Super Male God System Chapter 138 - Gigolo

In fact, father Xiao, who had been in the business world for many years, was not a fool. After all, in order to operate, father Xiao has been learning from his father since young. Therefore, he had a lot of knowledge about the management of the company. Their Xiao groups failing the quality test made father Xiao couldn't believe it at the beginning.

As a national brand, their products were well received by many people after many trials and hardships. Because of this, its quality was guaranteed, so after this kind of thing happened, father Xiao put the people involved in jail and sued many manufacturers. It seems that these people have received many benefits before deliberately framing them.

But sometimes the things that make people powerless always happen, such as this...

Father Xiao clearly knew that this was a deliberately planned incident aimed at the Xiao Group. After the Xiao Group's accident, there were other peers tearing at the market. Therefore, in many times, father Xiao also persisted in such a torrent and was able to persist for half a year.

He also thought about the people behind the investigation in the past, but there were too many people who went down after the incident of Xiao Group. Because of this, even if father Xiao wanted to investigate the situation, he couldn't investigate it. In the end, he couldn't do anything and he could only try to make life better at home.

Today, he did not expect that when he was still worried by the remaining 20 million that he owes, his son won a prize of 680 million, let alone 600 million. Now even if it was one hundred million, their Xiao Group can be saved. The crisis was over because father Xiao had decided to apply for bankruptcy after repaying the debt.

There was no point in saving the company now and since they now have money, it was better to do something else than to keep Xiao Group, which has already lost its reputation.

However, he never expected that at this time, he received a provocative call from others. At this time, listening to the arrogant voice of the person on the phone, father Xiao turned to look at his wife who was still ecstatic and walked towards the balcony in front of him. He didn't want his wife to know about these things. If someone really hacked the Xiao family, would this person have any grudge against them?

More than half a year ago, when something happened to the company, father Xiao began to speculate on this possibility, but he knew from his father that their Xiao Group has always been good to others and donated money to charity for a long time. Father Xiao couldn't guess who wanted to harm the Xiao family.

His silence made the man on the phone smile again. His voice was thick, with an indescribable arrogance, and it even made father Xiao imagine that his expression must be so comfortable now, causing him to smile.

Why? You can't say anything when you hear my voice? The Xiao Group has nothing left, right? Can you still pay back the more than 20 million debts you owe? Oh... I heard that the bank's people will go to your house tomorrow to collect the house. President Xiao seems to have nothing left.

The man on the phone talked slowly, seeming to anger father Xiao. If it was before, Xiao Xiao may have been unable to control his emotions and question him, but now, thinking of his son's luck, he was extremely calm. Although father Xiao was not able to save the company, he always wanted to let his family live well.

This person was able to scheme against even the huge Xiao Group, and he was definitely not an ordinary person, so father Xiao knew that even if he was angry, he could not do anything.

The hand holding his phone twitched a bit and father Xiao finally spoke.

Yes, I have nothing left. I don't know what resentment you have with our Xiao family, but congratulations, you have done it. I will apply for bankruptcy. I hope you are satisfied.

He said with gritted teeth. Father Xiao thought of his father who was admitted to the hospital and was angry at this person and at himself. He woke up numerous times in the middle of the night and complained of his own incompetence. Why couldn't he immediately see this kind of thing? Trying to turn the tide, the Xiao Group, which has been in existence for 60 to 70 years, has been destroyed in his own hands.

During this time, father Xiao had been blaming himself. He couldn't accept all this, but with the consolation of his wife, he also understood that even if he couldn't accept it, he still had to learn to accept all of them. Because the old man was still in bed, because his son was still young, he has not graduated from college yet...

Persistence to the family has made father Xiao choose hard work in pain, and chose to face all of them even in pain, because he knows that at this time, he was the pillar of this family. If he is gone, then this home will really collapse.

On the other side of the phone, Fang Chongjun listened to the voice on the phone, and his face had a pleasant smile. When he thought of his woman talking about how good Xiao Qingrong was, was he better than himself? Isn't he just a rich second generation who depends on his parents? Now that Xiao Group was gone, he wanted to take a look and see if this Xiao Qingrong would dare to seduce his woman again.

Thinking of this, Fang Chongjun spoke again.

Satisfied, of course I'm satisfied. Since you also asked the question in good faith, I don't mind telling you the truth. To me, the Xiao Group was just a small company and I would have just left you alone but who asked your good son to seduce my woman? Since he tried to seduce her, you should pay for it, right?

His words made father Xiao stunned there for a while, then turned to look at his son in the hall through the glass on the balcony. He couldn't believe that the bankruptcy of Xiao Group turned out to be because his son was tangled with a woman. All this sounded strange, since his son never said he had a girlfriend...

Moreover, the woman of another man?

At this moment, father Xiao didn't know what to say. He even had a blank mind, which was a great stimulus to him, but only for a while. He calmed down and looked at the well-behaved son, choosing to believe in his son.

How can Xiao Qiyun's son seduce other men's women?

The thought of their business going bankrupt for such ridiculous reasons, Xiao Qiyun simply felt that it was unacceptable.

Although I don't know who you are, I believe that my son will not seduce someone else's girlfriend, nor will he have any abnormal relationship with other people's wives. His character, as his father, I know best. Now, the reason you gave is so ridiculous, I can't accept it.

No parent will choose a stranger between a stranger and his son. Of course, there may be other things happening.

Oh? Unacceptable. Do you think I made this call just to tell you this?

Fang Chongjun hates this kind of person who can't understand their situation. His family was bankrupt. Can he still say such a thing? Morality and Character? Businessmen are black-hearted, can they have character?

I want to warn you, if your son has any other rash actions, such as... having contact with my woman, I think your Xiao family will not be such a simple matter like bankruptcy. By then... something unexpected may happen to your son.

What he hated most was the mention of other men in his woman's mouth. The thought of Fang Chongjun was particularly jealous when he thought of the fact that his woman had another man in her heart. It was clear that her heart should only belong to him! Only then it was right!

What exactly do you want to do! I tell you, if you dare to do something to my son, I will call the police!

Fang Chongjun touched Xiao Qiyun's reverse scale. He only had one son, and he was an educated child, obedient and clever. If anything happened, Xiao Qiyun would never forgive himself.

Oh? The police? Since I can call you today, I have a way to make you unable to report to the police and you don't even know who I am. I just want to remind you to take care of your son. Your house will go bankrupt anyway. Is your son going to drop out of school to pay your debts? Alas, to think that the proud son of heaven would be so pitiful to be reduced to a street worker, but... I have a way to let your debts be forgiven and send your son abroad. How much do you want for your son?

Lifting up the corner of his mouth, Fang Chongjun played with the black card in his hand and said with a smile at this time. He wanted to see how much the so-called family relationship was worth.

Father Xiao did not understand why the other party said so, but the debt matter had been resolved. At this time he could not tell the enemy, so he remained silent.

His silence made Fang Chongjun think he had accepted the condition, so his voice was full of expectations.

You can ask for help everywhere, but they won't help you. Anyways, I can write off all the debts for you. Well... if you decide to decline, the only thing you can do is wait to die and your son will have to carry all of this debt. More than 20 million..... In this city, the average young man won't be able to get such an amount in their lifetime, even if they were to become a gigolo.

Father Xiao never expected that this man should be so shameless. When he said such words, the blue tendons on his face were violent, and he was angry.

I think the gigolo is you!!!

After talking, he hung up the phone, and then took a deep breath. After all, he was too old and was so stimulated. There was some irregular heart rate for a while. He finally calmed himself down and thought of various things in his mind and he decided to ask his son in person.

His son... did he really seduce someone else's woman?

No, this is absolutely impossible!