Super Male God System Chapter 15 - Riot

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Lin Wen who had been working here over five years was trembling, since the beginning of her career, she never thought that these students could even resist the instructors, it developed into a habit and she thought it was just how things were. After all, these children were young and did not possess any sort of weapons and it was even more impossible to win against the instructor. But, the child who suddenly appeared, the blood on his body...

Lin Wen simply didn't dare to think about where the blood came from! There was also the appearance of Tian Mingwei, who was being badly beaten, which made Lin Wen very scared. He listened to Xiao Qingrong's voice, but did not dare to look up.

A scalpel had reappeared in Qingrong's left hand. Xiao Qingrong took the scalpel and poke Lin Wen in front of him, a little impatient.

If you don't raise your head, the scalpel might poke you a bit more.

Lin Wen, who had buried her head on her knees, hurriedly raised her head, only to see Xiao Qingrong's blood, and his hand holding the scalpel. She just remembered this was the scalpel that suddenly pierced into Tian Mingwei's neck!

The woman's red eyes were full of fear and horror, her tears kept falling, but she didn't dare to utter a word. Although she looked at Xiao Qingrong, she was still scared to death. She didn't know what this child would do to her. Wh-what if he was some kind of pervert!!!

Don't worry, I won't touch you, you still have some use.

The sharp scalpel gently slaps on her face, making her feel its coldness, this only made her heartbeat even more quicker. She felt as if her soul was going to jump out of her body, a pair of eyes looked at Xiao Qingrong in fear, she was still too afraid to speak...

Glancing at the female teacher with satisfaction, Xiao Qingrong stood up and looked at the children who surrounded Tian Mingwei. For Xiao Qingrong, these people were kids and harmless children. When humans are willful, and then forcibly tamed by someone, don't blame them when they get back at you.

These children were like that. They are well-trained into rabbits, but most people understood the truth that anxious creatures are going to bite back.

Looking at the crazy appearances of these children, Xiao Qingrong was very satisfied. He was willing to release the beasts inside these children. Who said that these people needed redemption? Once they were sent to such places by their parents, they still needed to be redeemed even with all the abuse, they longed for redemption, but harshly rejected.

Xiao Qingrong understood the situation of these children if they went home. Even if he exposed the school and sent these children home, could they even become normal people after experiencing the abuse from the school?

Parents didn't care if their children were really sick, they only cared about their children being obedient, like dolls, they just wanted the perfect doll that they could control.

Walking towards the crowd, after seeing Xiao Qingrong, many students took the initiative to give way and let Xiao Qingrong walk in front of Tian Mingwei who was lying on the ground. The blood inside his throat was still spreading, but Xiao Qingrong felt that if such a person died so soon, it was too cheap for him.

All the students' eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong, they saw that Xiao Qingrong was also a student here, and several of them had met Xiao Qingrong and his parents before in the playground.

After glancing at Tian Mingwei, Xiao Qingrong looked at the children here and raised his lips.

Now, I said that Meng Yue School belongs to me. Is anyone still against it?

These words were bland, but all the students were restless inside, they seemed to be thinking about what the situation was, and Yang Fan, who was holding the electric baton, stood up first.

I'm willing to follow you, I've had enough here.

His pale face looked a little fanatical at this moment, he looked very violent while holding the electric baton. In Meng Yue School, everyone felt that it was better to die, but death was not so simple, Yang Fan himself didn't want to die after seeing the corpse of his roommate. He was afraid, afraid that he would end up so horrible.

As Yang Fan spoke, other students hurriedly responded, saying they would follow Xiao Qingrong.

Dozens of students lost their strength instantly. Tian Mingwei on the other hand, was not dead, he could only look at Xiao Qingrong with a pair of eyes full of resentment, and did not understand why he experienced this.

Content with the responses, Xiao Qingrong nodded.

You are all smart children, so next, I'll take you all to take down the school and catch the instructors and teachers. Do you dare?

After hearing this, students such as Yang Fan suddenly developed an unprecedented courage. For a long time, they never dared to resist because they were afraid of the consequences. Those who fled, tried to escape, and those who tried to resist the teacher were all beaten in front of them, and now, looking at the blood-stained man in front of them, everyone suddenly felt as if they had the opportunity of a lifetime to escape their situation.

We dare!!!

This time without Yang Fan, a dark-skinned boy stood up first, and then everyone else reacted the same, everyone felt Xiao Qingrong's strength, a kind of aura that was completely different from them.

It was determined that the inner beasts of these children had also been released, so Xiao Qingrong returned to the female teacher.

Ms. Lin Wen,'s your turn, take us to another classroom, alright~?

Even when threatening people, Xiao Qingrong's voice gave a kind and gentle feeling. Lin Wen looked at the boy in front of her, she thought he looked like a demon, especially when the scalpel on his left hand constantly twisted and turned, it made her even more terrified. She nodded quickly, then stood up in fear, and almost fell. She could only hold the table beside her for support, and walked towards the door with her trembling legs.

Xiao Qingrong followed, the left scalpel stopped turning and pointed to Lin Wen in front, his voice was still very gentle.

Ms. Lin Wen, rest assured, I'm standing behind you. If you want to run away or yell, I think my scalpel should run faster than you, do you think?

Lin Wen stopped walking, then her legs went soft again, she almost fell to the ground, her face was pale, but she only dared to walk forward.

Other students followed, and each of them had a frenzied expression.

It was like a fairy tale, everyone was enslaved by the demon king, and now, there's a warrior to defeat the demon king!

Lin Wen finally left the craft room, Xiao Qingrong followed, and there were many students behind him. Currently, everyone did not choose to escape, but chose to obey Xiao Qingrong's orders.

The craft room was a little farther from the next classroom. After walking for about five minutes, they finally arrived at another classroom, which was also another crafts' room. The rooms here have no windows, when Lin Wen brought the students over, she secretly looked at the camera, hoping to be seen. However, the cameras of Meng Yue School are only available when the students escape, usually no one looks over them at all...

Lin Wen stood alone at the door of the three-room crafts' room, the two instructors inside were surprised and immediately laughed.

Ms. Lin, why are you here? Is your class over?

There weren't many real teachers in this school. Most were like Lin Wen, so the instructors here like Ms.Lin very much. After seeing Ms. Lin, they walked over to open the door.

Lin Wen's nervous heart was about to jump out of her throat. She wanted to call for help, but the teenager standing next to her still had the scalpel. Thinking of Tian Mingwei, Lin Wen didn't dare to take her life to gamble .

I, umm...let me in...

Her face paled, the two instructors had come to the door, and Xiao Qingrong, who was standing on the right side of the door, blinked at Yang Fan. He had already explained to Yang Fan what to do during their walk here.

Ms. Lin, I don't think you look well, are you feeling uncomfortable?

The two instructors did not find anything wrong, and stepped towards the door. The next second, Yang Fan snarled and hit one of the instructors with the electric baton.

The setting was adjusted to the highest setting, and the current was enough to knock out an adult male. As one of the instructors fell and twitched on the floor, the other instructor hurriedly turned around to run inside.

Xiao Qingrong stood out from the wall, the scalpel in his hand flew out and tied itself to the right side of the other instructor's neck. The instructor couldn't help but touch the blood in one hand, then turned around to see Xiao Qingrong and students standing aside...

The students in the three rooms were also frightened. They all stood up, and looked at Xiao Qingrong and Yang Fan at the door. Some people recognized that Yang Fan was from the school, and some people were watching the instructor who was on the floor with a scalpel in his neck.

Very satisfied with the shock he created, Xiao Qingrong slowly entered the classroom and came to the instructor. But before the other party could respond, Qingrong stretched out his left hand to pull out his scalpel, and blood spattered on him. Blood was flowing from the neck of the instructor, but his eyes were full of fear, staring at Xiao Qingrong and daring not to take any action. At this moment, everyone was afraid to move, they only stared at Qingrong from afar, just like the instructor.

He didn't care about the blood on his body, Xiao Qingrong frowned and looked at his scalpel. He took out a handkerchief and wiped it carefully. After doing all this, he glanced at everyone, and the scalpel in his hand was at his fingertips twirling again.

Now I announce that Meng Yue School is mine. Do any of you have any comments?

After speaking, he raised his eyebrows and looked at the instructor who was still standing and covering his neck with his hands.

If I were you, I would give myself first aid...