Super Male God System Chapter 133 - Gifts

In fact, Dr. Xiao was actually Xiao Qingrong's first mentor. It was precisely because of his existence that in the later growth process of Xiao Qingrong, he would gradually become a refined egoist, indifferent to human nature, and his ignorance of life made Xiao Qingrong lose all the power of love.

Xiao Qingrong was almost equivalent to a disciple cultivated by Dr. Xiao, so Dr. Xiao was willing to protect Xiao Qingrong at any time. Even in the mental hospital at that time, when Xiao Qingrong was planning to destroy the personalities, Dr. Xiao was even willing to die for Xiao Qingrong.

If you want to treat a person's personality split, the best way is to kill everyone outside the master's personality. Xiao Qingrong almost did it and Dr. Xiao and Shadow were even willing to die for Xiao Qingrong. In the end, Xiao Qingrong did not choose to kill these personalities, but chose to retain them. This was something that Dr. Xiao had been unable to figure out.

Maybe... because he's too lonely.

This child had endured the cruelest torture of this world, from being abused as a child, to suffering after growing up, causing him to develop personalities to suppress his emotions. If anyone was in this situation, they would've gone crazy a long time ago but Xiao Qingrong was fortunately able to hang on.

Even if, in fact, he knows that it would be easier on him if he actually went crazy.

618 listened to Dr. Xiao, and for some reason, it felt extra uncomfortable. Obviously it was just a system, but at this moment, 618 seemed to feel as if it had human feelings for a moment. Due to its distress for its host, a strange sourness was produced, and that feeling was strange, so 618 didn't know how to describe it.

It had accompanied its host to several worlds now and usually, the host was always so calm and wise, as if nothing could confuse him, so in the eyes of 618, Xiao Qingrong was very powerful, so powerful that 618 felt that even without the system mall, the host would live well, but only at this moment, 618 suddenly found out, maybe the life of the strong was full of disasters, right?

It's precisely because of the dripping blood from those thorns that flowers look more beautiful.

[So... was he always alone? ]

How lonely it is to speak to oneself, eat alone, sleep alone, go shopping alone, do everything in life with no loved ones, no lovers, and no children. For humans who like to socialize, being alone is the most painful thing.

Dr. Xiao listened to the words of 618, and he smiled. The eyes that fell on Xiao Qingrong's face was as if he was looking at his own child.

Of course not... he still has us, even if some personality doesn't like him, but we have to rely on him to survive.

Dr. Xiao was willing to give up his existence for this child in the past and he felt that he would make the same choice again in the future if it was required for Xiao Qingrong's happiness.

618 didn't ask more, just swore secretly that it had to work hard to accompany the host. The time is endless, so 618 hoped that the host could live a more comfortable life, and also hoped that the host could be happy.

After drinking and falling asleep, Xiao Qingrong didn't know the communication between 618 and Dr. Xiao. Perhaps he knew but he didn't care. He had already experienced too many things in the real world. So at this moment, he was already fearless, no matter what was gained or lost, it seemed to have no effect on him.

Dr. Xiao was also drunk, and the two dragons fell asleep so close together. The dragons around looked at them. After they found that they were asleep, they secretly rushed over the leaves to block the sunlight, so that the two dragons slept more comfortably.

This sleep took a long time, not only two days and nights passed, but it also rained. When it rained, other dragons stood near the leaves to block the rain, so that the ground next to the two was not wet.

The Dragons were very close to each other, not to mention the king of theirs. Moreover, guarding their king was the duty of dragons, because they knew that their king would lead them to a more sacred and bright future.

Here Dr. Xiao and Xiao Qingrong slept for more than two days. During these two days, Xi Xiabing tried every means to escape, but in the place where she was being held, it was guarded by dragons. Moreover, the dragons were in their original forms. Against such a huge dragon, Xi Xiabing had no possibility to escape at all.

It wasn't that long since she met Bai, and after she met him, she thought she could follow Bai to live a good life, but the other person suddenly changed, making Xi Xiabing's heart uncomfortable

However, the live broadcast system had a fixed requirement every day, and it must be met in order for her to live long enough, so after being caught, Xi Xiabing opened the live broadcast and wanted to ask the audience for help. When the audience in the live broadcast room saw Xi Xiabing getting caught, they were also a bit surprised, but they were all also angry. Xi Xiabing suddenly shut down the live broadcast before, it must be because of Bai, so everyone asked for Bai's whereabouts, and wanted to see Bai, after all, Bai could also see them talking. For many, talking to a beautiful young man like Bai was always more comfortable than talking to Xi Xiabing, whose looks were ordinary.

Xi Xiabing was originally anxious for help, but when she was treated like this, how could she not be angry? Although she said a bunch of bad things about Bai, saying that Bai wanted to kill her and threaten her, and that Bai was an evil dragon, people sometimes do this. They have a unique impression of beautiful things,, so the audience turned out to thought that if it wasn't for Xi Xiabing's invasion into the dragon's territory, Bai would not be like this.

Of course, some people really wanted to help Xi Xiabing and thought that the dragons were very scary creatures. They gave Xi Xiabing an idea, but as a woman and a human, Xi Xiabing couldn't escape from the cave guarded by the dragon at all. Fortunately, however, those dragons knew how to feed Xi Xiabing, otherwise Xi Xiabing would've starved to death.

Although the foods were just some fruits and raw meat. However, at this moment, Xi Xiabing was in no mood to make a barbecue, so she can only eat some fruits to satisfy her hunger.

After Xiao Qingrong personally issued an order for him to watch this human, the guard did not stop for a moment, and always stood by Xi Xiabing. Although he did not know what kind of human this human was, in the guards memory, humans were greedy and sly.

As early as three thousand years ago, the guard had also seen humans. Humans were very afraid of him, but they stole the food he hunted. At that time, they angered him and he killed many people, because in the guards eyes, the prey was his own.

At that time, he only thought that these humans were two-footed beasts, and later learned that these kinds of beasts were called humans, and humans were more cunning than any species in the abyss forest.

Xiao Qingrong and Dr. Xiao finally woke up. When they woke up, they saw the two dragons next to them. The dragons saw that their king woke up and turned into a human body. They knelt on the ground solemnly and stretched out their hand towards Xiao Qingrong.

We greet the King!

One of the two dragons had red-brown hair and one had silver hair. They were both very beautiful girls with big breasts. Xiao Qingrong stood up and stretched out his hands. After gently touching each other's hands, the two stood up. The look they had in their eyes towards Xiao Qingrong's was full of worship.

In the dragon world, of course, the strong was the king, so Xiao Qingrong, as their king, was also the object of worship for all dragons.

Take me to where the human is being held.

Since being noticed by Dr. Xiao, that human... definitely had a lot to do with the demise of the Dragons.

According to Xiao Qingrong's memory, the Dragon family now had more than 10,000 dragons, and there were three or four hundred dragon eggs just below the warm lake. If they hatched, there would be a new life. When he thought of the fact that it would be completely destroyed. Unless a strange method was used, who would be able to scheme on such a long lasting and powerful dragon?

Dr. Xiao didn't say a word. He followed, and he knew that Qingrong would ask him when needed. Usually, Dr. Xiao would be a silent chaser. He liked to see Xiao Qingrong's progress, and he liked to see Xiao Qingrong.

Soon, they arrived at the place where Xi Xiabing was detained. Xiao Qingrong and Dr. Xiao looked at Xi Xiabing who was detained inside. She was extremely haggard. For three days, she had not washed her hair, her hairs were a mess, and her clothes were dirty. Because of fear, and even hunger, she became slightly yellow and thin. When she saw Xiao Qingrong and Dr. Xiao, Xi Xiabing stood up directly from the ground and looked at the two. She also realized that Xiao Qingrong was the king of the Dragon family.

At the same time, in Xi Xiabing's live broadcast room, all fans were shocked by Xiao Qingrong. Although they knew that the dragons in this world were good looking, when they saw Xiao Qingrong, everyone understood the meaning of the most handsome.

In particular, Xiao Qingrong also wore the kind of clothes from the Central European period, so he looked more like a prince. At once, the audience sent crazy gifts...