Super Male God System Chapter 127 - College Exam

After Zheng Jiaojiao's incident, Zheng Jiaojiao was sent to her grandmother's house the next day. Even if Zheng Jiaojiao protested all night, it was useless.

March passed and the advent of April opened up the fiery atmosphere of the village re-election, but this time, because of the incident, everyone reconsidered about electing the village chief Zheng again. After all, village chief Zheng has been in his position for five years. In fact, it was quite long...

Xiao Qingrong looked at everyone indifferently, the annoying Zheng Jiaojiao was sent away. He actually had some ideas in his heart. Such a woman who does not cherish her experience would sooner or later pay the price for her greed.

Ding Xuanxuan also saw all this. For the first time, she found that the weirdness in this village was very obvious. Everyone supported Mr.Zheng before, but after that incident, Mr. Zheng's supporters were very miniscule. Probably, a woman's reputation is considered very important. Zheng Tiantian had a cowardly appearance that day, with made people involuntarily sympathize with her, so after the mid-month, the election finally came to an end.

This time, Zheng Tiantian's father became the village chief, and the village chief Zheng not only failed to get elected but he has also become the one who had no official position in the village for almost a few days. The former chief of the village, Mr. Zheng now had white hair and looked several years older. If it were not for his son, he would have gone crazy.

He was once the 'vice' village chief, and now he became the village chief. After becoming the official village chief, he was sought after by the villagers. In addition, he secretly gave things to Xiao Qingrong, which was a thanks to Xiao Qingrong.

For these gifts, Xiao Qingrong accepted them. After all, the current village chief was a person who had a good relationship with him, and his life in the village had become more comfortable.

This incident passed by Zheng Jiaojiao's ears, making Zheng Jiaojiao feel that it was unbelievable, because in her memory, her father was the village chief for eight or nine years. How could he lose his position as the village chief now?

She frantically wanted to go back to the village to ask what was going on, but did not expect that her mother would rush over here and give her a beating. This was the first time Zheng Jiaojiao saw her mother so crazy, and this was the first time she was beaten by her mother with her hair tied. Zheng Jiaojiao couldn't even react before she was bruised on the face.

Your father's village chief position is gone! Are you satisfied now!!!

Watching her husband's decadence, Mother Zheng was really uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable she was, the more angry he became when she thought about her daughter at home, so she always beats Zheng Jiaojiao.

Zheng Jiaojiao's face was hurt because of her mother. At this time, the corners of her mouth were pained and she couldn't speak. How could this be? She also wanted to say that this matter had nothing to do with her, but what her mother said later made Zheng Jiaojiao feel unacceptable.

Besides, because of the ugly things you did before, the people of the Tang family came to us to cancel the engagement. They don't want Tang Junjie to marry a vicious woman like you! They are afraid of you

Mother Zheng didn't actually wanted to blame her daughter so much, but after that incident, such serial reactions let mother Zheng know that if her daughter hadn't done such a scandal, the Zheng family wouldn't have ended up like this...

Her husband's village chief position was gone, and her daughter's marriage was cancelled. The people in the village knew what her daughter did, and it would be difficult to find her daughter a husband in the future. When she thought about it, Mother Zheng sat on the ground and cried, thinking that why was life so difficult.

Zheng Jiaojiao sat there stunned. After being beaten by her mother before, she didn't dare to move, but now she was stunned and couldn't believe what she heard.

The Tang family actually canceled the engagement...

Thinking of her strong request for the cancelation of engagement from her last life, she angered the old Mrs.Tang, but this time, she had already been so desperate to please her, and she clearly liked her too. Why did she want to cancel the engagement?

Thinking of this, Zheng Jiaojiao immediately got up from the ground and ran back to the village madly. She had to ask, why would the Tang family cancel the engagement and how could they.

Perhaps this belief supported Zheng Jiaojiao. Soon, Zheng Jiaojiao returned to the village and found the Tang family. Although her embarrassing appearance fell into the eyes of many people along the way, it also made a lot of people excited as they followed her to see the excitement. Although Zheng Jiaojiao saw many people following her, she still knocked on the door of the Tang family.

Mrs. Tang and her daughter were making clothes. When they heard the sound, they opened the door and saw the embarrassing figure of Zheng Jiaojiao rushing in.

Auntie, my mother said that you want to cancel the engagement. It was a joke, right? I don't want to cancel the engagement with Junjie, how could you cancel my engagement with Junjie...

Thinking of what Tang Junjie would achieve in the future, Zheng Jiaojiao couldn't bear to let go of Tang Junjie, and at this time the old lady Tang was looking at the woman in front of her, and her health was a little bad. When she saw Zheng Jiaojiao out of the blue and so forceful, she first coughed for a while, and then started talking.

It's my Junjie who wasn't good enough for you. I just received the news. Junjie wrote back and said that he was married in the army. Jiaojiao, it's our Tang family who must apologize to you.

After Zheng Jiaojiao reincarnated, she had taken care of their Tang family for more than half a year. Of course, Mrs.Tang was grateful, but she received the letter from her son, although she knew that telling the Zheng family at this time would be tantamount to dropping a rock on their foot, but if she said it later, it would cause greater harm to Zheng Jiaojiao.

It was better to make it clear in advance now. Her son was in the army and he had grown up. Even though she was his mother, she couldn't control his life.

Zheng Jiaojiao looked pale and looked at the old Mrs.Tang, thinking about her last life, at this time, Mrs. Tang was dead. At that time, Tang Xiaomei also went to her brother, so about Tang Junjie's life, Zheng Jiaojiao knew very little.

For this fiance, Zheng Jiaojiao only remembered that when they were very young, the two were good playmates.

Impossible... impossible... Zheng Jiaojiao said dully, then tears fell frantically, but she looked stubbornly at Mrs. Tang.

Is that woman surnamed Xu? Is it surnamed Xu...

This was her only obsession. She wanted to know and wanted to make sure that Tang Junjie and his so-called wife really knew each other later, or were they already together when they still had a marriage contract.

Mrs. Tang was also a little surprised. She didn't expect Zheng Jiaojiao to ask this, but she nodded.

Yes, his wife's last name is Xu, the daughter of Junjie Shangguan. Jiaojiao, auntie knows that you are a good girl. You will definitely find a better person in the future.

Even after comforting Zheng Jiaojiao, Mrs. Tang couldn't bear it.

When Zheng Jiaojiao heard the answer, she closed her eyes and laughed wildly. She even felt like a fool. Obviously she had the chance to come back again, but she ended up like this. In the end, her reputation was destroyed, her father's village chief position was gone, and people outside were talking about her. Now even her fiance had married another woman...

Perhaps in her last life, Tang Junjie wanted to get rid of their engagement, but he didn't have time. However, she canceled the engagement early and caused Mrs. Tang's death, so naturally she didn't know that at that time, Tang Junjie married the woman named Xu.

The villagers overheard around were also very surprised. They never thought of such a thing. They suddenly felt that Zheng Jiaojiao was really pitiful, but she was also hateful. Thinking about what she did to Zheng Tiantian, they felt that it was really too vicious.

In the end, Zheng Jiaojiao didn't ask any more. She then left, leaving only Mrs. Tang to sigh continuously, and didn't know whether her family was doing right or wrong.

This incident spread quickly in the village. Zheng Jiaojiao was abandoned by Tang Junjie. Tang Junjie had a wife in the army. This news was spread everywhere, even Xiao Qingrong and Ding Xuanxuan knew it.

After learning this news, Ding Xuanxuan was stunned, because she was even more doubtful whether she was really in the book! You know, Tang Junjie was the male lead! Why did he suddenly marry someone other than the heroine? Now that the Tang family has canceled the engagement, Zheng Jiaojiao could be said to have nothing. The things she did before were like liaison reactions, and now, all have retribution and endings.

For a while, Ding Xuanxuan simply could only sigh about the impermanence of the world and could only study harder. In this era, speculation wasn't feasible. The best way was to enrich oneself to get a better life.

Xiao Qingrong also knew about this, but it had nothing to do with him. He had too much to learn, so he was busy every day, and he didn't have time to take care of those strange things.

Six months later, he heard that Zheng Jiaojiao was married to someone in a village very close to Zhengjia Village. The village was a bit poor. It was Zheng Jiaojiao's mother's idea. She didn't want Zheng Jiaojiao at home, so she just insisted on it, forcing Zheng Jiaojiao to marry. Hearing this, the people in the village only sighed. After all, this matter was not in their control.

With the arrival of 1977, Xiao Qingrong had more knowledge stored in his mind, and Zhengjia Village also ushered in the news of the college entrance examination. All the educated youths were extremely happy. Whether they were young educated youths or older people, they all worked hard for the college entrance examination and they also wanted to return to the city.

Xiao Qingrong was also the same. There were many people who planned to take the college entrance examination in 1977, but Xiao Qingrong wasn't afraid.


No long after taking the college entrance examination, he got the transcript from Beijing.

Xiao Qingrong successfully became a college student of Peking University.