Super Male God System Chapter 27 - Shamelessness

Along with the fans watching inside, the fans watching the live broadcast on TV are also excited. After all, Xiao Qingrong is quite famous because of his appearance. In addition, there are fans who are watching the live broadcasts on the Internet and they are also sending a barrage of comments.

Now that there are so many fans of Xiao Qingrong outside, Wan Keqing could even hear the shouts of the fans while he was sitting in the dressing room. Before he came, he saw Xiao Qingrong once again become even more popular. You know, since Xiao Qingrong's debut, the number of his fans has increased exponentially. Xiao Qingrong is very popular, to the point that almost all of his fans will buy water bottles he drinks from if it is being sold.

It is precisely because of this that Wan Keqing couldn't figure out why someone would try to mess with Xiao Qing Ren. Not to mention how high Xiao Qingrong's personal popularity is, it is said that the Jiangnan Entertainment Company treats Xiao Qingrong as a gem so who would want to mess with him?

Although she was thinking like this, Wan Keqing also knew that since it was in the script, then the show crew would not let her have much resistance. Anyways, today she must offend Xiao Qingrong and Xiao Qingrong's fans!

It seems that everyone knows the guests who will be coming in next, so I won't delay it any further. Next, we have Xiao Qingrong, who has more than 80 million fans!!!

As soon as her voice fell, there was a crazy scream in the studio. It was filled with Xiao Qingrong's name and the music from the music group made the atmosphere very heated. Many times, when they do shows, in order to make the stars look famous, they would usually pay some acts but for Xiao Qingrong, it is unnecessary. Any show who invites Xiao Qingrong to record the program does not need any paid actors because Xiao Qingrong has so many fans so you don't need to pay any actors at all!!

At this moment, the fans in the studio made deafening screams and Xiao Qingrong soon appeared on the stage. Today he is completely different from the past. Xiao Qingrong is in a black shirt and he does not look like the youth in the past and he is a bit more calm and his hairstyle is hooked, which even made the fans scream almost broke through the roof.

Standing in the center of the stage, facing so many fans' crazy shouts and everyone's hot eyes, this feeling made Xiao Qingrong feel very comfortable, which reminded him of a person, that person is called shadow and he has eight personalities. One of them is a performing personality. His favorite thing is to stand on the stage and show off. Xiao Qingrong used to be a little confused, but now, when he sees the fans cheering for himself, he seems to understand.

The cool music stopped, Wan Keqing looked at the popularity of the person in front of her and she was really afraid that the show crew might have made a big mess this time.

When thinking of this, Wan Keqing felt uneasy, not knowing why.

Qing Rong, this is the first time you have participated in our Star Face to Face . Would you like to say hello to the fans on the spot?

Passing the microphone to him, Wan Keqing had a gentle face. On this stage, Wan Keqing's control ability is very strong.

After getting the microphone, Xiao Qingrong suddenly smiled towards the camera. This one directly made all fans scream madly again! Because this smile is definitely not the kind of clever smile that he used to show. He now has an evil charm with a bit of swaying look, causing people to be mesmerized. Moreover, with the addition Xiao Qingrong's face value, he looked extremely handsome, making the fans wonder how can he become more and more handsome as time goes by?

Hello to my friends in front of the TV and to my friends on the scene. I am Xiao Qingrong, I am very happy to be a guest in Stars Face to Face, and I hope to make everyone happy in the future...

As he said that, he had a bright smile. Many old fans who watched the live broadcast felt that Xiao Qingrong today seemed very happy and seemed to have encountered something good!

The more Wan Keqing looked at the people in front of her, the more she felt uneasy but she couldn't refuse the arrangement of the program group and could only continue her interview with scrutiny.

Seeing that Qing Rong is here personally on the show, it seems that your fans are very excited. I heard that Qing Rong has been making a movie recently. Which movie is it? Can you say something?

Stars to Face is plainly a star chat show. Wan Keqing's role is to tap the little gossip of these stars. Which fan doesn't like this little gossip? After the program group notified the outside world that Stars Face to Face invited Xiao Qingrong, many fans even left messages on the official blog. It can be said that the popularity is super high.

Yes, the movie I'm shooting now is Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream, directed by Zhou Dun. This is my first time playing a teenager general in the movie so I am very happy. I hope that when the movie is released, everyone can go support me in the cinema. It will be released on October 1st.

Xiao Qingrong naturally knows about his own body so he understood that the movie that he is acting in at this time is the Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream, and as soon as his words came out, the following fans suddenly brought out many items, this time it was a glacier-colored item, then a very orderly sound rang out.

Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream! Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream! We will definitely come watch

This neat fan group made the camera crew involuntarily give a lot of shots, causing Xiao Qingrong to look at all his fans faces and smiled even more brightly.

Ah, ah! How could Qingrong be so sweet and handsome!

Oh my God, he stole my heart

Buy, buy, buy! Isn't it just a movie? I'll definitely go watch it!

Fans watching the live broadcast on the Internet also hurriedly said to show their support.

There was an intense atmosphere in the studio, and Wan Keqing would surely be happy if it was normal but now, the more excited everyone is, Wan Keqing couldn't think of what kind of reaction will happen after Xiao Qingrong's father comes on the stage.

618 is also admiring his own host. It felt that the host was really awesome. When a star can be liked by so many people, that star is a real male god ~

It seems that everyone is very much looking forward to your new movie, so on October 1st, I hope everyone will support Qing Rong's Iron Horse Glacier Comes to Dream. I will go to the cinema to support Qing Rong ~

Wan Keqing blinked and caused everyone to smile. Xiao Qingrong nodded and smiled at her. Today, the smile is so much that Wan Keqing standing next to him felt a little bit stunned...

Then I'll ask you a quick question, okay? Many fans this time, after knowing that you have participated in our Star Face to Face , have given a lot of questions to the show cew, I hope you can answer them on the spot, are you ready?

Of course, Xiao Qingrong was prepared. Is answering a few questions more difficult than killing?

The profession of celebrity, to put it plainly, is to shape himself into a shining look and then to show his best side. Of course, Xiao Qingrong knows how to do it.


He sat there obediently, causing the fans to think that he looks cute and handsome this way too. He has an evil charm around him but after sitting down, he suddenly turned into a good baby, which made people feel the contrast suddenly.

Okay, then I'll start. The first fan question, this year you are already twenty years old. If you are in love, what kind of girl do you like?

Generally, variety shows will ask this question. Xiao Qingrong also faced this problem before but at that time, Xiao Qingrong would say that he was still young and would know it when he encountered that person.

When everyone heard this question, they thought it would be the same answer as usual and they did not expect that Xiao Qingrong's answer.

I like girls who are smart and up-and-coming, um.... Well, basically my fans.

This sentence directly pleased all the fans who watched him, whether they were on-site fans or fans who watched the live broadcast, they all showed smiles because their idol thinks of them. The feeling was of course very wonderful.

Oh? Which one of your fans? Smart and up-and-coming, are all your fans like this in your heart?

When thinking of Xiao Qingrong's fans, Wan Keqing felt it was a bit unreal. Xiao Qingrong had not debuted for four years, but the loyalty of his fans is much better than many stars. The cohesion of his fans can be said to be very high.

Yes, they are really amazing. Not only do they create pictures for me on Weibo, they even make videos of me. Moreover, last month, our company set up a love fund for AIDS patients. My fans were very supportive and donated to the fund. Thank you for your support for me and for the love fund. Thank You

As he said that, he bowed towards everyone, causing the fans to become even more crazier.

Xiao Qingrong, I love you!

I love you too!!!

The feelings of the fans are strong. At this time, they expressed with their voices and Xiao Qingrong's smile made the fans filled with excitement. If we can donate again, we are all willing!

Wan Keqing didn't expect Xiao Qingrong to mention the foundation suddenly. She didn't know that she would be brought into the ditch by Xiao Qingrong and she could only continue on with her question.

It seems that Qing Rong is very supportive of philanthropy. I also supported the love fund you initiated on Weibo. Anyways, here is the next question. It is said that you usually get on Weibo at midnight, can you explain why? [TN: Philanthropy - the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes.]

Because I have a lot of work to do during the day and I can't get on my mobile phone. I'm a bit addicted to the Internet but I can only get on Weibo for a while at night. Many of my pictures are drawn by them, as well as videos, which is very fun to see so that's why I usually get on at night...

With such an answer, the following fans became more excited. Wan Keqing looked at Xiao Qingrong and suddenly didn't know what to do. Thinking of Xiao Qingrong's information that she had previously obtained, who was the one that said he was cold and immature?

Oh? Then you saw those videos made by your fans? Your fans also want to know if you will go to Station B, there are a lot of videos about you going to Station B [TN: I think station B is another live broadcast show or something]

The so-called gossip is like this. In fact, all these questions are not useful, but as long as the fans are happy, it will be asked.

If my fan wants to, I will go to station B, but it seems that my fans don't want me to. After opening the videos made by my fans, they said that they don't really want me to go somewhere so far and I also don't want to leave my fans

Xiao Qingrong said, it seemed a little embarrassed and showed a sloppy smile, causing everyone present showed a kind smile, and those fans who watched the live broadcast brushed out a word #Xiao Qingrong cares for his fans#, #Xiao Qingrong wants to stay with his fans#

Wan Keqing also continued the interview. The interview between the two was gradually getting better. After hearing that the ratings were getting higher and higher from the headset, Wan Keqing said that he was indeed the hottest little meat nowadays. His popularity is very high.

Ke Qing, talk about his father.

A reminder suddenly came from the headset, making Wan Keqing's smile momentarily stiff. If she could, she really didn't want to do it but someone wants to mess with Xiao Qingrong. Even if she doesn't cooperate, other people will cooperate so she can't offend the show crew for him...

With a sigh in her heart, she felt that it is a pity for Xiao Qingrong

Qing Rong, according to your previous exposure on Weibo, your mother passed away last year, so how is your relationship with your other relatives?

Suddenly, hearing this question pop up, Xiao Qingrong's face instantly became indifferent. Even those fans who have been spoiled and screamed become cold for a moment, because they all know that the mother of their idol died a year ago. However, this host brought it up so of course, it made the fans unhappy.

On the comment section, the fans commented one by one, #Something is wrong with the host#, #The host is mentally disabled for her to ask about the mother who has passed away#, #What the hell is this host doing#.

Other than those comments, there are also comments expressing their condolences for Xiao Qingrong, #I feel sorry for Qingrong#. In short, for the death of Xiao Qingrong's mother, when Xiao Qingrong appeared in front of the media, he was dealt a heavy blow. Now that the old things are revisited, it inevitably made people feel that the program group is planning something.

Most fans thought that the show crew would talk about Xiao Qingrong's mother who died for the ratings...

I have no relatives except my mother.

Xiao Qingrong gave such an answer with a cold face. Although it was indifferent, the clean eyes were very distressing to the fans, because the eyes were full of ice at this moment, but they seemed to carry endless loneliness. At this time. he seems a little bit pitiful, causing people to want to hold him in their arms and console him.

Wan Keqing is also a little embarrassed, because she knows that what she will do next will cause her to definitely be scolded but there is no way. Once you are mixed in the entertainment circle, you will have to bow your head in order to rise up.

But according to our show team, Qingrong, you still have a father.

She dared to say this sentence and the fans present booed because many fans knew that Xiao Qingrong's mother was divorced. How could a divorced man be worthy of being called the father of their idol?

Xiao Qingrong doesn't seem to reject this topic. A fragile smile appeared on his face, and his eyes became red all of a sudden, which made the fans present distressed, not to mention those who watched the live broadcast.

I do have a father but in all honesty, it is better not to have him as a father. Sister Qing, my company and fans know that my mother divorced early and raised me alone but I never said that, in fact, my mother divorced because my father was cheating. When I was three years old, not only was he cheating, but his mistress also had a child. For that woman and child, he forced my mother to divorce and then gave me up. I lived with my mother until my mother died last year. In my heart, my loved ones are my mother and no one else.

As he said that, his eyes turned red and tears were about to form but they were stubborn and refused to fall. However, this made the fans below sob. This is the first time they saw such a weak and tearful Xiao Qingrong and even if he looked cool today, his tears are still so distressing.

Wan Keqing never expected that he would cry because of mentioning his mother. She was even more embarrassed and could not bear it because she already knew what Xiao Qingrong's father was planning on doing and he was here to destroy Xiao Qingrong. However, the look of this person in front of her really made Wan Keqing overwhelmed.

There was a sound of the planner on the headset. The ratings of the show group have soared again because of Xiao Qingrongs crying.

Well, it should not be called crying because the man in front of her did not cry, just a pair of red eyes with tears, stubbornly trying to keep the tears from falling, making people particularly distressed.

But your father is also the one who gave birth to you. You haven't seen him for so many years. Maybe he has other difficulties?

Wan Keqing guided Xiao Qingrong, thinking about waiting for Wei Xueqin to come out and let the two fathers and sons go face to face. In this case, the ratings of the program group will be more guaranteed.

Hearing Wan Keqing's words, Xiao Qingrong gave a bitter smile, then looked at Wan Keqing with a look of distress.

Sister Qing, I won't hide it from you any longer. Actually, before I made my debut, I went to the man secretly. Everyone knows that I made my debut because of the picture on the Internet of me crying in the snow. In fact, that day, I sneaked away to find that man. At that time my mother was waiting for medical expenses in the hospital. I was just a student and had no money at all so I thought of going to the man and after a while, I finally found out that man's home. He came out and immediately kicked me out. The man also said that he was not my dad and told me to forever, so I cried helplessly in the snow. When I arrived at the Jiangnan Entertainment company, after I signed the contract, the company was responsible for my mother's medical expenses. Really, I am very grateful to Jiangnan Entertainment Company and the fans who made me popular at the time. Otherwise, I would probably be dead.

He said so many things in an unprecedented way that the atmosphere suddenly calmed down, causing fans to cry even more. Moreover, Sun Qimin, who was sitting below, was also red-eyed. For so many years, she knew the child's difficulty. She also understands the child's view on affection. For such a man who abandoned his wife after cheating, Sun Qimin also felt disgust for him.

The keen Sun Qimin has felt that the program crew said something strange but this is a live show, and it is not possible to interrupt it. She can only work hard to deal with the uneasiness in the heart, watching Xiao Qingrong, who is now revealing his life situation to the media for the first time. She hopes that this will cause the show crew to not try to do something strange again.

Wan Keqing is also embarrassed. Although she knew that the man had abandoned his wife, but now looking at Xiao Qingrong's pitiful appearance, she felt it is also unbearable but she still has to do it.

But maybe he has other difficulties? Qing Rong, in fact, after you decided to participate in this show, your father found the show group and wanted to meet you at the scene. Whatever happened between you and your father, It's been so long since then. Can't you forgive him? After all, you are father and son...

As she finished talking, Xiao Qingrong was surprised and couldn't believe it. The tears were still in his eyes and that people who were sorry for him and his mother were also shocked to hear that his father will appear on the show.

The following fans were also shocked by the planning of the show crew. It never occurred to them that in order to get ratings, Stars Face to Face began to actively dig out the privacy of other stars? Isn't this a violation of privacy?

Sun Qimin did not expect the show group to have such a plan, thinking that Xiao Qingrong had never mentioned his family before. Now what does the show group plan do? Thinking of this, Sun Qimin got up and walked to the side, intending to ask the program team what they wanted to do!

The shocked Xiao Qingrong couldn't believe it as he looked at Wan Keqing in front of him. He couldn't speak for a long time. It seemed that he was shocked by such a thing and Wan Keqing took the opportunity to say something quickly.

Now we have Xiao Qingrong's biological father, Mr. Wei Xueqin, to meet with Qing Rong. They have not seen each other for 17 years...

The music given by the program team at this time is obviously so warm and lingering, but the atmosphere is cold and terrible. The fans below are all angry with red eyes. If there is no one to maintain order, they will definitely rush up.

In a burst of music, Wei Xueqin came out from behind. His old appearance made everyone watching the broadcast live felt that this man is really nothing like Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong is so unique but his father is just an ordinary person. This situation surprises everyone.

However, the ratings have increased rapidly. Because of the exposure of Xiao Qingrong before and Wei Xueqin walking in at this time. Although the makeup has become very sloppy, few people sympathize because no one would like the kind of person who would abandon his wife and son. Not to mention, he has a mistress who gave birth to a child and left his other child hanging, how can they not hate this person?

This is the psychological battle that Xiao Qingrong fought, first expressing his good deeds, then thanking the fans who love him, and then when the host raised the topic of loved ones, he directly took out those things that Wei Xueqin did for sympathy and told everyone that this person is a scumbag.

In this case, no matter how pitiful Wei Xueqin is, everyone will not really sympathize with a scumbag, right?

The appearance of Wei Xueqin really increased the ratings. When he came over, his eyes were full of kindness as he looked at his own son.

Qingrong.... He shouted the name tremblingly and it looked like tears were about to fall.

But Xiao Qingrong closed his eyes at this moment, then put away the tears and looked at the man in front of him indifferently.

You know, I don't want to see you. My mother's last wish before dying was to keep me from meeting you and seeing you in my life.

He said this indifferently, but none of the fans present felt that it was wrong. Why have sympathy for such a scum? When he was young, he abandoned his wife and children. When his wife was seriously ill, he completely ignored her. Now that his son is successful, he wants to come and get some benefits. How can someone be this thick skinned?

Wei Xueqin was treated with such indifference, which was also a little embarrassing. He looked at Wan Keqing with a begging expression, which made Wan Keqing helpless.

Qing Rong, don't be angry now. As far as I know, Mr. Wei has a special reason for that. Maybe it's all a misunderstanding for you. Mr. Wei came here today to solve this misunderstanding with you.

Wan Keqing said, sighing in her heart, even if this man was sick, as a woman, Wan Keqing could not sympathize with such a scumbag.

Xiao Qingrong was still indifferent, but Wei Xueqin spoke.

Qing Rong, my divorce with your mother was really because I was cheating but I still did not treat your mother badly. When I\we divorced, I not only gave your mother a share of the property, I also left you to your mother...

As soon as he was here, he was interrupted by Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong looked at the man ironically and hummed.

You're a cheater. My mother and you split the property in the marriage. Moreover, you got more of it and you also left me to my mother and said you don't want me because you already have another son outside, do you think I don't know? Although I was only three years old at that time, I already had a memory of when you divorced, and I remember them well.

Xiao Qingrong's words made Wei Xueqin look bad.Thinking of the fact that he was actually rebuked by his son, it made him a little unhappy but because it was in the program, he couldn't lose his temper and could only endure it.

Qing Rong, this is a thing of the past and besides, you were so young, how would you know what was going on? At that time, there were no feelings between us and although we divorced but in my heart, you will always be my good boy. I was really helpless, I really didn't want to leave you but your mother forced me. Otherwise, she won't divorce and I can't help it. You must think about how painful it is to live with an unemotional person...

When he said that, he seemed to feel that he was right, even though he was the one who cheated, and this made all Xiao Qingrong's fans feel that his skin was as big as a pot! He was really helpless? It was painful living with an unemotional person? That person is your wife!!!!

Now the fans are more sympathetic to Xiao Qingrong and his mother. For her to encounter such a person, is she really pitiful..

No feelings? Then why did you marry my mother in the first place? Why gave birth to me? Besides, anyone else can talk about feelings. Only you can't. At that time, you found a woman outside and betrayed your marriage with my mother. You, a cheater, are the least qualified to talk about feelings. No matter what you are doing today, I tell you, I will never recognize you. Moreover, you also signed the declaration of severance of relations

Yes, Xiao Qingrong's mother, Xiao Zixian, was afraid that something would happen so when she divorced, she had evidence of her husband cheating and got she also got the DNA of his other son for further proof. By virtue of these things, not only did she get the custody of Xiao Qingrong but also a declaration of severance of relations, which was already legally effective.

That statement was signed by your mother and I was forced to sign it. You are also my son. How could I not feel bad for you? I had no choice but to sign that thing and your mother never allowed me to see you, what can I do? I can't help it...

Wei Xueqin suddenly burst into tears, which can be said to be true tears. This appearance is estimated to make people feel pitiful after seeing it but unfortunately for him, there is only hate for him. Moreover, Xiao Qingrong will absolutely not allow this man to ruin his life.

You don't have to do anything. The best you can do is to never appear in front of me. Didn't you say you didn't have a son like me? I will say the same thing, I don't have a father like you. According to the original severance statement, you are not my father, just a stranger.

Now Xiao Qingrong is like a hedgehog with thorns, even if he is so indifferent to his own father, it doesn't make the fans feel bad. It just makes the fans feel anxious to beat the old man!

The atmosphere suddenly froze. Wei Xueqin didn't seem to think that Xiao Qingrong was not only so calm but indifferent when he faced him. Even though he had no feelings for this son, Wei Xueqin was still a little angry and complained about how his ex-wife educated him.

Wan Keqing also watched the stiff atmosphere in the show, and hurried out to say something.

Qing Rong, I know that Mr. Wei did a lot of things at first and I'm sorry for you and your mother but now he has found the show crew and he really wants to get along with you. Moreover, he came this time because he has something to tell you. Although he is only 56 years old, he has kidney disease and I am afraid that time is running out...

As she said the lines in the textbook, she felt that such lines were strange. What kind of father would only want to see the son he had abandoned only when he is sick? Isn't this leading up to something?

When 618 heard this, it immediately reacted.

[Host, look, this person is asking you to donate a kidney! You must not donate a kidney! As a man, the kidney is very important!]

Although his host is not close to women and he has no interest in women, how can men not have kidneys? Doesn't that have a big impact on the body?

There are two kidneys in the human body. It is reasonable to donate one kidney, but in fact, if one kidney is missing, it will not only accelerate aging, but also various physical symptoms will occur.

So donating a kidney is something that 618 absolutely disagrees with.

Xiao Qingrong looked at Wan Keqing and Wei Xueqin indifferently, but answered 618 questions in his heart.

Oh, donate a kidney? It's impossible for me to donate a kidney in this life, let alone donate a kidney to such a person. They think so beautifully...

Well, in a sense, Xiao Qingrong is also a person who can't tolerate sand in his eyes.

Seeing that Xiao Qingrong had not spoken for a long time, Wei Xueqin thought of those people's promises and hurriedly made a sad expression.

Qing Rong... Dad has run out of time. This kidney disease is very serious. If I don't change the kidney again, I will be dead. So dad came to the show this time to see you, to see if it was ok...

He played an emotional card but Xiao Qingrong did not answer at all.

Are you finished?

Xiao Qingrong's words can be said to be very indifferent. Immediately after the words fell, Wei Xueqin's face was not very good. He never expected that when he heard that he was sick, his son could still be so indifferent.

Will you forgive my father for not caring for you these years? Let's get along with each other, okay? I will treat you well.

Thinking of that person's guarantee, even if this son is no longer useful, he will still be able to get money so Wei Xueqin can choose to scheme against Xiao Qingrong without hesitation.

Of course... I can't forgive you. After hearing Xue Xueqin's words of reconciliation, Xiao Qingrong took a big breath and said another sentence.

For the sake of you dying, I will not talk about your bullying my mother in the first place. Don't show up in front of me in the future.

Wan Keqing on the side did not expect that Xiao Qingrong didn't even care about his image in front of the media. He treated his biological father in this way in public and was not afraid of public opinion. He directly threw the topic about donating the kidney out.

Tell him to donate his kidney! Tell him to donate his kidney!

Inside the headset was the shout of the planner but Wan Keqing was very irritated and felt that the current stage was no longer in control of herself.

Wei Xueqin was very upset when he heard Xiao Qingrong say that and now he didn't bother to follow the script anymore.

Do you really have the patience to see me die? Can't you donate a kidney to me? As long as you donate a kidney to me, I can live well! I am your biological father...

He was bitter and pitiful but Xiao Qingrong was still indifferent.

The audience immediately started to make noise. Everyone really did not expect that this so-called dad was so shameless and asked for a kidney from his own son. Does he know how important this kidney is to a man?

The fans who watched the live broadcast were also pissed. They never expected that their idol would be asked to donate his kidney by his own father like this.

He barely raised his child but now that his child has grown up and he is sick. He comes over and asks his child to donate a kidney. Why is his face so thick?

Xiao Qingrong had already expected such a scene but he was calm and his eyes fell on Wei Xueqin's body.

So this is why you met me today? For my kidney?

His words were indifferent but it still made everyone feel indescribable anger, because even between father and son, making such a request was excessive.

Yes! I gave birth to you, now is the time for you to help. What's wrong with you? I've even raised you for so many years, just give me a kidney!

At this moment, Wei Xueqin had taken it for granted. Wan Keqing on the side felt that something was about to go wrong. At the same time, when she was upset, she suddenly saw Xiao Qingrong take out a small box from his pocket and it made her stunned.

The camera captured Xiao Qingrong's actions for the first time. Looking at the box that Xiao Qingrong took out, everyone was stunned. Everyone saw Xiao Qingrong looking at the box almost religiously, then opened it slowly, revealing the contents inside, a delicate scalpel.

Later, this scalpel was taken out by Xiao Qingrong's left hand and it kept flying on his beautiful and slender fingers.

They don't know why but everyone suddenly felt a little inexplicable and when Xiao Qingrong raised his head again, his original eyes turned cold and sharp.

Suddenly, he raised the corner of his mouth and smiled at Wei Xueqin in front of him, his voice was more like a charming demon.

Are you sure you want my kidney?