Super Male God System Chapter 18 - The Freezer

Whether internet addiction is a disease or not, most adults would probably agree it is, especially people with mindsets like Wan Xu. Who didn't know what internet addiction was? For parents who sent their children here though, it was the perfect excuse for their child they couldn't control. Even if it is irresponsible, aren't others taking care of them?

And this school, didn't it exist to make money in the first place? Then it goes without saying that those who are useless should be responsible for their own actions. At least that's what most would be thinking...

The person in front of Qingrong is the one who created this messed up school.

Wan Xu squinted at Xiao Qingrong's sarcastic remark. The fear in his heart spread endlessly. Recently, he had been having nightmares. He dreamed of the children who were abused and scolded by the instructors. Those children appeared non-stop in his dream, there were scars all over them. They accused him over and over, but he believed it wasn't his fault, it was not him who abused or killed them. The children were also sent in by their parents. If it weren't for them not being able to teach still children, why would they even be sent here in the first place? after all, the school was just responsible for teaching and disciplining them...

No, it's not me, yes, it's because they were too disobedient... they were punished for disobedience... and, and it wasn't me, please let me go, please let me go?...

He begged hard, his eyes were bursting out, they weld up with fear, and his hands trembled on the floor, but he couldn't move without being pressed by the two children.

Even all this time, you still shirk away from responsibilities? If you didn't create this school, why would there be so many children here? During its 21 years of existence, this school received so many children, and how did you treat them? Do you still feel comfortable with all the money you made from the parents? did you ever think you would be in this kind of situation, being the victim?

The real executioner was never the knife-maker. Although Wan Xu's hand was not contaminated, he was the one who controlled countless knives, so Xiao Qingrong couldn't let him go.

Standing up from the ground, Xiao Qingrong spoke again.

Take him with me to the freezer.

The freezer was a really good place to store chemicals, it's almost impossible to be found, and it also allowed him to do some experiments. Qingrong had bought a lot of chemicals, he left most of them in this storage area. There, he was going to have some fun with Wan Xu and make him experience the children's pain.

Both Yang Fan and Qi Yue knew that Xiao Qingrong put a lot of chemicals in the freezer. Although they didn't know what it was, they believed in him and didn't doubt him with any suspicion. With that being said, they dragged Wan Xu off the floor and followed Qingrong to the freezer, in their hearts, Wan Xu was also an unpordonable person!

Although they just learned that since the establishment of the school, many other students have entered this school, but what they have seen in the past few years was just the tip of the iceberg. No one understood it better than them, what kind of school this really was, and the one who made it was none other than him...

Don't kill me... don't kill me, please, don't kill me, please...

Wan Xu was startled by Qingrong's words, he tried his best to struggle, but he was still dragged forward, his frantic cries could even be heard by others in the confinement room. Hearing those screens, the teachers and instructors grew even more frightened. It reminded them how crazy the children were, they seemed invincible now, their end seems to be close at hand, and they dare not to imagine who would be next... for a while, they regretted it so much, asking themselves why they worked here, but now their regret was useless.

While screaming, Wan Xu thought if he ever came out alive, he would not be so greedy, not for money or power, and he regretted mistreating the children. But now it was too late, he wouldn't be able to pay his debt...

Soon, Wan Xu was taken to the freezer. Xiao Qingrong opened the door and cold air rushed out, leaving them shivering. Wan Xu was even more scared. During his lifetime, he had successfully escaped with his life intact several times, but after being imprisoned for seven days, his limbs were weak, and he could not defy Yang Fan and Qi Yue. He was afraid, afraid of his lack of abilities to escape, with no energy, he could not leave...

Xiao Qingrong really liked the feeling of the freezer. He walked in, and Wan Xu was dragged in behind him. He was then pushed in and as he nervously glanced around, and saw frozen statues... didn't they look like humans...

Almost all of a sudden, Wan Xu's legs softened. Even though Yang Fan and Qi Yue were holding him together, he couldn't stop shaking. It can be seen how horrible the scene was, he was scared to death that he even pissed his pants...

Yang Fan and Qi Yue also saw what was on the ground. They were a little surprised. They didn't know why Qingrong bought those chemicals, but now they knew after seeing the corpses made out some strange substance, presumably chemicals. Even Yang Fan and Qi Yue were stunned by the sight, not to mention Wan Xu who knew what was going to happen to him.

Okay, leave him here, you two go out first. Be sure to close the door and leave a gap. Wait outside the door for me.

Xiao Qingrong didn't want them to come into contact with the chemicals. After all, this wasn't anything like medicine and not at all safe, it was very toxic.

Yang Fan and Qi Yue nodded, and released him. Wan Xu whose body had originally gone soft, fell directly to the ground. The cold ground made him feel numb, watching Xiao Qingrong's devil like eyes, he desperately tried to grab Yang Fan's leg.

Don't go, take me away with you! Please take me away... don't leave me to this murderer, please!

In Wan Xu's eyes, Xiao Qingrong was already a murderer, otherwise, how can he still be so unfazed in the face of such a terrible corpse?

However, Yang Fan smiled sarcastically, kicking Wan Xu's hand away, and sneered.

Murderer? Who is the real murderer? Do you have any idea?

After speaking, he took Qi Yue out, and the two closed the door, left a gap, and stood outside. Although they didn't know what Xiao Qingrong would do to the principal, they knew he wouldn't let the principal go.

Only Xiao Qingrong and Wan Xu were left in the freezer, and the remaining corpses of course.

Wan Xuser watched Xiao Qingrong standing there calmly. He already knew that no matter how much he begged at this time, it wouldn't have an affect, he could only try to fight...

He worked hard to adjust his posture, and decided to wait for a while before rushing toward Xiao Qingrong. Unfortunately for him, even with Qingrong's thin physique, he stood no chance. After falling on the floor, he looked up and Qingrong laughed at him.

It wasn't much work in Qingrong's case, every move was within Qingrong's sight, whether it was his fear or his motivation to win.

Qingrong reached out and took out a scalpel from his left pocket. It was different from the previous scalpel.This one was 20 centimeters and still as sharp as the others. When Wan Xu saw the scalpel, he lost his hope and didn't dare to move...

The silver scalpel spun so eloquently in his hand. Even in such a cold environment, his fingers are still the most flexible in the world. His eyes fell on Wan Xu's body, and he suddenly felt like the chemicals were kind of useless. It had been corroding in the freezer for a while after all. What a pity, now he had to find new uses for them, what a waste.

As he slowly approached Wan Xu, Wan Xu steadily retreated with soaked pants. In the freezer, ice tends to quickly gorm, and with each retreat, his fingers got colder and colder. He looked very embarrassing at the moment, with his hands and nose being red.

Soon Wan Xu was pushed to a corner, with nowhere to go, he was stumped, he didn't even have the ability to fight back. Wan Xu was born without much emotions, but looking at Qingrong's eyes, he felt fear consume him, and decided to speak once again.

I beg you, please don't kill me, I can give you all my money! My family is rich! I have tens of millions! There are even 50 million in my secret account... It's all yours, as long as you let me go, please, please spare me...

Wan Xu got up and knelt on the cold floor, he slammed his head over and over, even with his head bleeding and filled with pain, in order to live, he could care less about it.

Watching this man kneeling and begging, Xiao Qingrong not only did not sympathize with him, but felt even more disgusted.

How could his life be bought so easily with money. Could the life of these students be trampled over so easily and silently?

You can rest assured that I won't kill you. I just want you to live in the school and forever experience the pain those kids have gone through. As long as you obey, you can live well, alright?

Xiao Qingrong looked at Wan Xu and decided to go back and re-investigate his accounts. After all, having 50 million more wasn't so bad...

Please let me go, please let me go... Wan Xu was still slamming his head, but Xiao Qingrong had no patience.

Originally, he brought Wan Xu over to let him experience the feeling of death, but now, Qingrong had found a new use for him, it didn't matter if he was scared or not.

He called Yang Fan and Qi Yue to come in to ask them to take Wan Xu away and call a cook over to the canteen.

Although Yang Fan and Qi Yue didn't understand why, they still obediently followed his order.

Xiao Qingrong was left alone in the freezer. Although the door was open, no one came over.

He decided to check out spoiled chemicals, with the scalpel in his hand, he moved towards the statue. He saw that the chemicals had formed a thin layer of ice, he squatted down and gently cut off a piece. The chemical slowly revealed itself, at least the ones that hadn't deteriorated, it was still frozen as with such cold temperature, everything was stiff.

618 looked at it curiously. Although it saw the host holding the scalpel, everything else was practically red. It didn't know much about chemicals, but still found it fascinating.

It then actually saw the host take out a pot, and threw the pieces of ice in, looking at the chemicals in the pot, it was both confused and curious.

[ What are you doing host? What's the use of these frozen chemicals? ]

The system didn't know many things, and it definitely didn't know what the chemicals were. It only knew that its host was proficient in using the scalpel along with other things, but it didn't expect the host to know chemistry.

618 knew that using violence to control violence wasn't a good thing, but it couldn't stop Xiao Qingrong, and could only comfort itself. If the host wasn't strong, he would be abused!

Well, I suddenly had a good idea. These raw materials will be quite useful. After its temperature drops, it will produce an element that makes people hallucinate.

While answering 618, Xiao Qingrong continued to use his scalpel to collect the chemicals. Compared to others that didn't know much about chemical elements and their interactions, Xiao Qingrong knew very well. After all, he had been exposed to these things for a long time. The role of these raw materials was beyond most understanding.

[Oh... ] 618 didn't ask too much. Before it asked, it was still rejected by the host, but it should strive to be a system that the host liked!

Xiao Qingrong's movement was fast. After a while, he came out of the cold storage and left.

The school also has a canteen, which was mostly for the teachers and instructors, in any case, Yang Fan and Qin Yue brought over the cook to the kitchen.

The woman who was brought was a woman in her forties, she was a little scared when she saw Xiao Qingrong. Xiao Qingrong's appearance was still imprinted in her mind, to her, Xiao Qingrong was almost like a devil.

Don't you instructors and the principal like to eat alone? Now I can't reduce your treatment. From today, you will cook for all the people in the confinement room. I believe you can, right?

The woman quickly nodded, as long as she didn't die, she was willing to do anything.

Yang Fan and Qi Yue didn't understand the reason, but didn't ask much. After the teachers and instructors were detained for seven days, they finally ushered in their first hearty meal in the confinement room... rice and meat.

Of course, this made them excited.

The long-hungry instructors and teachers rushed to eat the food. they felt like the food was unprecedentedly delicious, probably because they hadn't eaten anything good lately, and so felt that this was the most delicious food in the world.

Did they eat yet?

Sitting in the principal's office, Xiao Qingrong asked Qi Yue with interest.

Yes, they've already eaten. Qi Yue heard Xiao Qingrong's explanation and still didn't understand what was going on, especially the crystals placed inside. Although he didn't understand why, he still obeyed.

Well then, Lele, what about your side? How are the students doing my homework?

Two days have passed. These students should also know what they should do. It was impossible to indulge in online games or social networking...

Rong Lele and Tang Jiayu glanced at each other. They were both in charge of this matter. Although the students have been grouped, not everyone was talented. Many people have been confused, while others got the hang of it and found a way.

There are 240 students who have started engaging in online game training, and 32 students have chosen to do streaming. The others are still exploring...

Then Tang Jiayu hurriedly followed.

Principal, the day after tomorrow is the official beta test of an online game called [ Langhu Ling ]. After two days of investigation by the students, many of them think that this game is very playable. This game client is free. The equipment inside can be obtained in the game. We will have the most resources for the new game. I recommend all the students who didn't know what to do to enter this game...

Tang Jiayu was obsessed with games at the beginning. This [ Jianghu Ling ] was discussed with a few boys who played games. The new game was launched. Many would need gold to start. They had so many people, they were basically a natural studio to farm gold. In addition to earning gold, they could trade and earn about 20,000 in a day.

Two thousand people swiping gold at the same time, plus the equipment drop, they could easily earn much more!

Xiao Qingrong knew about the game. When he was busy making money some time ago, he saw an ad pop-up which recommended this game, but he felt like these children's brains were moving pretty fast.

Alright, you do that. This month will be a test. If our school can make a profit from this, then you will have a better life in the future, and our school will be better, I think you all understand.

Although Xiao Qingrong didn't know what was going to happen, for these young children, this method was feasible.

Also bring me Tao Ziyi after you go out.

Xiao Qingrong cared more about hidden genius than ordinary people.

Tao Ziyi was only 16 years old this year. He had stayed here since he was thirteen years old, for three years he had suffered here. He was sent in by his stepmother and didn't plan on leaving school, as he didn't have an ID card.

After four people reported the situation in the school, they went out. After a while, Tao Ziyi was brought over. He was a pale looking child, with the height of only five meters which was abnormal for his age.

When he saw Xiao Qingrong, he was a little uneased, and secretly held his hands together, not knowing why he was called by the newly-appointed principal.

Xiao Qingrong looked at him and laughed at the boy's thought.

Tao Ziyi, right? You can do it? The computer language you learned just for you to open up plug-ins?

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