Super Male God System Chapter 14 - Revenge

You! Who are you!

Seeing that Qingrong was wearing clothes from the school, Tian Mingwei, an instructor, had already picked up the electric stun on the table and looked at Xiao Qingrong with caution. This boy was definitely not easy to deal with!

The female teacher Lin Wen also stood up, hiding behind Tian Mingwei, and carefully looked at Xiao Qingrong standing at the door. She remembered that the child was delivered here seven days ago, and he should be brought out of the confinement room today by Mr. Tang...

As for the students who were sitting there quietly, the moment they saw Xiao Qingrong, a strange light appeared in their eyes, they recognized that Xiao Qingrong might be a student. They didn't care about the blood that was on his face, the only thing everyone cared at this moment was just how did this student came to this room alone!

Xiao Qingrong admired the expressions of these people with satisfaction. His left hand was gently raised, and the scalpel in his hand was quickly rotated, which made people dazzled. His flexible fingers made the students even more excited.

I announce that the Meng Yue School belongs to me. You will all listen to me in the future, understand?

His understatement left those students unresponsive, but Tian Mingwei became angry, holding the electric baton, and rushed towards Xiao Qingrong!

Tian Mingwei did this many times to disobedient students. This time, he adjusted the electric baton to the highest level and intends to directly electrocut this arrogant child!

Tian Mingwei had psychosis, so his mentality was abnormal, he never felt that it was wrong to beat a child. After all, in his eyes, children are a symbol of weakness.

With this idea in mind, Tian Mingwei rushed to Qingrong and had no idea what kind of demon he was going to face.

Xiao Qingrong actually didn't like these kind of mindless people. Such people would not judge the situation. Seeing this man who thought he was strong and armed rushed towards him, Xiao Qingrong rammed the scalpel into Mingwei's neck. At this moment, Tian Mingwei was still two meters away when it happened. He immediately dropped the electric baton and quickly covered his neck with his hands...


The blood in Tian Mingwei's neck kept flowing. Xiao Qingrong avoided a lethal blow this time, so even if the scalpel was inserted into the person's neck, his life wasn't in danger, but it was impossible to speak. In any case, you will definitely die if it doesn't get treated within half an hour.

The female teacher behind Mingwei was so scared that she couldn't even scream. As for the children, when they saw their instructor being stabbed by a scalpel. All of them looked indifferently. An indifferent look, even in the eyes of children, you could see the hatred that erupted in an instant, making Xiao Qingrong feel that sometimes people who've been oppressed for such a long time, that they practically become animals.

Meng Yue School treats these students in an oppressive way, whether it was corporal punishment or severe punishment, it was similar to domesticating animals. If you were doing well, you would be given food, and if you weren't doing well, you would be whipped. This was the first method used by humans to train domestic animals, but now it was used on these children.

The atmosphere in the craft room was extraordinarily heavy. No one spoke. Only Tian Mingwei's snarling voice was left. He trembled and wanted to take the mobile phone in his pocket to ask for help, but just as he took it out, Xiao Qingrong had already come in front of him. He squatted down and picked up the electric baton. After readjusting the level, he proceeded to hit Tian Mingwei. A loud sound could be heard, along with the cell phone falling to the ground, Tian Mingwei's body constantly twitched.

All the students stood up, but no one moved, they just kept watching the teacher who punished them constantly being hit by this random teenager. Lin Wen, the other teacher, secretly took out her mobile phone trying to call the police. But she was spotted by a male student on the side, the student quickly rushed toward her and snatched the phone, which he angrily threw to the floor.


The sound startled everyone. The female teacher crouched on the ground tremblingly, staring at her broken phone and held her head, she didn't know what she was feeling but started crying...

Don't kill me...Please don't kill me...

While Xiao Qingrong admired the appearance of the instructor who was being electrocuted. He had already checked his information. The instructor's favorite hobby was to beat children with his electric baton. He also liked to hear the screams of others when he was hurting them. So I'll let him feel what it's like, feel the electricity ~

Tian Mingwei never expected that he would be treated like this one day. A knife was stuck in his throat and he couldn't speak. The pain made him tremble, tears of blood started coming out of his eyes. He was filled with fear and horror, a fear of death...

Xiao Qingrong looked at the electric baton in his hand and focused on these students. Obviously they were well-behaved little rabbits, but these little rabbits currently were red-eyed and full of hatred, even as they looked at the blood flowing from Tian Mingwei's neck, they didn't show an ounce of fear.

In Meng Yue School, seeing blood was a very common thing. Which of these children hadn't been ‘taught' by an instructor yet? Which one of them hadn't seen another child being abused? Everyone was beaten and scolded nearly everyday. Those who are disobedient will be beaten. If they did anything wrong, they would be beaten. If they were late for dinner, they would be beaten. Even if there was no reason, they would still be beaten. In this school, being treated violently was the norm, so most of the students were accustomed to it.

The people here were already driving these children crazy, as they treated these kids like animals. But haven't they thought about how these cornered animals would attack them back in the future?

618 oversaw everything that happened, it wanted to remind the host not to kill, but it knew what the host was doing was right. Sometimes violence was necessary when the law couldn't punish evil.

These children were like dried flowers. Their eyes had no vitality, usually staring blankly, but right now, they were demonstrating their fearful anger. This reminded 618 of the information they had consulted. Those who felt at ease sending their children here, is it really possible to get an obedient child?

The data shows a negative correlation. Children who have left one of these schools would not talk about it for a long time, but most of the children would have some sort of mental illness and couldn't communicate with people normally. They would also have a lot of phobias after going out. These mental illnesses are all caused by parents who are trying to help their children.

There were however even worse cases. According to network statistics, there have been hundreds of cases of families being killed after the child returned home. The children were driven crazy in this kind of place, unable to leave school, expecting parents to save them from the beginning, and later resentment led to such a tragedy. The source of all this were these so-called instructors, their abuse and punishment molded these children into beasts.

Xiao Qingrong slowly walked to a student next to him, watching the other party who was obviously afraid of him, but still stubbornly biting his lip while standing there. Qingrong laughed, and passed the electric baton to the boy.

Don't you want to get revenge? He can't move now, you can do anything to him, just like he did to you.

The boy's name was Yang Fan, he had been staying in Meng Yue School for three years. He wanted to leave here from the beginning and urged his parents to save him, but he was stuck here learning how to be a well-behaved student. He had been beaten and electrocuted, receiving detention and corporal punishment were all common side dishes. It is also because of these punishments that Yang Fan became obedient and docile. Sometime, he even thought of suicide...

Today, when he saw Qingrong with blood on his face, Yang Fan had no idea why, but he suddenly felt an overwhelming courage well up, he reached out and took the electric baton from Qingrong's hand, then walked towards Tian Mingwei without a word. In the eyes of all the students, they saw Yang Fan's trembling hand holding the electric baton, and finally he was charged on Tian Mingwei's body. Seeing that Tian Mingwei was being hurt by the electricity, and the blood from his neck was flowing out like crazy. Yang Fan suddenly laughed like a maniac.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......

He smiled with bliss, and his hands stopped trembling, after having a moment, he continued to hit Tian Mingwei's body with the electric baton.

The surrounding students also quietly came around, everyone's face was full of excitement and hatred, there was a mixed sense of revenge. These students were tamed by the teachers of Meng Yue School for a long time, which was to be obedient. But as long as they were given a chance to get out of their cage, they would become real beasts.

Tian Mingwei was finally lying on the ground after being electrocuted a few times, while the other students had surrounded him. They didn't know who started it first, but someone kicked him fiercely, and then everyone followed. No one stopped, they just gritted their teeth and repaid everything they experienced on the teacher.

While the students were punching and kicking, Xiao Qingrong stepped back and closed the door, then slowly walked up to the female teacher, slowly crouched down, and looked at the female teacher who was holding her head in tears.

Hey you, why are you scared? Didn't you just treat them that way?

TN: Meng Yue College is now Meng Yue School