Super Male God System Chapter 137 - Win

Getting clothes? It's hot now so do it later. Sit down and talk to your dad for a while. What clothes do you need? Mom will get them for you.

Mother Xiao was a gentle and tough woman, so she handled everything at home very well. Although the Xiao family was bankrupt, a camel was still bigger than a horse. Today, the nanny was not at home because she asked for a leave, so mother Xiao planned to do it herself.


Xiao Qingrong nodded, then came to his father's side, and sat down. His father was an unsmiling man. From childhood to now, his only wish for his child was that he could recognize what he wanted to do and pursue what he liked. So although he doesn't speak much, he was a good father.

After seeing his son sitting beside him, father Xiao was also expressionless, but he recovered his exhaustion. In front of his son, the couple did not want to show their exhausted expression, even if their son was nineteen years old, but their son was still at school. Although their situation was not very good, he doesn't want to tell their son because it will only make him worry more.

How are you at school recently?

During this half year, father Xiao knew that he was busy with the company and spent less time with his son. At this moment, it was rare for the father and son to sit and talk together.

I'm fine in school. Xiao Qingrong replied, the expressions on the faces of both the father and the son were exactly the same at this time, um... anyway, there was no expression.

When talking, Xiao Qingrong glanced at the time in the hall clock, picked up the remote control on the table, turned on the TV, and then tuned to the TV station showcasing the lottery.

Mother Xiao washed some fruits and brought the tea. After putting it on the table, she quickly gave her son his favorite lemonade.

Drink some first, it's so hot outside.

As a mother, it was natural for her to care for her son. Even if mother Xiao was exhausted due to the company, she was still 100% patient, and she looked very gentle at this time. Looking at the handsome face of her son, her exhausted face was swept away and she said with a smile on her face.

When Father Xiao saw the smile on his wife's face, he couldn't help but relax a lot. He reached out and took a glass of water to drink. The atmosphere between the three was very warm. At this time, the TV channel showcasing the lottery was already playing. The host was already announcing the next number.

Xiao Qingrong seemed to think of his own lottery ticket and took it out and placed it on the table. After taking it out, both the husband and wife on the side were a bit surprised. You know, their son never played these, and they also had no habit of buying lottery tickets. After all, lottery tickets were for ordinary people. That is to say, it was a thing of getting rich overnight, but in fact, many people don't buy luck with lottery tickets.

How come you suddenly bought a lottery ticket? Let me see what the numbers are.

Mother Xiao was supportive of all of her son's actions. When she saw her son put the lottery ticket on the table, she reached out to pick it up and turned her head and saw that the number was being drawn on the TV. Then she understood what her son meant, and immediately laughed.

Haha, lets see if my son can win a big prize! Qingrong, you've been luckier than your dad since you were a kid. I believe you will definitely win.

She smiled, and although it was actually a joke, what she said was true. Their son had been much luckier than her husband since he was a child. Her husband always loses things, and her son would usually pick things up.

Father Xiao was stunned by his wife, but there was no rebuttal. Such a huge incident has happened and there was nothing he could do. In fact, without mother Xiao's family, they would have lost everything. Mother Xiao was an only child at home, and because of this incident, her family gave them 60 to 70 million, almost exhausting her family. If it were not for the two elderly people, they would probably have to go live at her mother's house.

From Xiao Qingrong's memory, after the death of his mother, Xiao Qingrong's grandmother became ill, and it was a very serious illness. His grandmother's current husband was not his mother's biological father, and this time, the 60 to 70 million brought by his grandmother were all given by Xiao Qingrong's grandmother and her new husband, which was quite benevolent of her.

Well, my luck has always been good.

Xiao Qingrong still didn't know how to get along with his parents. Whether it was his parents or relatives, the situation of excessive intimacy made Xiao Qingrong uncomfortable. Thanks to the whole family being here this time, although mother Xiao was gentle, father Xiao's expressionlessness also made Xiao Qingrong less stressful.

On TV, the number was already being shaken. In fact, the chance of winning was very low. Anyone who has learned math should know. Of course, in addition, there were some smart people who could calculate the winning number of the lottery. However, this was a very large calculation formula and very few could do it. In fact, if someone had the ability to calculate lottery ticket numbers, it was actually a waste for them to participate in a lottery.

Mother Xiao stood there and Xiao Qingrong was sitting and drinking lemonade. Then, the host quickly issued several numbers, so mother Xiao turned her head and looked at her husband and son excitedly.

Hit! Son, you are so lucky!

Even if something like that happened at home, mother Xiao still hoped that her son would be good and not be under so much pressure. Although now that the company has gone bankrupt, it has not been made available to the public. Everyone in the circle knows that the Xiao group may not be able to start over because even after selling almost everything, they were only able to take out 30 million. Moreover, they still had to repay their mortgage for the village and mother Xiao still does not know how to tell her son about this matter.

Her son was supposed to be the proud son of the heavens but he instantly became a negative second generation. She was afraid that her son would not accept it.

Xiao Qingrong observed the appearance of the couple and they did not look like a person who wanted to die. This made Xiao Qingrong sitting there feel that something was absolutely wrong, and wondered what caused the death of the two? Apparently at this time, although the two looked tired, they were also very hard-working, but after a few hours, he saw the bodies of the two.

Why is this?

At this time, the lottery personnel have shaken all the winning numbers and spoke to all the audience in front of the TV.

I hope that the winner will go to the lottery center to redeem the prize quickly. This bonus will break the latest record of winning the lottery in China...

What the host said, Mother Xiao couldn't hear clearly. At this moment, she stood there blankly. The next second, her legs turned soft and her whole body fell towards the back. Xiao Qingrong was startled and rushed to the front and carried his mother in his arms. Father Xiao was also startled, and quickly got up and came to his son and wife, and he was nervous while looking at his wife.

Meize, are you okay? Are you feeling uncomfortable?

Father Xiao thought his wife was feeling ill and was very nervous. The relationship between the two was very deep and they were not comparable to ordinary couples so at this time, he was very nervous seeing his wife like this.

Hugged by her son, mother Xiao, who was concerned by her husband, was blushing. At this time, her mouth opened, but she was trembling, almost speechless.

Xiao Qingrong really regretted it. He shouldn't have let her see the winning prize just now.

Although the Xiao Group could be regarded as a company with billions of assets, such things as winning the pie in the sky can shock anyone, not to mention that the Xiao family was now short of money.

Mother Xiao was still very shocked and she didn't know what to say. After a while, the lottery ticket in her hand was squeezed tightly.

Win, we won!!!!

What she said made father Xiao helpless immediately. He didn't expect that his wife was so excited because she won the prize so he was assured.

Xiao Qingrong soon helped put his mother on the sofa. Then, he looked at the lottery number on her hand, and then... he became expressionless like usual.

Father Xiao also looked at the numbers on the lottery, then looked at the TV and he finally understood why his wife was excited and he also couldn't help getting excited, but Xiao Qingrong, he was the calmest out of the three.

He also pretended not to know, looked over the lottery and said.

Oh, I won.

This bland appearance and bland tone made the couple not know what to say. It was the first time that mother Xiao reached out and hit her son's arm, and rebuked him.

How can you, this child. How can you scare your mother so much? This is the first prize! 680 million! Qingrong, you are really my golden child!

In this case, the company will be saved, and they may not need to go bankrupt! This thought made mother Xiao so happy.

Father Xiao saw his wife's appearance and understood his wife's thoughts. Indeed, this 680 million was basically giving hope to the Xiao Group. After paying back the money owed before, they could do many things, whether it was to save their company or re-creating a new company, the money would be an opportunity for the Xiao family to rejuvenate.

As soon as he thought of it, father Xiao couldn't help but get excited, and his gaze towards his son was also shining.

For a moment, the Xiao family found the courage to persevere, and when Xiao Qingrong looked at his parents, he was more certain that the two definitely did not want to commit suicide. There must be some reason for them to choose suicide.

At this moment, father Xiao's cell phone suddenly rang. Although father Xiao was happy, he calmed down at the moment, took out the phone, and frowned, because it was a mobile phone number without a name on it.

However, father Xiao contacted many banks recently, so he thought it was a bank loan officer, so he got up and connected to the phone.

Hello, this is Xiao Qiyun, may I ask who you are?

The person on the other end of the phone did not introduce himself, but laughed after hearing his father's self-introduction, and then the magnetic-like sound of the cello brought leisure and laziness.

Me? I'm probably... the one who made your company bankrupt...