingrong for boring studies, but finally understood what its host's real golden finger was.

No matter what the host is doing, he is so focused. His research spirit is the biggest cheat!

Later, Xiao Qingrong resumed filming after graduation, step by step fame came and he even got the title of film emperor, but those are not important anymore, because 618 saw its host being eroded by tenderness and was learning to accept love. 618 felt it did the correct thing by bringing its host to this virtual world.

Entering this world from the beginning, the task promulgated by 618 is false. It created this virtual world because it wants to call back Xiao Qingrong's affection.

This host is too extreme, too cold-blooded, and even too anti-social, and is an extreme egoist.

But the more a person is like that, the easier it is for that person to go into destruction, just like Nietzsche once said: when you stare at the abyss, the abyss stares back at you.

618 did not know how to change the host so it could only obey Dr. Xiao's words and use a method similar to hypnosis to let the host indulge in ‘love' and learn to accept love.

This is true for family and friendship.

It wasn't until Dr. Xiao end of life that 618 took its host away from this world and entered the next mission world.

This is an ancient world. Dr. Xiao looked at the nine-clawed dragon robes on his body and understood his identity.

This time... he was an emperor, an emperor who plundered his wives.