Super Male God System Chapter 28 - Self Harm

Under the light, the man in the black shirt was standing there and the cold scalpel in his beautiful finger was constantly rotating in his hand. This scene should be an especially scary scene in the eyes of fans but it had instead produced a different kind of beauty, especially with Xiao Qingrong's seemingly non-smiling appearance. The entire place was almost static for a while!!!!

The show crew was also stunned by Xiao Qingrong. They didn't know why Xiao Qingrong would bring such a scalpel but everyone could sense it. Things are going to be chaotic in a while.

The fans sitting in front of the TV and the computer, although shocked by Xiao Qingrong, they still felt pitiful for their idols. Since childhood, he depended on his mothers. Later, he chose to debut for the treatment of his mothers but his mother still died and he was heartbroken. However, their idols father suddenly popped up and asked for his kidney, how can they not feel pity for their idol?

This is a kidney! There are only two kidneys in a person and if even one kidney is missing, it will affect the body! [TN: You can actually live with one kidney and it won't really affect you that much tbh. Just putting this here in case you guys/girls didn't know.]

In fact, Wei Xueqin didn't know his son very well. After divorcing his wife, he never thought about looking for his son again. Later, his son suddenly appeared asking him for money. He was shocked, and later heard that his ex-wife was sick. However, his money is for his new wife so it is impossible to give money to this brat so he kicked him out and never paid attention to it afterwards. Who would have thought that this brat has such good luck to be able to become a star?

Wei Xueqin knows that a star like Xiao Qingrong gets tens of million just for staring in an advertisement so he is definitely rich! He is his father, so shouldn't he be able to get some benefits?

As for the promise to that person, it is to test his son. If this son cares for him Wei Xueqin intends to let him go but if he doesn't care about him at all, don't blame him for not caring about their father and son relationship... [TN: (ーー;), What?]

Wan Keqing, who was sitting aside was already frightened by the sudden appearance of the scalpel. She felt that this was no longer something she could control. She was scared for a while and didn't know what to say.

Xiao Qingrong sat there casually and the scalpel in his hand became a flower. Although he did not use a clever hand pill in this life, but with Xiao Qingrong's personal ability, is it not easy to play with a scalpel?

618 had been angry but when it saw its host took out the scalpel produced by the system, it knew that the host was about to do something again

[Host, host, this, this is being broadcast live. If you kill someone, you will be arrested by the police...]

It tremblingly tried to stop its own host. If the host really kills someone, then the road to becoming a star will really come to an end...

Hearing 618, Xiao Qingrong ignored it. He never thought about killing some during the live broadcast, not to mention he didn't want to scare the cute little fans outside. Not to mention, this so called father of his says he needs a kidney change but he doesn't have the look of someone who needs it.

Moreover, according to 618, after this incident, public opinion forced him(the previous one) to donate his kidney to this scum, then it proves that there is definitely someone who is manipulating public opinion. However, why is the other party controlling public opinion? Maybe it's for his kidney?

However, Xiao Qingrong is very stingy. Even if he has extra kidneys, he will not give it to others...

In particular, this person is his enemy....

You, what are you doing? Wei Xueqin stepped back when he saw Xiao Qingrong's cold eyes. It felt like a poisonous snake wrapped around his neck.

The ratings of the program group have been reported, and the planner is happy and she feels that this will definitely be on the headlines. Sun Qimin went to the person in charge of Star to Face so she didn't know that her artist has now taken out a scalpel...

What am I doing? Don't you want my kidney? After coming to this show, you threatened me to give you my kidney and kept harassing me. Want me to satisfy you now?

Xiao Qingrong's gaze was still cold but a smile was drawn on his face. At this time, he looked even more frightening.

The scalpel on his left hand was still jumping at his fingertips and his right hand reached towards his collar and then unbuttoned his shirt and moved it away, revealing his clean and seductive neck...

Fans didn't understand what was going on but they still made crazy screams! Because of such an action, plus the face of Xiao Qingrong, it is even more tempting and fans couldn't resist it

Not to mention the fans in the scene, fans on the Internet who saw such a scene were all crazily screaming. They were all seduced by the man whose face was so good in the live broadcast.

The host Wan Keqing was also confused for a moment. she didn't know what was going on. As a result, she saw that Xiao Qingrong didn't stop his finger. His clean and slender finger that had played on a piano in front of the media continued to unbutton his shirt, the first button, the second button, the third button... This was full of taboos and temptations and it made everyone stunned. After the buttons were unbuttoned, Xiao Qingrong's delicate collar bone was exposed, and then down, it was his white chest, almost as clean as cream, and people almost couldn't bear to look away.

Everyone seemed to be bewildered by the man in front of them, their eyes fell completely on him and they could only watch the man unbutton all the buttons of his shirt. His shirt slightly opened, revealing his white body, and even the faint mermaid line in his white skin caused fans to be even more obsessed. [TN: It's this thing]

Xiao Qingrong, who did all this still had a smile on his face. As a result, in the obsession of everyone, his right hand gently tore open the clothes on his right, exposing his right chest, then slowly sliding down. The jumping scalpel also stopped turning on his left hand, and then, he held the thin scalpel and gently pressed it against the skin of his waist...

Since you didn't want me at the time, I don't want you now, my kidney, if you really want it, I can give it to you now but today If you don't want it now, don't harass me in the future.

As he said, the scalpel gently cut open his skin and then his blood slowly slid down from his milky skin, like a blood-colored flower! [TN: Holy Sh*t]

All fans started to screamed frantically for a moment! Wan Keqing and Wei Xueqin were pale. They didn't seem to think that such a thing would happen. The cameraman felt the danger for the first time and the planner even interrupted the live program the first time

The fans on the Internet and the fans watching the live broadcast in front of the TV also saw this scene but in the next moment, the live broadcast was over! At this moment, netizens began to comment frantically. They wanted to know exactly what happened on the show. They posted on Weibo to ask about it and those who knew someone at the studio immediately texted them.

What about the fans at the scene? The fans at the scene have long started to act crazily. Watching their idol hurt himself because of such a scum caused them to feel worry and fear for their idol. With red eyes, they shouted crazily because how can they allow their idol to hurt himself so casually?

The show crew already knew at this time that the well-calculated script had been cut off from their calculations and now there were more than 500 fans on the scene, and some were still filming with their mobile phones and cameras. After all, since this happened, smart fans chose to leave evidence for the first time, this nasty scum is simply disgusting, causing fans to be disgusted and angry.

618 also never expected that its own host would do such a thing. It finally thought about the blood replenisher bought by the host and it finally knew what its host planned to do. This is to dig up the kidneys himself!

[Stop, host, calm down! Isn't it painful to dig your own kidney? It's not worth it for such a scum]

At this moment, 618 really cried and its voice was frantic. For its host who totally doesn't really care himself, 618 really doesn't know what to do. It felt that as long as its host doesn't harm others, it would be alright but now...

Xiao Qingrong ignored the words of 618. Ever since 618 said that he would be forced to donate a kidney, Xiao Qingrong has been in a very bad mood. After all, as a person who holds a scalpel all year round, he knows that a kidney can make people live but the donor will have some problems later in life.

Donating his kidney to others? Xiao Qingrong didn't have such selfless dedication.

Moreover, from the words of 618, Xiao Qingrong knows that this matter is not so simple. The so-called public opinion is actually controlled by a conscientious person. A fan group of more than 80 million was actually led to force their idol to donate his kidney. Although he eventually donated his kidney, he eventually died. Isn't this the biggest joke?

So Xiao Qingrong had planned it at that time. He put himself in the weak position first and then, he planned to dig out his kidney and give it to this scum. Anyways, he can live without a kidney.. This time, he wants everyone to sympathize with him and he wants to know what can that person do after this?

If he didn't have a kidney, would he come to take away another kidney from him?

Thinking of this, Xiao Qingrong's eyes have become a little hot. He doesn't know why but he is a bit excited...

Facing opponents like this who is hidden in the dark is also a good challenge!

Wei Xueqin did not expect that his normal-looking son might be a neurosis! At this time, watching him cut himself with a scalpel, as a big man, Wei Xueqin was afraid, not to mention the woman Wan Keqing who was on the side. [TN: Basically saying that the mc is crazy]

However, looking at Xiao Qingrong, Wei Xueqin was still unwilling to bow his head. He just felt that the man in front of him looked like those women, crying, making trouble, and doing all kinds of stuff, all to force him to compromise! How can a person really cut out their own kidney?

Xiao Qingrong, I tell you! Even if you threaten me in this way, I will still be your father! I want your kidney, give it to me! Otherwise, I will tell everyone what kind of person you are!

With a pale face, he tried hard to calm himself down, and the words he spoke were piercing.

When Xiao Qingrong heard this, he let out a bigger smile. At this time, in Wei Xueqin's eyes, this person is like a demon, causing his back to be soaked in cold sweat.

The fans have been clamoring for a while now. Someone has already called the police and 120 have been called. However, because they are afraid of obstructing their idol and causing him to be even more injured, they did not rush up and controlled themselves.

Oh? What kind of person am I? At this point, I think my fans know more than you. Xiao Qingrong sneered, and then looked at his fans but he did not intend to stop.

My dear fans, this man is my biological father and he can be considered to have given me life. He now says that he has kidney disease and as his son, he is forcing me to donate my kidney. Right now. I have to do one thing, everyone must obediently listen to my command, okay?

His voice was unprecedentedly gentle and the fans gradually calmed down and shouted neatly. After all, what idols want to do, their fans must support them unconditionally!

From now on, everybody close their eyes and shout to hundred, okay? When I let everyone open their eyes, will you open them again?

These fans come with love, so Xiao Qingrong doesn't want these fans to see the gruesome scene, as for another solution? Hmm... he actually has countless ways to solve such things, but this method is the fastest!

And as long as this matter is completed, then whether it is Wei Xueqin or the people behind Wei Xueqin, it can be uprooted instantly, which is also very good...

All the fans closed their eyes obediently and then began to count according to Xiao Qingrong's arrangement. The neat numbers sounded in this studio but when it fell to Wei Xueqin's ears, it was like a voice from hell.

Listening to these voices, Xiao Qingrong only felt that the numbers were like natural sounds, because these were the numbers shouted by those who loved him.

Watching the fans with their eyes closed with satisfaction, Xiao Qingrong then set his sights on Wei Xueqin.

Don't you want my kidney? No problem, I'll pay you back.

As soon as these words came out, Wei Xueqin and Wan Keqing, who were standing close to Xiao Qingrong in front of him, watched Xiao Qingrong directly insert the scalpel in his waist into the inside of his waist. His movement did not stop and carefully cut the position of the inner side of the waist and then expertly found the position of his kidney and the other hand also helped so it was easy to take out the blood-red kidney.

After seeing this scene, Wan Keqing's eyes widened, and then she fainted on the ground next second. Wei Xueqin, who was on the side was also stunned, watching his son holding a bright red thing and walking towards himself. Looking at this coming towards him, he felt that he is a demon that came from hell. He tried hard to retreat but he found out that he can't move...

The severe pain made Xiao Qingrong's face pale. Such familiar pain made Xiao Qingrong numb and caused him to close his eyes for a bit. Suddenly he twitched and then opened his eyes and looked at the red kidney on his hands with a smile. Then, he completely did not care about the pain and walked in front of the man, stretched out his hand to pull the man's hand and put his kidney into the man's hands.

Well, this is the kidney you wanted. Moreover, it's fresh so I think you definitely like it, right?

As the sounds of the fans counting to the number 60, a warm thing was suddenly put in his hands. Wei Xueqin was trembling with fear and the hand holding the organ was also trembling. After that, his eyes doubled and he passed out like Wan Keqing.

Glancing at the man who fainted on the ground, Xiao Qingrong poked his mouth, then looked at the camera, slowly twitching the corner of his mouth, such a smile directly scared the staff of the show crew Stars Face to Face. They felt that they saw a ghost.

Seventy-six! Seventy-seven! Seventy-eight!

The fans' voices continued but Xiao Qingrong took the blood replenisher pill out of his pocket and threw it into his mouth. Then he slowly began to fasten his button again. This action was quite difficult for him to do. Of course. If he did not have such blood on his hands, it would be more leisurely.

[Host, aren't you hurt?]

The voice of 618 choked came and fell into Xiao Qingrong's ears, which actually caused his lips to twitch. Just when 618 thought he would not answer, he heard Xiao Qingrong's voice.

It hurts, but even though it hurts, I'm used to it. Moreover, that fool passed out. How laughable

His voice brought a joy of regaining a new life, making 618 even more anxious when he heard it.

When the planner did not respond, Sun Qimin felt that something was wrong and returned to the studio. As soon as she returned, she saw the pale Xiao Qingrong.

Xiao Qingrong, who was on the sofa, was already dressed and because his shirt was black, the blood was not obvious. Holding a white handkerchief in his hand, he carefully wiped his fingers. With a smile on his face, there were two fainted people beside him...

When she walked over, Sun Qimin was startled and found the blood on Xiao Qingrong's body and a weird smell spreading in the air.

Qingrong! Are you injured?

She wanted to check on Xiao Qingrong's situation but in the end, Xiao Qingrong indifferently avoided Sun Qimin's inspection and glanced at his own agent.

It's okay, just missing a kidney.

This statement made Sun Qimin stunned and looking at the situation on the ground, she couldn't believe what she saw.

Ninety-seven... ninety-eight... ninety-nine...

The neat voice of the fans was coming to an end but Xiao Qingrong looked at the fans below thoughtfully, drew his lips, and when the number was about to reach one hundred, he picked up the microphone.

Everyone don't open your eyes! Be a good baby, all my fans who came to see me today will be able to get ten tickets for my latest movie after the show is over.

His voice spread throughout the hall, causing fans who were planning to open their eyes close it again obediently. Even if a fan secretly opened their eyes and glanced, Xiao Qingrong already buttoned up his shirt so they wouldn't see much blood and since he had already taken the blood replenisher pill, his life wouldn't be in danger at all.

The show crew has already called the police and for the ambulance so they should arrive soon.As Xiao Qingrong followed Sun Qimin to get in the car, he looked at the staff and felt that it was boring.

Star Face to Face is over. Xiao Qingrong is lying in the ambulance. Sun Qimin already knows what he did. She even got red eyes and looked at the child resentfully.

When the ambulance came over, the people in the show crew said that Xiao Qingrong dug his own kidney and Sun Qimin was stunned. She couldn't understand what the show group was saying but the medical staff on the side saw Wei Xueqin lying on the ground with something in his hand. It looks weird and generally, people don't recognize what it is but what about these doctors and nurses?

So there was already a doctor who opened Xiao Qingrong's clothes on the spot and saw the blood on his chest...

Lying in the ambulance, Xiao Qingrong knew that he would never die and it was a bit interesting to see everyone nervous and since he was out, he planned to have a good time.

As the anesthetics gradually paralyzed Xiao Qingrong's nerves, he gradually fell into sleep but did not know how much turbulence had been caused by the outside!

The show Stars Face to Face was suddenly cut off, everyone was startled and what happened on the scene made the staff horrified. The staff were frightened one by one but most of the fans were not. Seeing the staff so horrified, the fans later saw the video and when they saw this scene, it was not that scary to them because of the distance and some only found it uncomfortable.

How can a person be forced to make such a behavior?

At the same time when Xiao Qingrong was sent to the hospital, on the Weibo #Xiao Qingrong's biological father forced Xiao Qingrong to donate a kidney#. It was already popular and everyone discussed what happened in the show Stars Face to Face . Ethical relations are the key objects of discussion.

Sun Qimin was outside Xiao Qingrong's operating room and the company's people had also been notified. Jiangnan Entertainment Co. felt that something was wrong after they knew this. They immediately launched a public relations and started investigating the situation of Wei Xueqin. It's so coincidental that it makes people feel like they're carefully calculated!

At eight o'clock in the evening, when everyone was at the peak of the Internet, a video suddenly came out!

#Xiao Qingrong cut his own kidney and gave it to his father! Wei Xueqin, you f*cking scum!#, This topic plus a video directly rushed into the headlines. When someone saw when they opened the video was Xiao Qingrong's appearance when he was undressing. Although it was far away, it was full of temptation and fans screamed. But after that, Xiao Qingrong asked the fans to close her eyes and count. The person was recording while holding the phone as she was counting. Everyone could hear the voice of the owner and it was the voice of a girl.

But as fans counted, what did they see?

They saw that Xiao Qingrong took a scalpel and dug open the inside of his waist, and then took out his kidney! When they saw Xiao Qingrong calmly handed over the kidneys to Wei Xueqin, everyone was worried when they saw this scene. The slow redressing of his clothes was even more distressing to the fans. All this was like movies. If it's just a movie, this is the perfect performance but now, this video is obviously not a drama, it is most likely true.

Such a video is of course impossible to circulate on the Internet. The net police immediately moved into action and wanted to clear this video but with the existence of 618, this video couldn't be removed at all. How could they go against something like 618?

Jiangnan Entertainment Co., Ltd. was distressed after seeing the news. The company issued a statement that Xiao Qingrong had been sent to the hospital for treatment. They even verified that Xiao Qingrong was forced to dig out his kidney.

This time, netizens are completely angry because they have completely seen the ins and outs. That is, a man who had abandoned his wife and abandoned his child found that he had kidney disease many years later and then wanted to morally force his abandoned son to give him his kidney.

Such a thing is simply challenging everyone's limits! One by one, everyone began to crazily curse Wei Xueqin. Many fans even secretly asked which hospital Xiao Qingrong went to because they wanted to know how he is now.

Especially the fans who saw Xiao Qingrong in the afternoon, they all cried to the point their eyes turned red. They felt that their idol was so pitiful.

All the rumors outside were flowing wildly. Everyone scolded the Stars Face to Face show. They thought that this program group would do anything for the ratings and they even forced one person to almost die! Xiao Qingrong looked like he didn't want to live anymore.

And at this moment, a gloomy man looked at the video of Xiao Qingrong digging his kidney out and threw his phone directly to the ground.

Ji Yizhen never felt that there would be any problems with his elaborate scheme and now that it failed, it will be hard to try again. He knew that his kidneys needed to be replaced so he specially designed this matter, trying to compromise Xiao Qingrong through moral means and then grab his kidneys but now, because of Xiao Qingrongs behavior, his plans failed.

When he thought of his own life, it was hard for him to believe that Xiao Qingrong could match with himself. Moreover, when thinking of the fact that he is already at the top of the entertainment circle, Ji Yizhen felt that as long as he can live longer, doing something like this is fine. However, since the kidney has been dug out, it is basically useless by now. Should he find other kidney sources or should he still keep an eye on Xiao Qingrong?

Sun Qimin didn't know that her artist had been targeted. At this time, she was in a hurry to consult the doctor about Xiao Qingrong's condition outside his ward. After all, he personally dug out his own kidney and he did it without any anesthesia while he was conscious. He must have been in a lot of pain.

Why is this child so problematic?

Doctor, how is he?

At this moment, the operation was completed and Xiao Qingrong was transferred to the key ward so the doctor had time to tell Sun Qimin of his situation.

The operation was very successful and his body is already intact but the kidney has been taken out of the body for too long, it's lost its normal function and is useless...

The doctor also had a complicated look. After hearing about what happened, he also watched the video. How can an ordinary person dig out his own kidney when he is awake? How much pain tolerance does he have? In addition to the pain, there are also personal health conditions.

It's useless... Then, doctor, will this be a problem in the future?

The thought of her own artist missing a kidney, Sun Qimin's face turned blue. When she thought of how her own artist was forced to donate his kidneys and how he met his father in the show, she didn't believe it was a coincidence, she believes that someone is behind all this.

Living a normal life is no problem, but as for other things, it depends on his personal recovery ability.

The doctor also did not dare to guarantee too much. Although Xiao Qingrong's body looked fine, the specific situation depended on the situation. No one else could guarantee it.

Doctor, thank you. Could you pay attention to something for me...

Sun Qimin frowned, thinking about these things that had happened, she had a huge headache. She wanted to get to the bottom of this and it's not only because he is the cash cow for their company, Sun Qimin has also been with him for four years so she knows him best. If he was not forced, how could he do such an irrational thing?

In the ward, Xiao Qingrong was lying there in a hospital uniform. In addition to manipulating public opinion on the Internet in accordance with Xiao Qingrong's intentions, 618 was secretly observing its own host. It always felt that the host on the stage today was a little different and the way the host cut himself also made 618 frightened.

But no matter what, it doesn't want its host to be hurt. Although its host treats others with no love, but it believes that the host is a loving person, otherwise it would not be so gentle to those fans, Also, when he was at the Meng Yue School, he was very good to those students so even if others were injured, 618 did not want its host to be injured.

The public opinion outside is getting more and more in Xiao Qingrongs favor. With the insertion of Jiangnan Entertainment Company and 618 public opinion control, everything is now in the favor of Xiao Qingrong. His latest Weibo has even exceeded 500,000 messages, all of which are wishing for Xiao Qingrong's wellbeing. After all, no one wants their idol to die like this and when this kind of thing happens, of course, people will inevitably be a little worried.


On the hospital side, Sun Qimin had already made plans and several assistance was helping her hide Xiao Qingrong. If Xiao Qingrong's hospital was exposed, the turbulence caused by the fans coming will be too huge.

As the public opinion continued to be in Xiao Qingrong's favor, Wei Xueqin and Wan Keqing had already woken up. When Wan Keqing woke up at 10 o'clock in the evening and saw everything on Weibo, she felt immense regret. Her career has come to an end...

After seeing all this, Wan Keqing knew that Xiao Qingrong was not the kind of person who someone could bully casually. Such a person will strike back when bullied and when they do, they will show no mercy.

So in the early morning, Wan Keqing posted on Weibo. The first thing was to permanently withdraw from the Star Face to Face program group and also exposed that the appearance of Wei Xueqin was the planning of the program group. Other than that, she even expressed her apology to Xiao Qingrong for this matter.

Once such a statement was issued, it caused a lot of discussion amongst the people. After all, this matter is no longer a matter of Xiao Qingrong's fans. It has risen to the issue of public opinion! A scum man, after seeing his son's fame, came over and asked his child to donate a kidney. Is this appropriate?

Let's not talk about this, since he has kidney disease, why not let his son who is born later donate? Do you have to donate from your ex-wife's son and go to the show?

Moreover, there were also people who knew Wei Xueqin but they didn't know he had kidney failure and they also knew Wei Xueqin's other son. In short, all kinds of news studios have been contracted and major entertainment websites and social websites have also broadcast this matter.

#Shocking! Xiao Qingrong dug out his own kidney live#

#Shut down that entertainment show#

#The situation of Xiao Qingrong is unknown#

#Should the cheating father be forgiven?#

#F*ck, Xiao Qingrong harmed himself just because of....#

All kinds of sensational topics have aroused all kinds of discussions. In this age of entertainment, stars and family ethics, when these things are put together, the effect of course is huge!

Wei Xueqin, who was taken to the hotel to rest, had changed by the time he woke up the next day! Looking at the news on his mobile phone and so many messages, Wei Xueqin felt scared like never before. Thinking of everything that happened yesterday, he only felt that he should not have been greedy for money. If it was not for money, how could he have been in such a situation. When he thought of the warm and wet feeling on his hands yesterday, his face turned pale and he wanted to puke.

In addition to the phone calls from his wife and son, there are various colleagues, friends, and relatives whom he knew before but Wei Xueqin did not dare to answer them and he was afraid of what they would ask because he didn't know how to answer. According to the original plan, as long as he is willing to go on the show, then public opinion will stand by his side and then Xiao Qingrong will have to donate a kidney, but now, what is going on?

At the hospital, it was almost noon and Xiao Qingrong, who had finished the operation had finally woke up and although he was conscious, he did not open his eyes.

Lying on the bed, his hand shook slightly and 618 couldn't get excited.

[Host, host, are you awake? Are you OK? Are you feeling uncomfortable? Does it hurt?]

618 was about to cry as it asked but immediately stopped talking when it heard the voice of its voice.

Annoying, shut up.

Hearing the familiar voice and the familiar feeling, 618 quickly shut up. It knew that its host is injured at this moment and needs to take a good rest. Even though it felt wronged, it did dare not to say a word.

Seeing 618 be silent, Xiao Qingrong eyes slightly twitched but instead of opening his eyes, he directly entered into the learning space.

Such a scene scared 618. Is the host so addicted to learning? His body is in this situation but he is still thinking about learning?

As soon as it wanted to say something, it heard the suppressed laughter of its host, from a gentle laugh to a later uncontrollable laugh, which made 618 confused.

[Are you all right, host?]

Why does this look so wrong? 618 is sensitive to emotions and it feels that its host is acting strange so it can only ask carefully.

Xiao Qingrong, who is in the learning space raised his eyebrows after hearing the voice of 618 and then simulated a scalpel. This scalpel appeared on his right hand and it was then spun around his fingertips.

Okay, of course I'm fine. I haven't been here in a while. Moreover, my body won't be able to recover soon so I might as well have fun here and I haven't eaten fresh roasted waist for a long time... [TN: This dude a cannibal...]