Super Male God System Chapter 131 - Dr. Xiao

Although the dragons have a long life and are extremely powerful, there has always been a problem in reproduction with the dragons. In addition, in the early years, humans tried to domesticate the dragons, so they liked to steal dragon eggs from the abyss forest every so often. Therefore, after Yuan became the patriarch of the Dragon clan, he created a hole in the deepest lake in the abyss forest to breed dragon eggs.

Although there were mainly dragons in the abyss forest, there were also other beasts. Therefore, it was very dangerous for humans to enter the abyss forest. Moreover, the lake was even deeper in the abyss forest. The lake, called Nuanhu Lake, was surrounded by a marshland, and it was also called the demon swamp by human beings, so it was impossible for humans to cross that swampland alive.

Xiao Qingrong soared above the abyss forest, overlooking the vast abyss forest. Such a huge and magical place was where the dragons lived for tens of thousands of years. Whether it was the trees here or the beasts here, they were closely related to the dragons. Yes, for so many years, the Dragons have survived in this forest and have learned how to make better use of this forest.

Nuanhu Lake was plain and it was basically a hot spring. However, it was different from ordinary hot springs. Its location was very large, and the temperature was very high. It was also extremely deep. Anyway, the temperature was just right for the Dragons.

Under such a hot lake, there was actually another compartment. After passing through the lake, one can reach a warm and humid place, which was where the descendants of the Dragon family breed today. Therefore, for the future of the dragons, this place the dragons guarded the most. Generally near the warm lake, there were thousands of dragons to guard.

Dragons were not the same as humans or other creatures. Some dragon eggs took thousands of years before they hatch. Even in such a good place as the Nuanhu Lake, it still took time and endurance. Moreover, some dragon Eggs would still die. These were irretrievable things. In the Yuan's vision, if the dragons were exterminated, it must be because of fertility, but no one expected that the greed of a woman would destroy the entire dragon race.

Xiao Qingrong came up, and many of the dragons guarding the lake below saw Xiao Qingrong. They knew that the king would usually go to the lake, and the king has always been very concerned about the fertility problem.

Xiao Qingrong soon flew over to the lake. Before coming here, he saw a large swamp. There was almost nothing in the swamp, and there was no end to it. If humans wanted to pass, there was absolutely no way.

And this lake, which was hot, was very blue, which made Xiao Qingrong feel that the lake was very beautiful. He dropped directly from the sky and rushed into the lake. After filtering the water flow for a period of time, Xiao Qingrong became human in the water and entered the cave.

Although the water temperature was more than one hundred degrees which was absolutely unsuitable for humans, it was very suitable for the dragon family. When Xiao Qingrong stood in the dragon egg hole, his hair were wet and very comfortable.

Guarding the entrance, two silver-haired men stood. After seeing Xiao Qingrong, they fell to their knees and stretched out their right hand towards Xiao Qingrong.

Greetings King.

Xiao Qingrong knew that this was the etiquette of the dragon clan, and also stretched out his right hand, and put it gently on the hands of the two men, and then they stood up.

I'll go and see.

After all, he was the king of the dragon clan. Even if there were no dragons being hatched, he must still come to the cave to check it out. Xiao Qingrong quickly entered the cave where the dragon eggs were hidden and saw the dragon eggs inside. These dragon eggs were well placed. Their colors were different, there were red, silver, black, and blue. The various eggs were almost one meter high. It could be imagined what kind of dragon would be born if they hatched.

When Xiao Qingrong came to a dragon egg, he gently stretched out his hand and stroked the dragon egg. He didn't know why he suddenly became a little softer. Perhaps it was because of the racial nature brought by this body. When touching the dragon eggs, his heart was full of longing for the future, and the yearning for life was also a feeling Xiao Qingrong had never experienced.

He had no parents, no lover, no children, so of course he would not experience this kind of expectation and longing for life. However, when he touched the dragon egg, even he could feel that there seemed to be a heartbeat inside the dragon egg, causing his own heartbeat to throb. This miracle of life was something that Xiao Qingrong couldn't describe with words.

Xiao Qingrong had always believed that life was dirty, life was full of chasing interest, and human beings are selfish.

But this kind of expectation for life, observing the miracle of life... it was another feeling that cannot be said.

[Host, do you feel it? These lives, if you do not save them, all these lives will be destroyed by humans in this world]

618 was also shocked when looking at the dragon eggs in these caves. Life was actually the most respectable thing. No matter what, all kinds of races were good. In front of life, every race was equal.

Xiao Qingrong did not speak, but he also thought in his heart that he wanted to protect these eggs. He could not let these dragon eggs die before they were born. There were tens of thousands of dragons. He would not allow these dragons to become the slaves of humans.

It was unknown how long he stayed in this cave but the moment he came out, the two guards came over together.

King, Bai took the woman to the place of sacrifice. He seemed to suspect that the human was bad.

The place of sacrifice was the place where the Dragons worship their ancestors, and they also like to dispose of their enemy there. For example, those cruel and greedy humans, in fact, the Dragons do not like eating humans, but prefer their own food. However, there are always some humans who want to try stealing things from the Dragons because the Dragons have gold and diamond mines and each dragon's cave was a treasure trove, so there were always humans who wanted to steal them. Therefore, the humans who were generally captured would be executed in the place of sacrifice.

Oh? Let's go and see.

Xiao Qingrong was a little skeptical about this dragon being in contact with the human, but now hearing this, Xiao Qingrong felt that this dragon was not so stupid, whether it were humans or other races, if it was not their dragon race, they should not be trusted.

Moreover, the dragons have something that can make all humans greedy.

Yes, King!

The guards nodded, and three flew towards the sacrifice.

At the place of the sacrifice, Xi Xiabing and Bai were already here. Looking at the huge building made of stone in front of her, even if Xi Xiabing did not understand what this place was, she knew that this place was not a good place. The bones hanging on the tree next to the place, if you look carefully, they were definitely human bones.

At this time, Bai was looking through Xi Xiabings system mall. However, Xi Xiabing's mall was not as good as the 618 mall. It could be said that it is very costly and useless.

But even so, Bai found something useful, a scalpel.

That's right, even though he was a dragon, Bai still had his own habits, so while Xi Xiabing was becoming more afraid, he made his own request.

Now, buy a full set of scalpels for me in your mall.

Xi Xiabing, even if she already knew that the other party could see her own live broadcast system, but it felt a little uncomfortable as if she had been stripped off. She opened the system mall and saw the scalpel in the mall, which was not very expensive. It also required 300,000 gifts. The previous gifts given by the audience were enough, but when Xi Xiabing thought that she was threatened, she felt a little upset, and her eyes turned slowly. She seemed to be considering what method she should use to reject the dragon in front of her.

Bai saw the woman's careful thought, and raised the corners of his mouth, but his eyes were still indifferent.

Guess which one I like more? Do I like to eat people's waists more? Or do I like to eat people's hearts more?

His sentence directly made Xi Xiabing stiff, and her face was sweating buckets. It seemed that her previous thoughts were seen through by this white-haired boy. She could only quickly buy the scalpel, and then carefully hold it in her hands carefully.

There were a lot of these things and there were many blades. Moreover, there were many types of scalpels.

When Bai saw it, he reached out and grabbed it. He opened the box directly, took out his favorite scalpel from the box, and installed the blade. When Xi Xiabing saw the scalpel in front of her eyes. The boy's right hand kept dancing and turned into a silver flower.

While holding his favorite scalpel, Bai heard the sound from the sky, raised his head, and saw two dragons flying over, and then they were about to land on the altar on this side. When Bai saw Xiao Qingrong wearing European medieval clothing, the scalpel in Bai's hand turned faster and he couldn't help whistling.

Xiao Qingrong stood there. After hearing the whistle, he jumped down, turned around, and saw the people standing there.

Bai, also known as Dr.Xiao looked at his host with such a cool appearance and his eyes narrowed slightly.

I haven't seen you in a long time, Qingrong. I didn't expect that you would also be in this world.