Super Male God System Chapter 20 - Rapid Development

After a few days, some parents came to pick up their child. There was a couple who looked very ordinary, when the wife saw her son, she hugged him with red eyes, her son was also crying a lot, after such a long time apart, the mother and child cried together.

The teacher on the side praised the performance of the child, saying that he usually studies very hard and likes to help other children, and even emphasized that playing on the computer is not a disease. As long as the parents guide them to a good direction, the child can find a more better lifestyle.

It had been a long time since any parents had picked up their child from the school. Many children came to see those who were leaving, most of them had a good relationship, even those unfamiliar came over to say goodbye.

Xiao Qingrong stood in the crowd, watching all of this indifferently. He gazed over the scene, a child happily crying with the mother, the dad still discussing how to educate the child. Although he was being humble, Qingrong believed as long as the child left the school and was seen playing on a computer, no doubt that the parent would still send him to another such school, what they need is an obedient child.

After saying goodbye to the classmates, when they were leaving, a child named Zhang Liang finally gathered up courage and stood in front of Xiao Qingrong.

He was only sixteen years old this year, and it was only a year since he was sent here by his parents, which is why he called his parents to pick him up.

"I, I won't tell others about you." He summoned his courage, finally spoke this sentence, and looked gratefully at Xiao Qingrong in front of him. He was a grateful person and understood that if it were not for the person in front of him, He wouldn't have been able to go home, even if Qingrong killed someone during this time, he was still his benefactor.

After the instructors were locked up, Zhang Liang was quiet for a long time, but as time passed and their lifestyle took a better turn. He gradually understood that everything was brought to him by this person, so as he was leaving, he wanted to at least thank him.

"Un." Xiao Qingrong responded with a dull expression, but Zhang Liang's eyes were still full of gratitude.

"Principal, I really appreciate you. If it weren't for you, I might not have been able to go home for a long time, and I haven't felt so happy for a long time. I was really happy spending time with my classmates for a month. I will not forget you."

He smiled with his red eyes, but Xiao Qingrong still faced all this indifferently.

After Liang expressed his gratitude, Qingrong finally spoke.

"Your salary of 3,000 yuan this month has already been printed in your Penguin QQ. After returning home, you can get an ID card, and you can take out a card. If you have any trouble, notify the school at once, the card has the school's contact information."

This was Xiao Qingrong's first student sent away after he took charge of the school. In fact, he was not optimistic about the result of this child if he was sent home. Is Internet addiction really a disease? Do you really need to quit? If the child returns home, his parents find that he still likes the Internet, will they take action against him again? Xiao Qingrong didn't have a definite answer to these questions.

What he can do is to tell these children how to protect themselves.

At any time, at any age, money was the best way to protect yourself.

"Principal..." Zhang Liang really cried this time, he looked really pitiful. He didn't refuse the money, because he already understood the principal's thought. Which one of them wasn't smart? Although he was sent here because of Internet addiction and suffered such abuse, it also made it clear who was good to them.

Even if they were sent home, most of them are still afraid of being sent to another such school.

All of the classmates who saw this scene were all red-eyed, because they knew the principal's meaning, if they left the school, would that really change anything? What would they do if their parents weren't satisfied? What if due to their parent's dissatisfaction, they were sent away again to another such school?

The atmosphere was suddenly sluggish. In the end, Zhang Liang still followed his parents. He was betting on the possibility that his parents still loved him, because the teacher had previously told his parents about the school and his mother cried, even his dad's eyes were a bit tearful. They never expect that their son would suffer so much in this place, if it weren't for the new principal, they would've never known...

After Zhang Liang was sent away, there was the second and the third...

In the next two months, Xiao Qingrong had sent away a total of two hundred students. These students took the salary given by Xiao Qingrong before leaving, as well as assured that things here will never be said. But Xiao Qingrong didn't care about that, he cared about the rest of the students who didn't plan on leaving(TN: I guess they had more contact after that event ┐(´∀`)┌)

For two months, the rest of the students lived each day with bliss. They had good meals, from morning to supper, they didn't really have any complaints about the food. After their bodies were replenished, with daily eating and exercise, they looked better and better.

In the game of [ Jianghu Ling ] , from 6 million in the first month to 8 million in the second month to 10 million in the third month. In addition to selling equipment, they developed more ways to make money.(TN: Christ ヘ(´-`;)ヘ)

In a day, they could earn plenty of gold coins by farming and selling materials. Among them, more than 20 people decided to be a support class, learning how to make food and medicine. In short, the income they earned increased and started getting better.

Everyone's salary was more or less the same. As everyone's data was recorded, whether it was selling equipments or materials, with 618 monitoring them, it was easy to count.

Although these students didn't want to go home, Xiao Qingrong didn't plan on letting them work for so long. Although these people now seem to be a studio, they could only move around the area of the school. So Xiao Qingrong opened a public Taobao account with a lot of money in it. If you wanted to buy something, you could use the public Taobao to buy what you like. Whether it was food, clothing or fun, as long as you had money, you could buy everything you like.

After opening this shared Taobao account, students have become more enthusiastic about making money, and were usually more active. For three months, the former lifelessness had disappeared. They listened to the teachers in the class and no longer resisted, ate well every day, and exercised regularly for a fixed time, so everyone's body became more healthy.

Xiao Qingrong was also very pleased to see the gradual changes, and within two months, the buildings and dormitory had been built.

It took Xiao Qingrong a total of almost 20 million yuan to build these. In addition to the urgency of the project, through the continuous efforts of the workers for two months, the new Meng Yue School was finally built, followed by a simple renovation, which had recently started. In the next six months, all students should be able to move to the new building.

Those in the confinement room have been disposed of by Xiao Qingrong. As he was fond of experimenting and researching on living things, he had plenty of methods to destroy the corpses and not let anyone know

After half a year, the school finally finished building. The remaining 1,900 students were relocated to the new dormitory. Each bedroom houses 6 people, the room had air-conditioning and bathrooms. For convenience sake, even the staff were given new residences, the chefs were also very satisfied with the new cafeteria.

In the past six months, the students have gone to other games to make money in addition to the game [ Jianghu Ling ]. It seems that they have to develop themselves into a professional game team, and have even started to perform training in the later stages.

All of this was because of Tao Ziyi, he had unique talent for programs. After six months of teaching, Tao Ziyi has been able to make software independently. In order to make money, he started his own business and made plug-ins for the students, it was a relatively simple plug-in, as long as you had it, it would allow you to reach max level in less than a day. If one account was worth 10 dollars, and a computer could open 10 accounts at a time, it was worth a lot. It was the only way he could make money, since he was too busy learning from Xiao Qingrong, he couldn't make money by himself.

There were also automatic plug-ins, they were also carefully researched by Tao Ziyi. Although some speculations were made, the overall students were very happy. Xiao Qingrong didn't say anything, even if it is a plug-in, Xiao Qingrong wouldn't stop them as long as it didn't affect the game's operation.

In addition to these plug-ins, Tao Ziyi also made his own security software with the help of Xiao Qingrong, this software was sold to a network company, and it was worth more than 5 million.

When he did this, Tao Ziyi was so excited, as if he had rediscovered the meaning of life.

Many new teachers have been hired in the school, as well as four professional speakers, because half a year has been enough for Xiao Qingrong to start his plan.

Presently, children over the age of 16 have already applied for their own ID cards and have their own cards. However, many people didn't put money in their cards, but left them in the public card.

During the Chinese New Year, they took a field trip to the capital. It was the first for many, and they were very excited. After returning, they worked harder to make money. They were very happy that the principal said that they could travel once a year.

Meng Yue School was now a normal school on the surface, it's better to be a group, a group of employees who are children, because all the children in it live a life that they have never thought of before. Their wages were more than 10,000, they could buy anything they wanted.

Some of them also wanted to go home after making money, but some of them couldn't get through to the phone at home, and some of them hung up when they heard their parent's 'voices. This also made them more clear that their parents had given up on them.

Some people ran home secretly with their wages. Unfortunately, they did not return long after, because when they thought that the school was hell, when they returned home, they knew that home was hell.

Xiao Qingrong knew that since the parents would send their children to this place heartily, they didn't care much, so the children who returned could still live in the dormitory, and after that, the school became their home.

Over the past six months, the school doctors also found that many children in this school had some psychological problems. After discussing with Xiao Qingrong, the school has added a new psychologist, which was introduced by the old school doctor. The annual salary given by Xiao Qingrong was 500,000, it was necessary to guarantee the psychological condition of these children.(TN: If you got bigger brain, give me better wording)

In the past six months, Xiao Qingrong's parents have also called a few times, each time asking the teacher whether he had improved. According to Xiao Qingrong's request, the teachers naturally said that he did not improve. The couple never thought of coming to see Xiao Qingrong.

When Xiao Qingrong was sent in, his mother was pregnant. One month ago, through the news of 618, Xiao Qingrong knew that his parents had given birth to another boy.

What is it called? The tuba is out of use. Do you want to practice the tuba?(TN: Think it's saying that the ml is useless, so they tossed him aside)

However, Xiao Qingrong didn't care about this. Through his hacking skills, all the calls to the academy on the internet were cut off. Anyone who wanted to send children would be transferred to this school.(TN: confusing)

The current school can be said to be very large, and it was no problem to fully accommodate more than 20,000 people. In addition, many of these children had talents, so that Xiao Qingrong's plan can start ahead of time.

Because of Xiao Qingrong's cut off, after the Chinese New Year, the school was suddenly busy. Many parents brought their children to the school every day. They were a little worried when they couldn't come in. But when they saw the school, they were very willing! It was a way to prevent the children who were unwilling to come, so the school's staff must pick them up and bring them over like kidnappers.

However, these were not the focus of Xiao Qingrong. In March, the number of students in Mencius College increased by 500! It can be said that there are very many, after all, there are more than 1,900 people remaining.

These five hundred children still wanted to make trouble when they first arrived, but they were all suppressed by Yang Fan and Tang Jiayu at the same time. As a result, they also found that the so-called quitting school here was different from those seen on the Internet. Not only did they not have to quit the net, they could also play games!

Rong Lele and a group of girls can be said to have the most powerful diplomatic skills in this school. With three inches of tongues, they successfully turned these children back. Not only did they obediently exercise every day, they also joined Tang Jiayu. The game studio that was arranged, in this way, made Xiao Qingrong find a few good seeds again.

Most children who like to play games had certain understandings of computers. Xiao Qingrong chose five potential children from this group of children to let Tao Ziyi teach them computer languages. The remaining students had other arrangements.

The curriculum of the school was different from other schools. It was not the type to study according to books, but was similar to a single lesson. There were computer classes, English classes, simple mathematics, and music classes. These classes were used to find the different strengths of a child.

Now, in addition to those students who are still in the game studio, there are already a dozen students who have gained popularity on the Internet. Four of them have reached a million popularity, and the rest are hundreds of thousands of people. After all, they were young and beautiful, so their popularity was also very high, you can make a lot of money every month, and do what you like.

After a while, the school became the first school to invite a senior makeup artist to be a teacher. As long as boys and girls like makeup, they can go to such elective courses. Every time the senior makeup artist came to class, there were a lot of students around, and of course she was very happy.(TN: Don't judge me, assuming genders, mtl did it, I will too. :V)

Xiao Qingrong did not plan to give up on expanding the school, and took the adult Tang Jiayu(TN: I guess dude is grown now?) to buy the land around them, and planned to continue the expansion. The location of the school itself was very remote, the land was worth about 300 million yuan. However, it covered a lot of area, more than 5,000 acres to be precise, but because it was a wasteland, it was very cheap. Moreover, even if a community was built in this place, no one would want to buy it anyway...

After buying the lands, it was another two hundred million yuan investment. The new campus area and dormitory began to be constructed. The children here may not even be able to return home, so what Xiao Qingrong was going to do now was give them one and make them willingly stay.

It was more than a year later, Xiao Qingrong was officially an adult, and there were almost 12,000 children under his hands. These children were sent to the school by parents for internet addiction. After all of them came, they reluctantly left, and returned after leaving.

Back and forth, there were many children who left the school. Among them, more than forty children were talented in programming. Currently, they are building their first mobile game. Xiao Qingrong didn't help and hoped that they would be successful to create their first wealth.

In addition to this, the huge school changed a lot from the past. The students who stayed at this school came and went. The children who left didn't speak about it, but many more returned rather than leaving. The school also had a great deal of talents, in addition to those being gifted with programming, there were those who were excelled at acting. One of the girls who was only 17 years old this year had more than 8 million fans. The true first-line Internet celebrity was now cooperating with a factory near the school to sell clothes. When she celebrated the New Year this year, her virtual account alone created a flow of more than 100 million...

Furthermore, there were more than two hundred talented children who played games. Under Xiao Qingrong's training, Xiao Qingrong set up a game club, and then registered these children to participate in the most popular [ Heroes ] nowadays. In the official competition, the school teachers led these children to participate in the competition, and they were still competing outside.

There were also people who like to write novels, and now they had a place on the Internet. More and more children found things that they liked to do and insisted on. These things may seem unreliable to parents, but that was their dream.

In this school, no one was forcing you to do anything, but with the kind of atmosphere the school created, naturally they would. When everyone around you was working hard for their dreams and future, how can you be a salted fish?(TN: My families!!! ლ(ᗒДᗕლ))

Seeing that the mission goal was getting farther and farther, 618 was simply exhausted. Say, what about the greatest super hacker of the century? Now the super hacker has become a principal, are you kidding me?

Xiao Qingrong didn't bother about the 618's vomit, he was waiting, waiting for a chance, waiting for a chance to become famous in one fell swoop!

TN: I nearly died for you 2%