Super Male God System Chapter 19 - Smooth Sailing

After hearing Qingrong speak, Tao Ziyi tightly clutched his hands hard. He opened his mouth to say something but couldn't say it, because when he heard about the game plug-in, he already knew Qingrong discovered his ability.(TN: hacks, all you need to know)

With 618's monitoring, whatever they did to or on the computer were seen and known. So when Qingrong heard about a child who made a game plug-in, he was a little curious

After being in contact with computers and the internet for only two day, and yet the child was already able to create a game plug-in, which can be said to be a very talented person.

The game plug-in he made was for a very popular survival game. To put it plainly, a hundred people were placed on a map, and materials were randomly spawned and players would have to search for it. After the game of killing each other, as long as there is only one person left, the game will be judged to be successful!(TN: just think PUBG or Fortnite :V)

Due to the special nature of the game, some players had very poor playability. So Tao Ziyi decided to make a plug-in for the game, it took him about two days to complete, but it was well made. Even after Qingrong had called him over, it was still selling! It was also very cheap, so many bought it. One hundred yuan was plugged directly into the penguin. After all, these people did not have ID cards or cards.

"Your plug-in works well, but Tao Ziyi, your skills shouldn't be used here. It is illegal to play games using plug-ins. If the police find out, you'd be caught and jailed."

Xiao Qingrong spoke. As one of the people who bought the plug-in, he had tried it out and really didn't expect to find a genius among the students. Xiao Qingrong viewed the recorded video left by 618, his score can be said to be very high. At the age of 16, he could already write programs, as long as he was given time to grow, he could develop games or computer products easily.

But such a talented child was sent to this school.

"I, I won't let them discover..."

Tao Ziyi finally spoke, looking up carefully at Xiao Qingrong. He was already 16 years old, but he looked so small, his eyes were a little dodgy, it was just how he was. Many students at the school were like this, over time, they became timid.

After spending so much time at the school, Tao Ziyi already knew that his stepmother wouldn't let him go home, so in order to stay, Tao Ziyi worked hard to make plug-ins to make money, he wanted to stay here because he knew that the current school was different. Everyone talked and played when they wanted, there were no more horrible teachers to hit them.

Tao Ziyi also knew that he had nothing left, and didn't know where home would be, so he was depending on Xiao Qingrong a bit, it made Qingrong feel a little funny.

It didn't feel good for Qingrong though. It reminded Xiao Qingrong of his time in the orphanage. At that time, he also looked at the adults who came and went with this kind of eyes, right? How he longed to be adopted...

"Alright, just destroy the plug-in. Your talent shouldn't be used this way. Starting today, you come to me every day, I will teach you real skills and make you a super Hacker, do you understand?"

Tao Ziyi was a little sad when he heard he had to destroy his plug-in, but after he heard he was going to be taught hacking skills, his eyes widened and couldn't believe it.

"You, can you teach me computer languages? I... I've met someone before, and he was the one who taught me my skills."

It was also at this time that he was obsessed with computer technology and kept sitting in front of the computer. That was when Tao Ziyi was sent to this school by his stepmother, in the name of eliminating his Internet addiction.

"Well, yes, your skills shouldn't be wasted. I will slowly teach you other things later. Now, tell me how much you have learned before..."

After hundreds of years of battle with 618 in the System Learning Space, Xiao Qingrong's hacking skills have long been formidable, so it was easy to teach an ordinary student.

He came up to the computer, while operating, told Qingrong what he learned. This made Qingrong raise an eyebrow, because this little guy learned when he was 12, and was sent here when he was 13. Three years, three wasted years...

In those three years, Tao Ziyi could've grown to be a genius hacker. Not to mention anything else, he could probably hack into most company's security protection.

Since this day, Tao Ziyi has followed Xiao Qingrong to study in the office every day. The children in the school were still obedient. After all, because of their enthusiasm, everyone has already downloaded the game [ Langhu Ling ] and intended to form teams of six people. Upgrade and then sell equipment. Everyone had studied this game. Among them, there were many local tyrants, so they will definitely make money from it!(TN: making money from rich peeps)

In this preparation, [ Langhu Ling ] was launched, and a total of 2,000 students in the school joined the game's sparring game. With teams consisting of 6 people, they played from dawn to dusk, upgrading was also faster. Among them, there were more than 80 levels at the highest level, they also obtained a variety of gears, ranging from common to rare. The savvy classmates sold it with several virtual accounts provided by Xiao Qingrong. They earned about 120,000 on their first day!

That night, Tang Jiayu and Rong Lele reported this to Xiao Qingrong, he was a bit surprised. Qingrong didn't expect the game to be profitable. Although it might sound like two thousand people earned more than 120,000, this is a day's income. If it continues, it will definitely get better. At least for the first two months of the new game service, it will be stable.

120,000 a day, 2,000 people playing the game at the same time, that is to say, everyone has earned 60 yuan today. Although it seems small, if this keeps accumulating, then everyone would start making a lot more.

"You are doing very well, keep on cheering. In addition, Lele, I re-made a batch of school uniforms for students. I will send them in about a week later, you can arrange them."

Xiao Qingrong smiled and encouraged them, remembering the children's uniforms in this school, and he voluntarily customized the new uniforms. Rong lele quickly nodded, arranging these chores was a simple task.

In addition, Xiao Qingrong took out four mobile phones from the side and gave them to Yang Fan and others.

"These mobile phones will be yours. You can call home if you want, but you know what's appropriate to say, right? In addition, if anyone wants to call your parents, you don't need to report it to me. All of you do as you please, and learn how to think independently."

After seeing the mobile phones, Yang Fan and the others were also a bit surprised because they thought Xiao Qingrong didn't want them to contact the outside world. Although they would never call the police, they weren't so sure about the students.

"Un, thank you, we will be very strict."

For some however, it was impossible to call.

Everyone was filled with excitement that night, afterall, they made money on their first day. Even though it was 6pm, they continued playing, they were very happy, they could play and earn money, it was heaven for kids with internet addiction.

They never thought they could make money by playing games...

Xiao Qingrong also asked Rong Lele to arrange supper for everyone. After all, they were growing children and easily got hungry. Recently, Xiao Qingrong invested hundreds of thousands in their meals.

Fortunately, Xiao Qingrong found the 50 million hidden by principal Wan Xu, and then sent it to the stock market. During this period, it had also turned several folds.

The more money they have, the more things can be done. The first thing Xiao Qingrong did was to expand the area of ​​the school. The builders had been contacted through the network. The whole area of ​​the land was very large, but only a small portion of it was used to build the school.

In the following days, Xiao Qingrong interviewed some of the chefs and doctors who came to apply. Of course, among them were also teachers. Naturally they were serious about teaching, unlike the abusive instructors the school previously had. In a week, 8 chefs were hired and reported to the school. There were also 4 doctors and 12 teachers hired in total, all of whom are certified to work, other than the janitor, all of their salaries were exceptionally high.

The chefs and teachers were 8,000, while the doctors were 10,000. This was already a high salary for most people. What's more, their food and lodging was provided by the school. After they applied, they immediately signed the 5 year contract.

The builders have also started to work. For a month, the school seems to have a different face. Students in the school got up for morning classes at five, eat at six, and have two classes at seven. Then for an hour and a half, they would spend time ‘working'. Lunch was at noon, and had the rest of the time until 3 to play around. For another hour, they would exercise and finally ‘work' again until 6, which they would eat for dinner.(TN: reminds me of middle school (´_`))

Some children like to work overtime, and there would be rich supper in the evening. Since eight chefs arrived at the school, the food was getting better and better. Meals weren't so bland, there was always some sort of variety. Every evening, they would be provided with such rich meals, even at home, they were unlikely to eat such delicacy, it made some children a little bit reluctant.

Xiao Qingrong spent money like running water. This month alone, including the meals, uniforms, staff and constructions, they spent more than 10 million yuan.

After these teachers and chefs came to the school, they felt that the school was strange, they tried asking the students but they were silent. It didn't matter though, they liked it here, the students were obedient and well mannered.

As for the doctors, they all had their reasoning for coming here. The youngest was 37 years old and the oldest was 60. When they first examined the children, they were shocked and afraid of the injuries on the children. They thought about calling the cops, but the children told them it was the work of the previous principal and teachers. But since the new principal came, they were treated with kindness.

This made most of the doctors relieved. After all, the doctors were kind. After seeing the children, they had no time to rest, they checked up on each child and provided the care they needed. The doctors consisted of 3 male and a female, they worked around the clock helping the children get better. Although they knew the principal looked like a child, everything was very convincing, they knew that the new principal was a good person.(TN: lmao ⊙▽⊙)

Almost everyone who came to apply this time knew what was going on in the school, so they worked even harder.

The teachers knew that the school was used to transform the students, so there was very little time for class, so they secretly talked to some students. As long as they were passionate about learning, they were welcomed to ask about anything. Xiao Qingrong investigated each of them, after confirming that they people were good people, they got hired immediately, it was also to soothe the injured hearts of the students.

The students' results for one month were finalized and Xiao Qingrong was shocked to hear this number.

"They made six million in the game in a month?"

Recently, Xiao Qingrong was busy giving lessons to Tao Ziyi, buying stocks, and spending money. There were so many things that he didn't pay attention to. However, he did not expect that the students would earn more than 6 million in a month, in a game nonetheless!

"Yes, most of them trade gold coins, and sell the newest equipment. As a result of them joining the most popular server and entering in advance, the value of gold coins are very high, and equipment are even higher. Among them, orange colored gear go for about 30,000 yuan. The students are very enthusiastic about earning money. There are a lot of students who eat at night. Everyone plays until they sleep."

Rong Lele reported the situation. She can now be said to be a core assistant of the school. Every activity that dealt with the children's livelihood was managed by her. Ever Since Qingrong became the principal, he added extra food with every meal. The consumption of milk and fruit by one student is about forty dollars a day. There are more than two thousand people in the school. In a month's time, the data has shown that the money spent on these students was more than 2 million...

"Principal, after the four of us got the mobile phone, some students chose to call home, but many people didn't answer the phone call, and some were unwilling to pick up the students to go home. Only four parents decided to pick up their kids this month."

Yang Fan added. It was a scary number, with so many children at the school and more than half called, but barely anyone was able to go home. It was a sad situation, parents unwilling to pick up their child, and only four are being taken home...

This was enough to disappoint most of the students, not to mention half of them had spent at least 4 to 5 years at this school. There are even those who spent around 8 years, unbelievable as it may seem, they were abandoned.

"Un." Xiao Qingrong nodded, not too surprised by the data. After all, those who were sent to such a place, did their parents truly care about them?(TN: kinda dumb spending all that money so your kid won't be near you (っ ᐛ )っ )

There was a communication room in the school, which was specially prepared for parents and children to call. In the past, it was heavily supervised. If anything out of character was said, they would receive beatings. Now that the children were able to express their difficulties, but those so-called parents really have given up on them.

"How about those bastards in the confinement room. I don't know what happened to them, but they seem to be sick. Do they need to be treated?"

Qi Yue was very indifferent when he asked this, and his expression would answer your question. As a recent guardian of the cell, Qi Yue no longer fears these people.

Xiao Qingrong had long anticipated that the crystal he used would cause people to hallucinate and would definitely get sick, but they would just be crazy, they wouldn't die.

"No, how did they treat all of you before? Let them stay that way, anyway... now nobody cares about their lives."

During this time, Xiao Qingrong had everyone's information and imitated them using pills he bought from the System Store. The first was the principal's large glambling spree, then the others, no one cared about them anyway...

Even if these people were crazy, they must be responsible for the crimes and actions they've committed. After the meeting was over, Xiao Qingrong will send these people to prison one by one and let them spend the rest of their lives in regret.

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