Super Male God System Chapter 125 - Scheme Exposed


Although she was very nervous in front of this person, Zheng Tiantian said it. She never wanted innocent people to be harmed.

Xiao Qingrong was really helpless with Zheng Jiaojiao at this time. He originally thought that the girl would have some ability to 'predict the future'. As a result, the other party wouldn't go anyway. It would be a waste of such opportunities to think carefully.

But don't worry, my parents already know this. They all know that the person who wrote to me is not you. Your handwriting is completely different from Zheng Jiaojiao's...

Zheng Tiantian hurriedly explained, but Xiao Qingrong understood in his heart that the handwriting Zheng Jiaojiao saw was not actually his, so of course this handwriting could not be the same, but looking at the simple appearance of the little girl in front of him, he also knew that the other person came to tell him in person. This matter was also related to the parents of the other person and it's estimated that they have already thought of a response. Otherwise, her father wouldn't have asked to borrow a book from him before, and checked his handwriting in the name of the borrowing.

Since your parents know this, how are they going to deal with it?

Their daughter was deceived, and they know who the culprit was. Xiao Qingrong felt that according to the style of vice village chief Zheng, he must've forged an idea on what to do.

Zheng Tiantian looked at Xiao Qingrong's still indifferent gaze and saw that the other party wasn't angry, so she was relieved.

I'm here to tell you about this. My dad and Zheng Jiaojiao's dad have always been in a competitive relationship. After the New Year, the village chief will be re-elected. My dad is planning to keep quiet until March

As she said this, she was a little embarrassed. She felt as if they were using others so she didn't feel really good about it.

Xiao Qingrong immediately guessed the idea of ​​vice village chief Zheng. In his heart, he felt that although Zheng Tiantian was spoiled, her father was still smart. If this matter was to immediately spread, in a rural place like this, the impact would be great. Vice village chief knew of this so he decided to keep quiet for now. Otherwise, if Zheng Jiaojiao was stigmatized too much, she would definitely be the victim and she would definitely be sympathized by everyone afterwards... [Stigmatized: To set some marks or disgrace upon]

But thinking of Zheng Jiaojiao's appearance, looking at the girl in front of him, he thought of a word.

People always have sympathy for beautiful things.

When the news was finally spread, what would happen if Zheng Tiantian wasn't the Zheng Tiantian right now?

I can cooperate with this matter, but there is one more thing I want to discuss with you. I think your figure is a bit too ungraceful. I wonder if you have tried to lose weight?

Xiao Qingrong looked at Zheng Tiantian's appearance in front of him. She looked extremely fat right now. If she was thinner, she would've been a very beautiful and delicate type girl. At least her eyes were very big. It was necessary to let Zheng Jiaojiao know that it wasn't easy to scheme against him.

Zheng Tiantian really didn't expect that Xiao Qingrong would talk about weight loss. Her face turned red suddenly, and she felt that her body was too shameful in front of Xiao Qingrong, and she suddenly burst into tears. The way her big eyes were tearing up, it made people feel pity for her.

I'm not saying that you are fat, but I have a drug that can help you lose weight. There are still three months until March. Would you like to try it?

Human skin sometimes doesn't represent anything, although many times people look at appearances, but for Xiao Qingrong, no matter how horrible one looked, it won't shake him. After all, he had seen much worse.

I, I will!

In fact, Zheng Tiantian also thought of many ways to lose weight. She even secretly refused to eat some times. In the end, she almost starved herself. Anyway, her weight did not drop a bit, and her body became extremely yellow, scaring the Zheng family. This made them force Zheng Tiantian to eat.

After that, the two talked about weight loss, and then they separated. Regarding this matter, everyone didn't think there was anything strange. Presumably, a person such as Xiao Qingrong would not look after a fat girl, right? Although this fat girl was innocent.

Zheng Tiantian came home and told her parents about this, and hearing that Xiao Qingrong promised to cooperate with them satisfied the vice village chief Zheng. Seeing that there was only worship in her daughter's eyes, and there were no other feelings, he felt relieved.

As the weather was getting colder, the villagers generally stayed at home. Xiao Qingrong often went to the mountains. The little white fox rolled around his neck and waited until the New Year's Eve. Soon, it was almost March and the fox had grown big, almost a meter long, and he couldn't be on Xiao Qingrong's shoulders. He was behind Xiao Qingrong like a pug all day long.

This was because Xiao Qingrong often took it to hunt, and the fox hunting also aroused the curiosity of the people in the village. The educated youth also had the opportunity to eat the remaining meat. This year, everyone had tons of meat to eat and everyone was satisfied.

Ding Xuanxuan had also been studying hard recently. She knew the upcoming college entrance examination. Now that she reminded Xiao Qingrong to pay attention to Zheng Jiaojiao, she wasn't concerned about him. She was studying madly every day. She wanted to be useful in this era.

Seeing that it was March, when the people in the village started to work again,

At the commendation meeting for the village chief position, Zheng Tiantian's mother caused a commotion.

She rushed in from the outside, and threw all the envelopes onto the village chief.

Village chief Zheng! I, Wang Guihua, want an explanation, and I want to get justice for my daughter. I don't know how my family's Tiantian offended your family's Jiaojiao? For her to frame my Tiantian?

At this moment, all the laborers in the village were there. They were taken aback by her actions but they immediately knew that this was a battle between the village chief and vice village chief! This time everyone looked at them and wondered what was going on.

The village chief Zheng was stunned and didn't know what was going on. He first showed a smile and then said.

Sister Wang, if you have something to say, say it. What's wrong with Tiantian and Jiaojiao?

This was a father who knew nothing... Mother Zheng heard this and understood. However, she also felt that the other party was trying to get out of this situation so she directly raised her voice.

What's wrong? What's wrong with me? You don't know what your girl did? Look at these letters. Why did she try to cheat the feelings of my Tiantian? Did my old Zheng's family trick you?

The village chief Zheng really didn't know anything. He reluctantly turned to vice village chief Zheng for help. He didn't want to talk to a woman in the village assembly. After all, women's ability to fight is very powerful.

But when he saw the vice village chief Zheng, he found that the vice village chief Zheng was also black-faced and was very angry for the first time.

Village chief, I used to think Jiaojiao was a good friend of my daughters, and I was happy for her, but I didn't expect Jiaojiao to do such a thing. If it wasn't for our discovery, it would have been disastrous...

As he said that, his eyes were red, and it could be said that his acting skills were superb. Xiao Qingrong sitting below felt that he could award an Oscar to the other party.

Brother, what's going on? I really don't know, what happened to Tiantian and Jiaojiao?

The village chief asked again. This time Mother Zheng directly took out some letters again, put them on the table, and waved her hand towards everyone.

I want all the villagers in the village to come to see them. These envelopes are letters from Zheng Jiaojiao posing as an educated youth from the village last year, Xiao Qingrong. She wrote lies that said that Xiao Qingrong liked my daughter. When I found it, I secretly asked Xiao Qingrong, and compared the handwriting. I was going to just keep quiet but... the latest letter was too much. It even saw my Tiantian go out into the woods happily alone. If I hadn't found it, I...I don't know what Zheng Jiaojiao was going to do...

Mother Zheng's voice was particularly loud. She originally wanted to use this to pressure the village head Zheng. When the villagers asked in a rush, she immediately explained the ins and outs of the matter with red eyes, so that everyone would understand. For some reason, Zheng Jiaojiao wrote a love letter to Zheng Tiantian under the name of Xiao Qingrong, and it was not one or two, and it was unknown what her true purpose was but fortunately, Zheng Tiantian's parents found out.

Immediately everyone's eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong. Looking at Xiao Qingrong's good-looking face, they felt that Zheng Tiantian might've been deceived. The whole village was at this meeting, except Zheng Jiaojiao, who was with her grandmother.

The other educated youths also knew why Zheng Tiantian had gone to Xiao Qingrong before, it was because of this incident. Then, everyone went through the letters one by one and found out that the letters inside were indeed full of sweet words.

The handwriting on this letter is not Qingrong's at all...

After reading it, Wang Chenglei said and other educated youths also came together, and after reading it, they also said that this handwriting was definitely not Xiao Qingrong's.

At this moment, the village chief Zheng understood the situation and didn't know what to do. He could only look at the vice village chief Zheng.

Brother, I really don't know about this letter, and Jiaojiao never contacted the educated youth. How could there be a letter from the educated youths? I think this is a misunderstanding...

The vice village chief Zheng said with red eyes.

I don't know if this is a misunderstanding or not. I only know the facts are in front of everyone. This letter was handed to my daughter by Zheng Jiaojiao. The latest letter said that they should meet at the mountains tomorrow night. Who doesn't know Xiao Qingrong likes to go to the mountains and release his fox to go hunting? These letters were also handed to my daughter by Zheng Jiaojiao. Village chief, I just want to know, what is the reason for her doing this?