Super Male God System Chapter 117 - Fever

Regardless of where the letter went, Xiao Qingrong asked 618 to take out his scalpel. This thing was very useful no matter time.

It was the first day so the educated youths didn't have to do any work, but it was only for a day. Tomorrow, all of them would go to work in the field.

At night, the village chief Zheng was talking to his wife.

I heard that the educated youth who came here this time don't look like they can work. Bao'er is at that age, so let's inquire and let these educated youth help Bao'er

Zheng's wife is Zheng Jiaojiao's mother. In addition to Zheng Jiaojiao, they also had three sons and a grandson, who they treasured dearly. This year, their grandson was only five years old. Even though this was the countryside, the village chief Zheng was able to become the village chief so he was very smart. He knew that in this age, it was necessary to learn a lot. If you don't study, you would be left behind.

It's too early, and if this is known by the people in the village... won't it be hard to explain?

From the bottom of her heart, Mother Zheng hoped that her grandson could receive a better education. She also knew that literate people were completely different from illiterate people.

However, today's situation was different. Mother Zheng was really afraid of anything happening to her grandson. After all, those educated youths weren't nice people, and they were thieves who would backstab you. In so many years, Mother Zheng had seen too many educated youths and although there were good people, there were more of them who made mother Zheng feel disgusted.

There were many educated youths who married women from the village in order to avoid working. However, after the marriage, they made the women in the village do all the labor, which was really overwhelming.

That... this thing needs more consideration.

The village chief Zheng also felt that his own children should get some education, but as for how, he hadn't figured it out yet.

By the way, Jiaojiao went to the Tang family today, and she took some things with her. I was always worried that she looked down on the Tang family. Now it seems that Jiaojiao is also a sensible person. The Tang family is a good choice. Once she marries in the family, she will have a sick mother-in-law and a timid aunt, so she will not be bullied there.

Although this was a bit offensive, it was the truth. It was like after the development of society, everyone asked the man to have a car and a house, but no father and no mother. Mother Zheng felt that this was a good thing for her daughter.

At first, it was her husband who set up a marriage with the Tang family and she was a little unhappy about it but later she understood the benefits of the marriage.

Not to mention that Tang Junjie was going to become a soldier, let's talk about the situation of the Tang family. The Tang family didn't have a man. The mother of the Tang family was very poor. The younger sister of the Tang family also had a very soft personality. It could be said that getting married into this family was very ideal.

Besides, there were some dark thoughts. The body of Mother Tang was getting worse and worse, maybe she won't be able to endure it. At that time, only Jiaojiao and the Tang girl would be left in the family, which was also the best.

Mother Zheng didn't know. In her last life, because Zheng Jiaojiao canceled the engagement, mother Tang was annoyed by this incident, which caused her to suffer a heart attack. Later, because of this, Tang Junjie took his sister to leave and they never returned. The reason why Zheng Jiaojiao met Tang Junjie a long time later was because Tang Junjie returned to bury his mother...

It could be said that the original family had also become an enemy, so Zheng Jiaojiao wanted to make up for the mistakes of her last life, hoping that her mother-in-law could live longer.

Jiaojiao is sensible. I didn't understand the reason for this marriage before but now it seems that your idea is really good. If Jiaojiao is married to the Tang family, they will be close to our house and we can just take care of it together.

The village chief Zheng still loved his daughter very much.

Zheng Jiaojiao, who was lying in the other room, closed her eyes and thought of Xiao Qingrong who came out of the room. He was almost exactly the same as she had seen before, and his face was unforgettable and indifferent. His expression was as if nothing in this world could garner her attention.

This made Zheng Jiaojiao feel a bit complicated. Although she has given up on Xiao Qingrong in this life and intended to live with her fiance, when she saw Xiao Qingrong's appearance at that moment. Zheng Jiaojiao still had some fluctuations in her heart, she would never forget Xiao Qingrong's indifferent look towards her.

Xiao Qingrong, who was with the educated youth, couldn't sleep all night. Four people were in the same room, and there were sounds of people snoring. This was a great challenge for Xiao Qingrong.

By the next morning, the female educated youths had prepared their meals, and they ate together. Everyone had a good discussion yesterday. The female educated youths would cook for a week, and the male educated youths would cook for the next week. Now that they had gone to the countryside, they must be treated equally and there was no bias.

After eating, they went to the field to gather together. All the educated youths had to work after going to the countryside. At this moment, Zheng Chong was just busy farming, so when he saw that they were coming over, he distributed work to everyone.

After the task was done, he would give the youths their labor points. Labor points was a system designed to keep track of how much work the educated youths have done. Each labor point was very important. According to the work you do, the more labor points you have, the less you work, everyone was in full swing.

Xiao Qingrong didn't dislike labor, and he believed that labor was a very important behavior for human beings. Such labor could make people find their goals.

After receiving the task, Xiao Qingrong took the sickle, and he was in the field with Ding Xuanxuan. At this time, the wheat was ripe, they were going to cut wheat. Ding Xuanxuan had exercised before coming, so she was relaxed and calm.

Xiao Qingrong glanced at Ding Xuanxuan and he noticed that she knew how to use this. Then, he bent down and began to work. The two were silent, working very quietly. At this time, it was still early. If it was noon, it would make the work harder due to the heat.

Ding Xuanxuan worked hard. Before crossing, she had not been exposed to this kind of labor. After all, after the development of science and technology, the wheat in the field were collected by car, and it was completely unnecessary for manual labor. Now this kind of labor made her feel weird.

After working for a while, Ding Xuanxuan finally couldn't help but cut the wheat to Xiao Qingrong's side, and then began to speak.

Well, Xiao Qingrong, do you know? Our country may open the college entrance examination in two years, and we can go back then.

Although one of the reasons why she wanted to help Xiao Qingrong was because of his handsome face, she didn't want such a talent to be buried in the countryside forever. Zheng Jiaojiao was reborn. She was indeed lucky, but Xiao Qingrong was innocent. He just didn't care for Zheng Jiaojiao, but he was treated so badly.

Really? Xiao Qingrong turned to look at this mysterious Ding Xuanxuan who shared the news with him, as if he had seen Ding Xuanxuan through at a glance.

Of course, my family is from the capital, so before I came, my family inquired about the news so I knew some things. I must go to college and go home.

Ding Xuanxuan nodded and fabricated a powerful family for herself. In fact, Ding Xuanxuan's family was just an ordinary family.

I wish you complete your goal. Xiao Qingrong nodded coldly. He didn't care much about the college entrance examination two years later, or more than one year later. He now only hoped that he could survive here.

Of course, he hoped to live a happy life.

It was too hot at noon, so the morning's work ended at eleven o'clock. Everyone had some rest time after lunch. The work time in the afternoon started at more than three o'clock. After all, it was too hot. People were constantly sweating and in case something happened, no one could be held responsible. Zhengjia Village doesn't have a doctor so they caouldn't afford any accidents.

Ding Xuanxuan always wanted to have a relationship with Xiao Qingrong, but the other side was too indifferent, making Ding Xuanxuan feel that the other side was a hard stone and could not be touched at all.

Sitting in the shade of the field at noon to rest, many people in Zhengjia Village were also talking to these new educated youths. Of course, everyone's eyes would inevitably fall on Xiao Qingrong's face. It was because Xiao Qingrong looked really good. He had swords like eyebrows, and a clean and handsome face, which made even the boys feel that he was good looking.

However, Xiao Qingrong was the most indifferent. Sitting there, he didn't talk to people from beginning to end, and the people in the village would not actively want to speak to these educated youths, so at this moment, other new educated youths were listening to the villagers telling what happened in the village and what needed attention in the village.

Just then, a woman with flushed eyes ran over with a child in her arms, and at a glance, one knew she cried.

Zheng Chong! Zheng Chong

This woman was Zheng Chong's wife. At this moment, the poor girl holding the child was crying. Zheng Chong, who was talking to everyone, quickly got up and ran towards his wife.

Oh, what happened?

Zheng Chong's wife cried again when she heard what her husband said.

Zhen Chong, Tungzi has a very high fever. It was obviously not as hot last night. Now it is like this...

As she said, she opened the blanket and showed the child to her husband. The child she was holding was only one year old. At this time, his face was red, and even his crying was a little weak at the moment, which made Zheng Chong instantly stunned. He was his first and only son.

Let's go to the hospital in the city now.

Zheng Chong was really anxious. In fact, the child was uncomfortable last night, but Zheng Chong's mother said that the child was okay, so they just left him be. Who knew that he would become like this. Although Zheng Chong was such a big man, his eyes turned red from anxiousness.

Zheng Chong's wife nodded, hurriedly holding the child and followed Zheng Chong away, leaving the rest to talk.

Some elderly people in the village shook their heads when they saw the appearance of the child, and they felt that the child would not be able to live...

Since he was like this, even if he was rescued, he would most likely become a fool...