Super Male God System Chapter 29 - Ji Yizheng

Hearing the words of its own host, 618 trembled. It did not understand how the host become like this? Moreover, thinking about those rumors outside now, 618 does not know how to explain it to its host.

Obviously, the host has already expected that someone would manipulate public opinion, but this thing is really too overblown. Moreover, the host is very popular so now the outside rumors are flying everywhere. Although the host is sympathized with, the fans are also very distressed by the host and those ordinary people also feel terrified when they see this news and many people began to think that its host is not suitable for being a star because if someone who can not control their emotions well become a star, it can become really scary....

The thought of this made 618 want to cry more.

Xiao Qingrong stood in this learning space and was very aware of the affects of his long absence. He stretched out his hands and opened his clothes. Everything here was simulated so Xiao Qingrong's body was naturally simulated. The lying body outside is exactly the same.

After opening his clothes, looking at the wound above, Xiao Qingrong frowned.

It really is painful. There are so many things in the mall. Are there any painkillers?

After he finished speaking, he opened the mall and searched for several painkillers but he just looked at them and didn't buy them.

618 has been determined at this moment, the person in front of it is not its own host. However, looking at this person who has the same face as the host, it made 618 think of the schizophrenia that the host said before and wondered if the host has split personality?

[Host, host, are you, are you still you?]

618 carefully said, but Xiao Qingrong laughed when he heard the words of 618, and then there was a hint of playfulness in his voice.

Of course I am, who else can I be?

The tone of this remark is completely different from the host that 618 knows! 618 felt a little conflicted, for a moment, it doesn't know what to say, but Xiao Qingrong continued to talk first.

He is me and I am him. We have been together for a long time. Now there is only me here. You're 618, right? You can call me Dr. Xiao.

Introducing himself slowly, Xiao Qingrong's eyebrows smiled, completely different from the person who was always unsmiling before. 618 was overwhelmed but still accepted the fact that its own host may be schizophrenic.

[Okay, Dr. Xiao, hello, I'm 618. I'm a system administrator of the Super Male God System. I'm glad to meet you. Then, when will my host come back?]

618 looked at this smiling man but felt even more horrified and even felt that the man who was always smiling now was more terrifying than its own cold host.

When Xiao Qingrong heard this, he put his smile away, his eyes narrowed and it was full of danger.

Oh? 618, you don't like me? Why are you always looking for him? We are clearly one person.

His voice brought some complaints, some minor grievances, and all of 618's words were caught in his throat again. At this moment, it didn't know what to do, and it could only speak carefully.

[So, how are you doing? Does it hurt?]

Still thinking about the waist of its host, although its host has become a different person, his kidney is still gone....

As a system administrator, 618 was actually shocked to see that its host suddenly became fine but it is a good system. It will not explore why its host suddenly becomes this way. There must be a reason and it will not pry into the memory of its own host. So long as the host is willing to tell it, it will know sooner or later.

The words 618 successfully pleased the man, made the man raise the corner of his mouth and smiled softly.

It's okay, it's not painful, you can tell me now, what's going on outside now?

A big star self-harm himself in public! This kind of influence can be said to be huge. Maybe fans will sympathize with him after understanding the context but the public opinion is terrible. Even if Jiangnan Entertainment Co., Ltd. tries to sway public opinion, such self-harming behavior is actually considered abnormal behavior. So, there are definitely a lot of people who cannot accept it and what if the fans imitate it? These are big problems, not every fan has a certain degree of self-control.

618 also remembered the situation outside and hurriedly reported to its host.

[About the videos taken by fans before were released, I deleted all of them after letting it be overblown for a while, including those screenshots of netizens. Now things about Wei Xueqin have been exposed on the Internet, and the crew of Stars Face to Face has also been exposed. They have been accused by many fans, but... host, you are too impulsive. In addition to scaring the fans before, the behaviors you have made many experts in society say that you have an antisocial personality. Although your company is whitewashing you crazily and there are no videos on the Internet and although many people still believe that you are being forced to helplessly do this but after this matter, it is estimated that you will have to hide for a short-term...]

This is what 618 knew after secretly listening to Sun Qimin's phone call. After all, this incident was so big. Moreover, Xiao Qingrong still dug his own kidney out. No matter what the situation was, Xiao Qingrong still did it so it is normal for the controversy...

For such an answer, Xiao Qingrong was not surprised but at this time, he remembered the fans who shouted his name, thinking of that person's heartbeat speeding up after seeing the fans, he let out a sneer.

Of course it is impossible for everyone to accept his behavior of self-harm. That fool would do it but if it were me, I would turn that man(Wei Xueqin)'s kidney into a roasted kidney and make him eat it [TN: Oh, the mc changed personality twice in this world apparently. First it was the star type personality, now this]

Since his appearance, he has been in pain and did not have any time to strategize. This time, he was called out by the fool. Xiao Qingrong was very annoyed. He was having a good rest but his other personality called him out so forcefully so he did not even have time to make plans.

[This. this isn't good, right host? Oh no, Dr. Xiao?] 618 secretly searched for the word schizophrenia and wanted to know something from the Baidu Encyclopedia but for the results.... there was nothing useful!

The things that showed up in the encyclopedia were perception disorders, thinking disorders, behavior disorders, etc. Seriously, for the first time, 618 felt that it should have studied this before, otherwise, it won't be caught off guard when it encounters such a thing.

However, Dr. Xiao ignored it and disappeared from the learning space.

Then the next second, Xiao Qingrong, lying on the bed, opened his eyes, let the nurse on the side to suddenly widen her eyes and hurriedly went to get the doctor.

Sun Qimin, who was standing at the door rushed when the nurse said that Xiao Qingrong was awake. She saw Xiao Qingrong lying there with a pale face and when she thought about the doctor's words, she was distressed but she knew that this was already the best they could do.

Knowing that Xiao Qingrong's situation caused him to be unsuitable to speak at this time, Sun Qimin looked at him and waited for the doctor to come and examine him.

Xiao Qingrong's attending doctor came over quickly and then checked Xiao Qingrong's body to make sure that there were no major problems with it. Then he was relieved.

Rest assured, his health is very good, much better than ordinary people. Although there is one kidney missing, it should not cause major problems in all aspects of an ordinary life. As long as he takes good care of himself, he will be fine. It is better to take a good rest for a while.

This is the situation after the inspection. The attending doctor also saw the news about Xiao Qingrong from the Internet. Thinking of this poor man being forced to donate his kidneys by the father, which caused him to dig out his own kidney. The doctor felt this man was extremely pitiful.

Thank you doctor, thank you, Qingrong will have to trouble you in the future.

Xiao Qingrong's hospitalization was also possible because of Sun Qimin. Fortunately, when she signed the contract with Xiao Qingrong, Sun Qimin had the rights of being Xiao Qingrong's guardian in order to protect the minor Xiao Qingrong. When she signed the hospitalization form, God knows how much her hands were shaking when she signed it.

The attending doctor explained something that needed attention after the operation and then left. The nurse on the side also left the ward, leaving only Sun Qimin and Xiao Qingrong who was lying there and couldn't speak.

You silly boy, why didn't you tell me about this kind of thing? Why did you have to carry your burden alone? Look at how hurt you are. Do you know how many of your fans cried? You silly boy!

Sun Qimin's eyes turned red. When talking, her eyes became even redder. During the period when Xiao Qingrong did not wake up, Sun Qimin did not know how many times she cried, and now she is about to cry again.

Xiao Qingrong lying there knew that this was his own agent, a person who cared about himself and it felt good to be cared about. Moreover, when thinking about those fans and him supposed to be a future superstar according to 618, it doesn't seem possible. He has only one kidney as of now so becoming a superstar is basically impossible unless he can think of something. [TN: From my research, from about 3-4 websites, having one kidney doesn't really affect you and you can basically do everything a person with two kidneys can do. You guys can also research this stuff too if you want]

You, always so stubborn. You want to carry everything by yourself. This time, the company will not let your father and the Star Face to Face show group off. The company has started to investigate. Qing Rong, you can rest assured that the company will give you a satisfactory answer!

Even a father cannot force his son to donate a kidney! Sun Qimin was fuming when she heard it! After talking with Xiao Qingrong for a while, she called three assistants and a senior caregiver to take care of Xiao Qingrong and she rushed back to the company to handle the crisis of public opinion.

She knows that the company is a business and the public's idea has a great influence on the celebrity and the company, but the child is so pitiful. One of his kidneys is gone, what if the company wants to hide the child?

Xiao Qingrong, lying in a hospital bed was a patient person and did not do much. After staying awake for a while, he closed his eyes and returned to the learning space.

After that, his behavior was the same as that of the host 618 saw and the operation table was simulated and then, the operation was started silently. This made 618 secretly watch for a long time, if it had not found out that the person holding the scalpel and its own host is not the same person, 618 would feel that this person is its own host!

Xiao Qingrong in the hospital is still recovering and Sun Qimin has returned to Jiangnan Entertainment Company and met with the company's president Zhou.

How's Qingrong?

Mr. Zhou frowned. It must be known that Xiao Qingrong has been in the company for four years. It can be said that he has brought the company tremendou lucki. Therefore, Mr. Zhou, along with everyone else, liked this child and basically considered him as their own child. The treatment of Xiao Qingrong's mother was approved by Mr. Zhou himself and the money was also paid for by Mr. Zhou.

He woke up. The doctor said that there will be no major problems. He is still in the hospital and he is missing a kidney.

Sun Qimin's face was also very poor. After all, he was a person brought out by her own hands. Now that such a thing has happened, it is really terrible.

Mr. Zhou heard Sun Qimin's words and thought of the video he had seen on the Internet before, his face turned black.

I didn't expect anyone to do something to Qing Rong under our eyes! This time I have started investigating this matter. Whether it is Wei Xueqin or the Star to Face to Face crew, they were definitely aiming for Qing Rong. This matter is not simple!

Because of such a big incident, Mr. Zhou even used all his contacts to investigate the matter. After all, his artist almost died. If he doesn't say anything, those people will think he is easy to bully!

Yes, Mr. Zhou, although the show Stars Face to Face has always been known as a gossip show, it won't offend people so much. Now suddenly, there must be a reason for them to run the risk of offending us. The people behind them must be very powerful. Although there is a lot of public opinion on Qing Rong on the Internet, most of them sympathize with Qing Rong. I think the company's arrangements are also acceptable. Let Qing Rong recover at home and wait for one or two years to come back again. However...

Sun Qimin does not really want Xiao Qingrong to rest a lot because now in the entertainment industry, in less than half a year, everyone is likely to forget their own entertainers and Sun Qimin does not want to let her artist hard work to go down the drain.

Okay, there is no need to say anything else. I know how much Qing Rong has brought to the company since he came to the company. I will definitely investigate this matter. You will let Qing Rong take a good rest and send an assistant to serve him. If he is having some difficulties in his daily life, please ask a senior escort and make sure that he is healthy. Only when he is healthy can we talk about these things later.

As a man, Mr. Zhou knows what effect a man would have if he lost his kidney so Mr. Zhou is firmly on his side in this matter.

I thank Mr. Zhou for Qingrong! Seeing that Mr. Zhou is still willing to stand by Qingrong even after this. This makes Sun Qimin very happy.

As soon as the two had finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

Come in!

Mr. Zhou said. The person who came in was the director of the propaganda department. Their Jiangnan Entertainment Company is an independent entertainment company, so there are no messy relationships. Everyone works by ability, so the propaganda director also relies on his ability to be able to sit in this position.

Mr. Zhou, I have something to tell you about Qingrong. Oh? Xiao Sun is here too? Well, I'll tell you together

The director of the propaganda department thought of what had happened day and night and was really exhausted and did not sleep at all. At this time, although he looked a little tired, he still had a lot of spirit.

President Zhou and Sun Qimin both looked at the propaganda director and wanted to know what he wanted to say.

On the show Stars Face to Face, Qing Rong's biological father, Wei Xueqin, said that he had kidney disease. We can all see that Wei Xueqin had previously threatened Qing Rong to force Qing Rong to donate his kidney. Qing Rong disagreed so Wei Xueqin wanted to use public opinion to force him to but his approach did not cause it to go his way and instead it caused a rebound. So now, public opinion is on our company's side and the fans are very distressed. Moreover, just now, a doctor who is in charge of Wei Xueqin secretly sent his examination report of seven consecutive years to us. The report shows that Wei Xueqin's body is very healthy and there are no symptoms at all. Not to mention kidney disease...

As he said that, he was also very angry. He didn't understand what was going on with the father. He obviously had no symptoms but wanted his son's kidney! Now Xiao Qingrong forced himself to dig out his kidney, the pain is unimaginable...

President Zhou and Sun Qimin are also narrowing their eyes. At this moment, the brain is turning madly. They understood that the culprit is probably not Wei Xueqin alone and he must have had a backer. So why did the backer want to take control of Wei Xueqin? Destroy Xiao Qingrong's image? Now that public opinion has targeted Wei Xueqin like that, and that person hasn't done anything, that proves that it isn't the main reason.

The person behind this... is most likely someone who has kidney failure and wants Qingrong's kidney...

Mr. Zhou couldn't believe this and looked at Sun Qimin who was red-eyed, and sure enough, Sun Qimin nodded.

If Wei Xueqin does not have kidney disease at all and since he wants Qingrong's kidney, it definitely for others! The person who can manipulate Wei Xueqin and the Star to Face to Face show... Mr. Zhou, I will investigate this matter myself!

Sun Qimin intends to go to the Star to Face to Face TV station to ask herself. She wants to see. What does the TV station say this time! Nowadays, public opinion, fans, and the public are on their side, so Sun Qimin must find justice for her artist!

Okay, go to the TV station. Lao Wang, since the fans have given such strong evidence, we can't be left behind. We will release Wei Xueqin's personal medical examination information and file a lawsuit against Wei Xueqin on behalf of the company. Moreover, prosecute him for deliberately hurting people, as well as the crime of hurting our artist's reputation, let everyone know about Wei Xueqin's situation...

Only then can we catch the person who is really standing behind the scenes!

President Zhou, rest assured, I will arrange it!

The director of propaganda nodded hurriedly and also felt that their own artist had suffered unjust harm so of course he must work hard to help him.

Therefore, just twenty-four hours after the incident, Jiangnan Entertainment Company issued a statement about the #Xiao Qingrong's Self-Harming# incident that is caused by Wei Xueqin. They stated that this incident is deliberate and they showed the physical examination record as proof.

[Jiangnan Entertainment Company: Mr. Wei, You said that you have kidney failures but your medical examination shows that you are much better than the average person. This shows that you have tried to stigmatize the reputation of the artist in our company and has a great impact on the company, our company will take legal proceedings against you... [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture] [Picture]]

At this moment, all the fans who were discussing this matter suddenly exploded, especially when they saw the photos in the back that were all about Wei Xueqin's physical examination information of seven years. Let alone kidney disease, he did not even have any common illnesses! Such medical examination data only proved one thing, that is, Xiao Qingrong's biological father Wei Xueqin had no kidney disease at all!

Almost ten minutes later, #Wei Xueqin's physical examination data# became popular and people couldn't believe it after seeing it. Fans were enraged when they saw this.

[Funny: Oh my god! This is simply a big scheme. Wei Xueqin's kidney was no problem, so why did he aggressively ask Xiao Qingrong to donate a kidney? So who is this kidney supposed to be donated to?]

[There is no God's past: Such a terrifying scheme. If Xiao Qingrong did not self-harm himself but chose to donate a kidney, who would his kidney be donated to?]

[Makabaka wants to eat meat: Too much secret is hidden in this matter! I already said that Xiao Qingrong is so famous so how can the Stars Face to Face choose to offend him just to get ratings? Moreover, they also brought such scumbags to force Xiao Qingrong to donate his kidney. It seems that there must be a dark force behind it...]

[The food to be fed: Ah ah ah ah! I don't want to know other things. I just want to know if the Qingrong is okay now? Is his waist okay? Is his kidney still there? The previous video was too scary.]

All kinds of netizens turned into detectives as they tried to dig out of this matter and in just one day and one night, Wei Xueqin's personal information has been thoroughly publicized and even Wei Xueqin's wife Lu Yaning and current his son Wei Yinghao's information was found.

Wei Yinghao had no idea what his dad was doing before. He was three years younger than Xiao Qingrong. He was just a senior this year so he has been busy studying recently. He didn't even know where his dad is!

So when he was out of school, he was stunned when surrounded by reporters.

Excuse me, are you the brother-in-law of Xiao Qingrong?

Excuse me, what do you think about your father asking your brother Xiao Qingrong to donate a kidney on the show?

Classmate Wei, did your mother destroy Xiao Qingrong's mother's marriage? Do you think she is a mistress?

The microphone poked in front of him, making Wei Yinghao, a child who was not yet an adult stunned. Moreover, he didn't know what happened but Wei Yinghao's mother, Lu Yaning, came over early to pick up her son because of the situation. Seeing her son surrounded by people, she hurried forward to help and finally squeezed in ...

At this moment, the reporters became more excited, one by one, holding the microphones, they asked Lu Yaning of the past.

Mrs. Wei, do you know how your husband cheated the audience and wanted to take Xiao Qingrong's kidneys?

Mrs. Wei, do you know about your husband forcing Xiao Qingrong to donate his kidneys?

Mrs. Wei, if your husband really has kidney disease, would you agree to your son donating a kidney?

Lu Yaning, who was asked all kinds of questions had a dark face but she didn't say a word. She finally got out of the crowd with the help of a friend and finally got in the car. Both Lu Yaning and Wei Yinghao were in the car with dark expressions.

Wei Yinghao's school was completely closed so he didn't know what was happening at this moment and looked at his mother who had an embarrassed and dark expression.

Mom, what's wrong? What did Dad do? Why are there so many reporters, and also, isn't Xiao Qingrong a star?

As a young man, Wei Yinghao certainly knows about the hottest little fresh meat nowadays. Although he doesn't care about stars, many girls in the class like to follow them so he knows about some stuff from hearing the gossips in school.

I'll tell you this at home. It's a long story. Lu Yaning was also furious, thinking about her husband's phone that was unreachable and she also didn't know what had happened.

Wei Xueqin's physical examination data has been exposed on the Internet. Lu Yaning also knows that her husband's health has always been good, not to mention kidney disease, he barely had any illness. However, why did he do that suddenly? When thinking of the child who became a star, Lu Yaning didn't know why but she regretted it a bit. When thinking of what her husband did, Lu Yaning had the idea of divorcing him.

Seeing that her husband is notorious all over the country, Lu Yaning also knows what to choose for her son!

Lu Yaning and her son were chased and stopped here and Wei Xueqin was uneasy at the hotel alone, even afraid to go out because he was afraid of being blocked by reporters outside. He had already seen the news on the Internet and did not expect that his physical examination records would be exposed and was even more scared.

Thinking of the person who contacted him before, Wei Xueqin called the phone number but he did not expect that the person's phone number to be empty, which made Wei Xueqin dumbfounded...

Earlier Wei Xueqin agreed to participate in the show because that person promised to give money and before Wei Xueqin participated in the show, he gave Wei Xueqin 500,000, because of this 500,000, Wei Xueqin promised to ask his son for a kidney on the show. If he had succeeded, he could have gotten 20 million!

The man is rich and like how birds die for food, humans die for money. At this time, Wei Xueqin regretted it like never before. He even feels that he has been deceived. If not, why did the person who said he would help him disappear? Isn't he a liar?

Looking at the curses of online netizens, Wei Xueqin simply did not dare to go out.

Sun Qimin also officially came to the TV station on behalf of Jiangnan Entertainment and asked to meet with the director of Stars Face to Face and people who participated in the incident. Although Wan Keqing has said she resigned on Weibo but she still has to appear and after waiting for an hour, someone came to bring them up.

Moreover, even if they didn't want to meet, Sun Qimin came with the company's team of lawyers this time. This time's matter is so big and it involves a lot of things. Star Face to Face violated the original contract and caused Xiao Qingrong's reputation and body to be harmed so Sun Qimin came for compensation and the truth.

The planner of Stars Face to Face really did not think that such a thing would happen. After all, under normal circumstances, even if the stars are unhappy when this happens but because of the live broadcast, for the sake of their fame, they can only hold it in. They originally intended to intimidate Xiao Qingrong to donate a kidney but they didn't expect that he was so extreme and he almost killed himself. It really scared the director. If this matter is considered a criminal case then he's considered an accomplice...

Also, after the incident, not to mention the scolding of Weibo netizens on their program group, on the Tv Stations side, Xiao Qingrong 's fans have thrown a lot of artificial blood and there are a lot of messy things. The TV station is full of artificial blood and trash.

Wan Keqing's mental state is not very good. She has been afraid to sleep since the incident. At this moment, she looks very embarrassed and distressed.

With regard to the artist Xiao Qingrong in my name, I think everyone should understand my intentions. My company has investigated that Wei Xueqin himself does not have kidney disease so I don't know why your show crew did such a thing. So now, I will give you a chance to explain. If this explanation is not acceptable to me, I think we will need to speak in court.

Sun Qimin is a qualified agent and a smart negotiator. When she saw these people, she knew that these people were distressed because of Xiao Qingrong's affairs so as long as they were intimidated, it would be a breeze to get information out of them.

I really don't know anything. I didn't feel right when they brought it up but my status was not enough to influence the director. I also listened to the orders of others. I did not know that Wei Xueqin was a liar...

The first to speak was Wan Keqing and she cried when she finished speaking. In the past two days, she had a lot of psychological pressure. As long as she closed her eyes, she could see Xiao Qingrong's blood-like appearance and his devil-like smile. She is almost about to have a mental breakdown because of this.

This answer did not surprise Sun Qimin. After all, in a program group, although the host is very important, the show is not planned by the host. In many cases, the director and planner of this show are the ones who determine the direction. However, this show does not have a director, only a planner so Sun Qimin's eyes fell on the director.

Zhang Mei has been in the entertainment industry for a long time and it is not an exaggeration to say that the thought process of many stars are the same and she also did not expect that this would happen to her because of her momentary greed. Moreover, it is now impossible to continue broadcasting the Stars Face to Face and the Tv Station will not allow such a show to ruin its reputation so her career is over!

When she tried contacting people above, she didn't get any results in the end. Zhang Mei also regretted it very much. In the face of Sun Qimin, her heart was distressed.

She knew that Sun Qimin was Xiao Qingrong's agent and she has been with him for four years. If she did not compromise, she would most likely go to court.

I can tell you about this matter but I've also been deceived. I thought someone was going to deal with Xiao Qingrong so I just cooperated. I didn't know such things would happen.

Zhang Mei tried to drag herself out of it but Sun Qimin sneered.

I don't care how many reasons you have, now I just want to know who the person behind this is. If you give me an answer that is satisfactory to me, things can be discussed.

When thinking of the person in the dark who is eager to attack her own artist, Sun Qimin feels very scared.

In the face of Sun Qimin's intimidation, Zhang Mei also knew that this matter could not be good and eventually chose to compromise. She told everyone to leave, leaving only Sun Qimin alone.

I can tell you that the person who asked me to do this is surnamed Ji and I don't know the rest. Now I am also a discarded pawn and is already useless. Even if you want to get more information from me, It's impossible...

Seeing that Zhang Mei is being truthful, Sun Qimin did not continue to ask questions and she decided to discuss with the TV station with her lawyer about the compensation for her artist and the compensation for their Jiangnan entertainment company.

Sun Qimin took the information to President Zhou and Ji Yizheng was also annoyed by watching the news on the Internet and once again, he thought he could easily deal with this matter but he did not expect such a thing to happen. In this way, thinking of his father, Ji Yizhen felt that he should not let his father know about this at all cost.

That's right, Ji Yizhen's identity is the illegitimate son of the director of the TV station, Director Ji.

In the beginning, Director Ji was married to a wealthy and powerful girl and gave birth to a daughter, but in fact, Director Ji had a true love of his own. After he got married, he was seeing his mistress and she gave birth to a son. After his main wife died and his daughter became a fangirl who is useless and was busy chasing the stars all day, Director Ji planned to put his son in the company for training. In the company, many people knew that Director Ji has an illegitimate son and loves him very much

Zhang Mei chose Xiao Qingrong to please him.

Returning to the company with what she knew, Sun Qimin went directly to the top floor of the company and met president Zhou.

Is there any news?

President Zhou also did not sleep overnight because of this matter. He was concerned about the situation of the company and Xiao Qingrong, so he naturally couldn't sleep.

I have asked the planner of Stars Face to Face, and she said that it was the person with the surname Ji who told her to do it. I don't think it is Director Ji, it should be someone with a relationship with Director Ji...

This is Sun Qimin's speculation. After all, this incident is really bizarre, so during this investigation, Sun Qimin paid special attention to it and on the way back, she had already investigated the family situation of Director Ji's.

When President Zhou heard these words, he did not speak for a long time, and it was unknown as to what he was thinking. When Sun Qimin planned to continue to report the situation, President Zhou spoke.

There is no problem with Director Ji's body. If he has kidney disease, it is impossible for it to not be known. The people around him with the last name Ji can not do such a thing and directly order the planning of a show. So... I thought of someone.

Having said that, Mr. Zhou looked at Sun Qimin, and Sun Qimin also looked at Mr. Zhou tacitly. The two voices overlapped.

Ji Yizhen.

Director Ji's illegitimate child.

Only such a person has the ability to order a show group!

What's more, Director Ji has only one such son and he loves this illegitimate child but they didn't know how Xiao Qingrong offended such a person...

Unless it's for the kidney...

I'll tell someone to investigate his medical information.

Sun Qimin hurriedly spoke, thinking of the answer that might be revealed soon, she was excited, but also confused

If Ji Yizhen really has kidney disease, then... How did he know that Xiao Qingrong's kidney matched him? Moreover, for him to make such a scene, is it for Xiao Qingrong's kidney?

After the two had finished speaking, Sun Qimin was busy again, and Xiao Qingrong at the hospital didn't know that things would come to an end soon.

618 secretly looking at Dr. Xiao who is obsessed with the learning space. It feels very conflicted and also faintly feels that the host is not going to be a star but when it thought of its host having to suffer like this, it is not tangled with the task. It just hopes that the host can be well.

Dr. Xiao has fully discovered the fun of this learning space. He has previously seen the highly-sensing bionic prosthesis produced by Xiao Qingrong, and now he is studying bionic kidneys, well... it should be called-cloned kidneys!