Super Male God System Chapter 134 - Ambition

Sometimes, the mentality of people is so unreasonable. When you meet good-looking people, you will lose your mind. Moreover, in the big environment of live broadcast, what people like to see is rare or something shocking, and Xiao Qingrong's appearance naturally made the fans go crazy.

Dr. Xiao squinted at Xi Xiabing and suddenly felt that he lacked a pair of golden glasses. After all, when he was not wearing glasses, he always felt that he was missing something.

Introduce yourself.

Xiao Qingrong said, thinking that the woman in front of him was definitely related to the demise of the Dragon clan. After all, you shouldn't underestimate a woman, a woman can do some things that even men may not be able to do.

Xi Xiabing found out that this handsome man was talking to her, so looking at the person in close proximity, Xi Xiabing couldn't help but swallow her saliva, and was very nervous.

Uh... Hello, me, I'm Xi Xiabing, a human.

From finding herself being able to travel worlds, to finding that she got a golden finger that can live broadcast, Xi Xiabing always thought that she was the daughter of Destiny. Later, when she met Bai, she felt that the world was friendly to her, but now, everything turned upside down. She realized that everything was not as good as she imagined.

Then why did you appear in the abyss forest?

In addition to the dragon in the abyss forest, there were many other beasts. A normal human would not be born in the abyss forest. Moreover, she was wearing 21st century clothes from earth, which made Xiao Qingrong think of something.

[Host, she has a low-level live broadcast system on her body, which seems to be very intrusive]

After seeing her, 618 directly scanned the Xi Xiabing in front of him. Naturally, it found a live broadcast system. There were few systems like 618 with personal thinking. Xi Xiabing's system was just the simplest auxiliary system.

Dr. Xiao also heard 618, but was very interested in this live broadcast system and directly asked 618.

Can you take this live broadcast system? I like it.

618 didn't know what to do for a while, Xiao Qingrong looked at the woman in front of him, and crossed his arms. This woman had the live broadcast system, which was considered a cheat, right? Otherwise, it was impossible to exterminate such a long-lived dragon clan.

I, I don't know... Xi Xiabing was not able to explain the world traveling, and it was impossible to say that she descended from the sky. When she thought of the dragons that were everywhere in the abyss forest, she felt that her life would end in a second.

It seems that this woman is not very useful. Xiao Qingrong called the guard.

Send her to a place where humans live.

This sentence directly made Xi Xiabing's eyes widened. She couldn't believe that the Dragon in front of her was letting her go. When she wanted to ask who this Dragon was, the guards who had been guarding her had already taken her away.

The abyss forest was very vast, and most of the dragons had wings. Xi Xiabing thought she would walk out, but did not expect that the guard directly transformed into the shape of a dragon, grabbed Xi Xiabing with a claw, and then flew out.

Dr. Xiao looked at Xi Xiabing, who was getting farther and farther away, but he understood Xiao Qingrong's approach and shrugged.

I wanted to play with her for a few more days, but you just let her go, it's boring.

Xiao Qingrong ignored him, turned and walked towards his cave, and Dr. Xiao quickly followed.

On this day, the villagers living near the abyss forest suddenly saw a huge brown dragon flying from the abyss forest. They thought that this dragon had come to hurt them. Everyone was waiting for it, but they did not expect that after hovering in the sky for a while, a human was thrown down.

That's right, poor Xi Xiabing started broadcasting live, and let everyone in the live room experience the thrill of airsickness, and the kind of landscape of the abyss forest and Ovista from the top down. In the end, Xi Xiabing was thrown down by the dragon from a height of almost ten meters, and fell directly on a straw-covered roof. Usually, normal people should already be dead.

The Dragon race does not consider human weakness.

Fortunately, Xi Xiabing bought a protective suit provided by the system at the last second, which saved her from direct death, but her bones were still broken. Of course, the fans in the live broadcast room were also startled.

The feeling of falling on the roof of the house for a moment, it was almost as if her internal organs were no longer her own. Xi Xiabing spat out blood and realized the cruelty of the Dragons for the first time, but fortunately, the Dragons did not have any ideas about the weak humans. Otherwise, they would have wanted to annex the entire Ovista.

At this moment, Xi Xiabing's hatred for the dragon group made it impossible for her to control her emotions. In her mind, a lot of dragons flashed in her mind. She must become stronger. Only by becoming more powerful could she be able to take revenge on those dragons who bullied her!

Xiao Qingrong's approach to letting tigers return to the mountain was completely normal in the eyes of the Dragons. They have lived in Oviesta for such a long time. They were the most powerful group in the abyss forest. Little humans can't fight against them.

Therefore, no dragon would regard human beings as enemies.

Dr. Xiao looked at the messages left by the audience in the live broadcast room, and was immediately amused, looking at Xiao Qingrong.

Do you know? The guard directly threw Xi Xiabing from a height of more than ten meters high. If Xi Xiabing hadn't bought something to protect her body, normal humans would have died long ago, and she probably hates us now.

Although Dr. Xiao said this, he already understood Xiao Qingrong's thoughts. A woman like Xi Xiabing would definitely not suffer without retaliating. Now that the Dragons have done so much damage to her, she would definitely come to the Dragons for trouble in the future.

The so-called returning tigers to the mountains was actually just a chance for the Dragons to attack humans with righteousness.

On the continent of Ovista, the Dragons signed a peace agreement with humanity 10,000 years ago. There would be no major war. Now, it was not necessary...

Xi Xiabing, who was thrown at the human village, was of course had extreme hate towards the dragons at this time, and every wound on her body made her intolerable. If it wasn't for the poor audience in the live broadcast room who gave her some gifts. Adding those gifts that were saved before, she was able to buy medicine, and she would not have been able to survive without it.

Seeing the Dragon leaving the village, the village chief asked the villagers to save Xi Xiabing. Seeing that Xi Xiabing had fallen from such a high place, but she did not die, it caused her to be worshipped as a goddess! Not only did they dig the herbs to treat Xi Xiabing's injury, but Xi Xiabing also began to disguise herself as a goddess. After commanding the people in the village to do something useful, the people in the village believed in Xi Xiabing.

Almost every bone was broken into pieces, and Xi Xiabing had to suffer from this kind of torture. It took almost half a year to recover before she was able to stand up. This was still because of the live broadcast system. If there was no live broadcast system, not only would she have not been able to stand up, she would have already lost her life.

For more than half a year, hatred had changed Xi Xiabing's nature, and her audience in the live broadcast room was not as much as before. The audience in the live broadcast room was not very affectionate to her before, but after seeing the dragons, they became curious. The dragons, or those strange scenes in the abyss forest made many people want to watch. However, after she has arrived in human villages, there were many people here who were not looking good, and were living ignorant lives, so who would like to see that?

In addition, Xi Xiabing was sick in bed, and there were too few things she could do. In the past six months, her number of fans in the live studio had been too small. Most of them were there because they wanted to watch Xi Xiabing's pathetic side, and part of them wanted Xi Xiabing to strike back. For example, they wanted her to become the human queen, and destroy the dragon clan.

The words of the audience on the screen have grown Xi Xiabing's ambitions. She hoped that she could become the empress. As long as she could rule the human world, she could destroy the dragons. Xi Xiabing knew that she would be able to destroy the dragons by relying on the system!

Xi Xiabing finally found an opportunity. The sixth prince of the empire followed the training of the school and went to the edge of the abyss forest. However, he still encountered two tigers. In the end, he was injured but Xi Xiabing had fortunately saved them.

At this time, Xi Xiabing wasn't the Xi Xiabing who shivered whenever she encountered anything more than half a year ago. The position of the goddess made her used to being supreme and enjoying the taste of power, so naturally she couldn't let it go.

She bought pills from the system. As long as a man takes this medicine, he would fall in love with the person he sees for the first time, and obey this person's words. What Xi Xiabing needed was someone who could contact the center of human power.

After the sixth prince woke up, he fell in love with Xi Xiabing at a glance. Then, when he was injured, the two got closer. Soon after, he brought Xi Xiabing to the imperial city


Xiao Qingrong was now using his body skillfully every day, hoping that if he really fights in the future, he could give everyone a fatal blow and arrange all the adult dragons to train to prepare for future wars.

As for Dr. Xiao... Well, he recently became fascinated with the livers and kidneys of various animals in the abyss forest. He liked to cook various foods and feed them to Xiao Qingrong. By the way, the audience's comments have revealed the development of Xi Xiabing. It was learned that Xi Xiabing has begun to fight for power and it was very interesting to watch.

Don't underestimate a woman's ambitions. Sometimes women become crazy and more terrible than men.