Super Male God System Chapter 142 - Dirty

After finally sending away his father, Xiao Qingrong turned on his computer. He didn't expect Fang Chongjun to be such a person, and so he wanted to give him a big gift.

Xiao Qingrong directly hacked into Fang Chongjun's company and found Fang Chongjun's hidden books and tax records, as well as many other things, such as bribery accounts, which is probably for insurance purposes. Fortunately, everything is organized, probably because he thought that his security was perfect, but it has no effect on Xiao Qingrong. After Xiao Qingrong got these things in his hands, he believes that Fang Chongjun will feel very surprised about this gift.

The next day, Xiao Qingrong went to the hospital with his parents. It was a private hospital with many experts. Because Grandpa Xiao's illness has become more serious, he had been receiving treatment in the hospital ward and could not go home for treatment.

Grandpa Xiao was very happy to see his grandson, and his wrinkled face was full of smiles as he talked to Xiao Qingrong.

Dad, the company has already filed for bankruptcy, and the accounts owed by the company have been resolved. Qingrong won the lottery, which is 680 million yuan. After donating 380 million yuan, 300 million yuan remains. Even if the company is bankrupt, I will surely make our Xiao family come back up. Don't worry, I won't let you down.

Father Xiao was a bit ashamed when he said this, because although he has been so persistent for more than half a year, in the end, he still failed to turn the tide and let the Xiao Group die. This was a blow to Father Xiao, and to Grandpa Xiao, it is worse.

Sure enough, after hearing this, Grandpa Xiao was silent for a long time, his eyes were reddish, and he finally sighed.

Since it has already happened, all we can do is try to live a better life.

The company has become that way and whatever Grandpa Xiao says right now is useless. Then, he turned his head around to praise Xiao Qingrong for his good fortune.

At this moment, Xiao Qingrong also took the opportunity to talk about the wound healing cosmetics he developed. Grandpa Xiao was a little surprised, but then said directly.

The new company will listen to you. Now the times are changing and our old rules are not working. Qingrong, Grandpa believes in your ability, do whatever you want. Anyways, the money was originally yours. It won't matter if you start again. Grandpa did it when I was young.

Can Grandpa Xiao be indifferent even though the company he single handedly create is destroyed? No. Although he was uncomfortable because of the loss of the company, he also knows that his son has been working very hard in this matter for more than half a year. Grandpa Xiao also figured that someone was targeting the Xiao family. In this case, how can they really resist?

Well, grandpa, I know.

Father Xiao and Mother Xiao also quickly expressed their support, so Grandpa Xiao was relieved. After all, as long as these children are present, the Xiao family still has a new future. The new era is always ruled by the young.

Xiao Qingrong took advantage of his grandpa's happiness, and told him about his plans to quit school. Hearing this, Grandpa Xiao agreed. After all, he has reached this stage from the start, so he knew the hardships of starting a business. If this child had not experienced the great changes in their Xiao family, why would he suddenly want to quit school?

Moreover, the reason Grandpa Xiao agreed to let Xiao Qingrong drop out of school is because if the child is not satisfied at this time, he may not be able to study quietly at school.

Father Xiao and mother Xiao were only able to comply after hearing this. Although father Xiao had 10,000 reasons to oppose, in the end, he couldn't say anything more in front of his own father. Instead, it was mother Xiao who thought that her son should be able to do whatever he wanted so she was very supportive.

After going to see Grandpa Xiao, and reassuring him, the family went to Xiao Qingrongs grandmother's place. This gentle old woman naturally supported all the decisions of Xiao Qingrong and no one bothered to listen to father Xiao, and it was extremely pitiful.

When the Xiao Groups bankruptcy was approved, Xiao Qingrong finally returned to school, but this time, he returned to school to go through the suspension procedure. Although the teachers also knew what happened to Xiao Qingrong's family, he did not agree with Xiao Qingrong's suspension of school, so he advised for a long time However, father Xiao and mother Xiao also knew that since their son has made a decision, no matter what anyone says, it won't change his mind.

When Father Xiao expressed gratitude to the teachers in the school, Xiao Qingrong also went to pack things for himself, and finally went to the Student Union to hand over the things from the Student Union, but Xiao Qingrong did not expect that he would encounter Fang Sitian in the student union.

That's the thing. I shouldn't come to school in the future. Until the exam, these things will be given to you.

Xiao Qingrong said to a student of the Student Union. The student also seemed to know about Xiao Qingrong's family situation, but after comforting a few words, he didn't know what to say, and finally let Xiao Qingrong prepare to leave.

Moreover, the student felt that the Xiao Qingrong who came to school this time is a little different. He seems to be extraordinarily indifferent. It seems that things at home really hit him.

Xiao Qingrong, I, I have something to tell you.

Seeing Xiao Qingrong's desire to leave, Fang Sitian took the courage to go up, and her cheeks flushed when she saw Xiao Qingrong. She had already made a decision, especially when she knew Xiao Qingrong was going to quit school.

If she doesn't do this now, she will never see Xiao Qingrong again.

Un Xiao Qingrong knew what the other person wanted to do when he looked at the other person's face, but when he thought of Fang Chongjun. If things go according to his plan, Fang Chongjun will suffer... However, what will happen to this sweet Fang Si in front of him?

According to 618, Fang Sitian looked exactly like her mother and she always felt that she was just her mother's substitute when she looked into Fang Chongjuns eyes, so she felt resentment and unwillingness in her heart, and she always thought that all this was dirty. The person Fang Chongjun loves is not her, but he also won't let her be happy...

Moreover, people who are suddenly liked by Fang Sitian deserve bad luck?

When they arrived at an empty room, the air suddenly became ambiguous. Fang Sitian looked at the man standing indifferently with a blush on her face. In the past, the other person was gentle, but now he suddenly changed. Being so indifferent makes Fang Sitian feel that he is more attractive.

Xiao Qingrong, in fact, when I first met you, I liked you very much, because when you stood there, it was like sunlight, which illuminated all my world. I heard that you are here today. I'm afraid I won't see you again in the future, so I took the liberty to tell you these things. I know that I may cause trouble for you, but I really like you, Xiao Qingrong, I like you!

The girl's eyes were bright, and her cheeks were tense with redness. At this time, looking at Xiao Qingrong expectantly, she seemed to want an answer.

However, Xiao Qingrong just stood there, and he looked cold and indifferent in the backlight. The sunlight outside the window was so gentle, but Xiao Qingrong's body seemed to be emitting a chilling air.


The nervous Fang Sitian finally heard her favorite person say something, but these three made Fang Sitian overwhelmed. Staring blankly at the man in front of her, she built up her courage and asked.

Can I be your girlfriend?

She really likes the person in front of her. She has liked him since the first time they met.

Fang Sitian looked at the person in front of her, looking forward to hearing his answer. She really hoped that she could hear the answer that would make her happy from the other person's mouth, and her heartbeat kept speeding up, as if it wanted to jump out of her chest.

Such a sweet-looking, nice-sounding little girl, took the courage to confess to a boy. It is estimated that many boys will be very shocked if they experienced such things, and they will most likely accept it happily.

Hearing this, Xiao Qingrong finally smiled, but then, he just raised the corners of his lips, showing an ironic smile. In Fang Sitian's expectations, he slowly walked towards Fang Sitian, then slowly approached her, and lowered his head. His face was right next to her ear, resulting such an ambiguous distance. Such a distance caused Fang Sitians heartbeat to quicken> For a moment, Fang Sitian felt that her heartbeat was about to stop, but at this time, it was completely beating.

Do you think... I don't know about your relationship with your adoptive father?

He spoke the words gently, then raised his head and admired Fang Sitian's face as it turned pale, and then looked at Fang Sitian, who was close to his eyes, and said.

What kind of adoptive father and daughter sleeps together in the same bed? Can you tell me?

His words almost made Fang Sitian's heart stop momentarily, and she wanted to step back, but found that she was stiff, and she could only stare blankly at Xiao Qingrong. She asked herself inside why did the person she likes suddenly change from an angel to a demon...

Also, she hadn't told anyone about it, why did he know?

Why did he know it? He is the one she likes...

Thinking of this, Fang Sitian's eyes suddenly turned red, and tears fell instantly. The look of grievance will make people feel pitiful, but unfortunately, the person she met was Xiao Qingrong.

Looking at the other party's tears, Xiao Qingrong grinned two times, and then spoke a word softly, and then went out the door, leaving only Fang Sitian who was stiff and completely immobile there. The words Xiao Qingrong were repeated continuously in her mind.

You are too dirty for me to even look at.