Super Male God System Chapter 126 - Letter Of The Future

When Zheng Jiaojiao came back from her grandmother's house, she was confused when she saw everyone gazing at her, she felt weird. She didn't know that her scheme was exposed.

The village chief's expression was dark as he watched his daughter come back. From the bottom of his heart, he couldn't believe his daughter had done such a thing.

Dad, mom, what's wrong?

Zheng Jiaojiao saw that the atmosphere was a little stiff, and there was nervousness in her heart, but a smile still appeared.

Jiaojiao, do you know anything about these letters?

The village chief Zheng put all the letters on the table, and Zheng Jiaojiao's eyes fell on them, and she knew that these letters were the letters written by her as she pretended to be Xiao Qingrong. How could they be here?

For a moment, her face became a little weird, causing village chief Zheng who saw his daughter's small movements expression to sink even further.

One the side, Zheng Tiantian's mother, Wang Guihua, rushed up to Zheng Jiaojiao.

Zheng Jiaojiao, these letters are definitely written by you. Don't say you don't know.

As soon as this word came out, Zheng Jiaojiao knew in her heart that she must not acknowledge this letter. She hurriedly shook her head but she looked pale.

What letter? I don't know what you are talking about

She looked ignorant, but her pale face had betrayed her. The village chief Zheng did not want to admit it when he saw his daughter but in fact, he already had an answer in his heart. In the end, he said nothing and asked his wife to bring Zheng Jiaojiao out. After his daughter was gone, he will then apologize to vice village chief Zheng personally. He knew his daughter, so just by looking at his daughter's reaction, he already understood everything.

In order to save his daughter a little face, he let his daughter be taken away by his wife, so he could then personally apologize to vice village chief Zheng.

Although he didn't know why his daughter framed Zheng Tiantian, they were both girls from the same village. What his daughter did was really unacceptable but village chief Zheng could not do anything about it since it had already happened.

Soon, Zheng Jiaojiao was taken away by her mother. Thinking that things would be fixed by her father, she just let go of her heart, but after being pulled home all the way by her mother, she was slapped.

The slap was so severe that Zheng Jiaojiao's face directly went to the side. The severe pain on her face made Zheng Jiaojiao feel that it was unbelievable. Even in her last life, she was not beaten by her mother, but now her mother had actually hit her. Tears then fell from her eyes as she looked at her mother with complaints.

Mother Zheng was really angry. She said that a parent knows her child best. Mother Zheng also knew the situation of her daughter. Her husband asked their daughter away, but the reason why she was sent out wasn't because they felt that her daughter didn't do it. Her husband confirmed that it was done by her daughter, and he asked her daughter to leave. He also did this to leave her daughter a little face, but her daughter's face had to be compensated by her husband. In one month, it would be time for the election and this would definitely ruin her husband's chance. Mother Zheng was really mad at her daughter.

You dumb girl, why are you looking at me like that? See what you have done. You pretended to be an educated youth to seduce Zheng Tiantian, do you think Zheng Tiantian's parents are dumb? Do you think you can succeed that easily? Now everyone in the village knows what you have done. Pack up your things today. Tomorrow I will let your brother take you to your grandmother's house and wait until this thing is over.

Zheng Jiaojiao had no idea how this happened. According to her arrangements, when Xiao Qingrong and Zheng Tiantian were in a private meeting, they would then be discovered, and then that would affect the reputation of vice village chief Zheng's family. Finally, she would be able to see Xiao Qingrong's downcast expression, but now, how did everyone got to know?

Mother Zheng looked at her daughter whom she always loved but now, she was so angry and heartbroken that she finally left, leaving Zheng Jiaojiao to only ask her sister-in-law and wonder what was going on.

Zheng Jiaojiao's sister-in-law looked at her with a mixed mood. She didn't expect that Zheng Jiaojiao would do such a thing but she still told her what was going on. Today, the Zheng family not only gave evidence, but also many people saw it. When Zheng Jiaojiao went to find Zheng Tiantian, the educated youths with Xiao Qingrong also recognized that the handwriting on the letter had nothing to do with Xiao Qingrong.

At this moment, Zheng Jiaojiao was stunned because she really didn't expect that this matter would be discovered in this way. She thought that Zheng Tiantian would hide it, and then meet with Xiao Qingrong, but she did not expect that Zheng Tiantian parents would find these letters, and they also found Xiao Qingrong, which completely ruined her plans.

As long as she thought about it, Zheng Jiaojiao felt unreasonable resentment in her heart. No matter if it was her cousin's death or this matter, she only felt that she and Xiao Qingrong were really incompatible.

Thinking again about the way her father asked her mother to take her away, it was likely that her father got convicted. At this time, she wanted to explain but she couldn't explain it, so she just went to her room, causing her sister-in-law to sigh when she saw this.

She used to think that Zheng Jiaojiao was a very good person, but she never thought that Zheng Jiaojiao would do such a thing. Moreover, she did something that would ruin someone's reputation, it was simply too vicious!

However, thinking of the Zheng Tiantian whom she saw today, she felt that Zheng Tiantian was thin and pretty. She was pure and white. Although she looked a little weak, she looked really good, especially with her big eyes.

This Zheng Tiantian was able to match the educated youths from the city.

No matter how the village chief Zheng made compromises with the vice village chief, this matter was still spread. Everyone felt that specially after when Zheng Jiaojiao was dragged away by Mother Zheng, making the villagers even more sure that this thing was absolutely done by Zheng Jiaojiao.

These years, in places like the countryside, reputation was taken seriously. Girls must have a good reputation to be able to find a good family. Zheng Jiaojiao wanting to destroy people's reputation was the most vicious thing to do. This caused people to stay far away from Zheng Jiaojiao, and the letters written by Zheng Jiaojiao have also been read by many people.

Even if some people were illiterate, there were many educated youth, so the letters were read out.

Ding Xuanxuan also did not expect that the heroine would choose this method to destroy Xiao Qingrong. She remembered that Xiao Qingrong was sick and died in the novel. After the college entrance examination was resumed, because the heroine's father was the village chief, she took them herself and passed. At that time, Xiao Qingrong's status did not allow him to take the exam. For several years, Xiao Qingrong did not take the college entrance examination, and eventually was dragged to death.

Although she doesn't know why everything was different now, Ding Xuanxuan still felt that this reborn female heroine really wasn't easy to mess with, and it was clear that Xiao Qingrong was the innocent person in this matter.

While eating, Ding Xuanxuan secretly watched Xiao Qingrong countless times, but after making sure that Xiao Qingrong didn't seem to be affected, she was relieved and didn't bother Xiao Qingrong.

After eating, Xiao Qingrong went to the mountains again by himself. Now everyone in the village knew that Xiao Qingrong's little fox likes to go hunting in the mountains, so nobody stopped Xiao Qingrong.

When he reached the mountain, he let the little fox go hunting. Xiao Qingrong summoned the Almighty Letter, and after writing some words on it, he watched the Almighty Letter burn in front of himself.

At this moment, far in the very center of the capital, a man who was looking at the documents suddenly found that a letter was appearing slowly on his right side. From the initial surprise to the calm now, this man has become accustomed to it.

The people in the special investigation team were quickly notified and came to the person as soon as possible. The outside was already waiting for it. Everyone was full of doubt and curious about the letter.

Finally the man sitting there reached out his hand, opened the envelope, and took out the letter inside.

It is unknown what the letter contained but it made the man suddenly change color. After that, the letter was handed over to the special investigation team.

It's been almost half a year since the establishment of this special investigation group. From the first letter that appeared out of thin air, they felt like they were involved in an unknown inquiry, and just like everyone's analysis at the beginning, they felt that this letter was foretelling the future.

The first letter was to prove that it knew the future, so it wrote about satellites.

The second letter was addressed to the Prime Minister whose last name was Zhou. That was a tragedy, because on that letter was the date of the death of the Prime Minister.

God knows how shocked everyone was when they saw the letter in the Prime Minister's ward, and they couldn't believe it. After that, the special investigation team carried out the most stringent monitoring and confidentiality of these letters. After all, these letters were written to the managers of this country. If they were to be obtained by others, it would be completely unthinkable.

Afterall, these letters could predict the future. However, although the letter could predict the future, almost everyone in the special investigation team was helpless, because each piece of information was enough to cause a huge storm.

This letter appeared out of thin air, so who wrote it? Or do people in the future have invented machines that go back to the past? Everyone made guesses, but the more they thought about it, the more horrified they became.

The people who knew about these letters, that is, the eighty-nine people of the special investigation team, could say that every time a letter appears, it makes them horrified and this time, after seeing the youth movement written above... everyone's eyebrows jumped several times.

And Xiao Qingrong, in the context of familiarity with history, just informed them what might happen in advance.

Historical errors would also have a huge impact under such a sealed letter.