Super Male God System Chapter 145 - Disowned

Fang Sitian couldn't believe what she heard. Her eyes widened as she looked at the Xiao Qingrong in front of her eyes. The expressions on her face stiff.

Regardless of how Fang Sitian felt, Xiao Qingrong felt that Fang Chongjun deserved going to jail for everything the Xiao family experienced. You know, when he came to this world, both father Xiao and mother Xiao were dead. Human life is so precious and he has even spent millions of male god points on his golden finger so how could he like Fang Chongjun?

Xiao, Xiao Qingrong, what are you talking about? I, I don't understand...

She couldn't believe everything she heard. The one in jail was her adopted father, Why would her senior do this? Is there anything between her senior and her adopted father?

Fang Sitian thought of the words that Xiao Qingrong had said to her last time. She even felt that there was hatred between Xiao Qingrong and her adoptive father. Otherwise, why did Xiao Qingrong say such a thing?

You don't understand? Fang Sitian, what happened to our Xiao family these past month. Do you think it's just a problem with the product? My Xiao's family bankruptcy, it was your good adoptive father's doing just because you look at me differently at school, so do you think that I will help you?

If you want someone to suffer, you have to thoroughly break their dreams. Since the Xiao family went bankrupt because of Fang Chongjun, he has to pay for the Xiao family's bankruptcy, and as for Fang Sitian, this all happened because of Fang Chongjun's concern for Fang Sitian, so is Fang Sitian really not at fault?

At this moment, Fang Sitian's face was pale. She never expected that such a thing would happen. She really didn't know that the bankruptcy of the Xiao Group had to do with her adoptive father. Now, when she thought of when something happened to the Xiao Group. Isn't that the time when she fell in love with Xiao Qingrong at first sight? Thinking of this, Fang Sitian felt that it was unbearable. She looked at the indifferent man in front of her, and finally understood why the other party was so indifferent to her.

She wanted to say something but she didn't know what to say and when she wanted to justify her adoptive fathers action, but when it came to her lips, she didn't know how to say it.

Maybe, she already knew from her heart that this is how her adoptive father is like.....

When she was in junior high school and high school, she didn't have any long term friends. Whether it was a boy or a girl, she used to have a good friend, but then the good friend suddenly disappeared, and the boys in her class were never willing to have too much contact with her. Fang Sitian didn't think these things were wrong before, but now when she thought back to it, it was really abnormal.

Fang Sitian's face was full of struggles, and her beautiful eyes were full of pain, but this pain was nothing compared to the Xiao Family's pain. Moreover, Xiao Qingrong didn't plan to let Fang Sitian go yet and revealed another piece of information.

In fact, I not only got your adoptive father in, I also investigated some very interesting things, and I think you will be pleasantly surprised after seeing them.

As he said, he pushed a file in front of Fang Sitian and let Fang Sitian look.

Fang Sitian doesn't know what this is, but now she has nothing, and without her adoptive father, she has no other relative, so Fang Sitian decides that no matter what, she must save her father! She believes her adoptive father will not break the law!

She reached out and took the file with trembling hands, then looked down and began to open it. The first thing she saw was her mother's information. Fang Sitian's mother was a woman who smiled very tenderly. She was a teacher, and in the eyes of the students, having such a beautiful and gentle teacher is the luckiest thing in the world.

Unfortunately, among so many students, as Fang Sitian's mother gave out her tenderness, she met a demon. This demon was Fang Chongjun.

Fang Chongjun was a student of Fang Sitian's mother. At the time, Fang Chongjun was only 16 years old. He fell in love with his teacher, but at that time, Fang Sitian's mother already had a boyfriend, and that boyfriend was Fang Sitian's father. The two can be regarded as childhood sweethearts, so even if Fang Chongjun likes her, Fang Sitian's mother refused him, because she likes her husband.

After a while, Fang Sitian's father and mother finally officially married. After marriage, they had a lovely daughter whom they deeply love. If you follow the general rules, such a family of three should be very happy.

But who would have thought that after many years, Fang Chongjun reappeared. After learning that his first love was married, he felt extreme jealousy and hired someone to kill Fang Sitian's father and imprison her mother. As for Fang Sitian's mother, she knew everything and knew how Fang Chongjun had killed her husband but she couldn't do anything about it. She finally couldn't control herself in her heart, and eventually committed suicide.

It is precisely because of this that Fang Sitian, who was three years old, was adopted by Fang Chongjun from then on. Fang Chongjun not only raised Fang Sitian into adulthood, it turned out that he also fell in love with her. Although Fang Sitian was unable to accept the love of her adoptive father, in the subsequent series of entanglements, the two finally fell in love. In the end, Fang Sitian gave birth to a pair of twins for Fang Chongjun, and they lived a happy life.

Of course, these are all known from 618. In the information of 618, Fang Sitian did not know the truth from beginning to end. The only thing that Fang Sitian felt jealous and unacceptance because she felt that she was her mothers substitute, so Xiao Qingrong, without any hesitation, broke through this so-called false beauty.

He would like to see Fang Sitian's reaction after learning that her adoptive father had killed her parents.

Fang Sitian's hand holding the file was trembling. She looked at the documents with blinking eyes, but she couldn't believe that it was all true, and finally put the data on the table. As she looked up, her eyes were already red.

It's not true, it... it can never be true...

Her father and mother were killed by her adoptive father. Her adoptive father also imprisoned her mother, so her mother committed suicide...

After learning all of this, Fang Sitian suddenly felt that her entire world was false, and she couldn't control her tears at all.

If you think it's really fake, you can ask Fang Chongjun in person, I will give you this opportunity.

In the end, Xiao Qingrong still planned to give Fang Sitian a fatal blow. After the two spoke, Xiao Qingrong drove Fang Sitian to the place where Fang Chongjun was.

Fang Sitian was finally able to meet Fang Chongjun. She was full of desire to save Fang Chongjun before, but after knowing everything, she realized how terrible Fang Chongjun was.

No one knew what Fang Sitian said to Fang Chongjun at that time, but after Fang Sitian came out, she dropped out of school. No one knew where she went. Fang Chongjun was sentenced to 30 years in prison.

[Host, why didn't you punish Fang Sitian?]

618 can't figure out why the host didn't fully deal with Fang Sitian, but Xiao Qingrong smiled mysteriously.

Do you think it would be safe for a single girl to carry so much money?

618 felt that there was a hidden meaning in the host's words, but it didn't continue to question, because 618 is happy as long as the host was happy.

After that, Huan Yan started their first advertising campaign. The propaganda star they were looking for was not the hottest female star, but a female star who almost quit the entertainment circle because of a burn. She had a burn mark on her body and face and it covered up most of her body.

Mother Xiao was able to meet her through her relationships and she recommended the cosmetics to her. After using it, it was as if the star was really reborn. Her skin had become extremely beautiful, and it was as soft as a baby's.

[Rejuvenate and regain your delicate skin!]

A line, coupled with the beautiful face of this female star's sudden return, made everyone pay attention to this product. Moreover, after the female star was interviewed later, it also shows that her skin has really gotten better thanks to this beauty product and after that, many people with scars planned to give it a try.

In addition to this female star, a male star was also found. It was a man who had a long series of scars on his face due to injury during a play. After using this product, he regained his handsome face and made all the stars in the circle crazy. They all wanted to buy this product, even though this product is extremely expensive.

That's right, just 30ml of Huan Yan costs 30,000 yuan. The average person can't afford it. There are other products that cost more than 100,000 yuan a month. Ordinary people definitely cannot afford such a thing.

But even so, when everyone saw the baby-like tender skin on the stars, everyone wanted it. After more stars showed the result of them using the beauty product, all the stars in the circle switched to it. Moreover, some high-level ladies loved this product so much that they even bought it while abroad...

Xiao Qingrong made all female celebrities and ladies alike obsessed. Every time he created a new product, they were snached up by the ladies. It really made the Huan Yan brand a luxury product in cosmetics.

As for Fang Sitian? She secretly went to find her father's relatives, but she did not expect that she was rejected by her father's relatives. As she was wandering outside, she had her luggage stolen and it was unknown what method the thief used, but they cracked her account, and of course the money inside disappeared.

After that, Fang Sitian has nothing, and can only live in the gaps in life with regret. Occasionally, when she sees Xiao Qingrong's interview on TV, she will regret it a bit.

If she didn't like this person at first, would the result be different?

If her adoptive father didn't cause the Xiao Group to go bankrupt, would she still live like a little princess? Would she have to know about the painful truth?

However, in any case, there is no medicine for regret in the world and Fang Sitian could only live in sorrow for the rest of her life.