Super Male God System Chapter 22 - Interview

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Jiang Haohui's words caused a big stir at the scene because playing games and Internet addiction seem to be two related words according to him. Even if it is the ninth World League where many companies sponsor the competitors with millions of Yuan, in the minds of many ordinary parents, only if their child is studying hard can they find a good job that will allow him to have a good future.

Probably many people's ordinary lives turned out the same is because of this. Because of this, even if they become parents, they have the same ideas, from taking care of children to growing up, to having requirements for children's learning and when they find out that children are doing something that has nothing to do with learning, they will forcefully try to stop it.

There are even parents who don't want their children to like to watch TV often so how can they be willing to let their children play on computers or play online games they don't understand?

Even with the rapid development of the times where everyone has their own mobile phone, and the Internet has spread to a certain extent. Some ignorant parents still think that Internet addiction is a disease that needs to be dealt with so that they can be considered to be a normal good child.

Almost all the people present were engaged in games-related occupations. Whether it was a reporter, game commentators, or the game players here, when they heard about the school, they couldn't believe it. Everyone had a shocked expression because they and these people know very clearly what kind of nightmare the school is for many children.

In fact, every year, there are exposures on the Internet saying that those children in the so-called quitting school were abused but everything that seemed shocking to their children was false in the eyes of these parents. They thought that the school is a place to educate children and make them better. Even if special measures are taken, it is for the good of the children, so all this can be forgiven.

But in this way, they have never stood in the position of the children to think about what their children really want and they just feel that their children are sick. Internet addiction is a disease and needs to be sent to abstinence. The school treatment of Internet addiction, even if they know that their child may be abused, they will be taught and they are willing to send their child to that kind of place, just because they want a good obedient child, they want a good child who will focus on learning everyday.

Maybe some children's Internet addiction is really horrible but these can be changed through therapy. The role of the psychologist is here but those parents do not bother to explore the inner feelings of their children and instead send these children away into the quitting school, is this really love?

If you love someone, don't you want the other person to be better?

The love these parents impose on these children caused who knows how many children's lives are lost and now, Xiao Qingrong will tell these parents that the so-called Internet addiction can be changed by correct guidance.

Ordinary children can find their own way of living and live in this society in the way they like and those talented children can also show their strengths in their favorite fields. They don't have to just obediently obey their parents in order to have a beautiful life because the true beautiful life is not what your parents can bring, it is created by yourself.

All the cameras are gathered on Jiang Haohui's body. They want to hear how this child who was sent to the quitting school by his parents escaped from the school and then stepped into this career step by step!

Almost everyone thinks so, otherwise, how can Jiang Haohui stand today?

But the next moment, what Jiang Haohui said really made everyone unexpected.

In fact, occasionally, I would also be grateful to my parents for sending me to this school. If I hadn't been to Meng Yue School, I would never know that I still have the ability to play competitive games. I used to play games at home and my parents will usually turn off my computer, scold me for not studying well and even my teachers will tell me that learning is the only way to improve and playing games is a very degrading thing! But after I entered the Meng Yue School, I met my most respected principal and like-minded classmates. We love the Internet as much as many Internet-addicted children. We were all sent to the Meng Yue School by our parents. They hope we can get rid of our Internet addiction and be an obedient and well-behaved child but I really can't do it... I love games. Perhaps many people think that playing games is degrading but for me, it is my dream. I like to play games and I love the thrill of winning! Today I stand here to tell everyone that Internet addiction is not a disease! We are not bad children! We are also people with dreams!!

At this time, Jiang Haohui had tears in his eyes but he smiled hard. The dimple in the corner of his mouth was so cute as he was sitting in front of the computer and the audience watching this scene did not know why but their eyes turned a bit red.

Maybe it is because the Internet addiction is too close to everyone. It is so close to anyone who may be around them. It is because of Internet addiction that they were sent to a quitting school. Eventually, someone even lost their life.

But now, one has been sent to a quitting school but he successfully won the world championship through playing games and won the 50 million US dollar prize, stood up and told them that Internet addiction can be transformed! Addiction to the Internet is not a disease but it has not found a suitable method! These kids who are addicted to the Internet and games can also have dreams!!

At this time, the host listened to the words of the champion and hurriedly spoke.

It turned out that so many things happened to our talented players. The Meng Yue Club is a team from the Meng Yue School right? You have won your glory with your own abilities and won honors for yourself! As a game commenter, I have been in this industry for almost two decades. From the beginning, my parents didn't understand it but now they support it. I have stumbled along the way but I always believe in e-sports and that in the future, the children can also have a proud future by playing games competitively! Jiang Haohui, I am proud of you! I am also proud that you can go to such a good school! OK, next I want to interview Jiang Ziwen, are you also a student of Meng Yue School?

At this moment, the champion is no longer important. The important thing is the identity of these children. The host also knows how many people are sent to quitting school every year because of the so-called Internet addiction. It's a countless number! Now, as long as these children can stand up and take a good lead, let everyone know that playing games is not shameful and the Internet can also be a means to get rich, at least... At least, it can allow those parents to allow their children to pursue their own dreams.

Jiang Ziwen is an ADC in the team. He is also a person who was sent to a quitting school by his parents because of his obsession with games. At that time, Jiang Ziwen was addicted to online games. Although he did n't spend much money, he was playing games day and night. He couldn't control himself, he was really addicted. After being sent to Meng Yue School, he followed the students. After studying, he gradually controlled his situation. His talent in games was also the reason why Xiao Qingrong worked hard to help him.

Because he doesn't want any genius to be buried.

Yes, I am also a student at Meng Yue School but I am a bad student. I was sent to the Meng Yue School by my parents one year ago. At that time, I did not study well. I was addicted to online games all day and night. Playing games and my parents always quarreled because of my affairs, and eventually, I was sent to the Meng Yue School. Now, I am very grateful to my parents for the decision to send me to the Meng Yue School and not other schools because although the Meng Yue School is a quitting school, it really teaches me what self-control is and how to pursue my dream dream. I used to be like a sloppy mud on the ground, the principal and my classmates personally pulled me out of the quagmire, allowing me to participate in the competition and even win this championship so I am deeply grateful to my principal and my classmates, because of you, I am able to be here today

Jiang Ziwen also smiled and tears were unavoidable in his eyes. He beckoned to the students of the Meng Yue School. All the students of Meng Yue School pulled out the banner prepared by Xiao Qingrong for the first time.

[Internet addiction is not a disease! We are all good kids!]

[If you have internet addiction, welcome to Meng Yue School!]

[Meng Yue team, the best in the world!!]

The neat banner was pulled out at this time and the cameras could not help but turn to it. Many people looked at it and the fans who watched the live broadcast were also emotional.

A school that is supposed to make students quit Internet addiction had opened a game club and hundreds of professional players were trained from the Internet addiction students and even now, among these children, two teams have won the world championship and runner-up in the World League!!! What kind of operation is this?

The final interviews ended and this year's most influential ninth World League finally came to an end. After that, the Meng Yue School directly hit the hot headlines of major websites! Because there are so many things about this in this society, there are naturally a lot of people who follow. After learning that the children who have won the World Cup Dream Cup are actually trained by a quitting school, Everyone's feeling was complex.

Seeing that these children have finally taken the first step towards their dreams, Xiao Qingrong is also very happy. This time, the bonus has also been paid down. The first is to invite all school children to eat and for these children who participated in the competition to celebrate together.

At Meng Yue School, the relationship between all the students has become closer because even if they do not know each other usually, they have talked to each other on the Internet and they may have played together when playing games!.

The reporter from the capital also inquired about the hotel where Xiao Qingrong was staying. After confirming that the principal of the Meng Yue School was only a child, everyone was somewhat shocked. After a detailed investigation, it was found that the principal of the previous Meng Yue School ran away from gambling. The child had good hacking skills so he sold a piece of software abroad to make money and then he carried the banner of Meng Yue School alone...

Three years after taking over the Meng Yue School, Xiao Qingrong finally decided to be interviewed by the media and it was also the first time he appeared in front of the media.

This interview is an indoor interview. It is arranged in the lobby of the hotel. There are 30 or 40 journalists who have received invitations from outside. In addition to the people's livelihood website, education websites, game websites, and even entertainment websites have come to interview. After all, besides winning the World League, the biggest news now is the Meng Yue School!

Everyone wants to know what a magical school Meng Yue School is. It was obviously a quitting school but it actually won the world championship by playing games! So what kind of person is the principal that is thanked by the students?

Someone has obtained Xiao Qingrong's information, knowing that Xiao Qingrong was also a child sent to Meng Yue School that year but the principal there later ran away so Xiao Qingrong became the principal and successfully suppressed those children. Until now, the Meng Yue School has grown very rapidly.

Today, Xiao Qingrong's suit is very straightforward. His height of one meter eight does not look like a young adult at all. Only after everyone sees his immature face can they be sure that this child who has been in charge of Meng Yue School for three years was a child who was just under nineteen.

Standing on the stage calmly, Xiao Qingrong glanced at the reporters below and let the cameras of these reporters flicker for a short time and finally spoke.

Welcome all journalist friends to come to the scene today to interview me as a worthless person. Today, if any reporter friends have any questions to ask, you can ask me. I will answer any questions that I can.

His calm and wise appearance and his eloquence made all reporters stunned, and then reporters raised questions.

Principal Xiao Qingrong, according to the information we have obtained, you are not yet 19 years old this year but you are already the de facto principal of Meng Yue School. It is said that you were sent to Meng Yue School by your parents. Can you tell us more about it? How did you go from being a student to being the principal?

Asked is a female journalist. She is best at digging out the side that others can't see. She also wants to know how this child who has not yet turned nineteen this year has changed from a student to a principal of? The story in it must be very attractive.

Xiao Qingrong already knew that this day would come so with the help of 618, he eliminated many things he had done before and rebuilt his family history. After all, in this world, the most powerful entity on the internet is 618.

Yes, I was sent to Meng Yue School by my parents. I was scared at the time but after I went there, the former principal ran away because of gambling. I had just made a software on a computer at that time and the software was sold to a foreign company and it was the first time I've received money. As you can see, I am also an internet addicted teenager in my parents' heart but I don't like playing games. I prefer to study computer languages. These computer languages ​​make me very excited.

Xiao Qingrong said while smiling, making the cameras flash crazy.

The security software sold to the company at the time allowed me to get 50 million funds. After that, I started to participate in the construction of Meng Yue School. After that, I got a lot of stocks in the stock market and made a lot of money. I used it to expand the school and started to dig out more of the potential of my classmates. For example, the Meng Yue Club you saw today, our school now has 15,000 people, of which game technology has reached a professional level. There are about 240 athletes at competitive levels. They love games, and games are their dreams.

The reporters looked seriously at the young principal in front of him. He was really too young, without any education and he could be said to have nothing but because of such nothing, it has created a miracle that ordinary people can never create.

Perhaps his original existence is a miracle.

Then principal Xiao Qingrong, I would like to ask you, parents are sending their children to your school in order to quit their children's Internet addiction, but what you do is contrary to what parents think. What are your thoughts on this and what will be you education policy of the Meng Yue School in the future?

It's just crazy! A child sent to quit the net made 50 million through the internet! Then, he became the principal of a quitting school and then trained the children who were sent to the school to stop their internet addiction to play games. Does this sound like something that anyone would dare to do?

Xiao Qingrong is here today to tell everyone that the Internet does not bring about falsehood and it does not bring degeneration because everything is Double-edged sword and how to use this sword depends on what kind of person this person is.

This reporter is right. Parents did send their children to our school in order to quit the Internet but are parents in the right? Is internet addiction wrong? I believe that many parents haven't thought about this problem. They think that as long as they are children, study hard, go to a good university in the future and work hard to find a job. This is a more acceptable life in the eyes of parents but children also need human rights. Everyone has human rights, these parents may think what they are doing is good for their children but is it really good for their children?

Xiao Qingrong said, turning on the projector behind him. He just wanted to let everyone know that people are alive and there is not just one way to live well. There are thousands of ways to live well in this world.

What appeared on the projector was a search term from Baidu. Xiao Qingrong's face turned, he looked at the two words Quitting School, and then turned his head to look at all the reporters.

This is the news you can see about quitting schools after searching the Internet. There are hundreds of thousands of entries in Baidu alone. Then, let's take a look at how these schools force those kids to quit the net!

Xiao Qingrong clicked on a webpage and there was an interview with a student who came out of the quitting school and the entry was infinitely enlarged.

Now, many schools on the market have announced to parents that they can treat Internet addiction through treatment but have they really done it? And what I want you to see is how they treat children's Internet addiction! The simplest is electric shock. People easily form physical memory when they are shocked. In fact, there is a technical term in psychology, called traumatic cortical memory, which means that a person forms a conditioned reflex. These so-called teachers choose this method to force the childrens to quit the net by making the children's bodies remember the tingling sensation through pain so that when they think of surfing the Internet, they will think of the pain of being shocked. The effect? In the end, such an result will often cause the child to suffer mental problems, after all... even in a mental hospital, only serious patients will receive electric shock treatment.

With Xiao Qingrong's words, the big screen shows the pictures of some children when they were shocked. Although they have been mosaiced, they are still shocking, making reporters present to take pictures crazily. At the same time, they feel that such schools should not exist at all.

Is this education really the kind of education that parents want?

In addition to the relatively simple treatment method of electric shock, in many quitting schools, the scolding and beating of children is a common occurrence. How many children are killed in such quitting schools every year? I don't know if anyone here has counted such data but as far as I know, after students are sent to the quitting school by their parents every year, at least thousands of them die in the quitting school every year. The school always uses their child's sickness or their child trying to escape and meeting accidents to tell the parents why their child died but in fact... everyone should know by now.

No one looked down on the young man standing on the stage. At this time, everyone's faces were dignified. In fact, these reporters have also known about these things. It's just that there is a backing behind these schools, let alone destroying these schools, It will not be possible to expose it to the public so over time, this information will not be exposed by many media but now, this teenager standing there is tearing off all these false camouflages.

The picture on the projector is startling. Even if these children are not their children, they still feel an unexplainable distress. If the biological parents of these children saw such things, would they regret sending them away to these quitting schools?

I say this, not to explain such crimes being committed in quitting schools. After all, in accordance with the ideas of parents, these schools were first established to truly treat those children who cannot control themselves and are addicted to the Internet. But what I am here today is to tell you about another possibility of Internet addiction transformation.

While speaking, Xiao Qingrong switched the projector back on and a video directly popped out, there was a pure and sweet little girl with delicate makeup, wearing a white skirt and an angel on her hair. After issuing the card, she looked like a little angel. After the video was opened, her crisp and moving voice was transmitted, making the atmosphere that had been solidified on the field suddenly become a little tender.

After all, people always feel better when they see the good things.

As you can see, the girl in this live broadcast is from our Meng Yue School. Her name is An XianXian and her net name on the Internet is Xiaoxian Xian. She has thousands of followers and can be considered a celebrity

With Xiao Qingrong's words, everyone's camera did not stop and someone even secretly searched Xiaoxian Xian's information and it turned out that Xiaoxianxian was a super influencer. She now has millions of fans, more than a fifth tier star...

She was also an internet addiction girl before she came to our school. Since she was addicted to the Internet for a long time, she was sent to us by her parents. After I took over the school, I investigated all the children's preferences and trained them. I had set up many courses, including makeup courses, painting, music, and other types of courses. As long as you have a dream, all your requirements may be met at the Meng Yue School! And An Xianxian's dream is to become a person that everyone likes so she chose to live broadcast as an Internet celebrity. Her popularity on the Internet now is enough to prove her efforts. Now, if you see her, do you still feel that Internet addiction is a disease?

The reporters were also very surprised. Thinking of the World League competition team that is cultivated by Meng Yue School and looking at this super influencer, they immediately felt that this school was even more incredible. This is going to be against the heavens!

Finally, a reporter hurriedly asked a question.

Principal Xiao Qingrong, do you mean that these children who are considered to be Internet addicts by their parents can each shine in their own way if the school teaches them according to their strengths?

Such a super Internet celebrity, even some celebrities may not be able to do it but this little girl in the quitting school has done it. This inevitably makes everyone think of the Meng Yue School. What kind of magical school is this school?

Yes, this reporter has understood what I mean. Whether the so-called internet addiction is a disease or not depends on all aspects. For example, madmen are only separated from genius by a line. Maybe something that many people don't understand. In the eyes of these geniuses, is it important? With the development of the society and the rapid development of the Internet, students also have more hobbies related to the Internet. The so-called Internet addiction is because it is not accepted in the best way when they are exposed. Such a perfect emerging thing and what we have to do is to properly guide these children's views on the Internet and tap their strengths, so that they can pursue their dreams while being happy...

While Xiao Qingrong said that, there were many live videos behind him. The various younger brothers and sisters inside were all smiling and spoke uniformly.

We are all good children! We are working hard for our dreams today!

With such a positive video and seeing that all the children's smiles are bright, all of the journalists couldn't help showing their smiles because they felt that these children's smiles are the most moving in this world.

In addition to live webcasts, in fact, the more convenience the Internet brings to everyone is also the way these children pursue their dreams. For example, Jinjiang Literature Online, the largest literary website today is the works of our children at the Meng Yue School. This Jiang Nanxue and Dragon City Police are the works of our students, of which Jiang Nanxue is a popular book and now has signed physical books and Internet drama contracts, Dragon City Police has also signed a contract Copyright of a film and the authors of these two books, one of them is our school's 18-year-old girl. The author of Dragon City Police is only 20 years old this year. Students, they are very good and talented. At least in my eyes, this is something that ordinary people can't do in a lifetime but they have done it. The reporters present, in your eyes, do they still need to get rid of their internet addiction?

Xiao Qingrong questioned everyone, what is the so-called Internet addiction?

It is a person's infatuation with virtuality, it is a person's uncontrollable behavior but the birth of all of this is often caused by external forces. Although the ego has a great relationship, these are not immutable.

According to everyone's preferences, when these preferences are brought into play, what is the so-called Internet addiction, or is it Internet addiction?

All the reporters present were also unexpectedly surprised. The authors of the popular Jiang Nanxue and Dragon City Police in the entertainment industry turned out to be from Meng Yue School. After all, these two books are about to have a TV series and movies. Jiang Nanxue is very popular and there are many fans and after knowing that there is going to be a movie about the books, fans became even more excited.

As for the Dragon City Police novel, it is considered by the famous director Jiang Zhe as a rare police type book in recent years. The author's interlocking and story are even more exquisite and it has become something everyone talks about.

They just didn't expect that the authors of these two books were also students of Meng Yue School?

For a moment, everyone wondered if there was anyone who was not prosperous after being sent to the Meng Yue School...

The reason why the Internet exists is the necessary process to promote social development. Whether it is parents or children, they should choose to accept them, rather than resist the advent of these new eras and say something bad. In my opinion, there are tens of millions of ways to make money through the Internet. Parents want their children to study well and be admitted to a good university. In the end, they still want them to find a good job and earn a suitable salary. So what is better than these students? Forcing the students to do something they don't like even though they might not make much money or allowing these students to pursue their dreams while making a decent amount of money?

At any time, Xiao Qingrong did not think that Internet addiction is a disease. Parents may try to force their children to quit the internet but it is impossible. Moreover, with the development of the times, the Internet has invaded everyone's lives and a person will find it difficult to move in this society without the internet.

The reporters also understood Xiao Qingrong's meaning. Earning money from the internet and from their jobs are basically the same thing. This magical principal has perfectly explored the strengths of these children and then made them better. It is truly shocking to be able to teach students according to their aptitude.

At first, everyone still wanted to interview the game champions. But as a result, the news exposed by Xiao Qingrong has shocked everyone and almost everyone can make headlines...


Then principal Xiao Qingrong, do you think that every child who is addicted to the Internet can be changed? Moreover, the example you mentioned is not a prominent example in your school. Geniuses are always rare so what about ordinary children? If they continue to indulge in the Internet, their lives will be ruined on the Internet. There are many such real cases. I wonder how you will educate these ordinary children?

Geniuses are always rare and mediocre talents are the majority of the people who make up this society so at this time, the reporter's questions also attracted everyone's attention.

Xiao Qingrong had already prepared for these. After hearing the reporter's words, he released the recording of the students' courses in the school.

Of course, this reporter is right. Although we teach according to our aptitude, some children are inherently more talented than others so how can the remaining ordinary students succeed? In fact, each child has their own strengths. The students' dreams are based on their hobbies and we work hard to let students find their dreams. It is like everything everyone sees. We have everything children want, whether it is to play or learn, the most important thing is to abide by your own heart. At this point, we at Meng Yue School not only arrange classes and sports, we also arrange for each student to find work that they can find through the Internet. There are many opportunities on the internet, who says ordinary people can't be extraordinary? Even ordinary children can have dreams.

The smiling faces of these children left all reporters speechless. Moreover, there were 15,000 students in this school and this time, in order to cheer on their classmates, all students came to watch this game. It is enough to prove the excellence of this school. At least, many schools cannot do this....

The press conference lasted for more than an hour. Xiao Qingrong then said goodbye to the reporters. After returning to his room, 618 quickly jumped out to praise his host.

[Host, what you said today is good! Simply a successor to socialism! Everyone should have a dream and ordinary people can be extraordinary! That is nice! When I was created, I wanted to be the greatest system!]

Just like everyone else, 618 was inspired by Xiao Qingrong's words.

Xiao Qingrong leaned on the sofa rubbing his temples, but suddenly laughed when he heard the voice of 618.

Fool, do you believe me if I told you that I lied to them?

After speaking, he retracted his hand, took out a cigarette, lit it up and put it in his mouth.

618 was stunned and for a while, it didn't know what to say. His host lied to them?

Xiao Qingrong knew that his silly system still didn't understand anything. He was in a good mood at the moment and explained to him.

In this world, genius only exists in one tenth of a million of ordinary people. Sometimes, genius can easily do things but ordinary people may not be able to do it in a lifetime. For ordinary people to be able to pursue their dreams, in this world, is the biggest lie.

618 listened to the host's words but did not agree with the host's meaning.

[No, even ordinary people can have dreams!]

His words made Xiao Qingrong nod and then spit out a smoke ring.

Yes, of course, ordinary people can have dreams but can you see which ordinary people can achieve their dreams? The so-called dreams are beyond the expectations of their own abilities. Those who can fulfill their dreams are usually geniuses and have taken. As for most people, of them have no talent and are destined to be ordinary in their lives, this is the life of ordinary people.

Reality is often the cruelest. Why do people become increasingly unhappy in their growth? It is because they find that there are too few things they can do in this world and they will doubt themselves, hate themselves, and then become unhappy.

618 thought carefully about his own host and wanted to refute but also clearly knew that those children they cultivated were talented. If they were not talented, they would not stand on the world stage and win the championship.

Even playing games requires talent.

So, at this time, some of these ordinary people should lead them to go forward. You always say that makes me the greatest hacker but can a become a school principal? I can train countless hackers, countless game champions, and more talented people. They will all be one of my brilliant resumes, 618. This year, not only are my students welcomed by everyone, they stand in a higher position than most. A child who is obsessed with the internet and needs to be sent to quitting schools suddenly stands at a higher position than ordinary people and overlooks them. This feeling.... how can you describe it?

Having said that, Xiao Qingrong evoked an arrogant smile and pressed the cigarette butt in the ashtray.

What's more, I look like the savior of those children