Super Male God System Chapter 140 - Incest

Since she likes a person, she wants to try to help the other person when they encounter anything bad. After Fang Sitian hung up the phone, although she was discouraged, she opened the internet and searched for news about the Xiao Group. After seeing the news about the Xiao Group being in debt, she was very worried about Xiao Qingrong.

This is the first time Fang Sitian likes a person. When she first met Xiao Qingrong, she was in the school's student union. She didn't want to participate in the student union. Later, she saw him in the student union because he sent something to the student union. At that time, he was wearing a white shirt, glasses, and had a gentle manner. At a glance, Fang Sitian fell in love.

Xiao Qingrong has a handsome face and a gentle atmosphere. When he laughs, it seems that his eyes are filled with stars. Such a person, of course, makes people happy. Fang Sitian was the same, after seeing Xiao Qingrong at first glance, she fell in love with Xiao Qingrong.

In fact, many girls in the school like Xiao Qingrong, but many people don't say it directly, because when Xiao Qingrong just went to college, a beautiful schoolgirl confessed to him, but Xiao Qingrong gently rejected her, saying he is not planning to fall in love until after graduation.

When Fang Sitian entered the school, Xiao Qingrong was a sophomore. Although Xiao Qingrong was only 19 years old this year, he was already a junior. So the girls liked his appearance, his talents, and even his character and Fang Sitian is no exception.

Probably people will always encounter people completely different from those around them. For example, Fang Sitian always thought that the best type of man was her adoptive father. Her last name is taken from her adoptive father. Her adoptive father owns a large enterprise, looks good, and treats her well, but Fang Sitian feels that her adoptive father's desire to control is too strong, and she prefers gentle men.

While absently scrolling the webpage, she thought of Xiao Qingrong's appearance in her mind. Fang Sitian had a happy smile on her face. She believes that Xiao Qingrong's family situation will definitely be solved. If anyone can become Xiao Qingrong's girlfriend, they will definitely be the happiest girl in the world.

When Fang Sitian was looking at the mobile phone in her room, Fang Chongjun pushed in and saw his adoptive daughter lying on the bed looking at her mobile phone, and then looking at the smile on her face, he knew that she was probably thinking of Xiao Qingrong and his heart was filled with unhappiness, and he came over with a cold face.

Fang Sitian heard the movement, and quickly closed the mobile phone's webpage. As soon as she turned around, she saw that her adoptive father had stood beside her, which frightened Fang Sitian.

Uncle Fang, you're off work...

She said, carefully planning to get up from bed. Since she was an adult, instead of calling him father, he has become Uncle Fang. She knows that she is not his biological daughter, and after growing up, being intimate is even more embarrassing.

Speaking of which, everyone is envious of Fang Sitian's family conditions, and Fang Sitian's 'daddy' is rich, but Fang Sitian understands that the man in front of her is not her father, and the reason why he raised her is also because of her mother was the other party's first love. For so many years, Fang Sitian has always regarded the person in front of her as a dad, but then he was trying to make moves on her, making Fang Sitian feel very scared.

Fang Chongjun didn't wait for Fang Sitian to get up and pressed his body down on her directly. His body was on her, almost leaving Fang Sitian, who was wrapped in a masculine atmosphere, with no resistance. She could only curl up her body and try to protect herself.

What were you looking at?

His voice was gentle, but because the other's face was close to her eyes, Fang Sitian became more nervous. Thinking of how close she was to this man, Fang Sitian was even more embarrassed, and her face was a bit stiff.

I was just watching some entertainment news.

She laughed awkwardly, and then moved her body carefully, and continued.

Uncle Fang, will you get up? I'm not feeling well.

Fang Chongjun stared tightly at the little girl he raised. The deepness in his eyes made people dare not understand it too much, but he didn't move, and looked towards Fang Sitian's neck. When he went down closer, he saw Fang Sitian shiver. After a while, he finally got up.

After standing up, Fang Chongjun stood there, and Fang Sitian finally breathed a sigh of relief, then quickly got up from the bed and sat upright.

Seeing her like this, Fang Chongjun's face suddenly darkened, and he felt a little regretful to let Fang Sitian live in school. How long has it been since school started? Since she is already like this, wouldn't she be more against him in the future?

I haven't taken a shower today, let's take a shower together.

He said in an undeniable tone that made Fang Sitian sitting there stiff and looked at the man in front of her. She didn't know whether the man in front of her had any ideas about her, but when she thought of bathing, she took a bath with this person from childhood to old age, until college when she finally understood that girls can't bathe with boys, let alone dads.

But before that, Fang Sitian always took a bath with Fang Chongjun, and it was also this year that Fang Sitian moved herself out of Fang Chongjun's room by saying that she wanted to have her own room. At that time, they were both sleeping together since childhood.

Fang Sitian never knew that this was wrong. Fang Chongjun would say that they are the closest people in the world. But now, the more she understood, the more Fang Sitian was afraid. She was even more frightened when she saw her mother's photos, and she seemed to be more and more similar to her mother. Does Uncle Fang still love her mother, so she considers her a substitute for her mother?

In addition to taking a bath, Fang Sitian also clearly understood that every inch of her skin was in the hands of the man in front of her. She also touched every inch of the skin of the other person. The more she knew, the more scared she felt because she understands that such intimacy is taboo.

Fang Sidian looked at Fang Chongjun in front of him and after a while, she finally uttered a sentence.

I, my aunt is here...

She can no longer have such intimacy with this man, and since she likes a person, she realizes that even if it is dedication, she also hopes to give all the best herself to the person she likes, Xiao Qingrong... She really likes Xiao Xuechang...

At school, Fang Sitian never mentioned things at home. One was because she didn't want people to discover her life. The other was because she was afraid that others would know the intimate relationship between her and her adoptive father. Such intimacy caused Fang Sitian to feel that she was dirty.

43 year old Fang Chongjun actually doesn't look old at all, and some people say that he is 28 or 29 years old. He has a handsome face, dark hair, and a kind of pride and temperament on his body and it would cause many women to fall for him. Fang Chongjun, who was 25 years old, had adopted Fang Sitian, and has been raising Fang Sitian to this day. Now, when he is 43 years old, he finds that he has gradually fallen in love with this adopted daughter of his.

In Fang Chongjun's eyes, Fang Chongjun is sweet, cute, lovely. Every move she makes is full of other temptations, so that Fang Chongjun can only continue to sink in such strange feelings. [TN: I am honestly disgusted.]

Your aunt just left five days ago.

Fang Chongjun knows more about Fang Sitian's body than herself, so after Fang Sitian said this, Fang Chongjun's words made Fang Sitian's face pale, and then she remembered how much this man knew cared for her.

In the old days, almost everything from small to large was handled by Fang Chongjun. Even the time of her aunt coming was remembered by Fang Chongjun. Fang Sitian never had to think about it. When Fang Sitian was sick, Fang Chongjun was more worried than her.

These were all things that made Fang Sitian feel happy, because there can be no one who loves her more than her father in this world.

But now, when knowing that all this is abnormal, Fang Sitian can hardly accept it.

For example, sleeping, taking a bath, or accepting this man's hug for no reason, these things have made Fang Sitian afraid.

She was afraid... have she become her mother's substitute in the eyes of this man?

Such overly intimate things should not happen to both of them.

But, but I don't want to take a bath.

After that, Fang Sitian looked up at Fang Chongjun in front of her eyes and tried hard to prove her determination, but Fang Chongjun looked at Fang Sitian with a deep eye. Speaking again, his tone is still undeniable.

But I want to take a bath. You don't have to take a bath. Give me a bath.

He said, getting up and leaving, but Fang Sitian who stayed in the room understood that she could not refuse the man who raised her, even if she knew what the man might think of her. Under such circumstances, she still couldn't refuse this man.

Finally, after Fang Chongjun disappeared into the room, after a while, Fang Sitian bit her lip and walked out of the door, and walked towards Fang Chongjun's room...