Super Male God System Chapter 34 - Parents

Secretary Fang never expected that the watch purchased by the other party was actually given to the company's young master. It was a little surprising, but when he thought that the school where the young master was in is full of rich classmates, he felt that it is not that surprising. Moreover, since the other party had a black card, this person's identity is not simple and eventually took the watch the other party bought for Zhan Tianhao.

When re-entering the campus, Dr. Xiao didn't find it surprising that the people around him were looking strangely at him. After all, the good looks of his own body are first-rate. When listening to the whispers of the students, it made 618 particularly excited.

[Host, they are all bragging about how handsome you look!]

In the heart of 618, its host is the most handsome human in this world, and it does not accept any rebuttal!

Hearing 618, Dr. Xiao actually raised his lips and made the girls peeking aside more excited. After all, seeing such an action made by a good looking person is way different when seeing such an action made by a normal person.

Dr. Xiao once knew someone who pursued stardom. She told Dr. Xiao that women's beauty is different, and the beauty shown may be glamorous, innocent, or tempting, but the beauty of a teenager transcends gender. This is like in the crowd, if there is a beauty walking towards you, you will only look at this beauty about two times, thinking that this woman looks really beautiful, but if it is a beautiful teenager with a beautiful face, they will be able to attract the countless men and women on the roadside.

Sometimes, the charm of adolescents lies in this very wonderful layer between men and women, which makes them even more tempting.

Thinking of Zhan Tianhao's appearance after seeing his appearance, Dr. Xiao admitted that he was very pleased.

And since he has such a beauty, why not let more people see it?

He went all the way back to his dorm. Although Mingcheng High School is an aristocratic high school, Dr. Xiao, who is admitted to Mingcheng High School by his own ability, can be regarded as a school-funded student. In fact, Dr. Xiao is not the only one who got in through his ability, there are almost one or two lucky children in each grade, and in Dr. Xiao's bedroom, there are four people in total.

Standing in front of the front of his dorm room, and seeing the lights inside, Dr. Xiao almost didn't need to think and knew what the three people were doing. In order to stay in this school, they exhausted all their time to study because they had to if they want to stay in this school. If their grade falls, they will be forced to withdraw and for these students, that's not an option.

Sometimes the world is so unfair. Maybe you spend 100% of your effort on something, but some people can do it easily.

This is the case at Mingcheng High School. These wealthy children have a good family background, the most advanced connections, and better results.

Along with the development of the times, if someone wants to be successful and if they can really make a name for themselves in this society, their family background is also a very important aspect.

Pushing the door open, Dr. Xiao walked in. Sure enough, three people were sitting there studying on the desk in the bedroom. Two were reviewing and the other seemed to be using a computer to find out the information.

The three heard the movement and raised their heads. Anyway, all of them were students who were funded by the school, and occasionally they were in groups.

Only this time, after the three people looked up, they saw the person standing there and suddenly, they were stunned. They almost didn't recognize who this person was...

Dr. Xiao, who was standing there, was still wearing their school uniform, but it was completely changed. The school uniform of Mingcheng High School was very beautiful. The girls are in light blue skirts with a white shirt and a light blue vest. Boys' school uniforms are black pants, white shirts, and black uniform coats, which are said to have been designed by the seniors and sisters who graduated last time.

Dr. Xiao has a small stature so when wearing this school uniform, he looked a bit goofy. The clothing was too big and it was loose on Dr. Xiao. Two buttons were not buttoned up and the coat was not straightened, causing him to look a bit goofy but this goofy appearance with his face can make anyone want to continue to stare at him.

Xiao, Xiao Qingrong?

The name of the speaker was Duan Dongyou. He was also the person most familiar with Dr. Xiao in the dorm. Occasionally, he had seen Dr. Xiao remove his glasses. Now he was surprised to see Dr. Xiao's sudden change in clothing style.

Dr. Xiao raised an eyebrow, walked over, and then sat on the empty chair aside.


A short word made Duan Dongyou confirm his identity, and now his eyes were widened and he didn't dare to believe.

How did you become like this?

Seeing Dr. Xiao like this, Duan Dongyou was stunned.

The other two also couldn't believe it and didn't know what happened to their roommate.

Dr. Xiao did not intend to continue to live with these three people, but he gave an explanation.

I'm moving out and I'm going to change to a single dormitory.

This remark made the three of them a little stunned again. They didn't understand what was happening but after Duan Dongyou's inquiry, they were not surprised that Dr. Xiao received foreign ‘relative' funding. After all, the Mingcheng High School is a place where money and status matter so of course Dr. Xiao would have more options now that he has the money.

After explaining to them, Dr. Xiao took a bath and went to bed. He was snoring and was woken up by one of his roommates at night. He couldn't fall asleep again so he decided to go into the learning space to do some experiments.

In the next morning, Dr. Xiao went directly to the teacher in the management dorm, raised the matter that he wanted to have a single dormitory, and paid the money.

In this school, as long as you want, everything can be bought with money, whether it is enjoyment or knowledge.

The price of a single dormitory is 200,000 a year, which sounds daunting, because in addition to the dormitory, there are many things that are included in the single dormitory, such as a cleaner who will regularly clean the dorm. It can be said that it is very expensive.

After swiping the card with his black card, Dr. Xiao was taken to his new dormitory. The student who was in charge of finishing the procedures and the teacher who managed the dormitory was also a little surprised. Thinking of the original identity of the other party, and now the other party suddenly has a lot of money, it is a bit strange.

After arriving in his own dorm, Dr. Xiao was in a good mood. Looking at the room that is clean and tidy and everything was completely new. After lying in bed, he slept until the afternoon.

Mingcheng High School does not have compulsory courses like other high schools. Any courses are optional. If you want to go to class, you must check in with your teacher in advance. A teacher has a limited number of students every day. In this way, the three talents of Dr. Xiao's previous dormitory worked so hard.

For Dr. Xiao, learning is something that doesn't really concern him. After all, he has system space, so he is not very nervous.

Waking up from bed in the afternoon, Dr. Xiao laid on the bed and looked up at the roof of this new dormitory. He had to say that the clean azure decoration of this new dormitory really has a sense of youth, which makes people very comfortable.

[Host, please consume half a million yuan within one hour. The mission has automatically started and you cannot refuse!]

The sound of 618 suddenly sounded, making Dr. Xiao lying in bed stunned. Then he remembered that he still had another system. Although it seems that this so-called wealthy man's prodigal system is a bit boring and dull, it allows you to get a lot of money.

The half a million is still too small, and it is not enough to buy anything, which makes Dr. Xiao a little annoyed. Then, he remembered that he saw the #Caring Birthday# public welfare activity when he logged in to Weibo. He took out his mobile phone, logged in to Weibo, and clicked Donate and easily heard the voice of 618.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the first short-term mission. The host is specially rewarded with extra money and the host has received 1.5 million yuan.]

To be honest, this task is really not challenging, but it is annoying to Dr. Xiao.

618, can you make it so I don't have to do any missions for a while?

Dr. Xiao lying in bed was holding this BNP Paribas black card. In fact, he should know more or less the operating mode of the so-called wealthy system. The money in this card is probably a bad debt in the bank. In the bank, bad things happen every moment, that is, some people store their property in the bank for special reasons, but they don't take it out after some time and even say that they are permanently keeping the money in there, this is bad debt, and generally every bank has a lot of this kind of money.

However, such a golden finger can allow him to get a certain amount of money just by spending money, and then continuously accumulate to reach the peak of life. What is the difference between this taking a shortcut? The so-called golden finger is nothing more than a reason for lazy people to get nothing from nothing.

618 is also speechless, listening to its host's words and quickly explained.

[Host, this is not the case. The wealthy prodigal system will release a task and if the task is not completed within a certain period of time, there will be penalties, such as electric shock, such as losing a part of the body.... The wealthy prodigal system is really bad and because some penalties are not suitable for the host, so I just changed it secretly ...]

Speaking of which, 618 is also very grieved, but for the sake of the host, it worked really hard to change it.

Oh? It was strange to Dr. Xiao since he had never touched such a golden finger before.

[It's like the host donated 500,000 today. This is something absolutely prohibited by the wealthy system. All prodigal consumption must be truly prodigal, so charity is not a prodigal. Host, do you want me to help you schedule the tasks?]

Aggrieved, 618 felt wronged.

Forget it, boring.

After rejecting the request of 618, Dr. Xiao got up from the bed. He remembered that there was still a math class today but he didn't plan to go. After getting up, he took a shower. He slowly put on his clothes and just came out. He heard the bell ringing at the door.

Walking slowly in slippers, Dr. Xiao's hair had not been wiped clean, and the water traces on his hair flowed down his neck. When he reached the doorway, he looked out through the peephole and saw the excitement of someone outside.

This person is either someone else or Zhan Tianhao.

Zhan Tianhao also fell asleep until noon but he woke up earlier than Dr. Xiao. After seeing the gift Xiao Xiaorong gave him, he was also very surprised. He also called and asked secretary Fang and he found out that Dr. Xiao had a black card from the BNP Paribas. He was curious, and he couldn't wait to come to school. He finally found Dr. Xiao's original dorm, but he found out that the other party had moved to a single dorm.

Opening the door, Dr. Xiao moved to the side to let him in. Zhan Tianhao standing at the door saw that Dr. Xiao had just taken a shower and couldn't help looking at him twice, and then went in spontaneously and closed the door.

Sitting on a chair, Dr. Xiao took a towel to wipe his hair. He didn't have the habit of using a hair dryer. Drying his hair so slowly gave him time to think more.

Zhan Tianhao watched Dr. Xiao sat down and he sat down unceremoniously and then deliberately shoved his school uniform, revealing the watch that Dr. Xiao gave him yesterday. This was the most expensive thing he ever received from others that are not his loved ones. 1.7 million! Although it is said that Zhan Tianhao's pocket money for so many years adds up to 10 million or 20 million, it is absolutely impossible to buy two million watches without telling his brother.

Qing, Qingrong, I was drunk yesterday. Sorry for bothering you. Moreover, you gave me such a valuable gift, I'm a little embarrassed...

Although he said that, in fact, Zhan Tianhao's mouth must be hooked to the back of his head, he is really overjoyed. After all, although he has many friends, even if it is his birthday, everyone is young and will not give such valuable things so when he suddenly received such a watch from a ‘friend', of course he was happy.

It's okay.

Dr. Xiao was calm. He was curious when he watched the other hand carefully stroking his watch. Was the Zhan family running out of money? Can they not afford such a watch?

Zhan Tianhao was even more happy to hear such an answer. His pair of eyes seemed to shine and he looked at Dr. Xiao more excitedly, but then he seemed to have thought of something, and hurried toward Dr. Xiao, lowering his voice, and asked mysteriously.

That... Qing Rong, tell me, do you have any special identity?

Thinking of what Secretary Fang said, Zhan Tianhao felt that Dr. Xiao must have a special identity. It was all written in the novel. The protagonist pretended to be a sheep but as long as someone messes with him, the protagonist would then reveal his true identity as a wolf. When he thought of the fact that he had blocked Dr. Xiao in the toilet, Zhan Tianhao feels like he is the brainless villain in those novels...[TN: Lmao]

Special identity?

Putting the towel aside, Dr. Xiao's gaze fell on Zhan Tianhao's eyes and met the expectation of the other side.

What special identity?

It's the special identity that concealed your life and left home alone to work hard! Secretary Fang told me. Yesterday you took the black card of the BNP Paribas! Even though my older brother has many assets and has a high status,. My brother's card is only a Swiss bank black card. You are even more powerful. I am afraid that less than a thousand people in the world have this black card. Don't tell me. You don't know anything?

With the look of Zhan Tianhao, if he said that he didn't have any special identity, he would definitely not agree with him.

Dr. Xiao looks so beautiful, he must be someone with a special identity! Maybe the other person is the son of a powerful person? He was bored at home so he came to China and wanted to hide his identity? But then, since he was bullied, he decided to reveal his identity?

After reading countless novels, Zhan Tianhao feels that he is already a man who understands routines. Looking at Dr. Xiao who is so handsome in front of him, he just thinks that the other party is definitely the legendary protagonist.

Otherwise, how can you grow so well! And have a black card at a young age?

Dr. Xiao carefully looked at Zhan Tianhao for a while, and suddenly burst out laughing. Through Zhan Tianhao's eyes, he had even guessed how active the other party's brain was, but he did not have any special identity. All he had was 618 and the wealthy system.

According to the explanation before 618, as long as he continues to do the task, let alone the black card of the BNP Paribas, the black cards of various banks in the world will appear in Dr. Xiao's hands.

I know you might want to hide your identity, but you said yesterday that we are friends and friends should be open to each other. Qing Rong, tell me, are you from a super powerful family? I promise not to tell anyone!

With the look of Zhan Tianhao, it seems that he really won't tell anyone. Don't look at him growing so big. In order to prevent him from getting worse, Zhan Tianyi can be considered to be hard-working, even if the Zhan family is so rich, Zhan Tianhao can't spend much. He only gets less than 20 million a year, along with his New Year's money saved from every year. As for the other money, there is no more, black card? Hehe, don't even bother to even think about it.

Dr. Xiao didn't want to explain this kind of thing. Now he was misunderstood by the other party and instead of trying to clear the misunderstanding, he directly nodded and pretended to be mysterious.

You're right, but don't tell anyone.

Such an answer made Zhan Tianhao look even more excited! He even felt that Dr. Xiao was the protagonist in the novel and nodded madly, then he was a little curious.

Then why did Qingrong leave the house?

According to speculation, since Qing Rong can easily take out a black card, his family must be rich...

Dr. Xiao didn't expect this question. When thinking of an answer, he suddenly thought of how he was sought after by fans and deliberately teased him.

Because I want to be a star and my family doesn't agree so I secretly ran away.

Such an answer made Zhan Tianhao suddenly realize that he really was the teenager who dreamed of leaving the family! But a star... well, what the f*ck is with that reasoning?

Zhan Tianhao looked at Dr. Xiao with a complex look and he had to admit that the other person was really god's favorite child. This face is enough talented. If he is put in the entertainment circle, it is not a dream to become popular easily

Then how did you come to Mingcheng High School? If you want to be a star, shouldn't you go to an entertainment company?

Zhan Tianhao did not have any contact with the entertainment industry, but he was really curious at this time.

Because I don't have money. You saw it before. I left home with nothing. Now someone sent me a black card. So I was thinking about investing in myself, making a TV show or Movies or something.

This is the real idea of ​​Dr. Xiao. The feeling of being infatuated by fans is so good that it makes Dr. Xiao missed it a bit.

Then how about me too? I have 20 million here. Although it is certainly not as much as yours, it is from my savings. I'm a bit embarrassed for treating you like that before. Let 's start an entertainment company together, unless...

Looking at Dr. Xiao with anticipation, Zhan Tianhao was really interested, and wanted to make up for Dr. Xiao, and also wanted to see the beauty up close. As a Yan Kong, he was so bottomless. He can even ignore the girl he likes for a beautiful person.

Dr. Xiao nodded, he did not exclude Zhan Tianhao. Besides 20 million, it is indeed a lot. He still does not have 20 million so this 20 million will be useful!

Okay, when the company is formed, you'll be my boss.

Of course this is a joke, but Zhan Tianhao nodded his head very seriously, even pulling Dr. Xiao to talk about the company's business, whether it is the company's plan, or how to do it.

Dr. Xiao sent Zhan Tianhao to make a detailed plan and register the company. The first time he registered the company, he used 20 million of Zhan Tianhao, and then... he bullied 618 again.

Now you can post tasks to me. The more money, the better.

618 just feels that its host is simply the most fickle person in the world. Didn't he basically say that he didn't want to do any missions? However, he is now asking for missions, he really fickle! But who made him the host?

[I ask the host to please spend five million via online channels within one hour and if the host can complete the mission in half an hour, there will be double the reward funds.]

With 618, Dr. Xiao directly accumulated his personal account to 4.8 billion by donating money and if it was the old wealthy prodigal system, this would not be possible. However, with 618, the wealthy prodigal system was completely changed. It became Dr. Xiao's money swiping system. The charitable donations have reached 180 million. After obtaining various black cards along with the funds, his account money has accumulated to 4.8 billion.

For this series of figures, Dr. Xiao felt nothing.

Two days later, Zhan Tianhao brought a lawyer to come to Dr. Xiao. Of course, there was also an unsolicited guest, the young master of the Huo family, and future heir Huo Wenyu.

Qing Rong... Wen Yu knows what I want to start a company and he wants to participate. Can he join

Zhan Tianhao was a bit embarrassed. If he hadn't sorted out these materials while he was in the bedroom, he wouldn't have been seen by Huo Wenyu coming to his door, and he wouldn't be forced to go to see Qingrong like this...

Dr. Xiao didn't reply, and his eyes fell on Huo Wenyu's body. The familiarity in his eyes made him feel that the other party should be related to his own body.

This body was killed by campus violence. The original source was Wei Weiyuan, and this person is Wei Yiyuan's cousin, and it is difficult to make people think of nothing.

The atmosphere was indescribably stiff. Just when Zhan Tianhao was embarrassed and didn't know what to say, Huo Wenyu spoke, but it was a little more mild.

Tianhao, go out for a while. I have something to say with Dr. Xiao. It's a private matter about us.

Since confirming the identity of the other party, Huo Wenyu has been thinking how to meet the person in front of him and tell him the truth, but now, seeing the other party's indifferent look, Huo Wenyu even felt that he didn't know how to explain.

Zhan Tianhao left the bedroom obediently, leaving Dr. Xiao and Huo Wenyu, the atmosphere was more silent, an inexplicable tension spread between the two, and the look between the eyes brought a bit of warfare.

Master Huo, I think I can probably guess what you want to say but let me ask first

Dr. Xiao pushed the glasses on his nose and felt that today's glasses were not very comfortable, making him think that the look of the man in front of him was a little stiff and weird.

Okay. Huo Wenyu nodded, although his face was expressionless, but his eyes were a little frizzy, and the hand on the table moved slightly, and then returned to silence.

About Master Huo cousin Wei Yuanyuan, I think Master Huo should know. I want to know, why is she targeting me?

Dr. Xiao's handsome face was now in front of him. This familiar face made Huo Wenyu's mind more complicated. Instead of directly answering this question, he took out his mobile phone and brought up a photo and showed it to Dr. Xiao.

Dr. Xiao reached out and took the cell phone, Dr. Xiao glanced at it. As a result, the man's familiar outline and face made Dr. Xiao stunned.

He has a similar face to him. Moreover, the man in this photo even wore delicate gold-glasses, which was quite animated, but the eyes hidden under the lens were like a sleeping dragon.

This is my uncle and your biological father, Wei Heng, the true head of the Wei family. When you were seven years old, we didn't know how you got your. Your aunt and uncle are looking for you all over the world, but couldn't find any news about you. Then, following the request of Mr. Wei, we let Wei Yunzhe and Wei Yuanyuan become the in name heir. For so many years, my aunt and uncle have been looking for you. I have sent your photo to my uncle, and they will return immediately. Wei Yunzhe and Wei Yanyuan have taken up your place for many years. You can deal with them how you like when uncle returns.

Huo Wenyu has a good relationship with his aunt, so he is also close to this cousin. Before his cousin disappeared, Huo Wenyu often liked to play games with his cousin and studied together. So after Wei Yunzhe and Wei Yiyuan replaced his cousin's identity, Huo Wenyu was unhappy, he always felt that the disappearance of his cousin was not so simple.

Just looking at his face this time, Huo Wenyu was very sure of the identity of the person in front of him. He somehow believed that the person in front of him was his cousin, because when he saw this person, he would have a blood-lined connection and couldn't help but want to be close to him.

Dr. Xiao nodded thoughtfully, returned the phone back, and kept searching in his mind for the memory when he was seven years old. Although this body may have forgotten everything, Dr. Xiao was able to read the memory of this body...

When thinking of what happened when he was seven, everything became a little blank, and Dr. Xiao frowned.

I don't have the memory of when I was seven years old.

His words made Huo Wenyu even more nervous, and his eyes were full of concern.

Rest assured, I'm pretty sure you are my cousin. Even if you don't remember, you are still my cousin and will be the heir to the Wei family in the future.

This is Huo Wenyu's guarantee. For so many years, he always dreamed that his cousin would cry to him and tell him that his life was not good. So after investigating Dr. Xiao, he was even more distressed. He notified his uncle and found him.

Even if the DN certificate is not made, Huo Wenyu is blindly thinking that the person in front of him is his cousin who has been missing for many years.

I don't need to be the heir of the Wei family. Zhan Tianhao will cooperate with me to start a company. I think you already know that I intend to be a star. I don't think that the Wei family needs a heir to be a star.

Dr. Xiao did not intend to return to Wei's house and said nothing else. He knew that Wei Yuanyuan and Wei Yunzhe wanted this body's life and he will most likely experience bullying. Dr. Xiao wants to see, if his own parents, if they found out that their child is bullied on campus, what will they do.

And... he no longer needs the care of his parents.

You don't have to worry about these. You can do whatever you want. As a celebrity, I can also invest in you. Qing Rong, uncle and aunt really loves you. They have been looking for you for so many years. I know you may feel uncomfortable in your heart because Wei Yuanyuan and Wei Yunzhe but uncle and aunt will definitely handle it when they return. Why Wei Weiyuan did that to you, I will not let her go!

The thought of his cousin being bullied by Wei Yuanyuan under his eyes, one was irrelevant, and one was his most beloved cousin. Huo Wenyu's voice couldn't help but feel a little bit more hateful, he couldn't help but want to cut Wei Yuanyuan into a thousand pieces.

Raising an eyebrow at the man with anger in front of him, Dr. Xiao felt that this time, it was good since he didn't have to personally make a move.

Compared to him making a move and personally dealing with her, he felt that it will be even more painful to Wei Yuanyuan if she lost everything.

Thinking of the kind of fear and despair that Wei Yuanyuan will show, Dr. Xiao had a guess in his heart, but it was only a guess.

Then I'll wait. Whoever did something to me, I think you should investigate very clearly, I will watch you act.

Although for Dr. Xiao, the real bullying has not yet begun but so many people in the past who tried to please Wei Xuanyuan, or were jealous that Dr. Xiao got Wei Xuanyuan's heart so they have bullied him..

Qing Rong, rest assured, I will not let go of those who have bullied you! Huo Wenyu saw his cousin showing signs of softness and said. Then, he called Zhan Tianhao in and the three discussed about the entertainment company.

Huo Wenyu has now contacted the Huo family's enterprises. He has a lot of money and has directly invested 50 million but he does own any of the shares. As a result, Zhan Tianhao was embarrassed to take the shares. Eventually, the contract was concluded. The total investment capital was 200 million yuan. When he saw his cousin taking out the black card, Huo Wenyu was a little surprised, but he didn't ask much.

After all, the things he investigated were relatively small. There should be more secrets to his cousin, but that was not something he could dig into.

Afterwards, many things happened in Mingcheng High School. Some people suddenly became unlucky. For example, they were suddenly splashed with water when they walked, they suddenly fell when they were in a car, and they fell down the stairs when they went downstairs. There are many unlucky things and people. Although such punishment is not so serious, it always happens in front of Dr. Xiao, so Dr. Xiao understands Huo Wenyu's means.

Hmm... this cousin is pretty good.

For a week, everyone also found this pattern. Every time someone had an accident, there were Dr. Xiao and Huo Wenyu. Seeing that Dr. Xiao climbed up to Master Huo, these unlucky people who had bullied Dr. Xiao once was afraid.

On the contrary, Wei Yunzhe and Wei Yuanyuan did not return after asking for leave from school, and no one knew what they were doing.


On the day he saw the Wei family, the weather was very sunny. In a nice cafe outside the school, Dr. Xiao came to the enclosed hall and saw a couple sitting there at a glance.

The man next to him caught the attention of Dr. Xiao.

The man looked very young. He looked like he was in his early thirties. He wasn't old at all. He wore a neat suit and meticulous ties. He had no expression on his white face, because he wore glasses and looked very calm. It was just at the moment when Dr. Xiao was seen, his eyes tightened momentarily, and then it was a little reddish. He put his wife's hand on the table, a little restless.

The woman beside the man reddened her eyes for a moment, staring tightly at Dr. Xiao, watching him come towards her. Her tears fell instantly, and fell on the table.

Dr. Xiao came to the two of them and sat down. The two almost identical faces were so opposed to each other. It was almost unnecessary to do a blood test. The overly similar appearance between the two seemed to be able to determine the relationship between the two.

Hello, my name is Xiao Qingrong.

He took the lead to open his mouth. Although he didn't plan to have more parents, Dr. Xiao was willing to meet each other under the circumstances that the couple had been looking for this previous body's owner for so long.

The woman cried even more. She stretched out her hand and wanted to pull Dr. Xiao's hand but was avoided by Dr. Xiao. This cold look made the woman stunned, and then the tears fell even worse.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry...

She kept saying I'm sorry, it seems that she can't find any other words to tell the child the feelings in front of her. After so many years of searching, she has never given up and missed him many times. At this moment, when she saw this man here, she knew it was definitely him! It must be him!

This is my own son. She has lost her son for so many years ...

The man's expressionless face was also full of joy and guilt at this moment, and the face that is similar to Dr. Xiao looked at him at this moment.

Child, I'm sorry, it took too long for me and your mother to find you, it's our fault.

After looking for so many years, They finally saw their biological son. Even Wei Heng couldn't help but tear up. He didn't force his son to recognize him. He had heard from Huo Wenyu about this child. Wei Heng decided to handle the family affairs well. Then take the child home.

The three went to DNA appraisal. Even though the Wei family believed that Dr. Xiao was definitely their own child, they still followed Dr. Xiao's intention and made an appraisal. They were careful about Dr. Xiao along the way and couldn't wait to hold Dr. Xiao in their hands.


Dr. Xiao was walking along and exuded a strong coolness as he returned to the bedroom without hesitation and laid on the bed.

618 felt that the host seemed a bit sad, and found a bunch of internet segments to comfort the host, but in the end, it could only ask a word stupidly.

[Host, are you sad?]

Dr. Xiao is a very expressionless. When he is angry, many people can't see it, because he seems so expressionless, but 618 can feel that when its host is angry, he always rubs his teeth involuntarily. Maybe others can't hear it, but 618 can hear it.

There was a subtle sound between Dr. Xiao's upper and lower teeth lying there. No one can hear it without listening carefully.

Dr. Xiao didn't seem to care about this either, and didn't answer 618 words.

Dr. Xiao, with eyes closed, suddenly remembered the couple who was a little vague in his memory, which had happened after he was 20 years old. He had been looking forward to being adopted in an orphanage since he was a kid and it happened after he grew up. The couple appeared arrogantly in front of him and had a look of disgust when they saw him.

Thinking of the one hundred million that the two gave him at that time, they said that it was because of family relationship and they then demanded that Xiao Qingrong never to appear in front of them ever again. [TN: I think it's his biological parents but dam... That's harsh.]

In his mind, the blurred faces of the couple and the Wei family husband and wife he ​​meet today are constantly overlapping. After a long time, Xiao Qingrong suddenly covered his eyes, and from his throat came words that made 618 a little stunned.

No, I'm not sad at all...

Listening to the voice of the host trying to suppress the choke, 618 didn't know why, and suddenly couldn't understand humans.

Why are you crying, but you still say that you are not sad?