Super Male God System Chapter 30 - Shocking The Medical World

When many people hear the word clone, they will probably inevitably think of the cloning of humans. However, the development of cloning technology has been from the very beginning focused on cloning sheep and pigs andit gradually became apparent that the original cloning technology was not intended to make things similar to humans, but to treat human diseases.

Just imagine, if cloned limbs or internal organs can be developed, how many lives will be changed?

From a medical point of view, in fact, the medical inquiry about cloning has never stopped. The human regeneration technology in earlier years, in another sense, is called cloning.

Although the cloning technology has advanced, the viscera, which is as important as the kidney is almost impossible to reproduce and even if it is somehow managed to be reproduced, it is basically impossible to reinstall it to the human body through human regeneration technology because of how hard it is.

The so-called human body regeneration technology is the idea that when the human organ is detached from a person, the organs that are detached from the body are medically cultivated by medical means and after the cultivation is completed, they are reinstalled on a person. It is called medical human regeneration technology.

Xiao Qingrong had started research on this subject because during the period of time while he is in the hospital, there is nothing to do and he also wants to figure out a way to fix himself. Unlike others, he has an advantage because he has the learning space, not only is he able to take apart the body of other people, he could even put the patient's removed things back and while he continued to experiment, Xiao Qingrong became more interested in this area.

As his real body is gradually recovering on the bed, his spirit has obtained the information about cloned kidneys in the system's virtual learning space. Like what 618 had said before, this so-called virtual learning space can simulate anything you want to learn. As long as you are willing to learn, then everything is possible. As it looked at its own host insistent on learning even though he is injured, 618 simply does not know what to say.

Jiangnan Entertainment Co., Ltd. is also investigating the Ji family's affairs. As a result, they found out that Ji Yizheng, the illegitimate child of the director Ji got early kidney failure. This doesn't sound terrible but in the later stage, it is indeed necessary to change the kidneys. Through this, they knew who is behind the scene.

You don't have to worry about this matter, I will talk to Director Ji. Xiao Sun, we can't do much with our means but it is better to fight for some benefits for Qing Rong.

After seeing this situation, Mr. Zhou knew that even if this matter broke out, although it might cause great turbulence, it will also affect Xiao Qingrong negatively. The best way is to use this matter as a threat to Director Ji. Whether it is to ask for money or other things, it will depend on the situation.

Sun Qimin is also dark-faced. She understands that President Zhou meant for Xiao Qingrong's sake but when she thought about it, she still felt that it is unfair to Xiao Qingrong. Because of Ji Yizheng, Xiao Qingrong lost a kidney...

It 's simply unacceptable for a man to lose a kidney just like this!

However, Sun Qimin also knew that what President Zhou said was already the best solution.

President Zhou, this matter still needs to be known by Qing Rong. I have been busy investigating these things recently and haven't seen him at the hospital. I will go to see him today. If he agrees, go to see Director Ji. If he doesn't agree...

If he doesn't agree, then the company and Director Ji will most likely be enemies. Of course, Director Ji is also a director. If such a thing happens, he must not be stable in that position.

President Zhou looked at Sun Qimin words and his face showed determination, which made Sun Qimin feel relieved.

At this moment, it was only four days since Xiao Qingrong was hospitalized. With the hard investigation of Jiangnan Entertainment Company, everything has been investigated. Sun Qimin also returned to the hospital and she saw Xiao Qingrong finish eating.

Qing Rong, I have been busy investigating your affairs after returning to the company these days. Now the results have come out. Your father Wei Xueqin lied to you. He has no kidney disease at all and his behavior is also because he was instructed. The person who instructed him was Ji Yizheng, the illegitimate son of the director of the TV station. I want to ask what you plan to do, whether it is to bring up the truth or use this to make a profit, the company will do what you want to.

If Director Ji wants to save Ji Yizheng, it is estimated that he will suffer big time.

Xiao Qingrong, after hearing this, also understood Sun Qimin's meaning. Thinking of everything that happened before, he was very interested in the so-called Ji Yizheng. However, since Ji Yizheng has such a background, even if the truth is exposed at this time, Director Ji will just have to step down and Ji Yizheng will lose his current status but to him, that isn't considered punishment.

True punishment is to allow Ji Yizheng to continue to have hope, which is then mercilessly destroyed in front of him. [TN: Basically give him hope then destroy it in front of his eyes]

Sister Sun, presumably the director Ji is fond of that Ji Yizheng? Even if our company exposes it, it won't do much and we will have to fight a lot right so this method won't be good and this matter will bother President Zhou a lot. My life is worth some money, right?

As he said, he also showed a weak smile, which made Sun Qimin even more sad. The thought of Xiao Qingrong's suffering but the real culprit was outside impunity. It made Sun Qimin feel a deep powerlessness.... [Impunity: exemption from punishment or freedom from the injurious consequences of an action.]

Understanding the child's compromise and the more he understood, the more uncomfortable Sun Qimin was.

Qing Rong, I know what you mean. I will tell President Zhou about this matter. President Zhou has been busy because of your business for several days and didn't dare to sleep. This choice is also not bad...

Xiao Qingrong smiled weakly, although the wound on his body was still faint but he didn't care much about it. Ji Yizheng... he had countless ways to deal with this person.

Sister Sun, I will definitely need to take a long rest because of this situation and you have told me before, although public opinion is now on my side, this kind of thing still happened so I definitely can't go out for the short term. It seems that I will need to hide for a while.

In four years, this body has made a lot of money as a super fresh meat. Jiangnan Entertainment Company is not a cannibalizing company and even takes special care of Xiao Qingrong. In four years, in addition to the medical expenses for his mother, Xiao Qingrong also has more than 50 million in his hands but this is not enough for Xiao Qingrong...

Well then, I will tell these things to President Zhou for you. Now the media are watching, President Zhou can't come to see you. When you are discharged from the hospital, please take care of yourself and you must stay healthy. Don't do anything to hurt yourself

Holding Xiao Qingrong's hand, Sun Qimin was really worried, afraid that this child would do something unthinkable.

Un. Xiao Qingrong could also feel the kindness released by this woman but he seemed a little indifferent. After the two said a few words, Sun Qimin also left the ward but before she did, she handed Xiao Qingrong his phone.

Because such a big thing happened, there were headlines about Xiao Qingrong everywhere. Now things have gradually faded, Sun Qimin let Xiao Qingrong get on Weibo, mainly because Xiao Qingrong seemed to be really bored.

As he opened the phone, logged in to Weibo, he saw the hot news on Weibo and the increasing number of private chats. Xiao Qingrong glanced at these 80 million followers and his lips were raised.

Is this the feeling that a person would experience when they are in the spotlight and is filled with the love of so many people?

Xiao Qingrong just opened a Weibo and saw many messages from the fans asking how Xiao Qingrong is now. The fans' ardent concern and worry made Xiao Qingrong feel a little strange.

618, before... Was that guy happy?

When Xiao Qingrong spoke, he looked a little strange and had a complex expression.

[Yes, Dr. Xiao, the host said that he had never been a star but he was happy!]

618 hurriedly answered, even though it had gradually accepted that the so-called Dr. Xiao was the altered personality of its own host, it still felt that this person and the host are completely different people.

Although the host is always unsmiling, his heart is very soft, unlike this person. Although he always smiles, 618 is scared for no reason.

Oh? Really? Xiao Qingrong put away the complex expression on his face and narrowed his eyes again.

Perhaps he wants to be needed by someone. As long as someone tells him that they will stay with him and will always believe him, he will be fooled stupidly, 618, do you think it is very stupid?

The gentle voice was very calm but 618 didn't know why his voice was full of ridicule and thought of its own host's lonely smile.

[No! I... I will always stay with the host! I also need a host. He is my only host. I will never leave him!]

For the first time, 618 had forgotten its fear and argued reasonably in front of this somewhat scary man and wanted to tell this man how much it cares about its host. [TN: This is kinda sad...]

This has been the case from the beginning. 618 believes that the person it has selected is the best. Although it was not long before it was born, it has already been decided. No matter how long it is, it only needs one host and only one.

Hehe. Xiao Qingrong laughed when he heard this, then nodded earnestly.

Okay, then remember your promise today, don't leave him, because if you lie to him, he will be very sad.

The so-called schizophrenia means that some kind of personality has been stimulated in the original personality and another personality has been born. This is the case of Dr. Xiao. He knows about everything that has happened with his master personality. Since he knows it, he understood it even more and even if his master's personality is covered up, he cannot fully cover up the personality.

Looking at the inquiries and concerns of these fans on the phone, Dr. Xiao only felt ironic, these were obviously not his, but he still felt happy because of the existence of these people... [TN: Gonna start calling him Dr. Xiao until a diff personality shows up.]

After closing Weibo, Dr. Xiao no longer continued to watch. Since this body has been given to him, it should listen to him and be in his control.


Soon afterwards, President Zhou contacted Director Ji and in the end, Sun Qimin brought the latest news. In order to protect his illegitimate son, Director Ji chose to be private, other than the compensation of the TV station for their Jiangnan entertainment company, Xiao Qingrong was compensated 500 million in private. Of course, he were reluctant to give that much money but Mr. Zhou had too much evidence in his hands so Director Ji had no choice but to compromise.

When Xiao Qingrong knew about this after half a month, Ji Yizheng had already been sent abroad. Listening to Sun Qimin's explanation, Dr. Xiao did not really want the 500 million.

Sister Sun, I know Zhou is always good for me so he gave me this but what I want is not this 500 million. Although it will take me several years to earn it, I really don't want to take it. Also, since I can't work for two years, the contract I signed with the company can't be fulfilled so I won't be taking this 500 million.

Moreover, who knows whether this money is dirty money, Dr. Xiao does not want it.

When Sun Qimin heard Dr. Xiao words, she knew that the child was grateful. The company was getting better and better when Mr. Zhou signed the child. Now this kind of thing has happened. This child still thinks about the company so how is it possible for Su Qimin to not be happy?

It's okay, just take it. President Zhou told me to bring it to you and although you may have to rest for two years. The contract on the company side is still there. I didn't cancel the contract with you. When you come back two years later, you can still make money for the company.

If it was someone else, they would have already taken this 500 million and done whatever they liked with it. However, this silly child is still worried about the company, causing Su Qimin not know whether to laugh or cry.

That... okay.. Dr. Xiao nodded, intending to use the money where it should be later.


One month later, Xiao Qingrong's personal situation was exposed for the first time on the Internet. Jiangnan Entertainment Company disclosed Xiao Qingrong's situation through the Internet. After the fans learned that Xiao Qingrong was recovering, this made them feel relieved but seeing that Xiao Qingrong will be recovering and won't appear until two years later, everyone was sad.

Seeing their idol suddenly has to disappear, who could be happy?

On the contrary, those passers-by were very satisfied to hear this result. After all, Xiao Qingrong did such a thing so many people did not have a good impression of Xiao Qingrong.

In addition, Sun Qimin also controlled Dr. Xiao's Weibo and posted the first Weibo after the incident.

[Xiao Qingrong: I have been out of danger and am recovering in the hospital. For the previous actions, I would like to express my deepest apologies to my fans. I should not have done that because of impulse and it has caused a bad impact on the public. This is my mistake. For a while, I will take a long rest. I will temporarily leave the entertainment industry for a while, I hope that next time I return, I can make things better for everyone.]

This is a more official statement. Fans are a bit helpless after seeing it and have left messages but they also know that the matter has come to an end and they cannot help but accept it. After all, a star has done such a thing so it is natural for him to have to leave the entertainment industry.

After all, stars are role models for many people, even smoking is unacceptable, let alone self-harm?

If someone imitates it, the consequences will be disastrous.

Dr. Xiao didn't care about all the rumors outside. He was obsessed with cloning the kidneys and he was busy learning in the system space every day. He didn't have time to worry about things outside.

But looking at what happened in the learning space, 618 was a little speechless.

Watching this man wearing a white coat with gold silk glasses and meticulous hair. He was sitting at a simulated table for dinner and his satisfied face made it seem like the meal was very delicious. Even if 618 is just a system, when looking at this scene, it also seemed to think that the meal was delicious. Otherwise. the other party would not like it so much...

[Everything in this learning space is simulated. What's so delicious?]

After Dr. Xiao had completed an operation just now, he suddenly said that he wanted to eat something here, which made 618 very confused.

Dr. Xiao has a knife and a fork in his hand. At this time, he is sitting there as if he is not eating fake food simulated by space, but real western food. He sat elegantly and moved exquisitely. He slowly cuts the food on the plate. There was no sound from him at all and then the food was put in his mouth and he showed an expression of enjoyment.

During meals, Dr. Xiao did not like to talk. After eating the virtual food on the plate, he slowly picked up the black handkerchief and wiped his mouth, then laughed.

Although it is false, the taste is no different from what I have eaten before.

Everything in this space is simulated by Dr. Xiao from his own imagination. To put it plainly, in this system learning space, there are only things you can't think of and nothing you can't learn. Things that can't be done in reality, they can be done here.

[Why not eat it in the real world? It doesn't make much sense to eat here...] 618 continues to ask and suddenly misses its host. He is at least much better than Dr. Xiao. Although he always caused it to see various mosaics, at least the host does not do this...

Everything is simulated in this learning space and even if it looks real, it is just based on human imagination so how is it delicious?

Dr. Xiao got up from the chair, waved his hand and everything in front of him disappeared. He then stretched out his slender fingers to fix his glasses.

618, these are fake. Even if the system space simulates human taste, I can still distinguish if it is real or not.

In keeping with his identity, Dr. Xiao has worked hard to control himself. Since the actual body cannot eat his favorite delicious food, why do he need to suppress himself in the system space? Unleashing his nature is what Dr. Xiao likes to do.

Moreover, I really haven't enjoyed such deliciousness in a long time. If you can taste these, you will definitely not want to eat just anything afterwards. In order to be able to taste good food, I will do anything

Dr. Xiao was talking and his voice became an aria and 618 didn't know why but it suddenly had a feeling of inexplicability. As it remembered the time that this man had found out that his kidney was gone, he began to study the cloning of kidneys. 618 originally thought that he was studying this because he wanted to become a superstar and complete the mission as soon as possible but now, it seems that this is not the case... [Aria: a long accompanied song for a solo voice, typically one in an opera or oratorio.]

[Dr. Xiao, forgive me, I would like to ask, why exactly are you studying this for?]

Dr. Xiao has re-simulated the incubation room, put on his own disinfection gloves, and raised an eyebrow when he heard this.

Of course, my body is a star now and it's very inconvenient to do much. Since it is not convenient, then I have to create a more convenient identity for myself, such as a scientist or something, do you understand now?

The statement made 618 silent. It felt that it was totally wrong. At first, it thought that Dr. Xiao was similar to its host but now it seems that Dr. Xiao is very different from its host.

Its host studies these things for the people! In the end, Dr. Xiao just wanted to enjoy the status brought by identity!

618's long silence made Dr Xiao laugh, and his laughter wearing a mask was a little overjoyed.

You don't believe me?

After hearing this, 618 even felt that the system was about to explode and it no longer bothered Dr. Xiao because it is really impossible to guess his thought process. Every sentence that this person says is either true or false.

Dr. Xiao continued the movement in his hand and stopped talking, the mouth hidden behind the mask could not help but evoke and no one knew what he was thinking.

After another month, the situation outside finally calmed down and Xiao Qingrong's body was almost fully healed. He could have been discharged from the hospital a month ago but Sun Qimin was really worried about Xiao Qingrong's body so it was only now that he was discharged. The destination he went back to was Xiao Qingrong's villa. This villa was actually President Zhou's. At first, because President Zhou felt that Xiao Qingrong was their golden goose, who made the company better and better, he sold the villa to Xiao Qingrong for half the price.

Now this place is where Dr. Xiao's homebase.

Qing Rong, Xiao Zheng and Xiao Zhang will come here every day. Tell them what you need. I asked for a nutritional master for your. During this time, you need to take good care of your body and we can talk about other things later. You don't have to worry about the company, everything will be fine.

Sun Qimin explained to Dr. Xiao. When her own artist encountered such a thing, Sun Qimin felt distressed.

You said you wanted to re-select a major. I already told your school teacher about it. You are well known in your school and since this happened, I'm afraid you can't go there anymore so I found another university for you. Anyang Medical University has a good relationship with President Zhou and he has donated a lot to the school so this is where you will be going.

Although she doesn't know why her artist suddenly switched majors, Sun Qimin also handled things very well. In fact, the celebrities actually go to school for a short time and they just hang their names at the school.

Well, thank you, Sister Sun. When President Zhou comes over, I will thank him.

Dr. Xiao is very satisfied with these arrangements. After all, he is only twenty years old this year. He can't do too many things. One hour in the learning space equals one month in real life and one day equals one year so Xiao Qingrong feels that he can study more stuff.

After Sun Qimin arranged everything, she returned to the company. After all, she also had a lot of things to do, leaving Dr. Xiao and those assistants.

How can you not be happy when you have food, drink and shelter and you can indulge in learning every day?

So three months later, Dr. Xiao personally submitted a paper Gene Reproducible Recombination Factor to the famous British Medical Association's (BMA). After all, he needs money in the real world too. Although the learning space can simulate everything, he can't waste time in reality.

It took three months for Dr. Xiao to publish this finalized paper. Of course, the review cycle of this type of work is too frequent so Xiao Qingrong took advantage of this period to send several other papers to other well-known medical journals. In addition to Gene Renewable Recombination Factors, there are several papers such as Organ Soluble Regeneration Factors, Artificial Organ Culture and Artificial Organ Culture Growth Factors, all of which have been sent out.

He needs to use these things to attract the attention of others. Of course, if someone is willing to invest in him, it is best. In time, these cloned viscera will be developed in reality and he will then be able to do whatever he wants.


Generally, for a medical journal. The review cycle is relatively long. With the finalization, it may take up to six months. The same is true in foreign countries. Sometimes, because it is a foreign journal, there are various mistakes that make the paper impossible to publish so Dr. Xiao was not nervous at all.

He worked hard in the learning space. After he came out, he did some exercise, then sorted out his thesis about the feasibility of the project. Although these things have been simulated in the learning space countless times, the reality is that there is still nothing in China so in reality, if he wants to be able to do it, it will take more time.

Four months later, Xiao Qingrong received a reply from BMA. The paper on Gene reproducible recombination factor proposed by Xiao Qingrong has surprised many people in this association because this paper redefines the given nature of reconstructed organs. If gene regeneration can really have a perfect experimental result, it will cause a huge impact to reconstructed organs.

Half a month later, a sample of the article from BMA also arrived in Xiao Qingrong's hands. Looking at this thing, Xiao Qingrong took a picture and posted it on Weibo.

[Xiao Qingrong: I received a sample from BMA. The paper on Gene reproducible recombination factor is actually just a primer. What I want to do is to make regenerative organs and clone the kidneys. [Picture] [picture] [picture] [picture]]

When this Weibo post came out, the first thing he saw was the fans reactions. Then, they started to write down the words and paste on Baidu because it is in english. As a result, after seeing the introduction of this magazine, they became excited.

BMA, or the British Medical Association is one of the world's four major medical associations. Along with the New England Medical Journal (NEMJ), The speart, and the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), they are known as the world's top four medical journals.

The most important thing is that this medical journal will receive 7,000 to 8,000 manuscripts from all over the world every year but often only 7% can be published and the influence of the medical community at home and abroad is very great!

So... for their idol to exit the entertainment industry but immediately have his paper published by the BMA. What the f*ck is this?

Although there has been no news of Xiao Qingrong for half a year, it does not mean that Xiao Qingrong has been forgotten by everyone. The media also discovered the news for the first time. Although some felt that this stuff is fake, there are still media people who secretly called and asked some medical experts to see if this thing is really fake.

Xiao Qingrong is holding a sample journal. The real journal is published half a month later. The sample journal he exposed has made many people doubt but some students who know medicine have secretly asked the instructor after seeing this and they got an astonishing answer! From their instructor's answer, Xiao Qingrong's sample can never be fake.

In other words, the submission he said is true, and this so-called Gene reproducible recombination factor paper is also true!

After seeing her artist's Weibo, Su Qimin called and asked about it. She didn't know much about these medical things but she knew that her artist had been obsessed with studying medicine for the past six months. Although he didn't go to school, he bought a lot of professional medical books and at that time, it was something she couldn't understand.

In this regard, after Dr. Xiao downplayed it to a few words, Sun Qimin still couldn't believe it! The BMA has a big impact on the medical community! How many people have had their papers published by them in China? Her own artist is not even 21 years old this year but he got his paper published!

After knowing this, Sun Qimin hurriedly told President Zhou about this. President Zhou also did not understand what was going on so he asked the professor of his classmate, that is, the principle of the Anyang Medical University.

After seeing the picture on Weibo, the principle of Anyang Medical University directly determined that this thing was true. He came to Xiao Qingrong's house and visited Xiao Qingrong that day.

So... you also published Organic Soluble Regeneration Factor, Artificial Organ Culture, Artificial Organ Culture Growth Factor in several other foreign publishers?

Chen Mengwei, the principle of Anyang Medical University simply didn't know how to treat the super genius in front of him! He had always hoped that one of his students would be successful and there is finally one who is. Moreover, he also published a paper in a famous foreign medical journal...

There are these remaining papers. The thought of these papers not being published in their own country for the first time but abroad, Chen Mengwei was aggrieved.

Yes, in addition to these, there are four other papers being written and I plan to continue to submit.

Xiao Qingrong feels that these so-called papers are actually of little value. After all, he has already seen the results of the experiments. These papers are a stepping stone at best. It is useless and so he might as well just publish it.

Child, why don't you join a domestic medical journal? Although it is said that our domestic influence is not so great, the publication of these papers may change a lot of things in the medical world. You just sent them abroad... this, this...

Chen Mengwei looked at Organ Soluble Regenerating Factors and Artificial Organ Culture Growth Factors. Just these two papers may change a lot of things in the medical world but now this paper is first submitted abroad...

It really makes Chen Mengwei feel a little distressed!

Principal Chen, these things are just the easiest things I can write and they are just some of my ideas. I have to put them into practice. I already have my own data on this aspect of the practice. Many people value this piece. Regarding my previous news, President Chen should know that I have one kidney missing so I want to make a cloned kidney myself. Everything I am studying now is to prepare for this. Among them, the two papers of Artificial Organ Culture Growth Factor and Organ Soluble Regenerating Factor are not as simple as in the paper. I have already had a general direction on the analysis of the factor data. If successful, human organs can still function for more than a week without the body and you can even use other body organs to cultivate the organ you want...

Xiao Qingrong's words simply opened the door to a new world for Chen Mengwei. Before this, some may have proposed such a theory but from the medical aspect, these things were impossible to achieve. But now, Chen Mengwei found a child who thought of a method that can make the impossibility into a possibility.

Child, I support you, Anyang Medical University also supports you! I know that you are only registered in our school but child, you are still a student at our school. Presumably, many people will want to invite you to go abroad after this but I hope you can consider it carefully. If you like, I can prepare an independent laboratory for you in Anyang Medical University. You can rest assured that I will keep my promise and I will also assign you a lot of staff to support your experiments.

Before Chen Mengwei came to Xiao Qingrong's house, he still wondered how a person who had never had contact with medicine suddenly wrote such a medical paper. However, when he came to Xiao Qingrong's house and saw the medical books that were lying on the ground, he immediately understood. It is known that there are always some geniuses in this world who can easily do things that others cannot do in their lives.

Thank you, President Chen but I plan to think about this first.

Dr. Xiao declined President Chen. Although Anyang Medical University is good, it is not the best. If he chooses a university in the country, he will only choose the best medical university in the country for experiments. Otherwise, he can only go abroad.

Afterwards, Xiao Qingrong took Principal Chen to visit his small lab

In the laboratory, the stuff here was prepared by Xiao Qingrong in the past six months. He did not intend to use the full 500 million but even after buying these things, it is still inadequate and he wanted to show this to President Chen so he can help him out. After leaving Xiao Qingrong's home, Principle Chen reposted Xiao Qingrong's Weibo on the official website of Anyang Medical University for the first time.

[Anyang Medical University: Congratulations to Xiao Qingrong, a first-year student in the medical department of our school, for successfully submitting on the BMA, which will contribute to the future of medicine.]

At this moment, everyone directly exploded! This thing is true! Xiao Qingrong is not only a star, he is also a doctor. Not only does he study medicine, he also contributed to the world's most authoritative medical journal!

The domestic media heard the news and reported it crazily. After half a month's publication of BMA, the topic of Gene reproducible recombination factor became a hot topic in the domestic medical community. One by one, they can't wait to open the star's head and take a look, to see what's in it for him to write such a powerful paper all at once!

If genes are proven to be reproducible, it will have a huge impact on the medical community...

Xiao Jingrong's Weibo was updated once again when everyone was shocked and wanted to discuss how their idol wrote such a thing..

This time, his updated Weibo was even more shocking!

After BMA, his paper Artificial Organ Culture Renewable Factors in Journal of the American Medical Association also released a sample journal!

People outside can't understand what this is but people in the medical community clearly understood it and also understood the goals of Xiao Qingrong's behavior. Whether it is gene regeneration or artificial organ culture, it is clearly for himself.

He! a star who has lost his kidney is doing everything he can to rebuild his internal organs!