Super Male God System Chapter 13 - Action

[ he dead? ]

618 secretly glanced at the man who fell to the ground, there remained a bloody blur, but it still could tell what was happening. There was no movement, it felt like its host was too cruel!

It used to worry about the host being bullied, but now its host has killed someone so easily! This is a society ruled by law, what if its host gets arrested? Is he going to jail again? Thinking of this, 618 was feeling tired.

Xiao Qingrong squatted down, then stretched out his left hand and withdrew his scalpel from the ground. He took a white handkerchief and gently wiped away the blood on the blade, he bought it from the System Mall, it sure is convenient.

No, he's still alive, but it should be very painful. Look at his pupils of surprise and horror, if they were dug out, it would make a nice collection. Unfortunately, I hate such people, otherwise he would already be killed and a part of my collection.

While evaluating the fallen Tang Yihai, Xiao Qingrong's judgement made 618 speechless.

[ So He's still alive, whew... that's good. Host I thought you killed him ]

As 618 was bound to a host for the first time after its birth, many of the things it learned came from the Internet, so it knew that human society had a legal system, and it was not possible to simply kill people casually. It is illegal to kill people! Although the host was about to be bullied, 618 still felt that the host's solution was inappropriate. Now that it knows that the host didn't kill, it was relieved.

Listening to the nervous voice of 618, Xiao Qingrong laughed. He already knew that 618 was a newly born system, and was a bit silly, so he pointed the man on the ground with his scalpel.

Of course I don't kill people. Murder is a crime. 618, in this world, law represents balance. It hurts people just to protect themselves, and killing people is not necessary.He said as he dangled the scalpel over the man's eye.

618, don't ask me if I will kill people. Killing these people will only stain my scalpel. As for him, he's not worthy of being killed by me. He will get what he deserves for what he did.

After speaking, he stood up, although there was blood on his face, he did not intend to clean it, and got out of the room. Except for the guards at the door, usually no one would be here until the teacher came to deliver the meal. There were other rooms where the children were being held.

618 knew its host's character, and quickly searched Tang Yihai's name, but the information he saw made him dumb.

Tang Yihai, 28, had been a soldier in the army for five years, and was retired because of being a deserter. He was introduced to Meng Yue School when he was only 20 years old at the time. In his eight years, he had arrested tens of thousands of students that came to this school, can ordinary children resist? The ending was obviously obvious.

Seeing the events that transpired, even the 618 felt cruel after seeing it, not to mention other people, this Tang Yihai really shouldn't be pardoned.

[ Host, did you investigate him before? ]

Otherwise, how would he know the information of these people?

Sighing at his stupid system, Xiao Qingrong no longer had any hope, and walked towards a confined cell ahead.

Of course, with all the hacking techniques I practiced in the Learning Space, do you it was to amuse you?

Because of 618's special existence, Xiao Qingrong could naturally connect to the world's network whenever he practiced in the Learning Space. Taking this opportunity, Xiao Qingrong invaded the national profile system and found out these things. As for things as simple as killing, everything was known, since 618 as a system was above the will of the world.

The seven-day confinement had been more than eighty years for Xiao Qingrong, who was staying in the System Learning Space. With 618's help, Xiao Qingrong's hacking skills have long been incomparable, so investigating one person was a minor issue.

In particular...don't look at Meng Yue School and think it's an ordinary school, in order to prevent students from escaping, the school planted cameras everywhere. Xiao Qingrong easily found these cameras, and of course, each one had images that contained the blood of children.

As for exposing Meng Yue School with 618's ability? Sorry, he never even thought about it!

There was just one of many such colleges, there was always a second or even a third, even if the school was exposed and banned. But if those children were not obedient, their parents would send to another such college for 'education' again.

Xiao Qingrong knew that his body had such parents, but he didn't plan on going back at all. Since 618 sent him here, it proves that the real Xiao Qingrong has died here, so he would not care about the parents of this body because they never knew they were basically killing their children.(TN: I think all the bodies are named Xiao Qingrong?...)

Xiao Qingrong went to another room, he looked at the iron gate in front him. It may be because the children had no ability to resist, so the inside of the room was simple, there was only one doorknob, such a small door handle that locked the lives of these children inside.

However, Xiao Qingrong had no intention of saving people, and continues to walk outside. It was a long corridor, and there were confined rooms on both sides. You can tell how many students the school could accept each year.

The scalpel on the left hand mystically turned into a flower. In his dexterous hand, it was almost impossible to see what it was, and the gatekeeper outside the confinement heard the footsteps behind him. He thought it was a teacher who brought another student over, but didn't care much about it, he kept smoking his cigarette.

He had been a gatekeeper here for almost ten years. People outside looked down on him, but after coming here, he was content. Parents who were dumb enough sent their children here, many were sent here over time. Parents say that it was good for the child, but in fact they've done the same thing as the people here, nothing.(TN: Nothing changed if y'all didn't get it :V)

He was an old bachelor. He wouldn't be able to marry in this life, let alone have a child. It was more of an unwillingness, those cruel parents were willing to send their children to this place. If it was up to him, how could they be sent to such a school. However, these things had nothing to do with him, he was just a gatekeeper, as for these children's future, it depends on their parents!

Xiao Qingrong's pace was not slow. He walked behind the gatekeeper and stood there so quietly, the gatekeeper didn't know why, but he suddenly felt a bit cold behind him, and turned around while complaining.

I said, Mr. Tang, did you bring people out?

But after turning his head, he saw Xiao Qingrong with blood stains on his face. He was shocked and was just about to react. Unfortunately, Xiao Qingrong was faster than him. Since Xiao Qingrong took the Qiaoshou Pill, his hands were very nimble. His left hand had already scratched the goalkeeper's throat, and the other hand skillfully hit the head.

Warm blood splattered on Xiao Qingrong's face, but he still had no expression, making 618 tremble again.

Seeing that this middle-aged man fell to the ground, 618 finally couldn't help but persuade his host.

[ Ho-host, isn't this person dead? Please stop killing... ]

If he had just stunned people, 618 would be relieved. But whenever it thought of the possibility that its host killed these people, corpses laying about, it got worried.

Xiao Qingrong calmly took out a handkerchief and wiped his scalpel, the corner of his mouth rose.

Of course not. I'm just practicing my hands first. Tang Yihai's parents are dead, he had no friends. This person is different though, moreover, death is too simple of a punishment. How can I bear to let these people experience the charm of death?

Kill everyone? That's just the stupidest way. He wanted these people to taste and feel 'remodeled'. He believes that the students here can't wait for it?~

[ Alright...So, what are you doing next? ]

618 thought that the last world must've been too comfortable, so this world had the host to experience these rapid changes, it felt aggrieved when it thought of the situation...

Xiao Qingrong did not speak, and continued to walk forward. He had confirmed the building's framework through the cameras. The closest confinement room was near the craft room. This place was for the obedient children.

There were many places in Meng Yue School. The children who were sent to transform by parents were not here to learn anything, but to work! From the initial detention to corporal punishment, after the children obey, they would be taken to the craft room. Generally, it is a simple task of beading, and a certain amount of finished products must be handed in every day, otherwise you would be punished and get no food. In this place, you couldn't speak and you would be beaten if you talked to one another.

Therefore, Meng Yue School was very profitable. In addition to earning money from dumb parents, it also exploiedt the child labor.

Bypassing the camera, Xiao Qingrong finally came to the craft room. There was no one outside the craft room, because the teachers were busy watching the students inside, monitoring them, not allowing them to communicate, and supervising the work.

At the door of the craft room, it was hidden, it was very quiet, just like an empty room. There were almost sixty children in this room. Everyone was wearing the same clothes, bowing their heads and quietly Beaded, a teacher and an instructor sat there playing games on their phone, and it was terribly gloomy.

Unfortunately, this atmosphere was broken in the next second.(TN:uuhhh...(⸟_⸟))

Xiao Qingrong kicked the door open. The huge sound made all the students' eyes look at the door. The instructor and teacher quickly got up from their chairs and looked at the door.

Facing everyone's gaze, Xiao Qingrong raised his lips and showed a friendly smile to everyone, but he didn't know how terrifying he looked with blood on his face at the moment, just like an evil spirit crawling out of hell...

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