Super Male God System Chapter 31 - Success

With the exposure of the major medical journals, the name Xiao Qingrong caused a huge storm in the medical world. Not only is it because he was able to write such a paper, it is also because of his unique identity which caused many media companies want to write about him. After all, what happened to Xiao Qingrong a few months ago is still fresh in people's mind. Seeing Xiao Qingrong reappearing again but in a different way, everyone is very surprised and weren't able to remain calm.

The least calm among them is the Jiangnan Entertainment Company which had signed Xiao Qingrong. Jiangnan Entertainment Company first scouted Xiao Qingrong. When signing the contract, it was also a ten-year contract but it was not a repressive contract. The contract stated that Xiao Qingrong has to work in the company for four years and can't work anywhere else and the contract share has risen also. In addition, Mr. Zhou's care for Xiao Qingrong has even given Xiao Qingrong a break now.

But no one in the company expected Dr. Xiao was going to practice medicine. Moreover, he caused such a commotion...

For two consecutive months, Xiao Qingrong not only contracted the headlines of the medical profession, but also the headlines of the entertainment industry!

About the headline of #Xiao Qingrong found a method to develop Artificial kidney#. A lot of people clicked it after seeing it. After all, this kind of matter that is closely related to the public is the thing that everyone cares most about...

As for Dr. Xiao? He doesn't care about the shock people got from it. After several papers about Xiao Qingrong(Dr. Xiao) have been published one after another, the person he waited for finally came. They are from Shanghai Medical University, which is also the best in China. Moreover, it has the most advanced laboratory in the country!

The principle of this medical university and the principal of Anyang are friends so Dr. Xiao was also introduced to him. Dr. Xiao directly joined the laboratory of Shanghai Medical University, which is a laboratory specially prepared for Xiao Qingrong. The research topic is, Artificial Organ Regeneration Culture Factor!

Because of the uniqueness of this subject, except for Xiao Qingrong, the others who came here to help are mentor-level figures from the school and everyone was excited because everyone wants to quickly develop this topic thoroughly.

This is Xiao Qingrong who has published a paper in the BMA and other medical journals. I think you should know about him without me having to introduce you. The new topic in the laboratory today is the topic of Mr. Xiao. Starting today, in the laboratory, everyone here must obey Mr. Xiao's orders.

This is the command of the principle of Shanghai Medical University. After all, Xiao Qingrong was the one who thought up the idea and was able to write it on paper. As long as they follow his directions and are able to complete it, it will have a great impact on the medical community. Therefore, both domestically and abroad, this matter is very important. He attaches great importance to this person. Dr. Xiao was invited by the principle of Shanghai Medical University in person!

All the mentors nodded earnestly, and they were also very curious about Dr. Xiao. From the first time they saw the paper published by Xiao Qingrong, everyone was a little curious about the star...

You know, there are no major headlines about scientific research in these years. It is usually about politics, love life, economics and such. Just one year ago, Xiao Qingrong was also the kind of person who contracted hot search. Now that they really see this man in person, of course, everyone is very curious.

After the principle of the Shanghai Medical University had left, Dr. Xiao began to introduce himself.

Hello everyone, my name is Xiao Qingrong. In the time we work together, you can call me Dr. Xiao. About my research topic, I have already researched forty percent when I was at home so I just need you guys to help me with the rest. In my laboratory, I am the only authority. If you have any dissatisfaction, please don't tell me, just tell the principal. Do you understand?

Dr. Xiao was standing there talking. Today, he was wearing a neat black suit, his shirt was scrupulously clasped, he was wearing gold silk glasses and his white face was not at the same level as the researchers and he gave a feeling of immaturity.

Sun Qimin was placed in the research room also. She is Xiao Qingrong's agent and also takes care of Xiao Qingrong. Although Xiao Qingrong does not go to the movies to become a star but Sun Qimin is still in charge of him. Even though Dr. Xiao didn't go to work for the whole year, Dr. Xiao's daily life was taken care of by Sun Qimin. From clothing to food, to even small things, it can be said that she is like a nanny....

Su Qimin has been taking care of him for the whole year and when she thought of the media talking about her artist, Sun Qimin is very happy. The recent news has exposed the news of Xiao Qingrong's entry into Shanghai Medical University, which is a powerful medical department in the country. Her own artist entered such a place so easily and Sun Qimin would have never thought that it could have been possible in the past.

No one said anything more and started to change clothes and go to the laboratory for experiments. Before Xiao Qingrong came, the materials had been prepared for the principle of the Shanghai Medical University so those who could participate in the experiment didn't need to bring anything.

Lab clothes for the laboratory are not the same as doctors' white coats because of the precision of the experiments. In order to keep the space and air clean, the air will not be filled with bacteria. Everyone was wearing a blue germ-free suit, which completely covered them from head to toe. It looked a bit tacky and heavy.

Experiments have started inside and Sun Qimin has already started to prepare Dr. Xiao meals outside. Unlike other people who are used to eating at school, Dr. Xiao has his own unique taste so Sun Qimin has arranged it for him to eat well. There is a personalized chef for Dr. Xiao's meals and the meat dishes are very good. This time when she went to Beijing, Sun Qimin directly asked people to come over and she arranged for a house outside Shanghai Medical University. Every day, meals are prepared for Dr. Xiao.

Dr. Xiao is very strange when eating his meal and the chef will usually cook for Dr. Xiao for more than five times a day. Although he eats very little each time, the food is fine. The chef only cooks for Xiao Qingrong alone every month and the salary is very good, reaching a monthly salary of 60,000, it can be said that many people can't even think about it.

The cell phone rang suddenly, Sun Qimin picked up the cell phone and saw her boss's number. A smile appeared on her face and she quickly answered the call.

Sure enough, over the phone, Presidents Zhou's voice came quickly.

Little Sun, is Qingrong delivered to the school now? How is the situation at the school now?

Although president Zhou is engaged in an entertainment company, he also knows that people like Dr. Xiao who have names in the medical community will also have an inestimable achievement in the future. When he thought about the fact that he signed Dr. Xiao and made him a star, he felt that he made a big mistake. If you had this child learn medicine at the beginning, the amount of success that would have been created for the country would be immeasurable...

President Zhou, rest assured, I'm waiting outside the laboratory at the school now. The principal attaches great importance to Qingrong. The previously agreed laboratories have also been arranged. The mentors who will assist Qingrong are all behaving well. I've seen the situation, it's fine.

When it comes to this, Sun Qimin felt that it was simply incredible! After becoming Xiao Qingrong's agent and watching him grow tremendously, she was proud and she didn't need to please others. Moreover, even though he suffered a setback, seeing him suddenly come up with such a big thing, as his agent, her status is also rising along with him. In the past, Sun Qimin never thought such a thing would happen. She can even talk to the principle of Shanghai Medical University now!

What's more, when staying here, Sun Qimin is also afraid of her artist being cheated by others. You must know that no matter whether it is a subject or research results, it is necessary to apply for a patent. After seeing the first subject of her own artist, Sun Qimin has already talked with attorneys and if her artist has developed something that requires a patent application, then it will be great since he will be able to get a medical patent which will definitely have a high value!

Anyway, Sun Qimin's intention to stay here is to protect Xiao Qingrong from being deceived. After all, in the eyes of president Zhou and Sun Qimin, Xiao Qingrong is only 21 years old this year and he is still a child...

That good, with you there, I am relieved. I may go to Shangjing next business trip next month and meet with Qing Rong at that time. Regarding Qing Rong's daily life, you take care of it. No matter what you need, you may go directly to the company's accounts. Also, is it true that he has already spent the 500 million?

Mr. Zhou's words are very complacent because he originally planned for Dr. Xiao spent the 500 million on himself so he can rest but he later used these 500 million to do research and bought a lot of experimental items, which allowed him to be able to write so many papers that shocked the world. Money is something that president Zhou has no shortage of now. After thinking about the situation of Xiao Qingrong being exposed, the company's stock is going up like crazy. Mr. Zhou is a little bit not willing to let Xiao Qingrong leave the company!

What filming? What contract? His own artist is a person who wants to do something big. If he can develop something that is good for the country and the people, then he is a real star! That is the star!

President Zhou, this is indeed the case. Qingrong bought a lot of experimental machinery in the villa before. Now those things have been shipped to Shangjing. I have already asked Qingrong secretly. Why did he want to collaborate with the Shanghai Medical University. His answer is because he wants to have a better laboratory and it is also because he wants to make money with patents. Regarding the growth factors he is studying, there have been certain results...

Sun Qimin is a chatterer. She used to know nothing about these in the past. However, during this year, she occasionally sorted out the materials for her artist and then read them along the way so she knew more than ordinary people.

Although president Zhou was confused, he still knew that his artist not only won the glory but also made a lot of medical patents. When he thought about it, he felt refreshed! After all, does this sound like something ordinary people can do?

Okay, then you have to take care of Qingrong. Don't let the child be busy with experiments all day and forget to eat. When I went to the villa to see him before, he wasn't really eating that much. If he wants anything, you can just go to the company's account. The company has money! If not, don't I keep a secondary card? Swipe my secondary card!

Why did many people say that president Zhou is the scout of Xiao Qingrong? It was because when president Zhou saw the photos of Xiao Qingrong crying in the snow, he went on to find Xiao Qingrong and took him in his company. Moreover, even though Xiao Qingrong's mother was sick, he paid for the medical expenses of Xiao Qingrong's mother alone. Xiao Qingrong can be said to have received a life-saving grace. [TN: I'm using Xiao Qingrong also to refer to the past mc, Dr. Xiao is the present one]

Coupled with the fact that Xiao Qingrong came along all the way, Mr. Zhou paid great attention to him and all kinds of resources were thrown at him frantically. Therefore, there is now Xiao Qingrong today. Many people thought that Xiao Qingrong would be freezed a year ago and will never reappear again. Moreover, people outside thought that the company was just unwilling to tell the truth, but no one thought that president Zhou still took care of Xiao Qingrong.

At that point, how many people at Jiangnan Entertainment Company knew that a star who is almost hidden in snow can have such potential? In fact, many people in the company thought that Xiao Qingrong should be abandoned but president Zhou always tried to turn the tide and all kinds of resources were thrown to Xiao Qingrong, which resulted in a rumor being born.

There is a rumor in the industry that Xiao Qingrong is the golden goose of principle Zhou. As long as Xiao Qingrong is in the company for a day, the company will flourish!

When Xiao Qingrong was hidden, everyone thought that the rumors aren't true at all but now Dr. Xiao has suddenly emerged and appears in front of the public in another way. Watching the stock of Jiangnan Entertainment Co. rise completely, everyone knows that this Xiao Qingrong is the true living golden goose.

Of course, Sun Qimin promised to take good care of Xiao Qingrong. She took care of Xiao Qingrong for so many years so she almost regarded him as her son.

After Xiao Qingrong entered the laboratory this time, the experiment should have been done a long time ago. In fact, many experimenters are always sleepless when facing scientific research projects. They hope to be able to do many things in the fastest time but Dr. Xiao's body circumstances did not allow him to do so.

After seeing the meal is prepared, Sun Qimin politely interrupted the experiment and asked Dr. Xiao to come out to eat because he lacked a kidney. Actually, Xiao Qingrong's body still needs a lot of attention because of his missing kidney. At this point, Sun Qimin had already discovered Dr. Xiao going pale when his health is not monitored this year so Sun Qimin would interrupt Dr. Xiao experiment without hesitation.

Is the experiment important, or is life important?

After wearing aseptic clothes, Xiao Qingrong changed his clothes, leaving only a white shirt and sitting with Sun Qimin in the office specially prepared for them by the school.

The meal was just delivered, eat it while it's hot.

Opening the dishes skillfully reveals the delicate dishes placed inside. Apart from the elaborate preparation by the chef, these dishes are the most nutritious things given by the nutritionist after studying Xiao Qingrong's body.

Xiao Qingrong nodded, picked up chopsticks and started to eat. It was 10:30am at this time. Most people would not eat at this time but Xiao Qingrong got up at five in the morning. He got up at 5 to work up to 5:30. Eat breakfast on time and take a break after eating, then start to enter the laboratory at 6 so lunch is at 10:30am and 3:30pm is the third meal and so on, so Dr. Xiao needs to eat five meals a day.

A large amount of brain power and physical exhaustion required him to take in the necessary food to maintain his body.

Watching Dr. Xiao eats his meal, Sun Qimin felt that he has changed a lot this year. Although he was calm and collected before, he was still a bit childish, but now, he has become too calm and Su Qimin has no idea when he started to like the golden eyeglasses. After wearing it, he didn't look like a young man in his early twenties. The covered eyes under this lens made Sun Qimin feel that he is more mature.

Qing Rong, President Zhou just called me and said that he might come to Shangjing for a business trip next month. I will arrange for you to meet at that time. In addition, you will not have to worry about other matters except for the research. I will handle it for you. It's like being at home.

No one knows the suffering of this child but Sun Qimin has seen the wound on Xiao Qingrong's waist with her own eyes. Such a wound makes Sun Qimin feel pain for the child every time she sees it. Now, even if the child is not a star and is on a different path, Sun Qimin still wanted to do her best to protect him.

Well, Sister Sun, I know, I'll be bothering you.

Xiao Qingrong is now accustomed to giving everything to Sun Qimin. Although this woman is too noisy at times, he can still accept it. After all, he is also a human and would like to be cared for at times. In his heart, there is nothing wrong.

Yes... Qing Rong, there is one more thing, I don't know if I should tell you.

Looking at this child's so indifferent appearance, Sun Qimin occasionally missed the child who liked to be coquettish who smiled and frowned often, but now, after that happened, Sun Qimin also knows that this child will hardly have a sincere smile in the future. Now, even when he is laughing, there is a hint of untruthfulness in it.

Xiao Qingrong looked curiously at Sun Qimin, not knowing what else she could not say. This look made Sun Qimin think that even if the child knew about it, she is afraid he didn't care.

It's about Ji Yizheng trying to hurt you a year ago. President Zhou told me two days ago that Ji Yizheng has died abroad.

The cause of death is because he was caught in a local gunfight. It was also considered bad luck. It is said that Director Ji has found a kidney that Ji Yizheng could use. Ji Yizheng was about to have surgery when he returned home. This was originally going to make international headlines. However, because of the special situation of Ji Yizhen, it was covered up. It is said that Director Ji was several years older overnight. [TN: Lmao, woulda been more interesting to see the mc actually screw him over himself instead]

Oh. Dr. Xiao was not surprised when he heard this. People always die so it's not that strange.

However, Dr. Xiao knew that even if he died, he was just leaving the world so he was not very afraid of death. If he was allowed to choose, he would not be willing to die.

Seeing that Dr. Xiao didn't seem to want to mention this topic, Sun Qimin sighed and stopped talking about it and let Xiao Qingrong eat. Although she is his agent, Sun Qimin's life now revolves around Dr. Xiao, almost like a nanny.

Since Xiao Qingrong was on various headlines two months ago and has appeared in foreign magazines, Sun Qimin has received many calls to interview Xiao Qingrong and invited Xiao Qingrong to the show as a guest but Sun Qimin refused it all.

She knows that Qing Rong doesn't need these now. He has a broader future and the entertainment industry will only limit him.

But even knowing this, Sun Qimin thought of those fans who were waiting to be fed on Weibo and couldn't help asking for benefits for the fans.

Qing Rong, although I know that you are no longer interested in the entertainment industry, but many of your fans are still loyal to you so I thought even if you don't want to say anything on your Weibo, why don't you just post a few selfies on Weibo? As long as there are selfies, fans will be very happy.

For more than a year, he has not been active in the public. Sun Qimin also occasionally suspects whether Xiao Qingrong is still popular but after the news came out, she saw the fans below Xiao Qingrong's Weibo. From Xiao Qingrong 's withdrawal notice to the present, the comments have exceeded 3 million...

After opening, all of them are blessings from fans. They always seem to be like the sea and contain everything about their idols. Even if they know that they may never hear from their idol again, they still come over the moment their idol posts something.

It can be said that even the most popular small fresh meat has no such appeal.

Okay, then Sister Sun, you can take a photo, just send it for me.

Dr. Xiao has never been a star and has no intention of becoming a star, but thinking that this body was liked by so many people before, Dr. Xiao understood the feeling of wanting to be loved by many.

Sun Qimin saw Dr. Xiao agreeing so she was in a good mood. She took a mobile phone to take a picture of Xiao Qingrong and as of right now, Xiao Qingrong was having a meal. The appearance of wearing a white shirt and golden glasses turned out to be a clothing style she had never seen before. She took a few pictures with pleasure, he was handsome in each of them and there is no need to modify the picture. With his deep eyes that seemed to see through people's hearts, Sun Qimin felt that this photo was perfect!

I've finished taking the pictures, now I'll post it on Weibo for you.

Sun Qimin was smiling. She originally thought she would need to find a picture that looks the best but she found them all to be pretty good. In the end, she posted them all.

Recently, Dr. Xiao's fans have been active. So after Dr. Xiao's Weibo was updated, the fans hurriedly checked it. As a result, they saw nine photos of Dr. Xiao.

White shirt! Golden glasses! Beautiful fingers! Clean face! This is their idol! After a lapse of one year and one month, Xiao Qingrong's fans saw the pictures of their idols again. For one year, it seems that their idol has become more handsome.

Especially the most central photo, the look of his eyes seemed as if he could look straight at them through the photo, it is simply uncontrollable, so handsome!

On the day #Xiao Qingrong's Photo# became popular and then the comment exceeded 500,000 and the repost exceeded 1 million!

Of course, in addition to Xiao Qingrong's own photo, Jiangnan Entertainment Co., Ltd. forwarded it as soon as possible, as did Anyang Medical University and Shangjing Medical University.

As a result, everyone took another look... Xiao Qingrong's location was on the wall behind the Shanghai Medical University badge! It seems that previous rumors about Xiao Qingrong going to Shanghai Medical University was true and it caused a sensation.

Outside it has become a carnival for fans and many people are affected by Xiao Qingrong. It caused them to apply for admission to Shanghai Medical University just to meet their idol...

However, Dr. Xiao's life has become a bit plain. In addition to real-world experiments, in the learning space, Dr. Xiao is also constantly learning, making 618 feel for the first time that learning too much is not good at all.

When looking at this man's crazy expression while doing all kinds of experiments in front of 618, it felt like it is being mentally tortured.

Finally, after a few more months, the system space had passed for many years. 618 couldn't help secretly asking its host, oh no, Dr. Xiao.

[Dr. Xiao, if you want artificial kidneys, you can buy them in the system! It's a bit expensive but you can still afford it. Why do you have to do it yourself?]

What is the purpose of making your own kidney? Isn't that just wasting time?

When Dr. Xiao heard this, he continued to conduct experiments in the learning space. This kind of thing could not be developed overnight. In the learning space, an hour is a month, a day is a year. This artificial kidney has been around for more than 400 years. If it is someone else, this empty system learning space is enough to drive people crazy.

In other words, isn't this empty place the first other dark room?

Hehe, 618, will you stop learning just because you can easily get something?

Such a profound question made 618 stunned. I don't know why Dr. Xiao suddenly asked such a philosophical question. When it thought about answering it, it heard him continue to speak.

Furthermore, learning is something that makes people feel happy. Some people are born to do nothing, but some people have to experience something more painful than others before they can welcome a new life. What I learn belongs to me. You said that I can go to the system store to buy but what if you disappear one day? People can't always rely on someone else, otherwise it will only be more painful when that person is gone.

Having said that, Dr. Xiao paused, and then took the kidney out of the experimental pool. The clean kidney was in the palm of his sterile gloves, although it was mosaic in 618 eyes.

What's more... I will definitely receive a lot of money and benefits from this.

618 was originally thinking about philosophical words but after hearing the last sentence, it didn't know what to say. After all, this Dr. Xiao is different from its host. After listening to Dr. Xiao saying that its host will not appear, 618 is a little unhappy. But these moments are just a moment for 618 so 618 is looking forward to the next world. How is the host now? Is he OK?

With the steady progress of the experiment, more than half a year later, the scientific research project on Artificial Organ Regeneration Culture Factors has achieved more achievements. Although the truly regenerable factors are still in the experiment, the cultured ones have been completed. Factor No. 1 has a great help to human metabolism and even has a nourishing effect. The most obvious one is the laboratory instructor who touched this regeneration factor. The skin on his hands has become extremely smooth, just like a young man.

After conducting experiments, they found that this thing has a great help to the skin's metabolism and there are no side effects. Still, Sun Qiming found a business opportunity and registered a patent as soon as possible. After determining that this thing is not harmful to the human body, she informed Jiangnan Entertainment Co. The company launched the first regenerating factor cosmetics developed by Dr. Xiao for the first time, named Qing Rong.

Although Xiao Qingrong didn't pay much attention to this matter and seeing that the money paid each month could buy several experimental equipment, it still made Dr. Xiao quite happy.

One year later, the regeneration factor that can delay the death of organs has finally been successfully developed. When the news spread, it caused a shock to the world. This regeneration factor can delay the death of organs has the greatest effect. The most powerful In one experiment, this factor kept the organs alive for a whole month. How many people's lives will this invention save? Those who need transplant surgery can use this method to perform organ transplants...

However, this research and development has just begun. Dr. Xiao has put into new research since then and all of these were left to Sun Qimin to take care of because there are a full set of patents in han, and the medical companies in the world that need this factor are very many so in the subsequent signing, Sun Qimin brought a lot of lawyers and finally licensed this patent. This patent has made tens of millions, which made them extremely rich.

This money was put into the new laboratory by Dr. Xiao to purchase various experimental equipment and his next policy began to gradually develop.

Regarding the birth of regenerative factors, it is simply a miracle in the medical world. From a star, Dr. Xiao went to become a medical researcher. He has also appeared on national news for the first time in this capacity. Dr. Xiao's patent authorization cost a lot of money for foreign countries but it is unconditionally open to his own country. It can be said that he is a very patriotic person.

Generally speaking, ordinary people will not pay attention to such medical and scientific research but Dr. Xiao's identity is special. Specially, every time something happens, the fans will always appear and the media will also report this incident wildly. After all, Dr. Xiao's identity was a star so he attracts countless people.

In the same year, Dr. Xiao became a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Medicine but unfortunately, despite the strong domestic calls, he eventually fell off the list. After all, compared with some foreign medical researchers, Dr. Xiao can provide too little.

However, Dr. Xiao is still reported in the country. The resume of Xiao Qingrong made everyone amazed. He is a person who became a star in order to cure his mother and was later framed by his biological father who was then forced him to donate his kidney. Now he has become a medical researcher who is famous all over the world!

Such things would attract many people and Dr. Xiao's fans have risen to 100 million, becoming the first medical researcher to break through 100 million followers on Weibo. Among them, one of Dr. Xiao fan's sentence #A star who can do medical research# has become popular and it made everyone feel that Dr. Xiao is magical.

The surprise brought by Dr. Xiao is not just stopping here. Two years later, the artificial kidney was officially cultivated. This is the first artificial kidney in the world cultivated through human scientific research methods. Such a breakthrough has caused great turbulence. If the human kidney can be cultivated experimentally, what about the heart? Is it possible to do the same?

These are not the problems now, the real problems have come.

I will never agree with you to participate in the experiment! Such an experiment is too dangerous. Qing Rong, we can find volunteers. You are a treasure of the country. If there is any problem in the operation, it will be the most terrible for everyone.

The principle of Shanghai Medical University is going crazy. He heard from the scientists in the laboratory that Dr. Xiao was going to test it on himself and he was going to use his own body to do the experiment.

If there is a problem with surgery and rejection occurs, it will cause a huge burden on the human body. If the rejection is severe, it will even be life-threatening... How can they allow Dr. Xiao be the experimenter?

Sun Qimin was also red-eyed. she didn't expect Dr. Xiao to make such a request. She couldn't persuade him alone so she told president Zhou to rush over the night. The principal also hoped that they could persuade Qingrong well and not let Qingrong do such a dangerous experiment.

Artificial organs have been researched but the risks are still uncertain. What should they do if something goes wrong after transplantation? Who can bear it?

The most important person is Dr. Xiao and president Zhou and Sun Qimin do not want him to risk it.

I have decided, principal, I told you at the beginning that I researched these to make my own kidney. Now it has been five years and I finally made an artificial kidney so I hope to be able to do surgery on my body. It is not because I'm impatient and want to immediately have two kidneys, it's because I want to see if there is any rejection. If there is any rejection in my body, I can know for the first time. Moreover, I am still very satisfied with the results of my experiments.

Xiao Qingrong said calmly. It may have been 5 years since it has been researched in reality, but for him, it has been studied for hundreds of years and it will never fail.

But, just in case... The principal of Shanghai Medical University frowned. He has dealt with this child in the past few years so he knew that this child is extreme. Otherwise, he would not dig his own kidney that year. If the danger is placed on Dr. Xiao, the principal is really unwilling...

It's fine, principal, believe me, I can do it.

In the end, the artificial organ transplant that attracted worldwide attention was still carried out. Dr. Xiao said that even if they were unwilling to do it, he would do it himself. In order to prevent Xiao Qingrong from doing something irrational, the principal agreed to the transplant. The thing is that the surgery was performed by the best medical professor in the country that day and when the surgery was completed, everyone was nervous.

They don't know what the final result will be. If they fail, they may lose a miracle genius. If they succeed, they will create another history!

At this moment, people all over the world are paying attention to the news of Xiao Qingrong and want to know the final result of this transplant, even Wei Xueqin, who once wanted to blackmail Xiao Qingrong.

After doing that kind of thing, Wei Xueqin's news was fleshed out but many people knew that Wei Xueqin had caused Dr. Xiao to lose his kidney. Although the day calmed down, Wei Xueqin's wife couldn't stand the discrimination and scorn of her son. She eventually chose to divorce Wei Xueqin. After changing her son's name, she changed places and restarted, leaving only Wei Xueqin alone.

When Wei Xueqin saw the news of Dr. Xiao's artificial organ transplant in the news, he didn't know whether he was expecting the child to die, or if he is hoping that it would be successful. It was probably retribution. Now, he really has kidney disease. It is kidney failure. If he does not change his kidney, he can only wait for death...

One day, two days, three days! When Dr. Xiao woke up on the bed, everyone was cheering because they were about to witness a miracle. Then, when they check on Xiao Qingrong's physical condition and rejection, it made everyone more surprised because this kidne is completely free of any rejection!

After observing for up to three months, Xiao Qingrong could walk and exercise on the ground and his health condition proved one thing!

That's when the artificial organ transplantation truly crossed the milestone again! They had successfully made artificial kidneys! This result will give a new life to those with kidney problems in the world!

After four years, Xiao Qingrong finally won the Nobel Prize in Medicine! At this moment, Dr. Xiao is still obsessed with the laboratory. He doesn't have much feeling about the outside world. Instead, it is Sun Qimin who took photos of Dr. Xiao, which made headlines everytime.

Seeing that the male god points of this world is full again, 618 was speechless. It doesn't know what host is encountered by other systems, but how can its own host be so powerful? It feels so useless...