Super Male God System Chapter 123 - Mother Zheng

The incident of Xiao Qingrong bringing a small white fox from the mountains soon spread in the village. After all, even in this year, the white foxes were a rarity. Many people in the village came to the courtyard of the educated youth to see the little fox and noticed that it didn't run after it was released, and stuck to Xiao Qingrong. Some people joked that it was a white fox repaying its favors. Anyway, everyone had not seen such an obedient fox.

Why was it that the little white fox was so obedient? Of course, it's not possible because it wanted to repay the favor, but Xiao Qingrong used the Tamer Pill, and that Tamer Pill can be regarded as some chicken ribs in the system mall. As long as the Tamer Pill was fed to animals, it would understand the words of the master.

Xiao Qingrong bought it for cheap, so after giving it to this white fox, he did not expect this little fox to be so small, so it treated Xiao Qingrong as a loved one. No matter what Xiao Qingrong said, it listened and behaved very well. Seeing that it seemed to be a male fox, Xiao Qingrong gave it a name called Yinxue. After all, the little fox was snow-white, and the day he found it, it happened to snow, which was a good name.

At least this little fox liked it.

At this moment, it seemed that the New Year was about to be celebrated. Yinxue was very happy, and he became the mascot in the village. Of course, everyone in the village was very happy. After all, this thing was not brought by Xiao Qingrong from criminals, so even if it was raised by him, no one said anything, and many people liked to watch this little fox play. Unfortunately, his little fox was most attached to Xiao Qingrong, and he liked to lie on Xiao Qingrong's shoulders all day, he never touched others, and as soon as someone wanted to touch him, he would bear his fangs at them.

Zheng Jiaojiao also heard the news. On the day she heard the news, she stabbed herself with a needle, because in her memory, there was no such little fox, and she heard the sisters say how cute the little fox was. Zheng Jiaojiao was actually very curious, she had lived two lives and hadn't seen a real little fox, but the thought of that fox being raised by Xiao Qingrong, she suddenly lost interest.

Recently, her relationship with her grandmother was getting better and better, and her level of embroidery was getting better. In addition, it seemed that the Chinese New Year was coming, and there was nothing to do in the village, so Zheng Jiaojiao's life was good. It had been more than half a year and she had grown closer and closer with the Tang family. Not only did her mother-in-law liked her, but even Tang Junjie's sister also liked her. Zheng Jiaojiao often visited them with food, after all, Tang Junjie had gone to the army, and the Tang family was usually empty.

Thinking of Tang Junjie's achievements in the future, Zheng Jiaojiao was certainly not happy. Although Xiao Qingrong became a biological scientist, the other person had never been married in his lifetime, maybe there was some kind of secret. When Zheng Jiaojiao thought of Zheng Tiantian when she saw the envelope, she sneered. She would have to see what would happen if these two people were tied together.

After thinking about it, she went to Zheng Tiantian's house and sent a letter. Of course, this letter was written in Xiao Qing Rings handwritings. After Zheng Tiantian took the letter, she gave Zheng Jiaojiao something delicious.

However, Zheng Tiantian didn't have much thoughts about this letter, she wasn't stupid. When she first received the letter, she was a little surprised. After reading the letter, there was some spring in her heart, but then she asked her father, and they don't remember seeing Xiao Qingrong meeting Zheng Jiaojiao often at all, and Zheng Tiantian also secretly watched Xiao Qingrong, and found that the other party didn't seem to recognize her at all, and his eyes turned to her indifferently, and he was not as affectionate as written in the letter.

After taking the letter back home, she sat in her room and opened the letter. Sure enough, she saw tenderness in it, but the more she looked at it, the more she felt something was wrong.

Zheng Tiantian's mother felt that something was wrong with her daughter in the first half of the year. She hadn't eaten much since summer. Now she had lost more than 20 kilos after half a year, and the chubby round face has decreased. Mother Zheng was very distressed, so she, like many mothers, secretly glanced at Zheng Tiantian's room.

When parents think about their child, the child's privacy is generally ignored, so Mother Zheng soon got those so-called letters, and then read them all and then she saw Zheng Jiaojiao was sent away by her daughter.

Just when Zheng Tiantian was reading the letter she just recieved, Mother Zheng pushed in directly.

Sweetie, Mom has something to ask you.

Zheng Tiantian was so scared that she hurriedly packed the envelopes. She didn't know what she was thinking. She clearly felt that there was something wrong with the envelopes, but she had a strange feeling, which was probably greed. Zheng Tiantian admitted that she was also a greedy person.

Mom, aren't you embroidering with sister-in-law outside? Why did you come to me?

Zheng Tiantian's face was full of nervousness, afraid she would know what her mother knew. If she let her know, it would be equivalent to the whole village knowing. At that time, no matter what the letter was about, her mother would probably go to Xiao Qingrong and take the matters into her own hands.

Child, can't Mom come and sit in your room? As for what you're thinking, you can hide from others, but you can't hide from your mother. I know what you are thinking. Give the letter to me

Mother Zheng's words shocked Zheng Tiantian. She didn't expect that what she thought was very secretive was discovered by her mother. It was embarrassing, but she obediently gave the letter to her mother. She was a very obedient child and her parents loved her for it.

After receiving the letter, Mother Zheng poked directly at Zheng Tiantian's forehead with one finger.

You silly girl, do you know who Zheng Jiaojiao is? You just went with her and received these messy letters. You didn't think much about it. Do you think Zheng Jiaojiao is as good to you for no reason to send you the letter from the most handsome educated youth?

Peeking at her daughter's letter a long time ago, Mother Zheng has clearly sorted all the things out. Compared with her daughter's innocence, Mother Zheng knew a lot more. She also knew about the death of Zheng Jiaojiao's cousin and the fact that she went to the educated youths courtyard. After a bit of thinking, mother Zheng knew, and according to Zheng Jiaojiao's relationship with Xiao Qingrong, would he actually give the letter to her? Besides, the relationship between the two families was not so great so would Zheng Jiaojiao really help out an enemy?

Zheng Tiantian was stunned. She didn't understand what her mother said and looked at her mother blankly. She wasn't sure about what happened in the village at any time, not to mention that it was already half a year ago. Of course, Zheng Tiantian didn't remember.

Mother Zheng had a headache when she saw the silly appearance of her own girl. She felt that her child was too innocent so she had to teach her child well, otherwise, she would definitely be bullied.

You forgot, half a year ago, when Xiao Qingrong just came to our village, he was picked up by Zheng Chong, and then the next day, the son of Zheng Chong became ill, and then he died. Zheng Jiaojiao also went to the educated youth residence because of this incident, and said that Xiao Qingrong had a special medicine, and the two had an argument. Later, Zheng Jiaojiao also told many villagers false news about the incident, which was later suppressed by her father. Your father also told me before that it was Zheng Jiaojiao who went to the trouble first, and it had nothing to do with the educated youth, but look at you, what is this letter, did you take it from Zheng Jiaojiao? You don't know that they are enemies? Would she be willing to send you a letter from him?

Her daughter had grown up so sheltered that she was kind of clueless. Mother Zheng didn't really want her daughter to marry, let alone marry those educated youths. To her, the educated youths were not good at all.

Zheng Tiantian heard her mother say so much at once, which stunned her a little. Then she carefully digested her mother's words and found something...

Xiao Qingrong and Zheng Jiaojiao... were enemies.

In fact, in the past six months, she also wondered what was up with the letters. After all, she saw Xiao Qingrong barely interact with others and he was usually indifferent, so how could he write such a letter with such affection? Zheng Tiantian just wanted to use these letters to cause a misunderstanding.

But now listening to her mother, isn't Zheng Jiaojiao trying to make her pair up with Xiao Qingrong?

Or maybe make Xiao Qingrong hate her, or make her parents hate Xiao Qingrong?

Zheng Tiantian didn't think much as she watched her mother silent. She could only say softly after a while.

Mom, I know this very well. I really don't have any thoughts about the educated youth in our village. I just like reading the letters because its well written

As she said this, her cheeks were reddish, making Mother Zheng even more furious.

Well written? Look at what is in the letter. It's almost surreal. I am a good man with a responsibility? What a clever word to coax you girls, and this letter is not even related to Xiao Qingrong. That Zheng Jiaojiao's girl is trying to fool you. The re-election of the village chief position is coming up and if something were to happen to you at that time, do you think your dad can focus?

Mother Zheng was very smart, otherwise she wouldn't have been able to dominate the whole situation when there were more than a dozen people in the family. She had been the wife of the vice village chief for years and she hadn't wasted time in all these years.

But, just in case...

In fact, Zheng Tiantian also knew that maybe her mother was right, but she couldn't help but hold a hint of hope, and Mother Zheng couldn't help but wave her hands when she saw her like this.

I will ask your dad to test it out, as for this letter, put it here. If the letter was not written by Xiao Qingrong, I would rip that Zheng Jiaojiao's girl apart! Her heart is so poisonous for she tried to trick you into this.