Super Male God System Chapter 146 - Teacher

Class 1-4 of the First Experimental High School in Anyang City. At this time, all students were quietly taking a mathematical test. The man standing beside the podium in the classroom was wearing a very tacky striped shirt, which was black with blue interlaced horizontal stripes, and elow is a pair of ordinary blue jeans that look wrinkled together and his shoes were ordinary leather shoes.

Of course, that wasn't the key. The key was that the man on the podium was Xiao Qingrong, class teacher in class 1-4. He was 36 years old this year and was divorced. His wife took away their daughter after divorce and although he could see his daughter every month, they didn't have a very deep bond.

Even though it was his first time being a teacher, Xiao Qingrong felt that there was really nothing new to learn. These math problems were not a problem for him at all, but what interested Xiao Qingrong the most was a girl in his classroom.

Looking at the girl who was working on the papers below, Xiao Qingrong saw that the girl has a very pure look and a black long straight shawl at a glance. This Ai Yajun was not only the class leader, but also a proud student of Xiao Qingrong. Of course, this was not the most important thing. The most important thing was that this girl will push him into an endless place.

Ai Yajun was the daughter of another teacher in Experimental High School. Otherwise, her grades would not be so good. Xiao Qingrong's house was the opposite of her's. It could be said that he watched Ai Yajun grow up since she was a child and he had given her exceptional care.

But sometimes, people get greedy and inadequate. For their benefit, they abandon their feelings.

618, according to what you said, those who experience rebirths obviously have all the opportunities, but why do they still want to take away the luck of others?

Xiao Qingrong shuttled through so many worlds, and also knew that these worlds might be a small one of the three thousand worlds. Using scientific explanation methods, they were probably called planes. Each plane exists independently and has its own plots. In these plots, there will always be some child of destiny, otherwise, Xiao Qingrong would not be able to find himself as a cannon fodder.

For example, this time, after 618 upgraded, all the information about this world was made known to him, of course, including the rebirth of Ai Yajun.

[This... I don't know, maybe they want to get an advantage?]

618 felt that rebirths are a lucky thing. It seems normal for those who experience rebirths to have an advantage, but this time, 618 felt that its host was a bit pitiful.

[Otherwise... should we go while she's not reborn yet?]

You know, in order to get what she wanted after her rebirth, Ai Yajun had no choice but to secretly go to the host's home to steal things, and she also seduced the host. After finally finding what she wanted, she turned to the authorities and said that the host molested her...

618 really does not like such a person.

Go? Why go? Since she had this kind of idea in the beginning, I should satisfy her.

Xiao Qingrong thought of the piece of jade that he had, and the advice of 618, but he did not intend to leave at all.

However, putting that aside, seriously, he was very dissatisfied with his current image.

Although 36 years old can be considered a middle-aged person, just what kind of clothes was he wearing now...

The striped shirts, pleated pants, and dirty leather shoes were a huge challenge for Xiao Qingrong.

Fortunately, because this body had to teach at school for a long time, there was no beer belly or anything. Otherwise, Xiao Qingrong would really not be able to handle it.

When the school bell rang, Xiao Qingrong stood up and spoke.

Times up.

These two words were like invisible knives for all students, making everyone frown, but they still obediently passed the papers quietly. It's been half a year already and they will soon have to focus on key classes when they are in the second year of high school. If they don't study now, it will be very difficult to make progress in the future.

Soon, everyone's papers were put on the table. Xiao Qingrong reached out and sorted out the papers. He looked at all the students sitting and spoke again.

Class is finished.

Many people originally thought that Xiao Qingrong would drag the class time because his favorite thing to do was to drag out the class time. Even if it was for the test papers, he would usually drag out the class time but today, he did not do that.

Immediately after, Xiao Qingrong left the classroom, which made the students cheer for a while, because he had always been very serious, and he liked to drag the class time. After this exam, he didn't say anything, leaving everyone with less pressure. However, there were still many people discussing the difficulty of the test questions. After all, in high school, many math problems are different from those in middle school.

Xiao Qingrong entered his office with the papers. He had been in this school for ten years and he had gradually mixed into the position of the current class teacher. Although the salary for a month was only three or four thousand yuan, but since his teaching level was very good, he usually tutored online, and also took tuition classes with some well-connected teachers to make money during summer vacation.

Although it was expressly stipulated that teachers cannot participate in such tutoring business, it was not strictly enforced. Otherwise, the gardeners who were cultivating flowers for the country would already starve to death.

There are also times when the school will organize paid tuition, so strictly speaking, Xiao Qingrong had some savings. In addition to the house that was given to his wife when he was divorced, there was the house near the school that needed to be repaid, which had a deposit of almost 200,000 yuan.

Previously Xiao Qingrong wanted to save the money for his daughter to buy a house. Although he let his daughter live with his wife, he loved his daughter. Although it had been six years now since he divorced his wife, his wife also worked hard and did not remarry. The two had discussed it and they agreed that if the wife remarried, she would send their daughter back to live with him.

But now... Xiao Qingrong no longer cared.

After closing the office door, Xiao Qingrong put the paper on the table, and then he took out a jade pendant from his pocket. The pendant was in the shape of a small rectangle. The pendent looked like it had been through the times and it was unknown as to what the letters on the pendent meant. Anyways, Xiao Qingrong could not understand it.

However, it was this pendant that killed a life.

[Host, yes! that's it! It's just a planting space, the one that can grow ginseng, and it can make one get rich in minutes!]

When 618 saw this jade pendant, it couldn't contain his excitement. After all, it was the first time that it saw a golden finger that was not bought from the system mall!

After Ai Yajun was born again, it was for this jade pendant that she poured a pile of dirty water on the host and killed the host unjustly.

And this jade pendant, after falling into the hands of Ai Yajun, turned into a tool for her to collect money. She wasn't like the daughter of the host, who found this jade pendant when she cleaned up the host's house. After that, she used the contents to make a lot of contributions to the country.

618 was a system, but it also knows that the reason why a person could live safely and healthy was of course inseparable from the development of a country. With such a powerful thing, Ai Yajun just collected money through this thing, and she lived a wealthy life afterwards! Anyways, 618 hated such a selfish person like Ai Yajun.

And... 618 didn't tell Xiao Qingrong, after Ai Yajun got the jade pendant, that is, after the host died, she was still uneasy, and eventually killed the host's daughter.

It could be said that this pendant was basically sh*t after it fell into the hands of Ai Yajun.

Well, that's fine.

Xiao Qingrong had seen many things, so he was not too surprised at this space. He understood that Ai Yajun did it for this space after rebirth. This time, he wants to see how she would be able to get this pendant...

A scalpel appeared in Xiao Qingrong's hands. He made a cut in his fingers, and the red blood fell on the jade pendant. The office was not monitored. After all, it was the private territory of the teachers, so Xiao Qingrong had no fear of being discovered by anyone.

Xiao Qingrong saw that the pendant quickly absorbed the blood, and it looked as if it became a new pendant.

Then he dealt with the wound in his hand, Xiao Qingrong pinched the pendant, and in accordance with the voice of 618, he said inwardly.

Only momentarily, Xiao Qingrong, who opened his eyes again, arrived in a space that looked very dreamy. The sky here was rainbow-colored, and the ground was clean and divided. Xiao Qingrong squatted down and reached out to touch the soil. After touching the soil, the attributes of the soil was directly displayed in his mind.

It's a pity Xiao Qingrong hasn't played QQ farm. Otherwise, he would find out that this thing was almost like QQ Farm. [TN: There's a novel about QQ Farm if y'all are interested, its a chinese farming game]

Going forward, there was an apple tree in the ground in front, and although this apple tree was also one person tall, the apples on it were all red and very good.

Xiao Qingrong did not hesitate to reach out and pick one. Although it was a very smooth and clean apple, he still had obsessive-compulsive disorder. He then found a stream in this space, and washed it.

After washing it, Xiao Qingrong took a bite. Sure enough, the fruit in this space was exceptionally sweet. At the same time, Xiao Qingrong also saw the attributes of this apple.

[Space Apple: Refreshes the eater for an hour, and allows one to have a good attention span for an hour.]

Such an attribute made Xiao Qingrong immediately think of his disobedient students. Seriously, being a teacher was quite fun, and he had no plans to change jobs...