Super Male God System Chapter 143 - Jealousy

Known.. the things between myself and my adoptive father were known by others...

Fang Sitian never thought that these things would be known to others, not to mention that this person is the person she likes. This kind of feeling is like being stripped of her clothes in front of everyone. Everything that was dirty, everything that she wanted to hide, was rolled out.

Fang Sitian, who was standing in that small room, stood there blankly. What came to mind was the sentence in Xiao Qingrong's mouth that she was dirty. With red eyes, tears kept falling, and then she squatted down in sadness. When she was on the ground, she covered his cheek helplessly, as if she didn't want anyone to see her expression.

At this moment, Fang Sitian has an unprecedented grievance. How? How did the gentle Xiao Qing Rong become such a person? Why did he hurt her so much? There is also the relationship between her adoptive father and herself. Why does Xiao Qingrong know? Or, in addition to Xiao Qingrong, does anyone already know this?

When thinking of this, Fang Sitian was very frightened. She didn't know how others would see her now, and she was also unwilling to accept such eyes.

From a young age, Fang Sitian regarded Fang Chongjun as her father. Although the relationship between the two has always been close, Fang Sitian's education and world concept have come from Fang Chongjun since childhood, so she did not know what Fang Chongjun did was right or wrong. It wasn't until after college that she heard others talk about their parents that Fang Sitian realized that her relationship with her father was different from others.

Later, after seeing the picture of her mother, Fang Sitian was even more afraid and annoyed. She was grateful to her mother for having such a suitor. After her mother died, he was willing to support her and give her such a good life. However, she was just a substitute, so Fang Sitian can't accept all of this.

This kind of struggle made her choose to want to live in school after arriving at the university, and then she met Xiao Qingrong....

She thought that as long as she had someone she liked, she would be able to talk to her favorite person for a long time. However, her adoptive father loved her so much that he does not even allow any other man to really come close to her.

It's okay to say that she's weak, since whatever she says, she can't resist her adoptive father, and she doesn't even dare to tell her adoptive father what she thinks. Even if she doesn't want to, she won't dare to say anything in the end...

Xiao Qingrong didn't care what kind of psychological suffering Fang Sitian had to endure. Such a woman may be pitiful in such an environment, but Xiao Qingrong did not have so much sympathy.

Xiao Qingrong's suspension from school was soon completed. Xiao Qingrong returned home with father Xiao and mother Xiao. Father Xiao and mother Xiao then handled the company's affairs, while Xiao Qingrong sought a private detective.

Yes, he found a private detective.

He intends to investigate Fang Sitian's life.

According to the information provided by 618, Fang Sitian's mother is Fang Chongjun's first love, and Fang Chongjun is also 21 years older than Fang Sitian. In other words, Fang Chongjun and Fang Sitian's mother should be the same age, however, Xiao Qingrong found that Fang Sitian's mother was about eight years older than Fang Chongjun.

So this so-called first love lover is a bit unscientific. Moreover, it was later found that Fang Sitian's father had a car accident first. Later, Fang Sitian's mother committed suicide. This is all a coincidence.

The most famous detective in the world has said that any coincidence is nothing but a detailed calculation.

These too coincidental things are the same in Xiao Qingrong's eyes, and he felt that this is definitely a planned thing.

It is easy to do many things when you have money. Soon Xiao Qingrong found a private investigator to investigate the incident between Fang Chongjun and Fang Sitian's mother, then he invested in the research on scar cosmetics.

At night, Fang Chongjun returned home and saw the poor Fang Sitian crouching on the sofa. He felt a distress in his heart. He stepped forward to sit next to his daughter, stretched out his arms and held Fang Sitian's shoulders and brought her to his arms.

Sweet, what's wrong with you? Who bullied you? Tell dad, dad can help you out.

Holding the little girl in his arms, and watching Fang Sitian's red eyes burst into tears, Fang Chongjun was even more distressed.

If it was before, Fang Sitian would definitely break free from her adoptive father, because she felt that she did not want to be a substitute, and did not want to have any other relationship with her father, whom she has always respected, but now, after being hurt, Fang Sitian couldn't help but put herself into the arms of the other side because she knew that only the person who truly cares for her right now is in front of her and no matter what the other person's emotions are about her, she definitely knows that he cares for her.

Dad... Instead of calling him Uncle Fang, she called him dad in an aggrieved manner, and then reached out and held Fang Chongjun's back, and then put all of herself into the embrace of the other, hoping that it would heal her.

Even if she knew all this was wrong, the only person she could rely on now was him...

Sweetie, my sweet little girl. Don't cry, you won't look good if you keep crying~

Fang Chongjun coaxed the girl in his arms, and his heart was uncomfortable for a while. When he saw the girl crying, he couldn't wait to take out his heart and show it to the girl. From the time when Fang Sitian was young to now, Fang Chongjun has been patient with himself, but it was hard for him to hold his urges.

He knew that the thing with the Xiao Group was due to his own impulse, but Fang Chongjun didn't regret it, because he knew that the little girl he loved in his palms was suitable for a happier life, and the person who can give her happiness could only be him, not others.

He worked hard to suppress himself, trying not to scare his little girl, so when she was older, when she was grown up, he would tell his feelings to her. He had fallen in love with her thoroughly and it had reached an uncontrollable level. [TN: Disgusting]

Fang Sitian relied on this gentle bosom. She thought of many childhood things. Every time she felt lonely, the man in front of her would be there. In this world, they should be family, but now, this is the case...

When thinking of what Xiao Qingrong said, Fang Sitian felt a sting in her heart, but she tightened her hands and hugged Fang Chongjun tightly. Suddenly, she felt an unprecedented sense of revenge. So what if she has a good relationship with her father? Who are they bothering?

Dad, you must like mom very much, right? That's why you keep me by your side and love me so much. You love her, right?

Fang Sitian was buried in Fang Chongjun's arms. Suddenly, she didn't know why but she suddenly thought of her mother's picture, she couldn't help asking this question and even she felt it was a little unexpected.

She didn't know why she asked such a question, but she asked it in her heart, almost without thinking.

Fang Chongjun held Fang Sitian's body and he became stiff. How he wanted to say that he no longer loved that woman. The only person he loved was Fang Sitian, but in order not to scare his own girl, Fang Chongjun couldn't say that and he could only nod.

Yes, I like your mother very much. Your mother is my first love, so I took you over after your mother died. I hope you can live well.

The sentence he gave is similar to what Fang Sitian heard from outsiders. Fang Chongjun is also in his forties this year, but he has never been married. After adopting Fang Sitian, she was always by his side. There are no other women, so everyone outside knows that Fang Chongjun loves Fang Sitian, but everyone didn't think of anything else. They all thought that Fang Chongjun was madly in love with Fang Sitian's mother and he wanted to take care of her daughter in her stead. but no one had thought that this man would fall in love with the child he raised in the first hand.

In fact, even Fang Chongjun had never thought about it before. He never thought that he would love this girl this much as she grew up. When the two were sleeping together, Fang Sitian looked so pure. When Fang Chongjun looked at Fang Sitian, he soon realised his feelings but for Fang Sitian, he put up with it again and again until now.

He has decided that when this child graduates from college, they will be together forever.

After hearing this, Fang Sitian suddenly went cold, and then her eyes were gloomy but Fang Chongjun couldn't see.

Mom... Actually, Fang Sitian had very little memory of her mother. She was adopted by Fang Chongjun when she was three years old. Naturally, it was impossible to remember what her mother looked like and the only reason she was able to know what her mother looked like was because she saw her mother in the photos.

Moreover, after she looks at her mother in the photos, she knows that she looks very similar to her mother. Her mother smiles very softly, her eyes will be fascinated with the shape of a crescent, and she is the same, and perhaps because she is so similar, it is the reason why her father loves her so much.

But... she was unwilling... Why? Why is she a substitute? Mother's substitute!!!

In the past, Fang Sitian only regarded Fang Chongjun as her father. Later, after puberty, she couldn't help looking at the other person, but wherever she thought of the fact that the only reason he cared for her is because of her mother, Fang Sitian could not accept it. The more she understands the reason for her adoptive fathers gentleness, the more she is jealous of her mother. Why is her mother such a lucky person in this world?

Even after her death, she is still very loved