Super Male God System Chapter 129 - Dragon

When Xiao Qingrong woke up again, he found that he was lying in a huge hole. He opened his eyes, he noticed that he was surrounded by gold and silver treasures, and the gold coins that glowed with golden light filled the whole hole. Moreover, the splendid and colorful gems that were littered about are even more beautiful.

But even so, Xiao Qingrong still frowned, and then...

He looked behind and noticed a big tail... With a thought, the black giant tail moved in front of him, showing a cold light under the reflection of gold coins, and for the first time... Xiao Qingrong, has turned into an unknown creature. However, he was still calm and called out to 618.

618, I think I need an explanation.

At this time, 618 was also looking at the eyes of the host, who was now a black dragon. This is the first time it saw a real dragon, and it looked very mighty...

[Host, listen to me, now you are the most powerful being in the world! You are an abyss dragon, and your combat powers explosive!]

618 at this time really regretted it, why can't it have a body, if it had a body, it could touch the host with its own hands. The host is really handsome! Even if he becomes a dragon, he is still so handsome. Seeing that cold vertical pupil, 618 felt excited!

Xiao Qingrong knew that 618 was not reliable at all times, so he stood up from the gold coins, and found that the cave was quite large, and his body was also quite large. At this time, there was no mirror, so Xiao Qingrong couldn't see himself. What does he look like?

At this moment, a dragon's roar came from outside the cave, which was asking Xiao Qingrong to come out. Soon, Xiao Qingrong quickly mastered the dragon's skills, and then came out and saw the outside. Outside, there was a standing brown dragon that looked a bit similar to that of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, but after seeing Xiao Qingrong, the brown dragon lowered his head directly, and then the dragon made a submission.

The memory of this body now reminds Xiao Qingrong of his appearance. He was not the kind of dragon in domestic mythology, but instead... the evil dragon that is represented abroad, and he is on the continent of the Ovista. He is a black dragon, also known by mankind as the Abyss Dragon, on the entire continent of Ovista, all dragons must obey his call, and this brown dragon is here to deliver food.

Sure enough, next to this brown dragon is the food it brings. There are fruits and meats, and it looks appetizing. There are also some small silver fishes, and although this fish is very large for humans, it is really small for dragons.

King, Bai is still close to humans. Should we bring Bai back?

As the king of the Dragon tribe, Xiao Qingrong manages all ethnic groups. Whether it is survival or reproduction, everyone needs to report to Xiao Qingrong. He is also the most powerful Abyssal dragon in nearly ten thousand years. The black appearance makes people scared after seeing him. After Xiao Qingrong became the king of the dragon clan, human beings never dared to invade Ovista.

Bai? Xiao Qingrong thought about it before reacting. This Bai should be a dragon in the Dragon family. The Dragon family multiplies too slowly, and children are born once in thousands of years. Therefore, for the Dragon family, Xiao Qingrong knows who everyone one of them are.

No, let him go.

This year, Bai is only over three thousand years old. He saw humans for the first time, so he was very close to a human woman who came to the abyss forest. Xiao Qingrong didn't care.

The brown dragon obeyed Xiao Qingrong's advice, and then flew away after bowing again.

Looking at the other dragons flying back, Xiao Qingrong's vertical pupils had some curiosity. What kind of feeling did a dragon have while they are in the sky?

With that in mind, Xiao Qingrong is not so repulsed about things like becoming non-human.

Xiao Qingrong took two steps forward, lowered his head, sniffed the meat with his nose, then stuck out his tongue and ate the meat into his mouth. A strange feeling that could not be said bloomed in his mouth, and his belly was a little bit hungry, so he quickly ate these things, whether it is meat or fruit.

In fact, these things look small to him, but in the eyes of humans, they are just like the hills. They were carefully cleaned up by the brown dragon so there was no dirt or impurities in the meat.

By the way... the brown dragon is named Ye because its race is more adept at eating vegetarian food.

618 watched the host's majestic body eating made it felt like it can't wait to take a photo of the host, it's so beautiful and spectacular!

[Host, don't rush to eat. In this world, as the patriarch of the dragon clan, you are responsible for protecting the dragon clan. In the future, the dragon clan will be destroyed by a traitor, and the dragon clan will also disappear on the mainland of Ovista. Those gold coins and gems in your cave will all be taken away too.]

While listening to 618, Xiao Qingrong also found at the moment that their dragon tribe can transform.

The method of transformation appeared in his mind, and at that moment, the black giant abyss dragon became a human. He has skin like white porcelain, no clothes on the upper body, and only black scales around his bottom. Moreover, his obvious six-pack abs made people look uncontrollably, especially his pair of black vertical pupils which gave people a sense of killing and coldness.

With long black hair on his shoulders, Xiao Qingrong was still very satisfied with his style, although he was a bit ashamed due to not wearing any clothes.

After thinking about it, Xiao Qingrong opened the mall and searched for clothing products. In his last life, because Xiao Qingrong changed the development of the historical line and promoted the progress of national science, he got many male god points. With more than a million male god points, Xiao Qingrong is now a wealthy man.

Looking at the millions of male god points in the mall, Xiao Qingrong directly bought a variety of clothing. This thing can also be regarded as a golden finger, that is, a piece of clothing can be transformed into countless cool clothes. After purchasing, Xiao Qingrong chose to use a prince's clothing in the European Middle Ages, and the white and gold intertwined Prince's clothing was worn on Xiao Qingrong's body, and he looked even more awesome.

By the way, this thing... also has the benefit of protecting against cold and heatstroke, and it will not be torn, and it has the role of protecting the owner.

Of course, the value is also very high. Just buying this thing casually costs one million male god points, which is equivalent to a golden finger.

[Host, host, are you still the host I know?]

The subtext of 618 is obvious. Are you still my host?

Anyways, we have a lot of male god points and there's no point in not using it. Besides, I can't stop wearing clothes, right?

Xiao Qingrong said that and he walked back towards his cave, probably because he became a human, it took him a long time to enter the depths of the cave. Looking at the piles of gold again, it was almost impossible to see the head.

Standing in front of his treasures, Xiao Qingrong squatted down and picked up two gold coins and jewelry on the ground.

This thing... is still quite valuable?

These gold coins are real, and the jewelry is also very precious, but now this thing is randomly spread out in the cave.

The dragon is an animal that likes gold and splendor very much, and it is also a symbol of greed and desire. Otherwise, there would not be so many gold and silver treasures.

Xiao Qingrong also gradually accepted his new identity, which seemed to be quite fun.

In a remote place in the abyss forest, a dark-haired girl followed a teenager with long white hair. The teenager had two horns on his head. The two originally wanted to go to the cave of the long-haired white boy.

As Xi Xiabing walked and watched the fans in the live broadcast room, everyone seemed to like this innocent and cute Bailong boy. It was also Xi Xiabing's first time seeing such a delicate and beautiful boy, and this boy's true body turned out to be a dragon.

God knows that when Xilong Bing appeared in front of Xi Xiabing for the first time, Xi Xiabing was almost scared to death. She even thought that she was going to die here, let alone complete the task of the live broadcast system. Now, looking at Bai who had become a white-haired boy, he looked so beautiful and exquisite. Xi Xiabing was relieved and not so afraid.

When she thought of the fact that the other party invited her to see in his cave, and the other party said that he had a lot of jewelry, Xi Xiabing was really flattered, and the people in the studio also asked her to go because they wanted to see how the dragon's cave looks like, and gave her a lot of gifts, which made Xi Xiabing more sure that he should follow Bai. This white-haired boy named Bai is really innocent.

Bai walked in front, just as Xi Xiabing followed behind Bai and walked forward, Bai who was in front suddenly stopped and stood in place.

Bai? Why did you stop?

When Bai heard her voice, he slowly turned around. At this time, the eyes that were originally innocent were suddenly occupied by a cold-blooded ruthlessness. His vertical pupils looked strange at this time, and the viewers were all taken aback.

Bai looked at the woman in front of him, and suddenly spoke, but what he said made Xi Xiabing startled, even more at a loss.

Are all the people talking to you audiences? Are they watching us now?

For a moment, Xi Xiabing was almost scared. Looking at the eyes of the boy suddenly turning into that of a ferocious dragon, she suddenly wondered if that innocent Bai that she had seen before really did exist.

Bai came over, and those eyes looked like they were looking at the dead. He was full of inquiry as he asked Xi Xiabing.

Are you using the live broadcast system? Can this system be stripped?