Super Male God System Chapter 21 - Winners

The first thing to notice is that players who like to be addicted to games. With the development of time, many young people are obsessed with online games. The most popular one is [ Heroes ]. It is a big event in the game industry. It can be said that there are at least 100 million players in the country paying attention to such games. After all, this is the world's league!

Even as early as eight years ago, the game [ Heroes ] had formed a professional circle around the world. It was also a circle of competitive players that many Chinese didn't know very well. In the eyes of many parents, children who like to play games are simply wrong, you can only play, but nothing else, but as early as the fifth World League game of [ Heroes ] three years ago, the team that won the championship won the world wide $10 million bonus! That's right! Not some online coin, but cold hard cash!(TN: It's all just an alternate China :V)

The prize money for the first place has been from the fifth World League to the present, and the official opening of the ninth World League champion prize has reached an unprecedented 50 million US dollars! It has also made this year's team even more passionate. In addition to such a bonus, the teams around the world are also famous for becoming world champions!

The second prize is $10 million US, and the third prize is $5 million US. The same is true for every competitive game, except for the top three, no one remembers you even if your performance was good.

This year, in the World League of [ Heroes Confrontation ], a dark horse team was born! Or not just one, but a super-big clan!

The name of this team was a bit strange. It is called the Meng Yue Club. It sounds like a person's name, but they can't figure out the origin of these people.

Because [ Heroes ] can be registered for every five or more teams, it was not limited to the situation where a club had only one team, other giant teams also prepared two or three teams, as these teams could decide whether or not they would win, and what really attracted everyone's attention about this club was their 25 teams. Each team had an average of nine people plus substitutes, and when they played, 5 of these 25 teams entered the offline competition and got the top 20 spots in China!

After the top 20 of each country was selected, it was necessary to compete with players from other parts of the world. In the hot August, all fans saw the players from the Meng Yue Club. The average age of the players did not even exceed eighteen! Each of them looked very young, which made many feel odd.

This time, Rong Lele and Tang Jiayu came to lead the team. Now these two people have been able to stand on their own. They had their own unique status in the school. So after the club was established, the two were also the manager of the club.

As for how the students were managed, some were sent to attend the competition, and some stayed here to help with errands, because the ninth Dream Cup was particularly popular, and many fans came to support the competition. Many contestants had been interviewed by the media. Only the children of the school chose to refuse the interview, and even said that they would only be willing to accept the interview if they won the championship!

As those words came out, compared to those players who were interviewed, the newly emerged club had attracted everyone's attention.

The game was in full swing for more than a month. During this period, many people came to see the commotion, and online, major video sites were live streaming the event. It can be said that The 9th Dream Cup World League had never been more intense! Since the beginning, many powerful local teams lost to foreign teams, while the Meng Yue Club proved themselves to be strong. Although they were young, they were a tough opponent and weren't easily bullied.

The final 6 were selected by the organizers to compete in the capital. The scene was very magnificent. Tickets were sold out as soon as they started selling, and many of the ticket prices had risen from the initial 300 yuan to 30,000! As for the remaining 6 competitors, half of it were domestic and the others were well known veteran teams.

The remaining 3 teams were from foreign countries. Anyway, most of the locals didn't want foreigners to win. Last year's championship came from South Korea. This year however, they had 3 native teams entering the finals, so they had a 50% chance of winning, so the tickets were extra expensive.

Xiao Qingrong also saw the efforts of the children, so before the tickets were sold out, the students had been asked if they wanted to go to the field to watch the game, because the children in the school were very obedient in the past two years, Xiao Qingrong was able to save a lot of things. When Xiao Qingrong asked, everyone was terribly excited. Even if there were 15,000 students in the school, Xiao Qingrong was still able to provide. He had bought 15,000 tickets through hacking. Due to the stadium having 80,000 fixed seats and 11,000 temporary seats, it was better to buy 15,000 tickets.

The children in the school also handed in the money they paid for their tickets, Xiao Qingrong didn't know whether to laugh or cry. They finally chartered the plane and went to Beijing. On the eve of the game, they finally arrived at the scene.

In order to support the players in their own school, they even wore uniform clothing, which said the four characters of Meng Yue School. All the students were youthful, and even the teachers were happy.

The game was surrounded by large screens. Xiao Qingrong sat down after a long time. The children were also sitting in front of the filming position. They were all quite dazzling that the cameras couldn't resist sweeping over them...

Compared to others, these youthful students weren't like those who came to this place at first glance. After all, parents in society wouldn't willingly let their children play on computers, let alone come to watch a competition...

Jiang Mengmeng turned 20 years old this year. She went to school not far from home and had a boyfriend. She usually went out on dates with him, but due to some online game competition, he wouldn't leave his sight from the screen. She found this out after going into her boyfriend's place and saw him watching the game.

I know you like the game. But is it worth more than me?

TN: ( ̄ー ̄;)

She reached out to cover the screen, but was then pushed away.

TN: ( ̄Д ̄;) haha

My aunt ~ Today is the final. The 9th Dream Cup Championship is coming out today. If you're shopping, Isn't it ok to go by yourself? If you want me to go, I'll be with you tomorrow! But please don't bother me when I'm watching the game.

Her boyfriend obviously didn't know what solitude was. He continued to watch the game with all his heart. After pushing her hand away, he stared at the screen intently. Even if she was angry, she could only bear it, so she decided to play on her mobile phone and later discuss why he loved his game more than her. But it was only a short while that her boyfriend became crazy. He suddenly hugged her and danced around in a circle.

Meng Yue's Club won again! Our country's team has won again!!!

His enthusiastic appearance made Jiang Mengmeng helpless. After he calmed down, he followed the situation and watched the game. There were live interviews after each game. Now, it was currently pointing at the children.

The next thing we are going to interview is this year's Dream Cup's biggest super dark horse, the Meng Yue Club. Standing next to me is the captain of the Meng Yue Club, Jiang Haohui, who is the glorious knight in the game. Are you satisfied with your performance on the court?

The boy standing next to the host had a beautiful face, and when he laughed, there were two dimples, and his eyes seemed to glow.

I'm very satisfied. Our team will also get better results. Our goal is to win!

His words were so resolute. He was only at the age of 16 and yet he was already known as a genius in the e-sports industry. If they really won the championship, his personal value will be worth more than 100 million...

That's good, congratulations in advance for better results, then next to the captain is our god-level ADc. He is the same age as the captain this year, and he is only 16 years old...(TN: This sounds like League of Legends...)

Jiang Mengmeng's boyfriend watched the video with interest, but Jiang Mengmeng who previously didn't care was blinded by the sight, after all, she knew one of those two kids who were laughing! Not only did she know, it was her cousin! Dead God!(TN: LOL)

Because Jiang Mengmeng went out to college, she didn't go home for the past 2 years. When she went home last year, she only knew that her cousin had bad scores because he played too many games, and even quarreled with her uncle. He was then sent to a school outside. When she heard this, Jiang Mengmeng protested with her parents for a long time. After all, those quit-net schools were deceiving a lot of people. Some of them not only beat people, but also heavily abused them! After talking to her parents, her parents also tried to talk it out with her uncle and aunt, but they did not listen to them at all, instead they listened to her other cousin! Only then did Jiang Mengmeng know that her cousin was actually sent to the school by her cousin!(TN: lots of cousins :0)

Later, Jiang Mengmeng secretly inquired several times and wanted to know where her cousin was sent to, but only knew that it was a school outside the country...

Yes... yes, what was the school called? Wasn't it... Meng Yue School?

Jiang Mengmeng was suddenly stunned. Looking at her cousin standing on screen, he was smiling like his father. He had two lovely little dimples. I thought that this year the brother got married, uncle and uncle. I bought a house for my cousin, and then thought about my cousin being sent to the ring network center, Jiang Mengmeng suddenly red eyes ...

Only now did her boyfriend notice that something was wrong with her and hurriedly comforted her.(TN: christ still isn't given a name)

Meng Meng, don't be angry, I promise to watch only the last day of the game today, and I won't watch it after the final...

However, Jiang Mengmeng no longer cared about her boyfriend watching the game and pointed at her cousin and said.

Is this guy called Jiang Haohui? Is he playing games? Do you know him?

Her boyfriend happened to be a fan of the team. When he heard that his girlfriend was interested, he hurriedly said.

Yes, he's called Jiang Haohui, the super dark horse in this year's [ Heroes Confrontation ] Dream Cup National League. They are the team of the Meng Yue Club. This Jiang Haohui is the jungler and the captain of the first team and only 16 years old. The hottest genius e-sports player on the Internet, if he can win the championship in the ninth competition, he will be famous! By then, he will easily be worth over one billion yuan...(TN: It's totally League ( ̄ー ̄;)

He introduced the player to her, but Jiang Mengmeng was even more surprised because she knew that the person above was definitely her cousin, but when she thought of her uncle and aunt, Jiang Mengmeng was anxious. She did not dare to tell this to her uncle and aunt. She planned to watch the game first and then talk about it, if her cousin really won the championship, there will definitely be an interview. She didn't know what to do until then.

I will watch the game with you...

Without saying much, Jiang Mengmeng sat down, and she was expecting to see her cousin again, but she wasn't sure what was going on, wasn't he sent to a ring school by her uncle and aunt? How can he participate in the competition?(TN: Ring school refers to the type of school ml running, using direct translation so...)

In addition, anyone else watching the game somewhere in the world saw these kids, they would be shocked, since the school they were sent to was to stop them from playing games. Many people knew, but seeing them on the big stage, it really made them wonder...

After the competition, during the advertisement, the camera swept over the people of Meng Yue School, seeing that they all wore the same uniform, some reporters came to interview, of course, it was to check if they were related to the Meng Yue Club.

This interview reporter was also very fun, it is Yan Kong, and also specifically found a beautiful young lady to interview, this person just happens to be Anxian Xian, who was now the best online celebrity net red little fairy.

She came here to cheer on her classmates, so An Xianxian didn't have very delicate makeup, but she was still very beautiful and photogenic.

Hello, classmate, can I interview you?

An Xianxian has been facing the camera all the time, facing millions of viewers, she is no stranger to the camera, showing a sweet smile towards the camera, nodding.

Okay ~

The reporter saw that the little girl in front of her was not only beautiful, but also good-natured, it made him even happier, and hurried to interview her.

I see that all of you are wearing clothes that are printed with the name of Meng Yue School. Are you all students? What does it have to do with our seed team?

His lips were sharp, so he quickly grasped the point.

After hearing this, An Xianxian's smile on her face became more proud, and her voice was sweeter.

Yes, we are all from a school, and the Meng Yue team is also created by our principal's club. This time, the students from the school came together to cheer the team. I believe they will be able to win the championship!

She said, raising her fist and making a win-win look, she was so cute! The reporter couldn't help laughing.

Then I would like to congratulate your classmates for winning the championship! The reporter would also like the Chinese to win the championship. Now that one of the foreign teams has eliminated one, the chances are even greater. He planned to wait for the start of the next event to interview.

Sitting in the crowd, after the game restarted, with the control of the game characters on the big screen, the surrounding people cheered. Xiao Qingrong, who lived for many years was moved, and looking at everyone's performance on the screen, he was also happy for them. He knew they would create a new era, and save countless children that parents think there was no cure!

[ Host, the children are excellent, we will definitely win the championship! ]

618 had also become a game fan. Before that, it was only accompanying them for training, since it wasn't human, it was easier to control the overall situation. With 618 training them, it was enough to make them so outstanding.

Well, I think so.

Because of these students, he will be the first brick to knock on the door of this world.

The game on the field became even more intense, more and more people were watching the live broadcast, and everyone was very curious about the Meng Yue School! As a result, fans couldn't help looking it up! But they did not expect what showed up, it was a school to stop kids from internet addiction! This left a lot of fans frightened, they thought it was a prank from God.

The school even made a club, and it was about to win the world championship?...

No matter what the fans thought, the game finished and results were finalized. Everyone did not expect that when entering the top three, the local giants were eliminated, leaving only two teams in the final. The Meng Yue Club and a South Korean team survived the fight. South Korea was the second runner-up, and the third runner-up was still the Meng Yue team!

This dark horse club was born, successfully counterattacked all the domestic giants!

Then came the awards ceremony. Everyone wanted to find out what the dark horse club was like. When all the children of the Meng Yue team cheered together holding a trophy, their personal post-match declaration followed.

The first one to stand out is Jiang Haohui, a talented player who was now hailed as the No. 1 jungler by the competitive circle.

To be able to win this championship today, I really thank my principal, all my classmates, and also Meng Yue School for letting me find my dream! Speaking of it, everyone may not believe it, a year and a half ago, I was sent to the school by my biological parents for...

The author has something to say: Brother Xiao said: Send all the children from the ring to my school!

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