Super Male God System Chapter 12 - First Blood

Meng Yue School is located in Anqing County, Limbo City, Yun'an Province. Every year, many parents drove their children to this Meng Yue School. Don't mind the remote location of the school, it was intentional. The provincial aristocratic schoolthat charged one-to-one transactions, as for who goes to this school, all of them were disobedient children who didn't listen to their parents.

Those that loved to play games, had Internet addiction, early love, and were disobedient, there were countless reasons for parents to send their children to such places.

The tuition fee of Meng Yue School is 60,000 a year. It is very expensive, but it didn't stop parents from spending money to send their children inside. In their words, as long as their child becomes a proper person when they come out, it didn't matter how much money they spent.

Xiao Qingrong was currently inside one of the dorms here. As soon as he woke up, he found himself in a small room of less than thirty square meters. The room was empty other than a quilt, a bucket, and a lamp above his head, it also had no windows.

Hmm... Xiao Qingrong determined that he was detained again.

Sitting there, Xiao Qingrong closed his eyes and entered the System's Learning Space. He could use it at any time now. It was very convenient and a good tool to use.

[ Host, don't you care about where you are? ]

618 had finished reviewing the information of this world. Seeing that its host was so calm, it simply didn't know what to say. Looking at the amount of male god points(1,299,000) Qingrong had, 618 felt that its host was simply a devil!!!

Xiao Qingrong made the system simulate a patient this time. He recently became fond of studying heart diseases and was trying to use his scalpel to cure heart diseases. As he worked on the heart, the heart started to gradually beat slower and after a while, the heart stopped beating.

It really doesn't work.

The scalpel was carefully wiped clean and set aside, Xiao Qingrong held the heart that had stopped beating in his hand and answered 618.

Of course I know where we are, isn't this a rehabilitation school? I have been to a mental hospital before but never been to such a place as this before. It should be fun~

After examining what went wrong, Xiao Qingrong narrowed his eyes, staring at the red heart in his hand, lost in thought. G18 looked at the mosaic in its host's hand and hurried to speak.(TN: 618 only sees a blur of Qingrong's experiment; bloody parts, just so y'all know)

[ When have you been to a mental hospital? Why didn't I know? ]

It was a little curious. As a system bound to humans for the first time, it respected its host's privacy. Regarding the section of the mental hospital, it didn't know a thing.

Putting down the heart in his hand, the corner of Xiao Qingrong's mouth raised.

That happened a long time ago. Okay, 618. Didn't you say I have 1 million male god points? Can you show me the System Mall? I want to see what's in there.

When 618 heard Qingrong's request, it forgot about the previous conversation and became serious.

[ Opening the mall... ]

Immediately after, Xiao Qingrong appeared in front of a simulation mall. The huge mall looks like a game. In addition to what you can see at a glance, there was also a search bar and a price bar.

Search medicine.

As soon as Xiao Qingrong spoke, the word medicine, all kinds of items jumped out, ranging from low to high prices, all kinds of drugs, as well as the following prescriptions, medical treatment, equipment, etc...

Search for pills.

Xiao Qingrong searched again and then a variety of pills appeared, in addition to the first one 618 wanted to buy on credit, there were Dili Pills, Meditation Pills, Qiaoshou Pills, etc.... The Dili Pill was one of the cheapest, One hundred and fifty thousand.

Among them, the Wisdom Pill was worth around 800,000. It increased the user's wisdom by 20%, which can be said to be a really good pill.

However, Xiao Qingrong was eyeing that Qiaoshou Pill.

[Qiaoshou Pill: Gives a pair of fast hands and can learn anything in the fastest time.]

This Qiaoshou Pill was only worth 100,000 male god points, which is very cheap.

Qingrong immediately purchased it and saw a pill the size of a chocolate bean appear before him. He picked it up and threw it in his mouth, it was really sweet.

For a person using a scalpel, their most important body part was their hands. Thinking of the last world, he missed many things, Xiao Qingrong was a bit worried. He closed the system mall and went to simulate a patient again.

618 watched his host buy the Qiaoshou Pill, also knowing that the host likes to perform surgery but this time, the task really has nothing to do with the operation!

[ Host, did you know? Your current body will be an internationally renowned super hacker! With the help of one person, he had driven away hackers from several foreign countries and protected China's property! With the Qiaoshou Pill you bought, it will help you immensely! ]

Working hard to praise its host, 618 wanted Qingrong to do well on the task...

Hacker? Xiao Qingrong had some doubts as he kept operating on the body. On his hands, the silver scalpel was stained with bright red blood, although all 618 saw were red mosaic.

618, don't you know that the brain is used for thinking while the hand does the work?

From the memory of this body, although some things about hacking could be found, It was mostly about stealing the QQ numbers of others...

[ So host, can you learn hacking techniques? I... I will provide you with information for free...]

618 wanted to cry again. Obviously, its host was smart, why was it so difficult to get him to learn? Learning hacking techniques are not a problem for him at all...

Xiao Qingrong no longer cared about 618 and put all his thoughts on the operation. With the blessing of the Qiaoshou Pill, his hands were stable, his movements were more meticulous and faster. The efficiency made Xiao Qingrong feel satisfied.

Five or six minutes later, the operation failed again. Xiao Qingrong directly dug out the heart, checked what went wrong and responded to 618.

Of course I can learn hacking. Can you stop talking? It's very annoying.

This sentence directly broke the 618's glass heart, grieving at its host but it really didn't dare to speak anymore.

In the Learning Space, Xiao Qingrong was still doing his favorite hobby while an instructor of the Meng Yue School looked at the confinement room through the glass on the door and determined that Xiao Qingrong was sitting there before leaving.

This is the rule of the Meng Yue School. Any student who came to this school for 'remodeling' must first stay in this confinement room for seven days. There was nothing in the confinement room. Except for when someone would bring the food, there was nothing else. After seven days, the children were usually well-behaved and released.

The current Xiao Qingrong is only fifteen years old. The reason he was sent here by his parents is because of Internet addiction!

That's right, Xiao Qingrong was an excellent student when he was in elementary and junior high school. However, when he was in high school, his grades began to drop rapidly. When his parents learned that their son was addicted to online games and stayed in front of the computer all day, they sent him here, thousands of miles away from home and paid 60,000 yuan for his rehab. They hoped their son could be taught well and get rid of his Internet addiction when he comes out.

The idea may be good but it was wrong. This kind of framework was easy to get into but if you wanted to leave it, it would be difficult.

During the seven days of Xiao Qingrong's detention, other students of Meng Yue School obediently obeyed the words of the instructors. With numb expressions on their faces and the prospect of escape in their hearts being null. The only thing they looked forward to was when their parents would pick them up.

It's a pity that in this school, there were children coming in every day, but few of them were picked up. The students here had an age range from twelve to twenty-four. When they came here, they had to obey the teacher. If you disobey the teacher's order, you would be punished by the instructor. Corporal punishment was the first step. There were also other punishments in the school to educate disobedient children until they were obedient.


Seven days passed very fast for Xiao Qingrong. Although the operation hadn't progressed, with the urging of 618, he learned some hacking skills. Xiao Qingrong can now easily hack a large company with no problem.

The door of the confinement chamber was finally opened. Standing at the door was a very strong middle-aged man with an expressionless face and sharp eyes, giving an invisible sense of oppression.

Xiao Qingrong! Come out!

The thick voice seemed to shoot out of his chest. Xiao Qingrong stood up from the ground and walked towards the teacher.

The middle-aged man was Tang Yihai. He's a teacher and an instructor of the Meng Yue School and he used to be a soldier. Later, he was became a teacher at the institute and he is liking his job because not only does he spend his time leasurey but he was also paid a good salary.

What are you doing! Faster!

Tang Yihai watched Xiao Qingrong walk soo slowly so he stretched out his hand and planned to hit Xiao Qingrong's head. He had long been used to hitting students. As long as the students here entered the Meng Yue School, it was fine.

Seeing that its host was about to be beaten, 618 tensed. However, it immediately saw that the scalpel in the left hand of his host was directly inserted into Yihai's neck. Qingrong pulled it out but it was only momentarily that Yihai's body froze. The blood sprayed from his neck splashed on Xiao Qingrong's face and body and 618 only saw a mass of mosaic.

Tang Yihai's mind blanked, his eyes widened and couldn't believe what just happened looking at the person in front of him, his body fell uncontrollably.

Looking at the fallen person, Xiao Qingrong raised the corners of his lips, stuck out his tongue and licked the sprayed blood at the corners of his mouth, squinting.

This blood is really dirty... not tasty at all.