Super Male God System Chapter 24 - 1AM War

The mobile game The King's Descent had broken the download and profit of mobile games today. The highest monthly profit had reached 4 billion and even the national download had reached 1.8 billion downloads. It could be said to be a phenomenal mobile game.

And this King of the King from the Meng Yue School was even more enthusiastic. In the Meng Yue game company, the average age of these game developers was not even eighteen, which was enough to shock the media

#Ming Yue School Strikes Once Again#

#Ming Yue School The King's Descent#

#Ming Yue School, the school that cultivates the world champion!#

#Did you go to Meng Yue school?#

All kinds of topics have been headlined by netizens in strange ways. After all, Xiao Qingrong's life was so fantastic and shocking and everything created by the Meng Yue School had also shocked many.

Super influencers on the Internet, online authors who could write novels that will have a TV series soon, highly talented players who won the championship and they even made a mobile game that had billions of downloads. These people all come from Meng Yue School! And there was only one person they most respect, and that was Xiao Qingrong, the principle of Meng Yue School!!!

Seeing that his reputation was getting higher and higher, Xiao Qingrong chose to start Weibo. In addition to many parents paying attention to Xiao Qingrong, many netizens paid attention to Xiao Qingrong also. In one day, Xiao Qingrong's followers have already broken through the millions.

While most of the education community supports Xiao Qingrong's new education methods, some disapprove but this couldn't stop the parents' thoughts of sending their child to the Meng Yue School. When the parents see these addicted kids turn out like this, they want to send their child also when they see their child like computers so much. This Meng Yue School had cultivated so many geniuses and their child may learn a lot so they went to consult the Meng Yue School with such an idea.

Today, there are hundreds of staff in Meng Yue School, of which five are just answering telephone calls. They receive consultation calls from all over the country every day. However, Meng Yue School could only accommodate 30,000 students.

After these parents called to sign up, Xiao Qingrong and 618 would investigate the students who wanted to come to class and determine the talents of the children before agreeing to send them over.

It's not that Xiao Qingrong deliberately ignored those talented children but now that the school was so big and had not had time to expand again, it could only accommodate 30,000 people. Of course, it was necessary to choose those talented children because such children should not be left to gather dust.

The new school season had begun and Meng Yue School was as lively as ever. This time, the children who were sent there were not afraid. Instead, they were very curious about this legendary quitting school. Many children watched it online. When they got the news, they offered to come over because they also wanted to see what kind of school that did not treat Internet addiction as a disease.

Everyone was busy at Meng Yue School, both teachers and old students because Xiao Qingrong gave them a task. Everyone took one of the new students and showed them around campus, as well as explaining the school rules to them.

After the transformation, the Meng Yue School was completely different from other schools. Even the parents who followed were very curious. They were shocked when they saw classrooms that were completely different from ordinary schools. They felt that this school was really amazing.

You know, of course, ordinary schools are places for learning too and learning was the most important thing. Students will have a variety of classes they could take but most of the time, those schools won't have unique classes that involve the entertainment industry like art or music.

In Meng Yue School, in addition to the art class and music class that anyone could take, there are more weird classrooms. For example, girls' favorite makeup classes are specially designed to teach children to learn make up. Yes, the teacher in it was a very famous makeup artist. Xiao Qingrong hired her for an annual salary of two million.

In addition to the makeup class, there was a game training room, a handmade room, a clothing production room, a computer repair room, and an internet celebrity training room. A variety of different classes are presented in front of everyone, for these parents, they felt that this school was very upscale.

The students who choose to come to this school are the same. About Meng Yue School, they have known a lot on the Internet. When they really came here, they felt that this school was completely different from other schools.

When a new student goes to another school, there was always a break-in period. But when these children came to the Meng Yue School, they didn't need any break-in period at all. As long as they talk to their classmates around, they start to blend in, probably because everyone was obsessed with the Internet and the topics that everyone speaks to each other could be connected to each other so these children are more satisfied with this school.

Parents sent their children here and left and Xiao Qingrong's second training for these children continued.

In addition to cultivating these children in the school, Xiao Qingrong had already bought land again to expand the Meng Yue School. After all, although the school could now accommodate 30,000 people, more students will choose to come to this school in the future.

Five years have passed and the Meng Yue School had now developed into the largest super school in the province. The children in this school are from 12 to 24 years old and in the school had changed a lot of things in the five years.

For example, the area of ​​Meng Yue College was now second to none in China, larger than that of many universities and the construction was more exquisite. The number of students who come to this school every year was even more numerous.

Over the years, people have come and gone. Xiao Qingrong also owns various companies. In addition to game companies and game clubs, there are also network software companies, online celebrity brokerage companies, online author companies, and game jobs. Offices, construction companies, clothing companies, and even cosmetics and drug companies.

And all this comes from the children in Meng Yue School! Each of these children had their own strengths. Maybe they did not receive support in their own family or were opposed by their parents. So after coming here, with the backing of Meng Yue School, they could pursue their dreams.

Among them, the construction company was started by students who like to play architecture games. It was initially invested by Xiao Qingrong and later it was regarded as a stand in the industry. There was also a clothing company. From the beginning, the school uniform design of Meng Yue College came from these cute children. They later chose to apply for investment. Under the investment of Xiao Qingrong, they built their own clothing company. Time had even bloomed their glory on the world stage. There was also a cosmetics company, which was developed by some guys who like chemistry. After trials by school children, they found that the effect was outstanding and then started to make cosmetics. Now one by one, they are better than those on the market.

Who was the best on the market? That's none other than Xiao Qingrong, the principal of Meng Yue School! This amazing principal not only tapped the merits of those children and carried them forward, but also was good at investing and invested a lot of money in these children. So in order to find someone to manage these companies, it was natural to use a headhunting company. In five years, the headhunting company had already sent a lot of talents towards the company under the name of Xiao Qingrong, including domestic famous talents and overseas study parties.

In short, the name of the Meng Yue School could now be said to be heard across the country. Even those children who do not have Internet addiction, they really want to come to this school. However, Meng Yue School only receives 10,000 students each year and the applicants are carefully selected by the principal. Over time, everyone understood that even if it was a quitting school, it was not something you could just enter...

However, Meng Yue School was really powerful. Every year, there are exceptionally talented geniuses. Whether it was a competitive player who plays games, a costume designer who resounds on the international stage, or even children who go to participate in makeup competitions abroad, these are all mentioned. It was a very brilliant resume!

On the Internet, Xiao Qingrong, the principal of Meng Yue School had reached 20 million personal fans. It was nothing like a principal's Weibo and every time the principal posts, it causes a sensation.

In addition, the Meng Yue School had its own official website. It does not promote the school's teaching staff like other schools, nor does it promote campus scenery, but writes the brilliant resumes of these children from the Meng Yue School. On the front page was the super celebrity An Xianxian. This beautiful little girl had now established herself in the entertainment industry. She could be regarded as a second-tier female star. After she became popular that year, she started filming and went all the way. When facing the media, she always thanked the Meng Yue School and thanked the principal.

There are also the teams that won the ninth World League competition in Heroes. They have successfully written their more brilliant records. In addition, there are other teams that are the same. Everyone that went to the Meng Yue school proved that even ordinary students could also have dreams, and even fulfill them and this actually surprised Xiao Qingrong. He didn't think this much ordinary students would actually be able to achieve their dreams.

Writing novels, designing clothes, selling cosmetics, and starting construction companies. These things refresh the resume of Meng Yue School one at a time and let everyone realize the magic of this school because many times, adults underestimate children because according to them, only after accumulating a certain experience could someone fully succeed. The children in Meng Yue School, regardless of age, as long as they have the ability and as long as you dare to do it, they may embrace their dreams and get everything they want.

Xiao Qingrong was twenty-four years old this year. Compared to other people where they would try to get a job after graduating, everything that Xiao Qingrong had now was something that many people may never get in their lives, whether it was the Meng Yue School or everything created by the children of Meng Yue School.

As the principal of Meng Yue School, Xiao Qingrong had also been very busy in the past five years. In addition to expanding the school, it was necessary to train those children with 618 and to make these children more excellent in all aspects. What makes Xiao Qingrong happy was the plasticity of these children. For example, Tao Ziyi, for five years, he had become a very powerful hacker. People in the school come and go and during these five years, Xiao Qingrong accepted a few more apprentices. There are eight children in total. The youngest of the eight was only 13 years old and the oldest was 22 years old. They all have very high talents in computers, not the kind of talents for software, but the kind talent to guard a country!

Seeing that time was getting closer, Xiao Qingrong gave himself a day off, sitting in his office and smoking leisurely.

It's almost time, 618, if those people really do it, it will be fun.

In the office, Xiao Qingrong's expression was almost unclear but 618 was able to feel the excitement of his own host. In many cases, 618 could not understand his host. Obviously, the capabilities of the host now was enough to wipe out all the hackers.

At one o'clock in the evening tonight, the starstream hacker alliance from the United States and the United Kingdom will gather for the first time to commence a large-scale invasion of Huaxia. Through the network invasion, many Huaxia banks will be paralyzed and even the bank's online banking system will be destroyed. In addition, all major domestic portals will be nicknamed ‘coward' and sudden power outages in major cities in China will all be caused by those crazy hackers!

According to what 618 knows, this hacker raid was known as the '1am War' and it was also called ‘the devil's o'clock' by subsequent generations because when the bell at one o'clock in the morning sounded, those hackers opened their arrogant fangs, trying to swallow the sleeping dragon of Huaxia.

Beginning at one o'clock in the morning, not to mention how much money Huaxia lost due to this raid, the power outages in major cities caused a great impact on this country!

After all this happened, 618 knew that the host, because it was a genius hacker, rose strongly in this '1am War' and directly confronted those who participated in the hacking operation at the time by himself. He even helped the country reveal the identities of these people. Eventually, in the negotiations with the government, he gained a strong position and finally brought these hackers to justice!!!

It was also this ‘1am War' that had made people from all over the world realise the existence of such a hacker. Everyone in Huaxia also knows a hero who could turn the tide. This hero was called King.

[Host, if this ‘one o'clock in the morning' event really happens, it will have a great impact on Huaxia ...]

618 remembered the information it saw. The 1am war caused a domestic financial crisis and it almost triggered a domestic and foreign war. All this happened so suddenly and it was too late to react. However, 618 believed the host could successfully stop all this but why didn't the host bring these people to justice earlier?

Xiao Qingrong was smoking and his expression couldn't be clearly seen. After hearing 618, he laughed.

618, sometimes, you really don't act like a system, but like a person, full of so much useless sympathy.

This sentence made 618 do not know how to answer. It should be a very happy thing to be praised by the host like that, but now, 618 feels like his host was mocking himself...

Xiao Qingrong could almost think of the 618's tangled look at this moment. He smiled, extinguished the smoke in his hand and then played with the lighter in his hand.

Humans are very greedy and very cunning. I could deal with them before they act but why should I do it? Since all of this is bound to happen, then we can only let it happen. After this hacking war, more people will know about our Meng Yue School. Isn't this a win-win situation?

Such a thing of selfless dedication was not feasible here for Xiao Qingrong. Even if a hacker attacked the country, what does it have to do with him? Why block it in advance? Moreover, these people have been booked by Xiao Qingrong and he had specially trained his disciples. These long-established super hackers are the best stepping stones for his disciples. Stepping on them, these disciples could go higher and go further...

[But, but...] 618 wanted to say something but for a while, it did not know what to say, because it was clear that the host wasn't wrong, ‘1am War' was something that had happened before andit was unfair to the host to let the host stop it.

If the wings of the butterfly are stirred up, it may cause a huge sensation. Now, it seems normal for the host to watch this happen and then come out again to stop it, although the host does not want to appear himself.

The rise of a hero, the common confrontation of many people, was still a little different...

Just like those movies, the protagonist was always able to kill the villain, sweeping the audience alone and this time, the host so stubbornly gave this opportunity to fame to those children. 618 just felt that the host was very good to those students.

You know, in addition to the talented students of Meng Yue School, some of them are just ordinary people, so in order to take care of these people, Meng Yue School also introduced a series of policies. Most of the children who graduated from Meng Yue School could work in companies run by Meng Yue School. Therefore, many students will work for Xiao Qingrong once they graduate.

Regarding the question of how much assets the principal had, there are many students who have been curious, especially those who apply for company funds for their own dreams since the principle never seems to run out of money.

Okay, this time we can just watch the excitement. Now the school has become so eye-catching. After this help, it can be regarded as a backing for the school to help the country through this disaster. There will be some privileges after this.

Xiao Qingrong didn't want to participate in this so-called hacking war. Of course, even if he did, he didn't want anyone to know.

618 was no longer said anything, knowing that the host already had it's own ideas, it was useless to say anything.

Time passed minute by minute and because Xiao Qingrong had notified his apprentices in advance, at nine o'clock in the evening, all the students who Xiao Qingrong had personally taught came to their classroom. This classroom looked ordinary but the dozen or so computers in it are worth tens of millions. It was the most advanced computer today and it was also used by everyone to practice hacking.

Brother Tao, what did the teacher ask us to do? A fifteen-year-old boy asked Tao Ziyi with curiosity. Among these people, Tao Ziyi was the first disciple so he was their senior brother. Everyone would listen to Tao Ziyi's words and although they may be arrogant in front of others but in front of Tao Ziyi, they act obedient.

I don't know, there is always something to do, the teacher has his ideas. Tao Ziyi started learning computer languages from Xiao Qingrong a while back and he firmly worships Xiao Qingrong. Even if tens of years had passed, his most admired person was still Xiao Qingrong. In his heart, it was impossible for any hacker in this world to win against his teacher.

When the other student heard this, they knew that their senior brother didn't know what was going on so they all stood there waiting quietly.

After waiting for a while, Xiao Qingrong walked in from outside. He had smoked a lot before so he went to the bath to change clothes and even sprayed perfume. Xiao Qingrong's life was now managed by Rong Lele Therefore, everything from clothing to jewelry to even simple things are arranged very well.

Entering this classroom, Xiao Qingrong saw the apprentices who were sitting in a row. He had eight apprentices, all of whom were very good. Say something unpleasant. If these eight apprentices join forces to attack the White House abroad, it was estimated that they could get Down, although Xiao Qingrong had been suppressing these children, they did not let these children do wrong things.

Internet hacking was just a synonym known to the public but in this circle, hackers are divided into good and bad. Good hackers serve the country, and they also pretend to be ordinary people. Those bad ones are called hackers and what they are doing was illegal. Doing a few plug-ins was only the easiest operation. The malwares in the early years were the most horrible. One of the hacking organizations, through one virus, directly stole three hundred billion dollars from many companies and banks.

Xiao Qingrong had also made viruses for these children to crack but these children have never been asked to do anything illegal.

He had planned the future for these children, returning to the country, and glorifying the country was their final destination.


All students stood up after seeing Xiao Qingrong and then called him teacher respectfully. After coming to Meng Yue School, their most admired people have become the man in front of them.

In addition to them, there are countless students who have found their dreams with the help of their teacher. These disciples are the only ones who could call him teacher so they have always been proud of the fact.

Having such a teacher was enough to make them happy enough to show off.

Well, sit down first. There's something I need you to do.

With a wave of his hand, Xiao Qingrong walked to his seat and then turned to look at the children after they had sat down, before glancing at the children.

These children are the most talented people on the computer that Xiao Qingrong had selected in recent years and he had taught them for such a long time. Each of them could be said to be a very powerful hacker. Although he was not quite sure how they compare with the international hackers, Xiao Qingrong believes in the abilities of these children and also believes in his own abilities. There was the super system, called 618 who helped them practice so how could these children be worse than those hackers?

All students' eyes were excited and looked at their teacher. Unlike others, their class in the hacker group was the most valued by their teacher. Although there were few people in the class, from the moment they were selected into this class, everyone had an inexplicable expression. Destiny, although they came to this class because they like computers, but under the guidance of their teacher, Xiao Qingrong, and the practice of day and night, they always feel that their teacher seems to be training them, waiting for something to come.

Everyone could feel that feeling and because of this, everyone will practice harder, because each of them takes Xiao Qingrong as the goal to be surpassed.

According to what I know, the overseas starstream hacker alliance has joined some other powerful hackers and intends to launch a large-scale attack on our network in the early morning tonight. I want you to come here today to arrange an operation for you. As long as you complete my requirements for graduation work, you will be able to graduate.

Looking at these children's innocent faces, Xiao Qingrong felt that among these eight people, there should be six or seven who could graduate. At that time, being hired by the state could be considered the peak of life.

A hacker was not indulging in darkness and doing something silently was considered cool. As people protected by the state, they should have their own ideas and they must also stand up to defend the country and use their own skills to add to the country.

Starstream Hacker alliance? Tao Ziyi repeated the name but frowned. This was the eighth year he had entered the computer industry so he had fought against the Starscream Hacker alliance several times. It was usually just a short brawl and they did not officially fight. After all, they are not bothering them so there was no need to fight.

Other students also know the Starscream hacker alliance and one of them couldn't believe it.

Isn't the Starscream Hacker Alliance a group of hackers that steals from companies? The people in it are all wealthy.

That's right, the most important reason why the Starscream Hacking Alliance was famous in the circle was because of their greed. It was unknown how many people are in the group but they could be regarded as a hacker group. They are also very notorious, because each time they appear, they often bring a huge loss of profits to companies. The most recent one was that the system of a US bank was hacked by the Starscream hacker alliance during the Chinese New Year last year and the system was disordered and more than 700 million US dollars were lost. Moreover, there was even a wanted poster for them.

However, It's a pity that even though there was a wanted poster for them, it won't do much because no one knows who the Starscream Hacker Alliance are. Every time they commit a crime, they will leave a red spider so they are called Starscream hacker alliance. Because of the existence of such a group of people, many people are full of dislike for people like hackers.

Yes, the Starscream Hackers League will bring huge losses every time it appears. This time is no exception. They were active in the United States and Britain and other regions before. This time, according to my sources, they will work with some illegal hackers to cause certain attacks on our country's network and they want to use this method to find fish in muddy waters and steal domestic money. Once successful, they may not only cause a financial crisis in the country, they may even trigger a new war...

Xiao Qingrong's eyes were condensed and his face was serious. This was the first time these children have seen such a serious expression on Xiao Qingrong's face, which was enough to prove that this matter was really scary.

The Starscream hacker alliance was really scary. The reason why they are so frightening was because they have done so many illegal cases before but they have never been caught. To this day, they are still an internationally wanted super hacker alliance.

All the students' faces are full of dignity, they don't know if they could stop all this and Xiao Qingrong had no plans to give them time to think.

The specific attack time of Starscream Hacker Alliance should be at one o'clock in the morning. Now, the last assignment I will give you, you are to investigate who are the members of the Starscream Hacker Alliance and report it to me.

Such people should go to the international court!

No one opposed Xiao Qingrong's words. In Meng Yue School, almost all the students worshiped Xiao Qingrong madly, thinking that Xiao Qingrong was their idol, and these children are the same. At this time, when they heard such a difficult task, they were a little nervous but they were more excited and a fiery look appeared on everyone's face.

Teacher, we will complete the task!!!

A fourteen-year-old child spoke first, others rushed to speak in a hurry. These children will always be full of vitality, making Xiao Qingrong like it.

Okay, then the next time, everything is up to you.

Xiao Qingrong patted each child's shoulders. After Xiao Qingrong encouraged all the children, he left the computer room and returned to his own office.

[Host, do you really want to give these children a chance to become famous?]

618 thinks that this matter could still be saved and hurriedly and carefully asked questions. This was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! When he thought of how his host would beat those abominable hackers down all by himself, he couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

Xiao Qingrong was sitting in front of the computer, his fingers were on the keyboard and he moved quickly, leaving only afterimages but there was still time to answer 618.

618, a real expert doesn't have to prove himself at the cost of bullying the weak.

618 knows the host had the power to turn the tide. For these hackers, was it worth the hosts time to personally deal with them?

When a person could win against many opponents, does it really depend on talent?

Hearing the words of his host, 618 didn't say a word, it knew that no matter what he says, the host will not listen so it's better not to say anything..

Xiao Qingrong had posted the upcoming issues of Starscream Hackers Alliance to the built-in website of the National Hacking League. The administrators here are all Red Hacks, the kind of hackers who serve the country. Xiao Qingrong was confident in his students but Xiao Qingrong still gave the country some chances to save face.

After making such news, Xiao Qingrong wiped off his traces and quietly leaned on a chair to smoke. He had no idea what his students felt in the computer room over there.

Time passes by every minute and one o'clock in the morning. Tao Ziyi and are waiting for the Starscream Hacker Alliance to make the first move so they decided to lurk in the dark, intending to wait for these people and give them a surprise.

The Red Hacker Alliance was also prepared. Although it was not known whether the news of the so-called Starscream's Hacker Alliance was true or not, it was always better to be prepared so many domestic hackers have been prepared for this at this time.

When the bell rang at one o'clock in the morning, it seemed like a demon's call. All the people who were on the Internet did not know what was going to happen but when the counties hackers who were watching the Internet and saw the messy lines and codes, their eyes were dignified, and then their fingers quickly fluttered on the keyboard!!!

Starscream Hackers Alliance attacked! Someone has invaded the system's defense! Defend!

After seeing the actions that belonged to Starscream, the hackers belonging to the country quickly issued an order, and later joined the battle.

Regardless of the hustle and bustle on the Internet, in the eyes of ordinary people, it was still so calm. Xiao Qingrong opened a computer and let 618 track the fighting route of these people and watched with interest. The struggle on the Internet was also racing against time. At this time, it was time to prove the abilities of those children.

Domestic hackers have also begun to act, but Starscream was indeed like a spider, almost like a bamboo shooter. Even if many people blocked it, it also broke into the last security wall. Their purpose was not to steal information or to cause war. They just want money! Therefore, the invasion of the National Bank's secure Internet had already begun but with Xiao Qingrong's reminder, these children of the Meng Yue School have already been here early. Seeing the Starscream Hacker Alliance, these students fingers fluttered like the wind, they want to wipe out the Starscream Hacker Alliance!

That's right! In order to prove their abilities and to make their teacher proud, these students are working hard!

On a peaceful night for ordinary people, after a few hours of struggle, the team led by Tao Ziyi successfully investigated the members of the Starscream Hacker Alliance. Xiao Qingrong saw the information and handed it over to the country.

He believes that in the subsequent negotiations, the country should be in an advantageous position.

This battle without gunpowder was doomed to be unknown, not as much as the loss known by 618. Even though the Starscream hacker alliance had not acted much, they have been forced back and their ip was exposed. So it was estimated that they are now planning to escape, after all, they are a wanted super cyber thief.

Afterwards, the country was calm on the surface but the people who received the information of these people have started an urgent investigation. By the way, according to the marks left by Tao Ziyi and these people, they came to Meng Yue School.


All the children successfully graduated, and the best one was Tao Ziyi.

When people from the capital came here, the children were in a state of persecution. After seeing that their teacher exposed them without hesitation, they realized the good intentions of their teachers.

Hackers, no matter how skilled they are, are destined to see light. They have no ability to operate. Unless they could do their magic on the internet, they are basically useless. Even for Tao Ziyi, or many years, he had only helped Meng Yue School maintain the official website, do software, and so on. Now, Xiao Qingrong had found another way for them.

All eight people were taken away to the capital. In addition to becoming civil servants, they were able to receive first-level protection from the state, which also made Xiao Qingrong very satisfied.

At least, the first students he taught were officially graduated.

In fact, the country did want to recruit Xiao Qingrong but they did not expect that Xiao Qingrong was very stubborn. He wanted to stay here as the principal so the country had no choice but to give up. However, Xiao Qingrong did receive special privileges and he was able to expand the school once again.

Until the death of Xiao Qingrong, Meng Yue School was still the most powerful college in the minds of all children, because this school had cultivated countless talents and the Meng Yue School had also given full play to the teaching of talents.

After Xiao Qingrong's death, a lot of news came out gradually. For example, Tao Ziyi, the leader of the National Cyber ​​Security Bureau, turned out to be Xiao Qingrong's disciple! Half of the talents of the National Cyber ​​Security Bureau come from Meng Yue School. This place, once known as a quitting school had created talents that once again brought the country's Internet security to another level.

And Xiao Qingrong had officially become a legend of this era, the first principal of Meng Yue School who had no flaws.

Hundred years later, the stone statue of Xiao Qingrong still stands on the campus of Meng Yue School, witnessing the miracle he created...