Super Male God System Chapter 17 - Progress

After all the instructors and teachers of the school were put in the confinement room, many students were almost asleep. That was until they saw Qingrong, who currently had blood removed from his face.

As Qingrong and Fan walked through each of the bedrooms, they printed the new rules to each room. It also made everyone understand that even though Xiao Qingrong was young, he was worthy of belief. Since it was him who gave them the confidence and backbone to stand today.

Rong Lele organized the girls to take the meals and distribute them to everyone, and the boys began to vaguely follow Yang Fan,Tang Jiayu, and Qi Yue. They only want to be living well in the new school, and so following them wouldn't make their situation worse. There were three meals a day, and they wouldn't be beaten, this made many students content.

During the whole ordeal, Qingrong only killed a couple, and the rest were seriously injured. He sent students to look after them. In addition to Qingrong being a great doctor, those injuries weren't a problem. They could be easily fixed and sent back to the confinement room. Didn't they like keeping children in them? They would now get a taste of their own medicine.

Three days passed in a flash, and the school was still calm as if nothing had happened. It was not any regular school, so it was impossible for anyone to check up on it, this allowed Qingrong to be flexible on changes.

Although the students were doing nothing for the past three days, they also understood that Xiao Qingrong saved them. Although they were scared, they still had a lot of gratitude for him.

There are a total 2078 students in the school, 1754 students want to stay at the school, while 304 students want to leave, and 20 have just been arrested who we've just released from the confinement room...

Qi Yue had figured out the thoughts of most people in the school in these three days. In fact, apart from children who are sent each year, there are very few children who can actually leave the school. Most of them were like Qi Yue. In order for the school to collect more money, the teachers and instructors would tell the parents that their child was still unruly, and would continue to charge the 60,000 yuan a year.

Only those newly arrived children still believe that their parents didn't know what the teachers have done to them. On the contrary, almost everyone understood the fact that their parents were aware of their situation. In here, you would be scolded, face corporal punishment, and even beaten, but they didn't care, as long as the child they received in the end was obedient.

This is the reason why parents sent their children to the school.

Admittedly, some children may be really addicted to the Internet, or they may resist their parents. But as a parent, after discovering such shortcomings in your child, you decide not to work harder to teach them, instead you would send them away to strangers to discipline them. Is it even possible to teach children through violence? Can they be taught by parents who aren't even qualified or educated?(TN: seems like call out)

Xiao Qingrong has never believed such a thing as an Internet addiction. It was just a matter of usage and electricity. There are countless ways people could use this as an advantage.

Un. Xiao Qingrong took the materials handed in by Qi Yue and looked through the decisions the children made.

In fact, most of the children were sent here because of Internet addiction, or gaming addiction. In the eyes of parents, everything except learning was probably an issue. It shouldn't be touched or be near.

Everyone has been very obedient with the arrangements. They get up, eat, and exercise, they've all gained back their spirits and energy as of now.

Yang Fan also spoke. He and Tang Jiayu both worked hard according to the plan made by Xiao Qingrong. Everyone got up at five in the morning, had a meal at six, and took an hour's rest after eating. After that, they could run or walk around for a couple of hours. Then rest until noon, continue to eat, and the afternoon was almost the same. It was very loose.

The former school hailed militarized management. In addition to doing manual work every day, the so-called exercise was only four hours a day, only one meal was given a day, so many people didn't have the energy to escape.

In these three days, everyone got used to it and wasn't the least uneased. Moreover, everyday Xiao Qingrong would use the radio to play some popular songs from the Internet. These songs were enough to make the children feel happy, after all, they hadn't heard music in a long time.

Well, I still have things to arrange for you. I have ordered a batch of computers, there are about 2,000 of them. It will be delivered this morning at 10 o'clock. Tell all the students that the computers will be located in the classroom on the east side, and it will be the place where they will work in the future.

Xiao Qingrong didn't intend to raise these children for nothing, didn't they like playing on the computer? Then let them find their own way. Now that the network was so developed, they could find their opportunity to make money through it.

Computer? Work? Tang Jiayu froze, wondering what was going on. Thinking of the crafts' room, it reminded him of the principals and instructors who were now locked in the confinement room.

In the past three days, Qingrong had put out 50 million into the stock market, and the remaining money was used to maintain the expenses of the school, including computers. After being stared at for a while, Qinrong calmly explained.

Yes, now the principal and teachers are locked up by us. Is it possible that you still expect me to support you?

After being ridiculed by Xiao Qingrong's sarcastic eyes, the four were instantly provoked, and then Rong Lele seemed to understand Xiao Qingrong's approach and hurriedly began to ask.

Are those computers bought for us?

The reason why he was sent in here in the first place was because of his Internet Addiction. It was strange to Rong Lele that the school would buy computers.

Yes, computers. Weren't you sent in for internet addiction? Then use your ingenuity and wisdom to make money on the Internet. This will be your number one job in the school.

Xiao Qingrong wasn't planning on treating these children like kids. When these children were sent here, it meant that they had been abandoned by their parents. They've lost their family and friends.

The first thing he wanted to teach them was how the weak and strong operated in this society, money was the key, without money, it was absolutely impossible to be strong.

While the four of them excitedly left the room, 618 was as confused as ever.

[ Host, what if they use the computers to contact the outside and use it run away or call the police? ]

618 asked this since it heard from other systems that humans are very cunning. Everyone was being obedient because they are in a closed environment. If this closed environment opens a gap, then they would do many things out of betrayal.

Xiao Qingrong continued to watch his stocks on his computer and answered 618 indifferently.

What about you? You're usually useless, but it shouldn't be a problem to monitor a couple of computers right?

Of course he was going to use 618 to monitor those children, and when 618 heard it could be of use, its ‘heart' felt beautiful.(TN: idk :V)

[ You can count on me host! I will never let anyone escape! ]

In its exaggerated response, Qingrong ignored it and continued in making his money, he needed too much money....

After Yang Fan and others returned, they told the other students about the situation, and then arranged for some people to receive the computers. Two thousand computers were set up by Qingqing Xiao near Qing'an County via the Internet. They came over today for the Installation, at ten o'clock, several large trucks arrived. After all, more than two thousand computers was considered a big business. Qingrong gave 80% security deposit first, and 20% on the following installation. In the end, the boss was very happy with the transaction.

One computer, a table, and a chair. This package configuration was about 5,000 yuan, the total setup is already considered an Internet cafe model.

Xiao Qingrong just gave these things to Yang Fan and others. After all, Yang Fan, Tang Jiayu, and Qi Yue were all older. They have spent years of youth in this school, now that they've been entrusted with such heavy tasks, of course they wanted to do well.

The owner who sent the computer saw Yang Fan and was not surprised. After talking to them, Yang Fan and others took him to the classroom on the east side. The students were currently at the playground exercising, some of them listened to the song , others discussed they were going to make money online.

I think I can be a host. I look pretty good. If I become a host...people might like it right? I can also sing...

A handsome boy was voicing out his thoughts. He was eighteen years old and had been at the school for two years. He had been in contact with his parents in the early part of his stay, but after away, they were gone, so he didn't really know much about his parents, so he decided to not go home.

Yeah, you do look so handsome, so someone might like it. I however can't really do that, I can only play games. I was addicted to games before I was sent here by my family. If not, I can only practice contemporary...

A somewhat fat boy nodded and gave himself an evaluation. He has been here for three years and has lost more than 200 pounds at the beginning and 150 more recently, but he still looked a little fat

There were a few people who wanted to go home. After listening to the discussions around them, they suddenly felt out of place. Although they said they want to go home, they actually don't know in their hearts how it would go once they met their parents.

The children all had their own thoughts, but this wasn't a problem for Qingrong. He hired chefs, doctors, and other services. Everything they needed to fit them would be at the school.

Of course, Xiao Qingrong wouldn't say that he didn't like the takeaway now, it was really unpalatable.(TN: no clue, I have no brain cell)

In two days, the computer was installed and connected to the Internet. Xiao Qingrong also prepared an office space for himself.

Everyone in the school knew about the installation of the computer. It was also exciting. Then they received the latest campus regulations and their first assignment.

【 One, don't use the computers to contact other people to escapel. As long as you earn enough living expenses to go home, the school is willing to let any students leave. 】

【 Second, find the first network job that belongs to you through a computer, for a month, you can work in groups. 】

【 Three, work and rest can be transferred according to the nature of the work, this also applies to the computer room workers. 】

The three regulations are actually very relaxing, so after seeing these three regulations, everyone felt that they could do it, and finally two days after the computer was installed, they officially entered the computer room.

The computer room is available in every classroom. The keys were handed to Yang Fan and others. Once opened, all the students entered the computer room after eating and exercising in accordance with regulations. After seeing the computer, they all look like...copies.

According to the brand distributed by each of them, everyone found their place to sit down. After that, this is their computer, which is also considered as a job. People only think about this when they have no pressure, but once you have something to do, you won't have such a messy idea.

Everyone turned on their computer, and then according to their habits, there were people who browse the web, download games, and do other things. 618 monitored everyone throughout the process, preventing some from alarming or escaping. It was afraid that its host would go to prison again.

According to the setting of 618, as long as someone tries to ask the outside world for help, it will lock the computer, then it will pry into their thoughts.

However, what surprised 618 was that after re-contacting the computer, everyone tacitly did not ask for help from the outside world and did nothing. Instead, they really wanted to find a job, this surprised it.

[ Host, why don't any of them want to contact the outside? ]

618 couldn't figure it out, and it didn't know what it wanted to see.

Xiao Qingrong looked at all the students sitting in front of the computer through the camera, and didn't mind explaining to his dumb system.

Because people are group animals, when a person does something that does not fit into the group, they are rejected. Qi Yue has given me information before, and there are only more than 300 people who want to go home. I have told them that they can earn a toll and are able to go home, so they would not call the police, because they knew that they could not return without money.

What's more, even if they do go back? Xiao Qingrong didn't think they would be happy after returning.

618 didn't know much about human thoughts, but understood the meaning of groups. It only felt more surprised with each of its host's elaborate practices.

[ Then host, don't you plan to leave here? Or are you just going to continue watching them? ]

The host's future was to be a big hacker with a worldwide reputation! He was able to hold a country with the palm of his hand! How could he stay here and be some ringleader of a school? Isn't it strange?

No, 618, you don't understand. Sometimes creating a genius is more enjoyable than being a genius yourself.

Every year in China, how many people will be sent to such a school because of Internet addiction, and how many days would they die in such a place?They could play games, and even if it's not professional, they could also practice something else. In short, it was within boundaries and they could use it to feed themselves.

And those who were geniuses, who have very high hacking talents, and are destroyed in such a school?

What Xiao Qingrong wanted to do is to bring together all the geniuses who will be sent to the School, and then create another world.

Internet addiction is sick? It's bad for you?

Ha ha, how could technology have progressed so far without inventors interested in the technology? Every hacker is an extremely precious asset to a country.

When 618 heard this...It felt speechless and couldn't comprehend how far its host's mind had gone.

Okay, let's go and see the principal. I think he must be curious about me.

After leaving his office, he brought Yang Fan and Qi Yue with him, and went to the confinement room. It has been seven days since Xiao Qingrong left here.

For seven days, these people were kept in the confinement room and couldn't come out. Every day, dry bread and a little bit of water were used to sustain their lives. When Xiao Qingrong walked in, the blood on the ground had been cleaned up.

Yang Fan opened the door of the principal's confinement room, then went in with Qi Yue and pulled out the principal.

Seven days was enough to make people unable to resist. The principal was the same. His body and face was dirty. When he saw Xiao Qingrong, his face turned into fear. Eventually he was pressed to the ground by two people.

The principal, Wan Xu who created Meng Yue School, never thought that he would end up like this one day. If he was angry at first, then after being detained for seven days, he became fearful. Everyday, he kept dreaming about the children who died in this school. It is almost impossible to imagine how these children would treat him, will they kill him?

Thinking of the death of the instructor, Wan Xu was very scared.

I, I can give you money, please, please let me go, okay? I can give you a lot of money...

His face was pressed to the ground, he tried so hard to plead with horror, but forgot how many students had asked them the same way, but were they spared?

In order to get the yearly tuition fee, these people were unwilling.

Xiao Qingrong went up to Wan Xu with interest, squatted down, and looked at the man who created such a tragic place, and sneered.

Let you go? So who allowed those children to live here, are they better off dead?

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