Super Male God System Chapter 130 - Betrayal

Xi Xiabing was almost stiff in place, and Bai's pair of vertical pupils looked horrible at this time. Through Xi Xiabing's perspective, all audiences in the live broadcast room also saw the current scene and discussed it.

[Dream in Love: OMG! Xiabing does this dragon know your broadcast room?]

[Like you every day: This dragon had been so stupid before, but now he's suddenly smart?]

[Northern Lights: Xiabing, you must be calm. In the face of such a dragon, you must be calm, otherwise what if the other party eats you...]

[I love you deeply: Is it just me who thinks Bai is so handsome? Before he was cute, but now he's just handsome. The vertical pupils in his eyes are really cool! So handsome!]

[Poor teasing: Are you stupid, this white dragon knows the existence of the live broadcast room, isn't Xiabing in dagner?]

A variety of viewers kept commenting, and many of them were scared.

Bai looks like a young teen. Moreover, his skin was delicate enough to make him look very beautiful, and coupled with his black horns on his head, it really makes people feel that he is very cute at first sight!

At this time, Bai, who was supposed to be dumb, became so handsome, and some fans liked it. When Xi Xiabing was facing a matter of life and death, there were still people who gave gifts to say hello to the little brother.

Bai then read the words of the audience and the people who gave gifts so he smiled toward Xi Xiabing. For a moment, the original vertical pupil gradually changed, but it changed from the previous condensation to a playful one.

Hello everyone, I'm Bai. I'm a white dragon of Orvesta. I saw that you gave me a gift. Did you give it to me?

He uttered such words with a crisp sound like a spring water, causing Xi Xiabing, who was standing there, to become stiff, and the fans who were bewitched by the white beauty were screaming insanely, and the gifts kept rolling in. They gave this many gifts because Bai knew about the existence of this live room, so they praised Bai for his good looks.

Xi Xiabing also found that the situation was wrong at this time. Those audiences who originally belonged to her were now being taken by Bai, probably because people like the beautiful appearance. The face value of Bai is more than Xi Xiabing, let alone the fact of his special identity, a white dragon.

Although the audience in these live broadcast rooms are all from Xi Xiabing's old world, because of the live broadcast system, they are able to see other worlds through Xi Xiabing's eyes.

The system also needs to watch the energy value and gifts to open more golden fingers for Xi Xiabing, so that Xi Xiabing can survive in such a world with dragons. [TN: The live broadcast system is basically another 618]

Thank you, can you see this live broadcast? Then I will take everyone to see the abyss forest, ok?

Bai continued to say that with an innocent face, and coupled with that deceptive voice, it made many audiences like it very much. Moreover, everyone has completely ignored the existence of Xi Xiabing.

Xi Xiabing stood there coldly, and also saw all the audience's flattering Bai. No one cares about her life or death at all. Although she was afraid of being eaten by the dragon, the audience, in order to please the dragon, sent so many gifts, and seeing the gifts piled up so much, Xi Xiabing was full of jealousy, but in front of the person in front of her, she was afraid to say anything

Seeing that Bai used her as a selfie stick, Xi Xiabing was even more humiliated. Eventually, she couldn't help but close the live broadcast room. Although the live broadcast system had requirements for the daily live broadcast time, Xi Xiaping, of course, was the owner so she was able to close it.

At this instant, Bai also felt that Xi Xiabing turned off the live room. His gentleness immediately disappeared, and his cold vertical pupil looked at Xi Xiabing in front of him indifferently at this moment, making Xi Xiabing's nervous.

Bai, how can you see what's going on in my live broadcast room?

Xi Xiabing asked this, causing Bai to raise his eyebrows, and looked at the ordinary and weak woman in front of him. He was from the dragon family in the continent of Ovista that could easily destroy a human, so he felt like he was hearing a joke when he heard Xi Xiabing ask this question.

When he heard Xi Xiabing's voice before, an invisible hatred that filled his body almost made Bai unable to suppress it, because it was at that moment that he saw the future of the Dragon race.

That's right, in the abyss continent of Ovista, they are dragons that make all humans admire and fear. The dragons are strong and fearless. They have nothing to fear. They like gold and collect things. Now, there are already thousands of dragons, and among these dragons, there is the leader, the king of their dragon clan, called Yuan.

Yuan controls the entire abyss forest, and even the most powerful dragon family of Orvesta. He is not only physically strong, but he also has a strong fighting force. His black scales are things that human thermal weapons cannot break. It is precisely because of the existence of Yuan that the dragon race was able to live peacefully for thousands of years.

The life of the Dragons is very long. It is precisely because of this. There is something unique in the blood of the Dragons that can delay human aging. Such a thing was discovered by the woman in front of him.

Xi Xiabing, as a person who traveled to the mainland of Ovista, brought a live broadcast system. If it wasn't for Bai, she would have been killed by other dragons. Unfortunately, Bai is a little dragon only a few thousand years old, and since Bai was very curious about humans, he planned to take Xi Xiabing to play in his caves. Who would have thought that Xi Xiabing would steal the gems in the white hole and cheekily let Bai give her all kinds of things in the name of friendship.

Those jewels and the like are carefully collected by each dragon, and some are collected by his parents for him, or some are dug by himself. In the depths of the abyss continent, there is a gold mine and a gem mine in the abyss forest. These things are huge wealth to any human being.

Xi Xiabing was shocked by the wealth of the Dragons, and so were those audiences. She gathered the audience's rewards, got a way to go back, and was able to take these things away. She decided to take away the huge wealth, but these wealth were guarded by these dragons, and she is useless as a human.

Just when Xi Xiabing was thinking of a way to take these stuff away, she discovered that the blood of the dragon can delay aging and she felt huge greed, so she chose to unite with the humans in this world and intend to slaughter all the dragons.

This is a very sophisticated plan. She exchanged from the system for things that would poison the dragons if they eat them. She gave them to Bai to put them at the dragon party and it caused almost all the dragons to lose their fighting ability.

Bai is very naive and ignorant of all this at that time. However, when he was caught by humans as a blood bag for drawing blood, he knew that he was betrayed by his so-called friend. This resulted in the entire Ovista dragon family to be reduced to a prisoner in this way, and became a blood bag that can make humans live a hundred years.

Such a powerful race turned out to be a blood bag and gradually perished. Xi Xiabing got the treasures of the dragons and some of the blood of the dragons. Then she returned to her world and became a super rich beauty. However, she didn't think of how pitiful the dragons were now due to her.

Bai's memory revived, so the Bai looking at the woman in front of him at this time couldn't figure out how such a stupid woman had destroyed the entire dragon clan.

Is it... are the others Dragons so stupid?

It doesn't matter what I see. Don't hide it, I can see your system mall.

He deliberately approached Xi Xiabing, and watched the other person suddenly be frightened and stepped back. Her whole body fell to the ground, Bai then raised his lips, and deliberately came to Xi Xiabing.

Weak human, do you think our dragon race will be willing to be friends with such a weak race as you? From now on, you are my prey.

He smiled, but in front of Xi Xiabing, he was like a demon, causing Xi Xiabing's fear to spread across her whole body, but the person in front of her was a dragon, but she had no ability to resist.

With a pale face, Xi Xiabing thought that she was lucky enough to be easily protected by a dragon, but now she suddenly turned into a dragon's prey. Xi Xiabing of course felt that it was unacceptable, but in the face of such a powerful race, human beings... are not worth mentioning.

Xiao Qingrong inside the cave did not know what was going on outside, but he also knew that the Dragon tribe would become extinct. Such a strong race would not be extinct if it was not a natural disaster.

Standing outside the cave, he began to transform into a dragon. Although he was not used to it, he didn't know how long he needed to survive in this world. Xiao Qingrong still had to work hard to get used to his body as a dragon.

The black dragon emerged out of thin air, then the black wings on both sides expanded, looking very huge.

Xiao Qingrong tried flapping a few times, relying on the methods in his memory, and finally rose into the air, then slowly rose, and flew forward quickly...

The feeling of flying is really wonderful. The cold wind blew on every skin of his body, making Xiao Qingrong roar in happiness.

When other dragons in the abyss forest heard this dragon roar, they stopped, looked up at the sky, and began to also roar.

Suddenly the abyss forest was full of dragon roars, sounding fierce and scary.

Bai looked at Xi Xiabing, who was scared as she squatted on the ground. Bai also squatted in front of her, and said intentionally.

Have you heard? This abyss forest is full of our dragons. If it weren't for me, you would have been eaten by other dragons, and even your bones would not be left.