Super Male God System Chapter 122 - White Fox

Zheng Jiaojiao brought this letter belonging to the educated youth, but Zheng Tiantian struggled for a long time after receiving the letter and did not open it.

Although she is young, she has reached the age of getting married in the countryside, which is different from Zheng Jiaojiao's early marriage. She is very loved by her family and they want to keep her at home for a while. Although the Zheng family has taken good care of Zheng Tiantian because of her good fortune for the family, she has been showered by real love for so many years without any trace of falsehood.

Vice village chief Zheng is actually a cultured person. He has learned a lot. No matter how many sons he has, he cares for his daughter very much and has given her a good life and she has been taught carefully since childhood. Outsiders only saw Zheng Tiantian's appearance, but they didn't know that although Zheng Tiantian was spoiled, she was also educated by vice village chief Zheng.

Zheng Tiantian has known a lot since she was a child. She also knows that the people in the village do not like her because of her appearance and hate her. She is anxious and even wants to lose weight, and although she always wanted to lose weight, she can't do it. Because of this, Zheng Tiantian would cry at night, but the comfort of her parents made Zheng Tiantian cheer up again.

Let's not talk about the need for a relationship. Although the educated youths in the village have married the villagers these year, the marriage is not very good. Most of the male educated youths won't work after they are married to the girls in the village. Zheng Tiantian had seen too many such things. Naturally, she had no good feelings for the educated youths. Even if she saw Xiao Qingrong's face that shocked the heavens, she never had any thoughts of romance.

People always pursue things that are beautiful. It is because of that reason that they observe and discover beauty.

Today, this letter in Zheng Tiantian's hands, is just like Pandora's box. If it is opened, it seems like it will release a cannibalistic devil, which makes Zheng Tiantian overwhelmed.

After such a struggle, after two or three days, Zheng Tiantian finally planned to open the letter. She knew that she and the educated youth who came to the village must have no future, but it was also necessary to respect other people's feelings. If it was not possible, she can also speak clearly to the other person.

Zheng Tiantian, who has always been seeking truth from facts, never thought that starting from this letter, she would fall into a trap, a trap that made her fall into a mud pit.

Zheng Jiaojiao imitated Xiao Qingrong's handwriting and there have been two letters sent in a month, and Zheng Tiantian was helpless after getting these letters. Although she was impressed by the talent of the other party, she knew the difference between them. So, she never wrote back, and although she usually went to the field to deliver meals to her parents, she now doesn't go. She hopes that after not going to the field, the other party can give up. [TN: I feel sorry for her]

Xiao Qingrong didn't know what Zheng Jiaojiao had done, and he didn't have time to bother with them. Now, apart from work, he is devoting himself to research, and it will be November in a flash. Although he didn't hear any news, he thought someone should have seen his letter.

Xiao Qingrong, who was far away in the small village, didn't know that the letter he sent arrived at the table in the capital's securist room. It was quickly dismantled, and it was finally read when it was deemed safe. When November came, it became the first time martial law happened in the city. Although the ones who saw the letter didn't know what's strange about the date on this envelope, since it can appear on the desk of that person out of thin air, it naturally attracted the attention of all relevant departments. Throughout November, it was almost impossible to get in and out of the capital without being fully checked

Over time, it soon came to the day stated on the envelope. Everyone was heavily guarded, thinking that something big would happen, but nothing happened, but everyone was still nervous. Then, the latest research institute news came out, saying that the first self-developed remote-sensing satellite in China was successfully launched, thus becoming the third country in the world to have such a remote-sensing satellite.

Are the days in the envelope about the satellites?

An official involved in this operation couldn't help guessing, and when this guess was heard from the others, they instantly understood the content of the letter.

It's the future! This letter... it's about the future!!!

A group of special investigators who investigated the letter frantically guessed the true meaning of the envelope, and that same night, a new letter appeared and everyone was caught off guard.

The Prime Minister saw the letter appearing out of thin air while he was eating. As one of the people who knew, the Prime Minister was not afraid of the envelope, and even thought that the envelope might be of great significance. He opened the letter in front of everyone and saw the shocking content inside.

Everyone can hardly believe what is said in this letter. If the content of this letter is true, then it is simply the most unacceptable thing in the world.

However, after seeing the contents of the letter, the Prime Minister was curious about the person who wrote the letter and the magical origin of the letter. Does it come from the future? Is it telling them something? And... What is the future country like?

The Special Investigation Office started a crazy investigation again. This time, even if the contents of the letter are confidential, there are many people who know it. It is just that the content passed out in this letter is something that not everyone wants to accept.

In December, Zhengjia Village ushered in the first heavy snowfall in 1975, and the village does not need to do any farm work anymore. The educated youths have time to rest. Although they have been in the countryside, some educated youth brought books. It is normal for everyone to learn from each other.

Ding Xuanxuan looked at the snow that was falling from the sky, and she never thought that she has been in this era for such a long time. She had endured such a painful half a year. She was much darker and looked healthier. She also created a goal for herself.

She wants to go to college, go back, study hard, and make some contributions to this country!

She did not voluntarily come to this book, but since she came, she has to do something. In that world, Ding Xuanxuan is a doctor. Although she was only an intern, Ding Xuanxuan felt that the knowledge she learned might be useful. If she is going to college, she wants to be a doctor again, hoping to save more people.

Although Xiao Qingrong still lives with the educated youths, these educated youths are very clean. In addition, Wang Chenglei seemed to understand Xiao Qingrong's clean habit, and secretly helps to clean up every day. Xiao Qingrong's life can be considered comfortable.

Now that it's snowing, Xiao Qingrong went to the mountains by himself. He dug a trap in the mountains. Since September, he has been hunting secretly to supplement himself. The food in this village is not filling for him. Yes, Xiao Qingrong occasionally grabs a rabbit or pheasant to eat.

The snow fell down one after another. Xiao Qingrong wore a thick cotton jacket, but it was not too cold. When he saw the familiar place, he went to the place where he made the trap. Sure enough, he saw that there was some chaos in the trap, revealing the prey inside.

Xiao Qingrong originally thought it would be a rabbit or the like, but he didn't expect it to be a little white fox.

The little fox seemed to be very hungry since it tried to steal food in the trap prepared by Xiao Qingrong. This trap is not a beast clip or the like, but a small cage that can enclose animals. It was woven by Xiao Qingrong himself.

Raising the small cage, the little white fox made a weak scream in it. It should have only been a short time since it was caught, otherwise, it would have already died.

Xiao Qingrong glanced at the little fox inside the cage. The fox looked like it was not mature, but it still came out to steal food. The only possibility was that it had lost its mother. Otherwise, the mother fox could not leave the little fox alone.

Xiao Qingrong took out the prepared jerky and put it in a cage. The little fox ate it happily, and it looked really cute.

In the two options of letting go of the little fox or keeping it, Xiao Qingrong struggled for a while, and he finally decided to just go up the mountain and leave the fox there for now. He set up several traps and could eat for a long time after each hunt.

Later on the mountain, Xiao Qingrong harvested a pheasant, and a dozen eggs, and a gray rabbit. In fact, in this cold weather, the animals on the mountain should be gone, but it may be because the weather was not so cold before the snow came, the animals were still there.

Xiao Qingrong found some firewood and ignited it. Xiao Qingrong would deal with the meat one by one and store it. Otherwise, one would not be able to finish it. If it was not for 618 being able to store the meat, Xiao Qingrong would not do it.

It's been three or four months since Xiao Qingrong does this and no one has found out yet. This is a very lucky thing for Xiao Qingrong, probably because Xiao Qingrong is too indifferent, so most people don't dare to approach him. Although they know he likes to go to the mountains, no one asked more. After all, the mountains are relatively rugged, and even if it is a villager, they often do not go.

After dealing with the meat, Xiao Qingrong finally couldn't bear it. He went down the mountain with the little fox in the cage. Once he returned to the residence of the educated youth, the little fox caught everyone's attention.

This is a real fox, or a pure white fox. Even if a man looks at it, he will be a little curious, let alone the female educated youth.

Ding Xuanxuan stared at the little fox dumbly, thinking constantly in her head.

Has she really caused the book to change courses. Why isn't this little fox written in the plot? When did this little fox appear?