Super Male God System Chapter 32 - Bullied

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Mingcheng High School is the best high school in Changning. In addition to the enrollment rate, it is one of the few high schools in Changning. There are many rich children from Jiangyi District and Qin'an District. It can be said that Mingcheng school can be regarded as the number one high school.

Dr. Xiao never thought that someone would dare to treat him like this.

As soon as he woke up, he was splashed with a basin of water on his head, causing him to suddenly wake up. He was sitting in the toilet, shaking with a book, with the sound of someone kicking the toilet door outside.

Four eyes! Come out! You better come out. If you wait for us to catch you, it won't end well for you

The sound of a boy's shouts came, and from the tone of the voice, he was not very happy. Moreover, there was the shouts of others also.

Brother Hao, this stinky kid dares to disrespect you! Let's pour urine in later, this kid will come out! Hahahahaha!

This person's proposal seems to be approved by many people, and Dr. Xiao, who is sitting on the toilet, has already understood the current situation. He seems to have become a student, and then... is being bullied on campus..

Seriously, for Dr. Xiao, who has never been to school and usually relies on family education, the school is a place that Dr. Xiao has yearned for, because he remembers how those children in the orphanage described the place., Just like heaven, but unfortunately he never had the opportunity to enjoy such a heaven.

Now, on the contrary, it makes Dr. Xiao a little bit excited. He has never went to school before so he is a bit excited!

[Host, is it you? ] 618 Seeing that the host was so calm when he was watered, he knew that it was definitely not Dr. Xiao. After all, Dr. Xiao was so horrible. If it was treated like this, it must be something to do ...

Hearing 618's voice, Dr. Xiao raised his lips and thought of that person, and gave 618 an answer.

Well, it's me.

As he spoke, he suddenly saw that the system mall had refreshed things and there were new items.

But now there is no time to look through this. Listening to the movement outside the door. If he doesn't go out again, maybe those boys would really throw urine at him.

Standing up directly, his body shivered a bit. It is already autumn so if you are splashed with water, you will definitely catch a cold.

618 has reacted at this moment, its host was even bullied!

[Host! Would you like a scalpel? How dare they treat you like that! It's too bad!]

At this moment, 618 had no idea that its thoughts had changed along with its host, or that it had been with Dr. Xiao for a long time, and the entire system had become quite violent. However, 618 knew that the host would not casually kill. It 's easy to kill so even if there is a scalpel, the host, maybe... maybe he won't kill?

Dr. Xiao did not answer after hearing 618. He raised his left hand, and a delicate scalpel had appeared on his left hand. This familiar feeling made Dr. Xiao feel very comfortable.

Before the people outside had any movement, Dr. Xiao directly opened the door and walked out. As a result, he saw four boys in school uniforms outside. Sweeping the faces of these people, and Dr. Xiao recognized their identities.

The name of the leader was Zhan Tianhao, and he was also called Brother Hao by three other people. He is quite famous in this school.

The other three younger brothers of Zhan Tianhao, Dr. Xiao, didn't know them well. After all, Zhan Tianhao's name alone can be shocking.

After all, this is the top three people in the school every year, drinking and fighting, and sleeping during class. However, they still rank third in the class every year. Oh, maybe it is the third in the city.

Mingcheng High School admitted these rich and powerful children, but it is not just about money, only capable people can enter this high school.

Zhan Tianhao originally intended to pour urine into the toilet to force Dr. Xiao out. However, they did not expect that Dr. Xiao came out by himself. Suddenly, he saw the scalpel in Dr. Xiao's hand, glanced at it for a bit, and then made a mocking smile.

Well, let me see, where did this timid four-eyed man get such a small knife? You want to fight back? Don't bother, just look at your small body and you still want to fight us?

After he finished speaking, the other three people also laughed. One of them quickly went up and planned to beat up this man in front of him. Who made the boss like Wei's little girl? However, the little girl of the Wei family didn't agree because of this poor ghost in front of them.

Dr. Xiao looked at the person in front of him through the wet lenses, but he was expressionless. After that, he took off the lens with his right hand, exposing his original appearance.

This look made Zhan Tianhao stunned at first glance. They never thought that this man who is timid like mice had such a face, not much worse than those stars on TV since he always wore such old-fashioned black-framed glasses and his hair covered his forehead and he usually had a daunting look. It really made Zhan Tianhao not see this person's excellence and now that he suddenly saw the true face of this person, even Zhan Tianhao was stunned, let alone other people...

Shaking the water on his head, Dr. Xiao's eyes fell on Zhan Tianhao's body, his voice was extremely cold.

Do you want to do it?

Such indifferent words falling into Zhan Tianhao's ears would be the same as provocation. When thinking of the fact that he has always bullied this person and when he suddenly said such a thing so suddenly, Zhan Tianhao found it unacceptable and sneered.

sh*t, you're arrogant enough

Zhan Tianhao said to Dr. Xiao. Dr. Xiao stood there, and the scalpel in his hand spun quickly. When the other party rushed over, he turned his side directly, then his left and right hands had been quickly raised and his right hand directly held Zhan Tianhao's hands. Dr. Xiao's left hand that was holding the scalpel had already reached Zhan Tianhao's neck. For a moment, bright red blood flowed down from Zhan Tianhao's neck.

Such a change happened almost instantaneously, so that Zhan Tianhao's younger brothers did not respond at all and saw that their boss was restrained in the coward's hand. Although Zhan Tianhao wanted to resist, he didn't dare to, the knife placed on his neck was extremely sharp. With a slight movement, pain came from his neck. This feeling was not very good.

The atmosphere was a bit stiff. Several other younger brothers originally wanted to help but they are now afraid of Dr. Xiao harming Zhan Tianhao and they could only threaten weakly.

Four Eyes! You let Brother Hao ago! Otherwise, you will regret it!

Yes, Four Eyes, you let go of Brother Hao!

In the ears of Dr. Xiao's, the threat was not really a threat. The scalpel in his hand didn't even move. As long as he was willing, the life in his hand would easily end in his hand, but there is no need to kill him as of right now.

The scalpel in his hand was against Zhan Tianhao's neck, Dr. Xiao slowly approached Zhan Tianhao and the indifferent voice passed into Zhan Tianhao's ear coldy.

Zhan Tianhao, I think you are really stupid. You are being used as a blade for someone else. Are you stupid?

This words directly caused Zhan Tianhao's anger to rise instantly, and he wanted to push away Dr. Xiao directly but the sudden sting on his neck made him suddenly stop struggling, knowing that he was now in the hands of others and could not act lightly.

You! You fart! Your mother is stupid! I'm 100 times smarter than you!

That's good... the focus was successfully ignored! Dr. Xiao glanced at Zhan Tianhao, who had red ears because he was in close contact with him and he felt a little helpless.

Let your little brothers leave, I have something to tell you.

What to do to appease a furious dragon? The best way is to find a reason for the other party to compromise.

Obviously, Zhan Tianhao was grumpy and liked fighting but he was also the most logical. At the moment, he was directly held by Dr. Xiao and he was still in front of his own brothers so of course he felt ashamed. At this time, when Zhan Tianhao heard what Dr. XIao said, he was very satisfied, and he doesn't care about being held hostage.

You guys go out first! I have something to say to this stink boy! No one else is allowed in!

In any case, he never felt that Dr. Xiao, a cowardly four-eyed child, would kill him, so Zhan Tianhao was able to say such a request in order to maintain his face.

When they heard this from their elder brother, these younger brothers didn't know what to do, they could only retreat slowly.

Brother Hao, do you really want us to get out?

Get out of here! Are you not going to listen to me? Be careful how I will deal with you later

The angry Zhan Tianhao looked very red. After all, as long as his brothers were in here, they would see him be held hostage. Wouldn't it affect his wise and martial image?

In the end, Zhan Tianhao's three younger brothers retreated, leaving only Dr. Xiao and Zhan Tianhao in the bathroom.

You, shouldn't you let go of your hand now? I promise I won't hit you!

Obviously, he is the one who is threatened but he still acts so superior. No wonder he was used by others. Dr. Xiao only thought that this person was very funny. He released the scalpel on his hand and pushed the person aside.

Suddenly, Zhan Tianhao, who was pushed out, laid on the wall. He was stunned for a bit and quickly turned to look at Dr. Xiao aggressively.

Four eyes! I don't think you want to live anymore. You dare to point a knife at me? Do you know what is the name of Laozi in Mingcheng High School? Laozi is the school bully of Mingcheng High School.

Well... Zhan Tianhao had to admit that he was a Yan Kong man. He didn't like Dr. Xiao's eyes at first but after seeing Dr. Xiao's true appearance at this time, he just felt that the four eyes were really pleasing to the eye and beautiful. The anger in his heart seemed to have disappeared, after all, he liked Wei Yanyuan because Wei Yanyuan looks good, Dr. Xiao in front of him looks better than Wei Yanyuan, and Zhan Tianhao likes beautiful people. [TN: Just know Yan Kong is basically a person who likes any type of beauty]

In the words of a Yan Kong person, long as you have a nice face, you will be liked by people like Zhan Tianhao.

He noticed that Zhan Tianhao's eyes were constantly lingering on his face. Dr. Xiao didn't feel anything. After all, he used to be a star for a while and it was normal to be stared at so he didn't feel anything about it.

Well, the school bully is being used.

Dr. Xiao nodded, he gave Zhan Tianhao a good look and said something that made Zhan Tianhao angry.

Four-eyes !!! What are you talking about? Being used? What do you mean? How am I being used, you tell me clearly!

[Zhan. Hot tempered. Moronic. Yan Kong. Tianhao] At this time, watching his newly discovered beauty said that he was being used, he is very unhappy.

Zhan Tianhao is like a big child so Dr. Xiao only thinks that it is easiest to get along with this kind of person.

He discovered from the beginning that after taking off his glasses, the other person's eyes were always staring at him with those unobstructed appreciations. In addition to the girls chasing their stars, there is only one possibility. The boy in front of him is someone who likes anyone with a good face.

Perhaps this is not a disease, but Dr. Xiao's previous psychiatrist told him that there is a person in this world who can see beautiful things in his eyes. Even if such beauty is false, they are willing to believe it.

So... this Zhan Tianhao who has no brains and has a hot temper and is easy to be used by someone who has a nice facel.

This thing is about the Wei Yuanyuan you like. Uhh... I need to change to a new uniform now.

Even though the person in front of him is also a man, the look on Zhan Tianhao's face is stiff. At this moment, looking at Dr. Xiao's embarrassing look. Zhan Tianhao doesn't know why he felt a little guilty. Looking at this good looking person and the thought of treating such a good-looking person like this, Zhan Tianhao felt a little uncomfortable and almost instinctual, he took off his clothes and then stepped forward and passed it to him.

Wear mine first, I'll take you back to change.

This action was taken for granted but Dr. Xiao glanced at the clothes in the other's hands. He had some slight fetishism so it was impossible to wear the other's clothes.

Dr. Xiao's glance directly made Zhan Tianhao who had an angry expression, his eyes widened and his hands shaking.

Four eyes! Do you hate me? I took off my clothes and gave them to you! You don't thank me but dare to look down on me?

After finally trying to please a beauty like this, Zhan Tianhao really didn't expect that he would be rejected, because if other people in the school could wear his own clothes, they would wake up laughing happily.

I have a clean habit. Dr. Xiao smiled at Zhan Tianhao, letting the furious Zhan Tianhao lose his temper for a moment, a bit aggrieved, and then put on his clothes again.

Why, cleanliness... its because you just dislike me ... Huh, but seeing that your clothes were wet by me, I'll take you back to my bedroom, I have several new uniforms for you.

He seemed to be a little cautious about it, afraid that Dr. Xiao would refuse.

You know, he has never been rejected before, or was rejected by a good-looking person and now he is suddenly rejected. It feels strange, but he can't help but want to please the other person. He would never have said it before.

Dr. Xiao remembered his situation in this school and also knew that the wet uniform was now his only uniform.

As a noble high school, Mingcheng High School's school uniforms are also very expensive. This body entered this school with excellent grades with no money or anything. Moreover, he is an orphan and has nothing.

Fortunately, Mingcheng High School will send out school uniforms to everyone every quarter, and there will be no clothes to wear but if you get this set issued by the school and want to buy other school uniforms, um... a set of five thousand per uniform, thank you for your patronage.

For Dr. Xiao, who is an orphan, this is obviously impossible consumption.

Thank you then.

When Zhan Tianhao showed a smile again, Zhan Tianhao's originally unhappy eyebrows turned into a smile. This looks like a pug, cute and tight, but it makes Dr. Xiao feel that the person in front of him is somewhat similar to 618.

You like cleanliness huh? No problem. Thanks to my wit, there are several sets of school uniforms that I haven't worn in the bedroom and although it is a bit bigger for you, it should be fine.

Zhan Tianhao is taller than Dr. Xiao and he reached over to pat Dr. Xiao's shoulder. Dr. Xiao should have avoided it but his body was so wet that he did not intentionally avoid it.

The wet feeling made him startled, and then he realized that it was going to be the end of September. Wearing soggy clothes in this season was really cold and terrible. He finally took off his clothes and gave them to Dr. Xiao.

Even if you suspect that my clothes are dirty, you can wipe your hair first. It's too wet. What if you catch a cold?

That's right... Zhan Tianhao is such a person who has no ethics! Seeing good-looking people can change his minds, especially when Dr. Xiao looks so good and it's normal for him to be nice to good looking people.

Thank you. Dr. Xiao did not reject the other party this time. He picked up Zhan Tianhao's clothes and began to wipe his hair so that Zhan Tianhao looking at him looked really beautiful, and his hair was very beautiful, his fingers were all white, it was almost glowing.

Zhan Tianhao's eyes of simply appreciating beauty does not seem uncomfortable or even very aggressive and they give a comfortable feeling. After all, his eyes are full of appreciation and admiration, just like seeing beautiful things, pure appreciation is always good for people.

After brushing his hair, Zhan Tianhao got his clothes again. Although it was a little wet, the feeling of serving the beauty made Zhan Tianhao feel good.

Then it was strange to see that Dr. Xiao's knife was gone.

Where is your knife form before? Why is it missing?

Dr. Xiao opened his left hand and stretched it out for Zhan Tianhao to see. As a result, Zhan Tianhao saw a sharp blade lying in Dr. Xiao's hand.

This is a scalpel. It's very subtle and retractable.

That's why it can be placed on the palm of your hand, no one will even notice it and there is even a relatively delicate and small blade that can even be put in your mouth. Dr. Xiao feels that he does not need to explain it.

Looking at the blade with his eyes widened, Zhan Tianhao was stunned. Zhan Tianhao, who had never seen this thing, just stretched out his hand. He seemed to want to touch the blade and saw Dr. Xiao's hand step back.

You won't let me touch it? You feel that I will dirty your knife?

Zhan Tianhao was aggrieved. Looking at Dr. Xiao with a complaint, he felt that he was deeply rejected by the beauty.

It will hurt.

Dr. Xiao explained that although the blade of this scalpel looks very thin, its sharpness is stronger than that of a dagger. Moreover, this is a system product. Originally, Dr. Xiao thought that the price given by the system would be expensive but fortunately, it was cheap. After he produced the scalpel set, he felt that he was taking advantage. You know, there are hundreds of such scalpels. If you want to buy them in reality, it is estimated that it will cost millions.

Hearing this, Zhan Tianhao felt that his neck felt a little painful for a moment. Then he remembered the injury on his neck. He quickly took a pouch out of his pocket and pressed it on his wound. He remembered that the person in front of him was the culprit for this.

I still won't forget the fact that you injured me, why are you so cruel? You caused me to be injured. I'll take you to the bedroom to change clothes. You will accompany me to see the wound later! Look at what you did, it hurts..

As he said, he went over and wanted Dr. Xiao to look at his wound but in fact, Dr. Xiao already knew how wounded he is. Although he caused the other side to bleed, in fact, the knife edge was very small and the wound was also very small. It is not as serious as imagined.

Un. Since the other party is so stupid, Dr. Xiao doesn't mind acting with a fool. After all, you shouldn't argue with a stupid person.

After the two had just negotiated, they came out of the toilet. Sure enough, the three younger brothers who had left before were still standing outside. Because of them guarding outside, no one else came in the toilet. After personally seeing Zhan Tianhao coming out, they hurried to him.

Brother Hao, are you all right, Brother Hao?

Zhan Tianhao actually felt like he was being looked down on in front of Dr. Xiao and hurriedly pretended to cough and said.

What can he do to me? Yes, yes, starting today, you are not allowed to bully the Four Eyes, understood? Uh... not the Four Eyes, but Qingrong! He will be my brother in the future and yours too

Zhan Tianhao pretended to reach out to Dr. Xiao's shoulder as a skilled man. As soon as he wanted to pat Dr. Xiao's shoulder, he realized that Dr. Xiao was staring at him and he had no choice but to put his hand back.

His three younger brothers watched with confusion on their faces and wondered what was happening. Why was it only a while, how could their boss change so much? Then... What if this person takes Wei Yuanyuan from the boss?

If before, the boss still had a few chances to win but now look at this four-eye who took off his glasses, he looks so handsome, almost the same as the stars on TV. If they both were to pursue Wei Yuanyuan, wouldn't it be impossible for the boss to catch up?

Silently waxing his own boss, the three younger brothers finally could only watch the boss happily go further and further away from his love rival ...

Can the boss still match up with Wei Yuanyuan?

I'm not sure if he wants to match up with Wei Yuanyuan anymore. I think the boss wants to be with this four-eyed boy!

...Hehe, I bet, the boss must have changed his heart immediately. Otherwise, how can the boss be considered a Yan Kong?

Zhan Tianhao didn't know about the discussion of the three people. He was very carefree. In addition to these three younger brothers, his younger brothers were distributed everywhere in the school so Dr. Xiao and Zhan Tianhao came along all the way. Men and women on the road came to say hello. Yes, Zhan Tianhao, who is also known as the school bully walked side by side with Dr. Xiao, to show that he is his brother now.

Dr. Xiao has some understanding of this kind of people with symptoms of Yan Kong. The most irresistible type of person to them is someone with a good value. As long as they are beautiful, it will be easy to control this Zhan Tianhao.

Looking at the host who easily controlled Zhan Tianhao. 618 simply couldn't figure out what happened. Obviously, it should be the host's first campus violence at this time. Why did he suddenly become a worshiper?

The two soon arrived in Zhan Tianhao's bedroom. Unlike Dr. Xiao's special enrollment, Zhan Tianhao's bedroom is very luxurious and single room.

When Zhan Tianhao brought Dr. Xiao into the bedroom, he met Wei Yunzhe and Huo Wenyu. When Wei Yunzhe saw Dr. Xiao, he was stunned. Even Huo Wenyu looked at Dr. Xiao for a long time and did not know what was going on until the two disappeared. In the room, the two talents looked at each other with a little suspicion in their hearts.

When he came to this luxurious bedroom for the first time, although Dr. Xiao had lived in many very good places in the world before, this school bedroom still gave Dr. Xiao a different feeling.

How is it? My bedroom is decorated with my own design drawings and it is my favorite. Zhan Tianhao showed off with enthusiasm, then went to the closet and took out a new school uniform to Dr. Xiao.

There is a bathroom over there. You can take a bath directly. Change your clothes after taking a shower. I'll wait for you.

Zhan Tianhao pointed Dr. Xiao to a place. Dr. Xiao took his clothes, nodded slightly, and walked towards the bathroom. Dr. Xiao was acting as if he was at home.

This look makes Zhan Tianhao even feel that this person can be a friend! He's not as timid as before, isn't it good?

Suddenly thinking of the terrible black-rimmed glasses worn by the other party and how it made him look so ugly! Zhan Tianhao hurriedly opened his own glasses cabinet. After it was opened, all the glasses were beautiful glasses. Although Zhan Tianhao is not myopia, he likes to pretend! So he bought a lot of different styles. He picked out three kinds of glasses, gold-rimmed, some smart and elegant, and some cooler colors. When it was on the table, he thought that Dr. Xiao would definitely look good in them!

Thinking of this, Zhan Tianhao immediately became very happy and then took out his new school uniform from his own cabinet and changed it. His clothes were often not washed. He bought these school uniforms in several sets and the people at home would usually wash his old ones, which he will then come and grab.

Outside, Zhan Tianhao worked hard to dress himself, while Dr. Xiao, who was in the bathroom, was taking a bath while looking at the items in this mall. There he saw a lot of golden fingers... longer life golden finger, red envelope golden fingers, wealthy golden finger, lucky golden finger, etc.. Of course, their prices are also totally out of this world...

618, what are these golden for?

Dr. Xiao didn't read novels very much before, so of course I didn't know that all of these golden fingers originated from those fictional worlds that were fabricated. One by one, the functions are out of the ordinary but he just feel that these so-called golden fingers are a little too expensive

After choosing the cheapest one, the lowest price is one million, this one million male god points.

[Xueba System: Allows the user to have good grades in school without the user having to do much]

618 at this time remembered that the system mall was upgraded, and quickly explained to the host.

[Host, this is because the host 's male god value has exceeded three million, so the system mall has been automatically upgraded. A new world-conscious Golden Finger purchase interface has been opened and the purchase price of Golden Finger is set in accordance with world rules. According to the world where the host is located, the mall recommends the Xueba system Golden to the host, the price is the lowest.]

Thinking that this golden finger only needs one million, 618 is a bit excited! Such a cheap cheat! As long as its host uses this Xueba system, he can reach the pinnacle of life in minutes!

Dr. Xiao is not very interested in this so-called Xueba system. With a learning space, he has a lot of time to study without having to rely on this so-called Xueba system. He looks at his three million male god points. Suddenly, Dr. Xiao suddenly remembered the feeling of being sought after by those lovely fans in his last life. The feeling was too refreshing. When Dr. Xiao experienced it once, he felt it was unforgettable.

A glance at the golden fingers in the world consciousness, there are really several about star categories...

[Big star system] [Star lottery system] [Super Uranus system] [Uranus superstar system] [Super idol system]...

Looking at these messy systems, Dr. Xiao suddenly became curious.

618, are the cheats in these malls, those systems and the like, are they the same as you?

Originally, 618 thought what its host would ask about the function of the Xueba system but when it heard this, it was immediately unhappy and immediately retorted.

[Host, how can we be the same? I am a super-man-made super male god system, with a cutting-edge update library. In addition to the system store, I have other functions that need to be unlocked by the host but what just so you know, there is no self-awareness at all for those systems. They are just a silly machine, how can you compare them with me?]

Feeling that it has been taken lightly, 618 is not afraid of Dr. Xiao and strived to maintain its dignity as a super male god system!

Oh? 618, you are amazing!

His mouth curved up and he praised 618. Dr. Xiao then bought the rich man system after the Xueba system in a blink of an eye. This stuff also cost 1.1million male god points.

[The Wealthy Prodigy: Allows the host to not have to worry about money at all but the host will have to spend a certain amount of money each day with the black card provided by the system]

For the first time, Dr. Xiao spent a lot of money to buy the Golden Fingers. Although he felt some heartaches, he still wanted to experience it. What is the difference between this so-called Golden Finger system and 618?

As for why this thing can be ranked second, He is afraid it is because of the unique setting of this world!

Most people in Mingcheng High School are straight A students, so the Xueba system ranks first, and then the second is a system that can make you rich ... In other words, in this world, beyond studying, money is the most important!

After seeing its host buy a Golden Finger, it was excited and sad. Excited that the host finally can rely on it to complete the world, but another thought, it felt wronged. it is another system that helps the host... when it thought about it, itt was about to cry.

Dr. Xiao didn't know the thoughts of ​​618. He was very curious about the golden finger he bought. After confirming the use, he saw a line in front of him.

[Is the host Dr. Xiao, bound to the wealthy prodigal system?]

Probably because of the suppression of 618, this system will not speak about binding!


Dr. Xiao gave the answer, and soon, 618's voice rang.

[Binding succeeded! Do I need to post a novice task? ]

Dr. Xiao was familiar with the voice of 618 and was naturally able to easily recognize it and he suddenly felt helpless.


618 pitifully said to the host.

[Host, I really didn't mean to, I just wanted to see what code was in their system. As a result, I swallowed it up. Now I can also make the host rich and post tasks for the host. The host will not blame me, right? ]

In this way, it thought it was pitiful and feared that the host would blame it . 618 was so embarrassed that it made Dr. Xiao not know whether to cry or laugh.

Of course I won't blame you. Since you can post the task, then you can post it according to my situation...

He doesn't know that the so-called wealthy prodigal system will release tasks but if he let 618 release tasks, it should not be so difficult.

[Host you are great! I love you! Now the wealthy prodigal system has released a novice task. I ask the host to spend two million in one day! Come on, host! The black card is already in your clothes pocket~]

Dr. Xiao was so annoyed by such a flirtatious voice and his voice had cooled down after speaking in 618.

Shut up!

The simple two words made 618 silent and it didn't want to speak that way again. However it was confused, after searching on Baidu on the earth network, it was told that if someone does something wrong, as long as they act coquettish, they can be forgiven by others. However, why is its host treating it like this?

Poor 618 can't distinguish between two concepts of coquettishness and nausea. Treating coquetry as nausea is a terrible thing.

After Dr. Xiao took a bath and changed his clothes, he really saw a black card in his pocket. After taking it out, he saw that this is the black card of BNP Paribasand he somewhat understands how this so-called wealthy system operates already.

Although he doesn't know where the money in this system comes from, according to 618, this money should exist in BNP Paribas, like this black card, but the global card. As long as it is held, he can go anywhere and can enjoy the highest level of treatment. Dr. Xiao also had several such black cards before but he did not like to go out much.

Putting the black card back into his pocket, Dr. Xiao began to blow his hair. After a while, the hair was blown dry. After leaving the bathroom, he saw that Zhan Tianhao was sitting there and had changed into a new school uniform and had new hair style. At this time he was wearing cool sunglasses on his face.

Hey, aren't I handsome?

He raised his eyebrows, which made him look a bit handsome. Although he had blinking yellow hair, Zhan Tianhao's skin was white and tender and his face was also a very delicate and good-looking type. He laughed like a lively big boy and it was difficult to make people disgusted.

Well, you're handsome. Dr. Xiao nodded.

After hearing this compliment, Zhan Tianhao hurriedly took off his glasses and offered three glasses cases from the side to Dr. Xiao.

Isn't your previous glasses broken? So I picked three glasses for you. Which one do you like? If you like them all, you can take them away!

In order to please Dr. Xiao, Zhan Tianhao is very kind and enthusiastic.

Dr. Xiao can see the enthusiasm of the other person but he reached out and took the cases. He looked at the three glasses and after touching the gold glasses with his fingers, the corner of his mouth rose up.

But then Dr. Xiao closed the three cases and said.

In fact, I am not short-sighted and wearing glasses is just to cover up my appearance.

His words fell in Zhan Tianhao's ears, which made Zhan Tianhao stunned. He then stared at Dr. Xiao's flawless face in front of him and he couldn't understand.

You look so good, how can you hide it? If it was up to me, I would like to let the whole world see it...

Zhan Tianhao's words made Dr. Xiao laugh again. He liked to get along with such a pure-minded person, and thought of this person's behavior toward himself and said.

This kind of appearance is just a sin to me originally. You like Wei Yuanyuan, right? So Wei Yuanyuan wants to teach me a lesson, right?