Super Male God System Chapter 33 - Identity

Suddenly, the person in front of him mentioned this matter, causing him, Zhan Tianhao, to become a little embarrassed as he looked at Dr. Xiao in front of him. He felt embarrassed and touched the back of his head. He remembered that he was a junior in high school and he took people to bully others.

The students in the second year of high school seem to be a little too aggressive... Thinking of this, Zhan Tianhao immediately apologized seriously.

Dr. Xiao, I'm sorry to trouble you. If you need anything, I will definitely help. As for Wei Yuanyuan... I admit that I like her and I'll tell you something that you might not know. I heard a lot of people say that Wei Yuanyuan likes you.

In the end, he was really embarrassed, his ears were hot and an apology was nothing to him. As long as he faced Dr. Xiao's overly beautiful face, Zhan Tianhao felt as if he had done something outrageous and is ashamed.

Dr. Xiao also looked at the person in front of him. According to the information provided by 618, although the other party was the leader to bully the body, he had only recently blocked the original body's owner in the toilet and threatened him.


Moreover, Dr. Xiao believes that after this person is dealt with and is gone forever, the school's talents would gradually begin to cause trouble. They would definitely try to mess with him and it will be annoying when that happens since he will have to personally deal with them. Because of this, Dr. Xiao believes that the man in front of him cannot die since he is useful.

To top it off, this person is the type who cares for good looking people and since he, Dr. Xiao, is good looking, he won't have to deal with small fries because of Zhan Tianhao.

As for whether this body likes Wei Yuanyuan or not, that doesn't have anything to do with him. In his eyes, Wei Yuanyuan may be the goddess of the school but to him, she is just another woman.

Zhan Tianhao, I'm here to tell you seriously that I don't like Wei Yanyuan, and I won't like Wei Yanyuan in the future. You want to know why I wear glasses? I never liked wearing glasses before but ever since I met Wei Yanyuan, she said that if I didn't wear glasses, she would kick me out of Mingcheng High School. She said she hated me.

To give such an answer indifferently, Zhan Tianhao was also surprised but in his heart, he already believed in Dr. Xiao's words. After all, in this school, everyone is rich or has a powerful background. Only people like Dr. Xiao are bullied by others and they would also sometimes receive threats. However, why would Wei Yanyuan do so?

But, many people always see you talking with her, and others see her sending you something...

Zhan Tianhao still didn't fully understand and looked at the person in front of him. Clearly, he has such a beautiful face, why did Wei Yanyuan threaten him so?

Dr. Xiao sneered, watching Zhan Tianhao, who was being used silly in front of him, no wonder he was taken advantage by others. With this kind of IQ, it would be surprising if he isn't taken advantage of.

Send something? Every time she sees me, she scolds me and threatens me. Sending something threatens me and says that I am not allowed to tell anyone about us and I am not allowed to show my face in front of anyone.

Although he didn't know why Wei Yanyuan had such a request, the previous body owner didn't dare to oppose such a golden lady.

Zhan Tianhao is really embarrassed now. He didn't know that the person I like still has such a side. He wants to believe Dr. Xiao in front of him, but he doesn't feel right...

Looking at the other party's tangled appearance, Dr. Xiao didn't expect the other party to figure it out at once, and said.

Let's go to the infirmary and look at your wound.

Although Zhan Tianhao had already treated the wound a little bit and had a band-aid applied at this moment, it still needed to be checked.


Zhan Tianhao, who didn't figure out anything, nodded cleverly. The two planned to go to the infirmary together. In the end, Dr. Xiao chose gold-framed glasses. After wearing them, his face didn't have a smile on it.

After the two came out, they walked outside and saw Wei Yunzhe and Huo Wenyu standing on the other side of the corridor and talking. After seeing Zhan Tianhao, they both looked over, but the real person they were looking at was Dr. Xiao who is next to Zhan Tianhao.

The two were getting closer and closer. Wei Yunzhe stared at Dr. Xiao with complex eyes, watching Dr. Xiao's appearance after his transformation. Huo Wenyu looked at Dr. Xiao up and down. Just when Zhan Tianhao wanted to leave with Dr. Xiao, he spoke.

Tianhao, is this?

Zhan Tianhao was still confused, and was still thinking about Wei Yuanyuan's affairs. At this time, he was stopped by Wei Yuanyuan's cousin, the successor of the Huo family, and he was excited. He just wanted to reach out and hold Dr. Xiao's shoulder, but thought The other's clean habit, and withdrew his hand again.

He is a sophomore at our school, it's because I accidentally soiled his clothes so I brought him up to change clothes. Doesn't he look handsome?

Wei Yunzhe and Huo Wenyu both know that Zhan Tianhao likes good-looking people. The three of them can play together because everyone looks good too. Wei Yunzhe is gentle while Huo Wenyu is aggressive. Although the three have different personalities, the three people have a good relationship.

Oh? He's really handsome, classmate, hello, I'm Huo Wenyu, Tianhao's friend. What should I call you?

Dr. Xiao's eyes fell on Huo Wenyu's face. He had already noticed the glances of Huo Wenyu and Wei Yunzhe, but he did not have any idea of ​​backing out. The eyes behind the frame were as cold as a blade and he directly stared at Huo Wenyu.

Huo Wenyu, who had not been answered for a long time, was not embarrassed and Zhan Tianhao on the side spoke first.

Wenyu, this is Xiao Qingrong. He was very unhappy with having his clothes soiled today so I'll take him away first. If we meet again later, I'll introduce it to you.

Fearing that the young master of the Huo family was angry and angered at Dr. Xiao, Zhan Tianhao immediately made a siege and without waiting for the two to speak, he directly stretched Dr. Xiao and pulled toward the front, leaving the two behind.

The Zhan family cooperated with the Huo family and the Wei family and Zhan Tianhao didn't want to offend the two families at once, not to mention, what Dr. Xiao said seemed to have another meaning. Why did Wei Yanyuan not want to let Dr. Xiao show what he really looks like?

The two stayed in place and saw Zhan Tianhao and Dr. Xiao leaving, but they were not angry, and even a smile appeared on Huo Wenyu's face, which made Wei Yunzhe look awkward.

I will send someone to investigate this matter. I hope that some people have self-knowledge and not be greedy.

Huo Wenyu turned around and glanced at this cousin of his, who was regarded by everyone as warm and jade, with a mocking smile in the corner of his mouth, which made Wei Yunzhe pale and clenched his hands, causing his nails to dig into his skin. [TN: I don't have anything about gay people but dam, so many people wanna f*ck our poor mc. By the way, notice how it's usually a male that wanna do the mc, not counting the female fans from the last world]

For a long time, Wei Yunzhe did not speak, while Huo Wenyu admired the oppressive appearance of the other side and turned away.

In his opinion, the dove occupied the nest and would return one day sooner or later.

Dr. Xiao didn't know that Wei Yunzhe and Huo Wenyu, who should have a good relationship, had a crack because of his existence. Soon, they arrived at the infirmary together. Zhan Tianhao even chattered on while walking. In short, he did not want Dr. Xiao to offend Huo Wenyu and Wei Yunzhe.

Anyway, the three can be regarded as friends so he knows some stuff about them. The means of these two people cannot be understood by Zhan Tianhao. These two are different from him, they can kill someone casually...

After arriving at the infirmary, the school doctor removed the band-aid to look at the wound but found out at a glance that the wound came from the wound of the scalpel.

There is no major problem with this wound. The wound is a scalpel wound. It is very small. If you apply a band-aid, it is okay. There is no major problem and you have already been treated with medicine before. It should not be inflamed.

At the words of the school doctor, Zhan Tianhao did not take it seriously. After all, he used to fight a lot in the past, so there were all kinds of wounds, and he was completely fearless.

What is this little wound?

Dr. Xiao sat aside, his eyes fell on Zhan Tianhao's neck, but it was such a look that made Zhan Tianhao suddenly shiver a little.

Soon, the two left the infirmary together.

Where's your dorm? Do you want to go back to your dorm already? Otherwise... Let's have a meal together?

When Zhan Tianhao thought of the fact that he had blocked him in the toilet, it made him feel a little guilty. At this time, he couldn't remember Wei Yuanyuan, he just wanted to please Dr. Xiao.


He didn't intend to go but when he thought of the one million that he needs to spend, he decided otherwise.

When Zhan Tianhao saw that he was not rejected, he immediately became happy. His face is like a flower blooming, especially in front of the beauties. There was no discipline. In order to please the beauties, he was willing to do anything. [TN: Weirdo]

There is nothing delicious in the school cafeteria. We met today because of fate, Qing Rong, I will take you to my favorite restaurant. The dishes made there are delicious, and you will never forget them after you eat them.

In order to please Dr. Xiao, Zhan Tianhao decided to tell him about his favorite restaurant.

Zhan Tianhao took Dr. Xiao out of school with such enthusiasm. In the outside garage, Zhan Tianhao's car was parked, a red convertible.

Sitting in the car, Zhan Tianhao turned on the music and drove out.

Even with the oncoming wind blowing, Dr. Xiao was still expressionless, so that Zhan Tianhao, who wanted to see him scared, could only slow down, and then raised the car's hood.

Zhan Tianhao is very intimate and in 20 minutes, he took Dr. Xiao to the restaurant that he likes the most. Zhan Tianhao usually makes an appointment here under his brother's name. This time, he did not want to lose face and used his own name for a private room.

After entering the private room, Dr. Xiao sat there, and Zhan Tianhao chattered.

Qing Rong, although I have no brain but I also know what you meant before. It means that Wei Yuanyuan used me to do something like this to you today. I know it's not good for me and I might be affected by others. However, I will be in Mingcheng High School in the future, no! In Changning, in the future, as long as there is me here, you will always be my brother and I won't allow you to be bullied.

Zhan Tianhao thought about it all the way and also knew that the news he heard about Wei Yuanyuan liking Dr. Xiao was probably false. After all, Wei Yunyuan was the little princess of the Wei family, how could she just like an ordinary person? Although this ordinary person's appearance is not ordinary at all.

Un. Dr. Xiao nodded, no longer said anything, and let Zhan Tianhao figure it out himself. Moreover, even if he couldn't figure it out, someone would help him figure it out.

The second master of a family, bullying people and blocking them in the toilet, won't the Zhan family be ashamed if this news is spread?

The meals were served soon and they were all signature dishes recommended by Zhan Tianhao. They were very good for Dr. Xiao, and they ate well.

Just when the two were eating, Zhan Tianhao's actions were already placed on Zhan Tianyi's, Zhan Tianhao's brothers desk. Zhan Tianhao's father died earlier. It can be said that Zhan Tianyi raised Zhan Tianhao himself. Zhan Tianhao's optimistic personality is also related to this, in order to prevent his brother from being bullied, Zhan Tianyi's network is also in the school. Every time Zhan Tianhao does something abnormal, someone will report to Zhan Tianyi immediately.

Zhan Tianyi, who had been processing the file for a long time, rubbed his eyebrows and opened the information on the desk. He found that his brother, who was not prosperous, blocked his rival in the toilet. He then brought his rival to his place and changed his clothes...

This is not in line with his brother's approach, unless... the so-called love rival is a good looking person.

Thinking of his brother's special hobby, Zhan Tianyi laughed. The tiredness of work was swept away. Even if he knew that his brother was eating out in his name, he was not angry.

At Mingcheng High School, any news spread quickly, especially about Zhan Tianhao.

Almost when Zhan Tianhao took Dr. Xiao back to the bedroom, the picture of Zhan Tianhao and a beautiful little brother was put on the forum. Looking at the picture, Zhan Tianhao had a pleased look on his face, his hair was wet and his body was wet but one beautiful face makes people feel completely uncontrollable. Everyone is asking for the name of this beautiful little brother!

Is there such a good little brother in school? Why don't they know? Whose son is this?

One by one, they are quite interested in this beautiful little brother who can't be named. After a while, the post was updated again, and Dr. Xiao, who had changed clothes, appeared, even if he was wearing a school uniform that was a little too big for him, but seeing him with gold-colored glasses is still hot, and it caused everyone to scream in excitement.

[Xiao Tiantian: Oh my god, this little brother looks so handsome, I want all his information in five minutes!]

[Funny: Oh, let alone five minutes, it's been almost an hour, and no one knows who this little brother is.]

[Panic: But senior Zhan Tianhao is really poisonous. There are beautiful young girls and little brothers around him. I envy him but at the same time, i hate him~]

The forum was full of students from Mingcheng High School, so the topic went up all at once. After all, for such a static school, a super handsome man suddenly appeared, of course, it was surprising.

Later, some people revealed that seeing Zhan Tianhao drove people out, it made everyone curious about the identity of this student. Is it a transfer student? Is he a relative?

Xia Yiyi, who was in the junior year of high school, was constantly brushing the school's forum. Looking at the charming little brother in the photo, she suddenly thought that someone that would know who this person is. Then went to Wei Weiyuan with her mobile phone.

Others don't know, but she does. Zhan Tianhao likes Wei Yuanyuan!

Yuanyuan, can you help me see who this beautiful little brother is? Is he a transfer student? I see him walking with Mr. Zhan, can you help me find out who he is? Also, see if he has a girlfriend

Xia Yiyi had a smile on her face, she liked this little brother at a glance! It would be best if she could be his girlfriend!

Wei Yuanyuan was able to maintain her status as a goddess in Mingcheng High School. Of course, it is best to treat people and receive things. At this moment, a gentle smile appeared, and she nodded.

Okay, let me see who it is...

She said that and after touching Xia Yiyi's phone, her whole body stiffened. She did not expect that such a face would appear in front of her like this. She tried so hard to hide this face but why did this person still show his face like this?

Thinking of this, the hand on her side couldn't help but clenched and her face suddenly became pale.

Xia Yiyi was shocked to see Wei Yuanyuan reaction, and she didn't bother thinking about the handsome boy and focused on her friend instead.

Yuanyuan, why do you look so bad all of a sudden? Is your body uncomfortable? Would you like me to accompany you to the infirmary?

Wei Yanyuan's look was really not so good at this time and she became pale all of a sudden. The hand that originally reached out to contact Xia Yiyi's mobile phone also shrank back, only to show an embarrassed smile.

Yiyi, rest assured, I'm fine, but I didn't sleep well last night, but where did you get this picture? The person in the picture... looks pretty good.

When she spoke, her lips were a little pale and her voice was a little bit awkward but Xia Yiyi was a bit dull so she didn't notice that Wei Yanyuan was awkward. When she heard Wei Yuanyuan mention the beautiful little brother, she was instantly excited.

Yes? Yuanyuan, isn't this little brother so handsome? Xia Yiyi took the phone close to Wei Yuanyuan. This person is wearing glasses with a pair of sharp eyes that seem to pass through the lenses. He had delicate eyebrows, making people want to fall more at a glance.

I told you, I heard that this person may be a relative of Mr. Zhan. Today, Mr. Zhan not only took him to his bedroom to change clothes, but also drove him out to eat in a sports car. Many people have said this little brother is definitely a transfer student, can you help me ask Zhan Xuechang? If he doesn't have a girlfriend, it's best, then I will go after him!

Xia Yiyi is also someone who likes beautiful people so the look of excitement at this time is even more dazzling in front of Wei Yanyuan. She did not expect what kind of defense she had in the end, but she ended up in such a situation.

What if he is really that person? When thinking of this, Wei Yanyuan couldn't help but be afraid, and couldn't care what Xia Yiyi said.

Yiyi, I'm sorry, I don't know this person either. I'm a little uncomfortable now. Would you like to play with others first? I want to go to my brother...

Seeing her behave like this, Xia Yiyi turned silent. After all, Zhan Tianhao likes Wei Weiyuan. In addition, Wei Yuanyuan brother is the only heir of the Wei family and his cousin is the heir of the Huo family.

Well, do you really not need me to accompany you?

Eventually Wei Xuanyuan refused Xia Yiyi, and then went towards the boys' dorm in a hurry.

Of course, the girls are not allowed to enter the boys' dorms but Wei Yunzhe, who lives here in Mingcheng High School has a luxurious bedroom. Wei Yunzhe's sister Wei Yanyuan, of course, knows the doorman, so she was naturally able to go in.

She hurriedly entered the elevator. Wei Yuanyuan knew that her brother would usually be in the bedroom at this time, so she went directly to it. She was not sure if what she saw was true or false, but now that person has been exposed. Wei Yuanyuan didn't know why, and was panicked for no reason.

When she came to the door of her brother Wei Yunzhe, Wei Yanyuan had a door card, took out a swipe, pushed the door and went in.

Brother, I have something to tell you...

As a result, when she entered the door, her mouth was choked. Looking at Huo Wenyu sitting at the desk inside, Wei Yuanyuan's expression was stiff, and she said a little awkwardly.

Cousin, cousin...

She was very afraid of this cousin, perhaps because her identity was not upright, or because she always felt that the person seemed to see through her.

Wei Yunzhe stood aside and was not very good. At this time, he looked very embarrassed. After seeing his sister coming, his eyes fell on his sister. It was even more complicated. Thinking of what Huo Wenyu said just now, Wei Yunzhe was blamed for the first time. These brothers and sister have been withholding the information. Since they found that person, why not notify him in advance?

Huo Wenyu was leisurely, sitting there, glanced at the look of the brother and sister, and knew what the two were thinking.

I have told my aunt and uncle about this. They should be back from abroad soon. Wei Yunzhe, who do you think you are? I hope you know, what's not yours will never be yours

Hearing this, Wei Yunzhe even had an oppressive forbearance, even though his heart was already extremely angry, he couldn't say anything in front of Huo Wenyu.

People outside think that Wei Yunzhe is the heir of the Wei family, but in fact, he is just a stand-in

Wei Yanyuan even paled after hearing Huo Wenyu's words, and an idea suddenly appeared in her mind.

He knows... Huo Wenyu knows...

If she had known this day would come, she should have done it earlier ...

And you, Wei Yanyuan, why did you do that, I will tell your aunt and uncle, and... Zhan Tianyi of the Zhan family, if he knows that his brother was used at school, what do you think he will do?

These two people are on the surface his cousin and cousin, but Huo Wenyu never took them to heart because he knows that there is only one cousin of his own. These two people are just substitutes. If the events of that year had not been investigated clearly, the Huo family would have had already begun to deal with the Wei family, how could it stay to this day? [TN: If you still haven't figured it out, it seems that Xiao Qingrong(Dr. Xiao) is his cousin, I think]

Wei Yanyuan's face was even paler. Although she dared to do it because she knew Zhan Tianhao liked her, she didn't know what his older brother would do to her if he found out....

When Wei Yanyuan kept looking at the face that was very similar to that of her uncle, she was reluctant to keep looking at it and she felt hatred. Moreover, she felt that she was about to lose something but she couldn't stop it.

Moreover, there is also Zhan Tianyi, the older brother of Zhan Tianhao. She just contacted Zhan Tianhao a few times but he sent someone to track her and threatened her. Zhan Tianyi said she could not match Zhan Tianhao. He said that she can't even match with a Yan Kong? How could she take such an insult?

The hand on the side was holding the corner of her skirt, and even though Wei Yanyuan was terribly angry, she dared not say anything in front of Huo Wenyu.

Compared to her brother's rumored heir status, Huo Wenyu is the true heir of the Huo family. His status is many times better than her brothers so Wei Yanyuan knows that he is not someone she can offend with her brother.

Cousin, I, I don't know what you're talking about.

As long as she denies it, they can still be safe. Otherwise, both her and her brother will be ruined.

Wei Yanyuan tried hard to show a lady's smile but she didn't realize how horrible she looked when she smiled at this time.

Huo Wenyu snorted coldly and stood up from his chair, not looking at the two of them.

What I'm talking about... of course you will say you don't know, but you will definitely know when the aunt and uncle come back.

He walked out of the bedroom, leaving two people with a back view, and the sound of the door being suddenly closed was very loud, as if slapping in the hearts of the brother and sister.

Wei Yanyuan, who was standing there, looked at her brother who had been silent the whole time with eyes full of despair..

Brother, that person won't come back, right? He won't come back...

It is unknown if this is to comfort herself or her brother. Wei Yunzhe looked at his sister's pale face but was already powerless. Thinking of the information Huo Wenyu investigated, a bitter smile appeared.

Yuanyuan, whether this person is him or not, we have occupied this status long enough. If he returns, I will return the status. At the beginning, everything is his, isn't it?

It seems that Wei Yunzhe, who has been suddenly clear, tried hard to show a smile and used this smile to conceal his unwillingness, but in Wei Yanyuan's eyes, this smile showed unwillingness and defeat.

Brother! Why is everything for him! Even if we are not uncle's biological children, but we are already uncle's children now. Since he has disappeared, he should never appear again! Why does he have to take everything from us when he emerges? Why? [TN: Stupid B*tch]

She looked at her elder brother, Wei Weiyuan thought of the experiences of these years. So many people tried to pleased her, but it was because she was the eldest daughter of the Wei family and her brother was the heir of the Wei family and her cousin was the heir of the Huo family. If she lost all this, who would look at her?

Wei Yunzhe looked at his already crazy sister and in fact, he had also wanted to get rid of that person. If it wasn't for this, he could still help conceal it, but now the Huo family already knows this. The brother and sisters can't resist the Huo family at all. So the best way is to accept all this, otherwise, there may be more sad endings...

Yuanyuan, listen to me. Even if that person is back, we are still children of the Wei family...

I don't want to listen! You coward! Someone is going to take away your identity, and you shrink back! I tell you, Wei Yunzhe, I won't just accept all this! I am the young lady of the Wei family, and the only young lady of the Wei family

Wei Yanyuan took a hard look at her brother. She had thought that her brother should be on the united front with herself but now she has discovered that even if it has been so long, this brother is still so cowardly. She, in her own words... how could they live a good life from now on without this identity?

In the end, the conversation broke up because no one could convince anyone.


Dr. Xiao didn't know all this happened, because he found out that Zhan Tianhao, who was just talking about tasting the wine here, was drunk after taking a few sips of wine. Fortunately, the other person was quite well behaved after being drunk, and fell asleep on the table.

Taking advantage of this moment, Dr. Xiao settled the bill. It was indeed a high end restaurant. The price was very high. The total was 300,000.

[Host, there are no specific requirements for this mission in this world, as long as you don't die too soon, you can do whatever you want] [TN: If you forgot, 618 still doesn't know that it's still Dr. Xiao]

618 basically didn't receive a specific requirement for this world so it finally decided to give the host a leave to let the host casually live in this world and just be happy.

Oh? That's fine.

Dr. Xiao was very satisfied to hear this. Although he can complete the task, it is also good to take a rest in a world, and this world is not dangerous.

After getting the news of 618, Dr. Xiao was very satisfied. Looking at Zhan Tianhao's drunk appearance, he thought whether someone should bring Zhan Tianhao to the hotel. As a result, there was movement at the door.

This private room was owned by Zhan Tianhao's brother Zhan Tianyi, so after listening to the waiter said that his silly brother had ordered a drink, he hurried over. After all, the alcohol tolerance of his brother, others might not know it, but he knew.

The door of the private room was opened, and a man in the black suit walked in. With a meticulous look, Dr. Xiao took a look and realized the relationship between the two.

This man's appearance is really similar to Zhan Tianhao, except that he is more mature and unless Dr. Xiao is dumb, he would know that this is Zhan Tianhao's older brother.

Zhan Tianyi saw that Dr. Xiao was also a little surprised. He was a little hesitant, and then introduced himself.

Hello, I'm Tianhao's brother Zhan Tianyi, and I'll bring Tianhao home.

His eyes fell on Dr. Xiao's face, and he did not move away for a long time. He seemed to be looking at Dr. Xiao and it seemed like he realised something incredible.

Hello, I'm Xiao Qingrong.

Dr. Xiao didn't want to say more, stood up and gave way to the other party. Zhan Tianyi turned his attention to the younger brother. He looked at the younger brother who was drunk on the table, and couldn't help showing a loving smile.

Zhan Tianyi looked at Dr. Xiao when he reached out and hugged his brother who was drunk.

If... if anything comes up in the future, come to me.

As soon as his words fell, the secretary who followed him hurriedly handed Zhan Tianyi's personal business card to Dr. Xiao. Dr. Xiao reached out and took a glance, but he didn't take it seriously.

Sitting in Zhan Tianhao's car as the secretary drove. Dr. Xiao looked indifferent throughout the drive, but thought the world was still very interesting.

The beginning of it all revolved around his own face. From the very beginning when he saw Wei Yanyuan, the other person said that she hated his face. Whether it was his long hair or glasses, it seemed to be hiding his face.

Other than Zhan Tianhao who was shocked after seeing his face, Huo Wenyu and Wei Yunzhe were also shocked but it seemed that they kind of recognized his face... or knows someone who has similar features as him.

And Zhan Tianyi, who he saw today, has the other person seen his face?

All these things made Dr. Xiao very interested.

Just as the car was about to reach the school, 618's voice rang.

[Host, there are only 20 hours left for the novice task of the wealthy prodigal system. The host also needs to spend 1.7 million yuan!]

In fact, the tasks originally issued by this wealthy prodigal system had a short time limit and there are penalties if the requirement is not met. Unfortunately, it was swallowed up by 618, so the time limit is decided by 618 and there are also no penalties.

After receiving this news, Dr. Xiao also remembered that he had an extra system. He knew that the more money he spent on this system, the more money he would get. Then, he thought of the glasses that Zhan Tianhao gave to him today, which are also expensive.

1.7 million... It's time to buy a reliable gift?

Secretary Fang, is there any watch store near here? I want to buy a 1.7 million watch. Can you recommend anything?

For this kind of thing, it is of course the best to ask the secretary. Secretary Fang is driving. After hearing this, the response is very fast.

Master Xiao, there is a famous watch store nearby. If you want to buy 1.7 million watches, I recommend you to buy a recent Swiss watch. Patek Philippe has just released a watch suitable for young people, and the price is similar. Do you need to go now?

Of course, as a secretary, he needs to be polite at all times, even to the friend of the boss's brother.

Well, let's go.

Anyway, this money is not his money, Dr. Xiao is still willing to use it to coax Zhan Tianhao. Remembering that the person fell asleep and said sorry to him, it is also very cute.

The car changed lanes and went to another place. It didn't take long to arrive at the store recommended by Secretary Fang. It really was very luxurious. After entering, you can feel the grand atmosphere of the decoration here, and the watch placed on the counter is even more so exquisite that many men will be excited to see them.

Recommend 1.7 million watches for me.

When the waiter looked at Dr. Xiao, who is followed by the secretary behind him, he knew that this was a big client. At that moment, when they came up, they asked for 1.7 million watches.

Several waiters took out around 1.7 million watches to Dr. Xiao. Secretary Fang was very responsible while standing by the side, and occasionally he introduced them to Dr. Xiao.

In the end Dr. Xiao chose the latest youth watch, this watch looks very exquisite and luxurious, suitable for Zhan Tianhao's age.

Swipe the card. He took out the black card and handed it to the waiter, making the waiter more respectful, while the secretary Fang on the side eyes flashed as it landed on the black card. He did not expect that the master's classmates would have such a card. He has a BNP Paribas black card, this thing is not something ordinary people can just have...

Soon after finishing swiping the card, a voice of 618 came from Xiao Qingrong's ear.

[Congratulations to the host for completing the novice task, the novice task rewards the host to spend two million. In addition, the lucky roulette can be drawn once. Would the host like to draw it now?]

Do not.

Dr. Xiao rejected and hearing that he is already worth two million, he is still calm.

Getting back in the car, Dr. Xiao began to explain to Secretary Fang when the car was almost at school.

I bought this watch for Zhan Tianhao. I will have to trouble the secretary to give this to him and tell him that I would be happy to be his friend.