Super Male God System Chapter 144 - Refusal

Not to mention what happened to Fang Chongjun and Fang Sitian this evening, Xiao Group officially announced bankruptcy. After half a year, the Xiao Group finally gave in. Such an ending made the local newspaper and various news sites on the Internet explain this matter. After all, the Xiao Group has been established for a long time, and this sudden bankruptcy also made everyone sigh.

With the development of the times, sometimes it becomes very simple to start a business, but it is more difficult to keep the business running. Because of the rapid development of the times, the way society works is also changing.

Although there is no more Xiao Group, the Xiao family still exists, and there will be more opportunity in the future.

At least, after mother Xiao used the cosmetics made by her son, she was stunned after seeing the scars left by her cesarean section on her stomach disappear quickly!

Even Father Xiao did not expect this thing to be so useful. To a certain extent, this is no longer a cosmetic product. Since even this surgical scar can be treated, how is this normal cosmetics?

The product approval and the company are easy to talk about, but Qingrong, this thing is not ordinary cosmetics, so I want to ask what your thoughts are. Such a magical thing, do you really want to use it as a tool to make money?

If this thing is treated as medicine, they can also cooperate with major hospitals, but in fact, everyone knows that the value of medicine is totally incomparable to cosmetics and the like. After all, who is willing to go to the hospital when there is nothing wrong? But when people go to buy cosmetics, they are happy to buy it, since any woman will want to have a beautiful face.

Yes, since our family has stopped doing the previous industry, I think we are no longer suitable for entering the previous chemical industry. In the past six months, so many people have lost faith in our family, and even if we return to the chemical industry and develop, it will not be very good. Moreover, the future of the chemical industry might not be very good. I think this time, we can make high-end cosmetics, and target celebrities, and make our products into celebrity products, and make it into a luxury item.

Xiao Qingrong has never been a philanthropic person, otherwise he would not have been a person who managed tens of billions of employees before, so he knows how to make money and he is very smart.

Although it is also a good idea to make small profits, but if the product is made into a luxury product, then it is another situation. Xiao Qingrong does not allow the value of this thing in his hands to be low.

I understand all of this, but even in our family, even if you want to find a celebrity endorsement, it is not easy to find, whether it is the company construction or other aspects, we don't have enough money...

Creating a company is not so simple. In addition to having products, product appearance settings, advertising promotion, and celebrity spokespersons, these are all very complicated things. If you want to do it, it is very difficult.

Even if it's not easy, we have to try it. I think Qingrong is right. Such a magical product must be a luxury product in cosmetics. Just look at the big-name products, they are so expensive, but they have no effect at all unlike this one. If you look at my stomach, the scar is completely gone. I think we should do what Qingrong wants.

Mother Xiao strongly supports her son, especially after experiencing the magic of this kind of cosmetics, she feels that her son is very powerful. There are no women who don't care about the scars on her body and not to mention her special wounds, just from the scars of having a baby to disappear has already shocked mother Xiao.

Anyways, after this matter was decided, mother Xiao helped Xiao Qingrong to set up the company, and within a few days, the company's things and the product's appearance were developed. This product was named Huan Yan by mother Xiao, which means rejuvenation, because this kind of cosmetics can not only make the scars completely disappear, but also make the skin soft and smooth like a baby.

Seriously, father Xiao also thought that the price of his son's products was too expensive, but after his wife used it, her skin became so delicate that father Xiao immediately changed his mind. He even felt that the price of this thing was okay, and he thought it was a little cheaper. However, seeing that there is not much, there is nothing to say, anyway, this thing is also sold to rich people.

When the Xiao family was busy with their new career, Fang Chongjun's company was being officially investigated. It is unknown why many people started to investigate Fang Chongjun's company but after thoroughly investigating, they found many things. From tax evasion, and how Fang Chongjun bribed officials, everything was investigated, and everyone couldn't believe it. The giant company was caught in a huge scandal, and Fang Chongjun himself was taken away for investigation.

When all this happened, Fang Sitian was stunned. She finally convinced herself to want to accept her adoptive father, but no one expected that there would be such an unexpected situation in the world. Fang Chongjun was arrested. He has hundreds of millions of dollars in tax evasion for so many years. With just this, it is estimated that he will be locked away for ten years, not to mention that he was suspected of bribing officials. With all of this, no one was protecting Fang Chongjun and no one could protect him either way.

Fang Chongjun also never imagined that such a secret thing that he had hidden would be discovered. Not only was it discovered, but it was even linked back to him. When Fang Chongjun was being interrogated inside, it was of course impossible for him to tell the truth. However, with more and more investigation results, he has no choice but to confess guilt, because even if he does not confess, the evidence now known has made him unable to resist.

This is almost instantaneous, but after more than ten days of work, everything Fang Chongjun has is gone. Fang Sitian was also driven out of Fang Chongjun's villa. After all, the villa was also bought by stolen money. Thanks to Fang Chongjun's good thinking, there was still two million on Fang Sitian's card. After being kicked out of the house, she wanted to see Fang Chongjun, but she was denied. She could only find a place to live first. However, in such a situation, she was helpless and did not know what to do.

Xiao Qingrong was not surprised when he saw this news. He had hacked into Fang Chongjuns account and released his scandals.

[Host you are awesome! It turned out that the Fang's family went bankrupt so quickly! This reminds me of a novel. Although you are not the president, you are really amazing!]

618 will always be Xiao Qingrong's most loyal fanboy, looking at Xiao Qingrong with shining eyes.

Hearing this, Xiao Qingrong laughed wildly.

Fool, read those CEO novels less. It clouds your thinking

When 618 heard this, it felt some grievances. God knows, he also read these because he wanted to understand Fang Sitian and Fang Chongjun and why Fang Chongjun would deal with other families just because of his jealousy.


At this time, the Fang family was gone. Fang Sidian did everything to try to meet Fang Chongjun again. In the end, she thought of Xiao Qingrong, and felt that Xiao Qingrong must have a way for her to see her adoptive father. After all, the Xiao family was bankrupt, but a camel is still bigger than a horse.

After finding her own cell phone, Fang Sitian went to the student union. After constant pleading, the student union called Xiao Qingrong and told Xiao Qingrong that Fang Sitian wanted to meet him.

If it was before, Xiao Qingrong would definitely be reluctant to meet Fang Sitian. After all, this woman is really disgusting, but now, thinking of those things investigated by private investigators, he feels that, compared to himself, he believes that Fang Sweet is more interested in these, right?

In the end, Xiao Qingrong agreed to meet Fang Sitian, and the two met directly in a cafe near the school. In fact, this cafe was very quiet and there were usually no people.

Fearing for Fang Chongjun, Fang Sitian waited in the cafe early. When Xiao Qingrong arrived, seeing Fang Sitian's appearance, he knew that the other party must have been influenced by Fang Chongjun. Regardless of the relationship between the two people, Anything is good, but the mistake is wrong, and people around should not be paid for their feelings.

Xiao Qingrong came over and sat in front of Fang Sitian and looked at Fang Sitian expressionlessly.

Fang Sitian didn't know why, but when she saw Xiao Qingrong's indifference in front of her, she felt a bit terrible, but her worry for her adoptive father made her not think of other things, and hurriedly begged.

Qingrong, I think you definitely know about my adoptive fathers situation. I want to see my adoptive father. Can you help me?

She looked at Xiao Qingrong pitifully, and asked pleadingly, but Xiao Qingrong looked at Fang Sitian and raised his lips.

No, I managed to get him in. How could I let you see him?