Super Male God System Chapter 135 - Victory

In the name of the goddess, Xi Xiabing, who was honored by the sixth prince, entered the imperial city and officially began a life of fame and fortune. It was because of this legendary situation that the number of fans in the live broadcast room increased. A lot of fans gave Xi Xiabing an idea to become the empress. After all, what kind of scene would they be able to see when a woman rules an empire?

Most of those who watched this live broadcast were watching for the liveliness, so it wasn't a big deal. Moreover, they helped Xi Xiabing to do a lot of things, and the sixth prince who didn't care much about inheritance rights began to gradually fight with the other princes.

Xiao Qingrong was recently fascinated by the caves where the dragon eggs were stored, he would usually come to see those dragon eggs. The most important thing was that he witnessed the appearance of a dragon breaking through the shell. The struggle of the new life surprised Xiao Qingrong very much. The shell of one egg broke, and other dragon eggs began to break one after another. Dr. Xiao had also come to watch these dragon eggs. The hatched dragons were quite cute, although the newly hatched dragons were also not too small.

I believe that within two years, Xi Xiabing will take over the imperial city. At that time, she will come over, Qingrong, I think we can move ahead and take her life now.

Recently observing Xi Xiabing's behavior, Dr. Xiao felt that this woman had gone crazy, and for the sake of her greed, she had really gone crazy.

Not only did she control the sixth prince, but she also had a relationship with the old emperor. She even destroyed the child in her belly after finding out that she was pregnant. Nothing could stop her ambitions.

Perhaps the reason that made her want to stand on the pinnacle of power at first was because of the dragon clan, but now, Xi Xiabing was not the Xi Xiabing of that year. For two years, Xi Xiabing had become a really smart politician and learned to use people around her.

When Xiao Qingrong heard what Dr. Xiao said, he nodded, and he did not reject this.

Then act next year. Now that we know the ending of the Dragons, it won't be any worse.

Xi Xiabing was released at that time because of this. If the dragon clan was destined to die because of this person, then another way of confronting the battle would be chosen to welcome the new life.

Xiao Qingrong already knew from the mouth of Dr. Xiao that the end of the Dragon Clan was near. 618 only said that the Dragon Clan was destroyed, but he never said that the Dragon Clan was raised as a blood bag for those greedy humans.

Just like the contract signed by humans and dragons ten thousand years ago, the two races that were supposed to never meet would eventually meet each other because of human greed.

As the dragon king, Xiao Qingrong certainly needed to protect them, especially after meeting these cute little guys.

Xiao Qingrong, who had always been uninterested in anything, was very enthusiastic about the newborn dragon in the clan.

Dr. Xiao was almost the same. Looking at those silly dragons after birth, he also understood why Xiao Qingrong liked them, probably because the former Xiao Qingrong was so silly, right?

Xi Xiabing, who was fighting for power in the imperial city, actually did not forget her hatred of the Dragons. After being dropped by the guard that day, although she was treated with systemic drugs, she was traumatized after all, so every time, she would feel a lot of pain in the rainy days, and she would have insomnia at night. The kind of insomnia that continued all night. Whenever it happened, Xi Xiabing felt even more hate towards those abominable dragons, thinking that these dragons were the symbol of evil. The name she made for herself had made many people in the empire believe in her identity and had even started to promote the evilness of dragons. She believed that one day, sooner or later, she would kill those proud dragons!

There was also news from the villagers in the village that the Dragons like gold and silver jewelry, so there were countless gold and silver jewelry hidden in the abyss forest. Were these things useful for the dragon? They might as well leave it to her! And that Bai, she must cut Bai into many pieces.

One year passed, and Xi Xiabing's days in the imperial city became more and more comfortable, and she had almost over 10,000 fans. However, it was worth mentioning that she did not marry the sixth prince, who had now become the emperor. However, even after killing his favorite concubine, and killing his mother and becoming the queen, the emperor was still devoted to Xi Xiabing, as if he did not care about his mother's life or death.

Xi Xiabing then has begun to poison the emperor. As long as the emperor dies, she would inherit the emperor's throne and she would become the real queen. By that time, what she wanted to do will be easy!

In the distant abyss forest, Xiao Qingrong arranged for a thousand dragons to stay and guard the abyss forest, to take care of the newborn dragons, and he gathered the rest of the dragons in the abyss forest! There were 10,000 dragons in total. Even if these dragons turn into human figures, they stand on a large area of ​​the altar.

Standing in the middle of the altar, Xiao Qingrong glanced at the colorful hair below and officially issued orders.

From now on, I will lead the Dragon clan to sweep Ovista!!!

His voice had a strong penetrating power, so that all dragons present could hear, and then, there was a dragon howl. All the dragons were kneeling on the ground with one knee, watching their king admiringly.

My King will win!!!

My King will win!!!

My King will win!!!

With the neat voice of the dragons, Xiao Qingrong turned into a black dragon in the eyes of many dragons, and directly flew up, then Dr. Xiao and the guards followed, and the other dragons also transformed instantly and took off into the skies.

For humans, this day was destined to be written in the dark, because the sky was still bright, but it was as if it was obscured by something, and it was a dark one that caught everyone off guard.

At this time, the howling of the dragons came from the sky, and the dragons one after another fell into the human city, which made the humans remember the fear of being dominated by the dragons ten thousand years ago.

Xiao Qingrong led these dragons, which almost destroyed all the cities along the way. The dragons did not just eat with their mouths open, because of the different types, they even had other abilities, such as Xiao Qingrong who would spit fire, and other dragons also had water and ice attacks. On such a magical continent, it seemed that everything was full of unscientific things.

Soon, they arrived at the imperial city. When the huge and terrible dragons appeared in the center of the imperial city, the humans were so weak that they could not fight these dragons at all.

When Xi Xiabing in the palace saw the appearance of many dragons falling into the city. She really did not expect that the enemy she wanted to find would pop up at her door since there was a peace agreement between the Dragons and humans that was signed 10,000 years ago.

In Ovista, there was a family, a family that protected the dragon and the human contract. The ancestor of the family was born from a human and a dragon. Since then, the had also become a very large family of the empire. Seeing the Dragons attacking the imperial palace, and all the people in the family stood bravely on the square of the imperial city.

Respectful Yuan! What makes you angry that you want to start a war against humanity? Do you remember the peace promise ten thousand years ago?

An old man kneeling on the ground with the rest of the family members asked. Even if they were scared by the black dragon in front of them, they still tried to protect the city on which humans depended on. It was because they knew the power of the dragons, so they didn't want a war with the dragons.

There had only been about ten generations that had been born in this family since 10,000 years ago. The long life of the dragons had also been found in them. All descendants of the dragons could live up to five hundred years old, and the old man kneeling on the ground was over 400 years old this year he was a real old man.

Standing on the square, Xiao Qingrong saw the old man and the children behind him, and could feel the aura of the dragon on the other side.

Humans are greedy by nature, and have peeped into the abyss forest many times in 10,000 years. They have already killed some dragons. We are only in line with the law of the heavens where only the strong survive.

For a moment, the elder of the family didn't even know what to say, because he knew that Yuan was right.

He has seen Yuan. Every child of the Dragon family would have the opportunity to see Yuan in his lifetime. When the old man decided to take the position of the patriarch, his father had taken him to the abyss forest to meet the king of the Dragon family. The last time he had seen Yuan was at least 400 years ago.

At this point, Yuan's words made the patriarch understand that since the Dragons had decided on the matter, they could no longer stop it.

After that, everything happened so dull. The Dragons settled in the palace. When Xi Xiabing ran to the east side of the palace to hide, she didn't expect that the dragons would throw the pillars there. Her system mall was unable to stop time so she could only watch as the house above her head collapsed, and then there was nothing left.

[Host, Xi Xiabing is dead, the live broadcast system suddenly disappeared]

618 quickly said but Xiao Qingrong did not care about this result, because human beings could not resist such powerful dragons.

The suppression of humans by the Dragons this time could be said to have reduced almost 60% of the humans on the Ovista continent. After that, the Dragons once again retreated to the abyss forest, leaving humans a chance to reproduce again.

After this incident, the surviving patriarch of the dragon family re-established the country and did not allow any subjects of the country to enter the abyss forest. Since then, it had officially ushered in the peaceful coexistence between the dragon and humanity.

Many years later, many people regarded the Dragons as a legend after there was no more news about them. They thought that there were no longer any Dragons in the world, but they never thought about them roaming around in their humanoid forms. When the Dragon became a humanoid, the dragon's horns on their heads retreated, so no one was aware that there was a dragon in their midst.

Xiao Qingrong and Dr. Xiao leisurely lived in this dragon world for a long time, until the two dragons died peacefully.