Super Male God System Chapter 25 - Hacker

Rong Lele will always remember the appearance of Xiao Qingrong from when she first saw him. His whole body was stained with blood and even his face was full of blood. It was almost impossible to see his appearance and it was very shocking to Rong Lele at that time.

Especially after seeing everything that happened later, Rong Lele had a complicated feeling about this person because he did something that she wanted to do but she did not dare to do, or even couldn't do, and it was also easily done by him.

As she watched the scalpel in his hand pierce the necks of the beast instructors and as she watched the blood spew out, she felt that her heart was beating uncontrollable as the instructor fell down, as if she was undergoing rebirth again.

I announce that the Meng Yue School is now mine. Do you have any opinions?

She always remembers the first sentence of this person. His voice is clear and not dommerring at all, but after hearing it she does not dare to resist at all. It is clear that this person looks like a devil crawling out but in Rong Lele's heart, he is her savior.

Responding to his call, to following in his steps, to helping him appease these students, and finally the reformation of the Meng Yue School. Rong Lele never thought that she could also be a manager who could do important tasks so easily.

The injured teachers and instructors that had tortured her and the rest were put in confinement rooms, which were the confinement rooms that they, the students would be put in at the beginning. The happiest thing for her is when she heard the agony of the instructors and it is all because the person who had saved her.

At this point, she was no longer afraid of these people, even after knowing what the people in the confinement room were eating, she handed these things into the hands of these people and then looked at them with a smile and laughed wildly. These people ate that kind of food and they are going crazy, really going crazy.

From that horrible night that year, Rong Lele, who was once cowardly, had died and she is basically a walking dead who lives for revenge.

Those instructors were taken away by the police after half a year of suffering. The police have investigated and controlled all the information. Rong Lele and Yang Fan and other people watched these people who turned crazy be taken away. Rong Lele and the rest understood that these instructors paid for their actions.

Because they are the ones who hate these people the most, Xiao Qingrong gave them these tasks.

After dealing with these people with her own hands and leaving the past behind, Rong Lele finally has a new life.

Later in her life at the Meng Yue School, she saw with her own eyes that the prison where she once belonged to has become a paradise for others.

As a person trusted by the principal Xiao Qingrong, Rong Lele's position rose up step by step, from being one of the ordinary students, to late becoming the vice principal. Moreover, she also ran many companies under the principal's name. In order to be able to stay by their god, Rong Lele learned a lot, even if she didn't like it, she forced himself to learn.

Just like Yang Fan, Qi Yue, and Tang Jiayu, the four of them have dedicated their souls to their god. In order to protect their god, they are willing to give everything.

As Meng Yue School became more and more famous, more children came to study in the school. Rong Lele and others remained beside Xiao Qingrong diligently to help Xiao Qingrong manage everything that belonged to the school.

Until the departure of their god.

In fact, Xiao Qingrong's health has always been good, much better than many people, and he rarely gets sick every year, but on the previous day of his death, he called Rong Lele and others to his home, just like that year, to eat with them four.

Yang Fan, I will leave the school in yours and Lele's hands. There is also Jiayu and Qiyue. You have done very well these years and I have been very satisfied.

The 58-year-old Xiao Qingrong looked very young and even his hair had only a few white hairs. However, everyone else had white hair and the sufferings they had suffered from when they were young, have fallen into their roots after getting old. These four have never been married in this life and have been alone.

Rong Lele was unable to accept being with any man because of the kind of thing that happened and the other three were the same because of the experience in the earlier years. Moreover, with the expansion of the Meng Yue School, they are busy every day and are surrounded by friends so they had no time for a relationship. After so many years, although they don't have their own family, the students highly respect them and those graduated students come over every year to give the four a lot of good things.

At that time, they did not know that they would lose the most important person in their lives. Rong Lele smiled and agreed to this matter. She has always regarded Meng Yue School as her responsibility.

That night, they were very happy as they continued to eat and drink, and even missed what happened that year but no one knew. The next morning, they were facing a separation between heaven and earth.

When everyone got up the next morning, they saw the letter from the principal, they realized that the principal had left them at such a young age. Among them, Yang Fan madly sought a doctor and wanted to check the principal's death but the doctor told them that the principal's death is natural and with the principal's testament, everyone had to accept this result.

Because of this matter, both Rong Lele, Yang Fan, and others have been decadent, and later they have worked harder to complete the principal's will, and Rong Lele chose to write down the history of the Meng Yue School for the first time. Everything was written into a book for sale. The stories in the book are written according to the experience of Yang Fan and the four. Once issued, it attracted the attention of many experts in the market and made the public more aware of how terrible the quitting schools were.

In addition, Rong Lele and others did not hide their true identities. The book details the experiences of these people before the principal was changed, and everything that happened after they met the principal. It also made everyone feel that Xiao Qingrong is extremely mighty. He reformed the school by himself and even changed the lives of so many people and sent so many talents to the country.

Xiao Qingrong, the principal of Meng Yue School, has become known to all children who like to surf the Internet. What he has done for so many years has correctly guided many parents so that they no longer encounter any misguided parents when they like to surf the Internet.

Rong Lele died at the age of 89. Even though she had suffered so much pain, she kept on living in order to fulfill the wishes of Xiao Qingrong. There were many students that came to visit her on her deathbed. While Rong Lele was on the bed, all she could think of was Xiao Qingrong.

She has thought many times, what would happen if Xiao Qingrong did not appear in her life...

Thinking about it this way, she left the world after all but what she never expected was that she still had the opportunity to relive her life again.

Rong Lele, who revived was only five years old and was still a child. Her parents loved her so much that she had not been sent to the Meng Yue School just because they found that she was addicted to the Internet. All the pain has not yet begun.

All this is like a dream and that Lele can't distinguish between true and false but no matter what, she is unwilling to experience everything once again.

She lived step by step and tried to prove herself. She became a genius girl of theirs within a few years. She even helped her parents make a lot of money. When they went out, they were always proud. Although Rong Lele did not care about the couple at all.

After experiencing such things, Rong Lele can no longer trust anyone.

With the increase of age, Rong Lele has reached fifteen years old. In her last life, her parents sent her to Meng Yue School at this time. But this time, it may be that she has performed too well. Even if her parents watched her play on her computer, they weren't surprised and were happy for her.

All the differences made Rong Lele feel that her destiny had been changed, it was a little strange. She secretly called Yang Fan and others who also revived but found that Yang Fan and others were not even admitted to Meng Yue School. Although Meng Yue School still exists, it is still the same quitting school of their past life.

Knowing all this, Rong Lele felt conflicted because she knows that compared to the principal, she is just an ordinary person and can do very little. Changing the Meng Yue School can only be done by the principal. She... she was just a cowardly woman.

With such guilt, Rong Lele did not dare to investigate the matter of Meng Yue School again and began to enrich herself and gradually become stronger. When he was 25, she started her own company and became the boss. However, she did not take it lightly, because as the ‘1am War' approached, Rong Lele backed up all the company's information. She was not sure. This time without the principal, the Starscream Hacker alliance invasion will come as planned ...

Rong Lele had tried to investigate Xiao Qingrong but she found out that no matter how she investigated, she could not investigate this person so she could only give up this matter.

Soon.... that night came.

This time, it is not as fortunate as the past. A large-scale power outage in the country happened, coupled with the fact that the crazy Starscream Hacker Alliance swept the country's national online banking, which caused a huge financial crisis in the country and even though there was finally a super-hacker who turned the tide, everything that happened caused great turmoil in the country, and almost even caused war.

Rong Lele, who had prepared everything in advance was relieved that she did not lose anything but when she saw the name King, she was stunned ...

Because when Tao Ziyi was fighting against the Starscream hacker alliance the, the name super hacker named King was known and in the past, she knew that the hacker was Xiao Qingrong.

This time, King finally got his own name again, a name that Rong Lele couldn't be more familiar with.

Principal.... could it be you?