Super Male God System Chapter 115 - Rebirth

On the road from Zhenghe Village in Anhe County, a donkey cart swayed. On it were seven or eight innocent boys and girls. The youngest was 17 years old, and the oldest was 22 years old. The driver was Zheng Chong, the leader of Zhengjia Village, and the people behind him were educated youths from big cities.

The policy had changed in recent years. The above required the educated youths to go to the countryside. These children in the city have come to the village one after another. This was the first batch of them. After these educated youths came, they could not stand life here. There are people who died of illness after coming to this village, and there were also others who started their own businesses in the village. In any case, Zheng Chong could be considered to have seen so many people coming. Now this new batch of educated youths came to this village and it was unknown what kind of changes may happen.

Thinking of a few years ago, many village girls liked to marry educated youths, and many families tried to marry their daughters to the educated youths, but now.... Educated youths lives were not as good as ordinary people, so now, these educated youths were worthless. Zheng Chong, while driving his donkey, sneaks a glance at the back. For this group, there was an educated youth that stood out this time. He looked good, and even though he did not smile, he made people unable to look away.

Xiao Qingrong sat there indifferently, his eyes were calm, unlike the educated youths who looked around. He had a very handsome face, so these people came to the educated youths very much surprised, especially the female educated youths who came here this time. They kept on trying to talk to Xiao Qingrong, but he always kept silent and ignored them, which made these female educated youths unwillingly stop.

Ding Xuanxuan secretly looked at the man in front of her, she couldn't suppress her emotional excitement, because the look of the man in front of her was more handsome than many stars she had seen in her life! His beautiful, firm eyes, along with his meticulously wearing of the clothes on his body. He was simply a living male god and he does not seem real at all.

Yes, Ding Xuanxuan was a traverser, and she did not expect that she would traverse into a book, a 70s novel called Rebirth of Rebirth, but unfortunately, the protagonist of the novel is not her, but the daughter of the head of Zhengjia Village, and she is just a side character in the novel...

Not long after passing through, Ding Xuanxuan knew that there was no way to change the matter of going to the countryside, so she was only able to accept all this, and when she came, she hoped to have a good relationship with everyone. She only needed to be here in the village for two years and the college entrance examination would come. As long as she got admitted to college, she would be able to go home! As a school bully, Ding Xuanxuan still had this ability!

At this moment, Ding Xuanxuan looked at the person in front of her. In fact, even if this person was cold, she didn't say anything. Ding Xuanxuan knew who the other party was. The other party was called Xiao Qingrong. He was the supporting actor and scapegoat of the book Rebirth of Rebirth. It was because the protagonist saw Xiao Qingrong that she canceled her engagement with her fiance, but unfortunately, although it was canceled, Xiao Qingrong didn't look at her, it was embarrassing and she remained like this for almost a decade. Later, when she got older, she knew that Xiao Qingrong not only went back to school, but finally became a professor of biology, and a professor who could see the leaders of the country!

She knew this and did not regret it, because she understood that Xiao Qingrong did not like her, but when she later saw her ex-fiance returning to her hometown. Her ex-fiance who went to the army not only became a vice general, but was also accompanied by a very gentle woman. The protagonist was stimulated and was reborn again into the past.

This time, she knew that Xiao Qingrong would not look at her differently because she was the daughter of the village chief. Moreover, she was angry with Xiao Qingrong because of her last life. She asked her father to arrange a lot of tiring work, and she was waiting for her fiance. She hoped that she could compensate her fiance and get rid of his soaring problems.

Ding Xuanxuan used to feel cool when reading this book, but now when she saw Xiao Qingrong with her own eyes, she understood the heroine's thoughts, although the result had no effect. However, if things went according to the book, and the heroine was born again, then Xiao Qingrong would be very miserable. In the future, not only will he not be admitted to college, it may not even be possible to go back...

Thinking of the heroine's framing of Xiao Qingrong, Ding Xuanxuan really felt that the handsome man in front of her was pitiful.

In fact, she did not cover up her eyes well and Xiao Qingrong easily noticed Ding Xuanxuan's eyes. The strange change in her eyes made Xiao Qingrong pay more attention to this woman, whose name was Ding Xuanxuan.

[Host, this time, you should have become a bioscientist working for your country, but the future has been ruined, so this time, the host must work hard to protect your future!]

618 looked at all the source code from this world, and it knew why it brought the host to this world. After searching around in this world, it noticed that there were no good biological scientists in this world..

But for the host, it should be... well, it's nothing...

Thinking of the tens of thousands of male god points in the last world, 618 really didn't know what to say.


Xiao Qingrong gave a word indifferently, but he was a little curious about the so-called 1970s. You must know that in the world he knew, there were still prosperous places in the 1970s in China. The area like Hong Kong was even more extraordinary. The bustling, small cars, light industry movies, and entertainment industry have also begun to develop. This was a messy era, and it was also one of the easiest times to hunt for money. Xiao Qingrong also liked this era.

618 didn't know if its host heard it, but in this case, it knows that its host is definitely its own host, so it didn't say much anymore. It hoped this time, the host could be comfortable in this world.

The donkey cart that came to Zhengjia Village staggered. Compared to the grand occasion when everyone came to watch the educated youth in the village in previous years, no one came to see them at this time. Everyone was busy in the field so how could they see these educated youths with fine skin and tender meat.

The donkey was tied to a big tree at the entrance of the village. Zheng Chong watched all the educated youths get out of the cart and opened his mouth.

Now I'll take you to where you will stay in the village! After the arrangements are made, you can rest today, but you will start work tomorrow.

He said that after seeing these educated youths holding things reluctantly, and soon, their eyes fell on Xiao Qingrong's face involuntarily. In this society, people always had a good impression on people who looked good. Other educated youths along the way were awkward, only this handsome youth was the most obedient, so Zheng Chong was very satisfied with him.

They quickly found a place in the village for the educated youths. If it had been before, the village would have given the best house to the educated youths, but after so many things happened, the villagers also understood it. The educated youths who came from the city simply didn't like them, so they didn't really bother with the educated youths nowadays.

This house doesn't look very good. It's a little worn out. Four male educated youths are in the same room. This made Xiao Qingrong frown at the beginning. Thinking of the college entrance examination in two years, he had to endure two years here...

Hehe, is this something that can be tolerated?

Zheng Chong took the female educated youths to show them their room, and the male educated youth in the room just started to talk, and everyone didn't talk to Xiao Qingrong tacitly. The cold expression of Xiao Qingrong in the cart had successfully made everyone zone him out.

Such an invisible exclusion was nothing to Xiao Qingrong.

After he made the bed, he put his things away and walked towards the outside. He needed to plan quietly on what to do next.

Just when Xiao Qingrong stepped out, he saw the girl standing outside the courtyard who seemed to be peeping. The girl's hair was tied with a double twist braid. When she saw Xiao Qingrong, she turned her head and ran out.

If Ding Xuanxuan was there, she would definitely recognize that the person who ran away was the female protagonist and she knew the reason why she ran away was because she was reluctant, so she wanted to take a last look at Xiao Qingrong.

That's how people are. They like to eat in a bowl while looking at the pot. Before the female protagonist in the book was reborn, she also liked to eat in a bowl and look at the pot. After rebirth, even if she had a pot, she must put the bowl down to keep others from eating.

This is humanity's selfishness.

Xiao Qingrong was not very interested in the fleeing girl. Although the other person looked at him with a gaze that seemed to know him, there was no such person in his plan.

When Xiao Qingrong was standing in the courtyard, Ding Xuanxuan, who arranged the bed from the inside, hurriedly came over and opened her mouth toward Xiao Qingrong.

Xiao Qingrong! Are you all done?

She didn't hide her excitement, looking at Xiao Qingrong as if she was looking at the person she admired. Such shining eyes, Xiao Qingrong had seen them in the eyes of fans.

Why do you know my name?

Before that, Xiao Qingrong had never introduced his name at all.

Ding Xuanxuan said for a moment, firstly a little embarrassingly, and then she seemed to have a flash of light, and hurriedly said.

Yes, it was Mr. Zheng who told me. I saw that you hadn't talked to us before, so I was curious, so I asked.

She found a good reason for herself, but it was very poor, because her eyes were not like looking at a stranger at all.

Ding Xuanxuan, look into my eyes, now tell me, you know me from somewhere, right?

Xiao Qingrong's words made Ding Xuanxuan unable to resist his pupil, and at that moment, she was stiff, and she felt that she was about to be seen through, causing the smile on her face to be stiff.

No, no... I, I don't know you...