Super Male God System Chapter 113 - Kiss

It was unknown what kind of method Rong Rong used to suppress the main personality, and after talking with 618 that day, he also suppressed him. Since then, 618 has never appeared.

The popularity of The Metamorphosis brought some changes to the four children participating in the show. For example, Chen Mingze, he finally embarked on the road to becoming a star with the help of Xiao Qingrong, and shot the first film of his life. He has formally debuted in the entertainment industry.

Tang Tianning originally had extraordinary talents in music. After returning home, he began to make his first solo album, The Metamorphosis, which was released three months later. Once released, it reached more than 3 million views. The electronic sales data is already very good in the data of new singers. Among them, the theme song Young and Maniac is loved by many fans. This song sings many young people's voices, plus Tang Tianning looks really beautiful so of course his popularity is high.

Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan have a lot less things. After Wen Xuehui came back, except for the Weibo meeting, they were all hidden. Qiu Wanwan endorsed the dolls of her mother's company, and many people bought them even though they were very expensive.

Over in the Xiaojia Village, the Chen family invested in Xiaojia Village and planned to change Xiaojia Village into an entertainment resort. The initial investment alone was 30 million. So now the people in Xiaojia Village are almost busy, and so is the Xiao family. Knowing that this is the favor of the Chen family, they also made a harder effort. Father Xiao and mother Xiao had no other children except Xiao Qingrong, so they also worked harder to make money so they can see their son again in the future with pride.

Xiao Zikun was also determined at the moment. The original investment in the village was from the Chen family. People invested for the favor, not because they felt that Xiaojia village was eligible for development, but because of this, Xiao Zikun realized the facts he knew before. He felt that he was superficial, but he began to study with peace of mind after this. It seems that he does not want to follow the old path.

Everything seems to be moving in a good place, time is like a grinding little goblin, and it will always make you a little bit surprised.

Five years passed in a flash. The children who had participated in The Metamorphosis have now grown up to be different. Wen Xuehui's family was originally in politics. She later studied hard and became an intern diplomat. She flew back and forth in the frontiers of the motherland all day long and she has been very busy all year long.

Qiu Wanwan was probably influenced by her mother and was very talented in fashion design so she started her own clothing company at the age of eighteen, and after two years, although it could not be compared to those famous brands but it can be considered a luxury product, anyway, just like her doll, ordinary people cannot afford it.

Of course, every quarter of Xiao Qingrong's clothes was designed by Qiu Wanwan herself, and it was the kind of personal custom model, which made Chen Mingze jealous for a long time.

Today, Chen Mingze is already a big star. As a new generation superstar, he is not only very good at singing, but also very good in acting. He was admitted to the Beijing Film Academy in the past few years. His good grades proved his status as a school hegemony, but after a year of silence, after one year, he won the best newcomer award directly with a crime film called Juvenile Police. It can be said that his limelight is unique.

In the words of fans in the circle, Chen Mingze was like a rocket, but his acting skills are real and he is willing to study. He has debuted for more than five years. There are only four movies that he has taken part in. Moreover, for the movies that he took part in, the ratings have broken ratings over the years, causing huge turbulence.

In addition, Chen Mingze himself is well-groomed and well-learned. He always puts out some questions on Weibo to test the fans. Many parents also like this little star, because this little star always urges his fans.

In short, today's Chen Mingze is not the stinky kid who likes to be a bad-tempered boy.

In addition to Chen Mingze, it is Tang Tianning. For the past five years, Tang Tianning has almost maintained the speed of releasing a new album for one year, and has also occupied a lot of popularity in the music market. With his young and beautiful face, and the tunes written which are all in line with the style of young teenagers, he directly captured the hearts of young students on the market. The latest album Legal Age is the first of its kind as it was a new style of music. Although it was a new style, the fans loved the love song and not only did the fans buy the electronic albums, they also bought the physical album.

In the music industry these days, it's actually not as good as it used to be. There is no longer a song that is popular for a lifetime. Most fans are passionate but they will like you today but they will like others tomorrow. However, Tang Tianning's fans are just as magical and they have always supported Tang Tianning. When ordinary singers only dare to release electronic albums, Tang Tianning always has electronic albums and physical albums. The physical albums also need to be reserved each time. If you don't make an appointment, you can't really buy it later.

Compared to electronic albums, Tang Tianning's personal signature posters in physical albums are things everyone wants more, so the latest pre-sale of the latest album has reached 1.8 million, and although formal sales have started now, the official sales have not been counted officially, allowing one to imagine just how shocking the sales would be.

On the enthusiastic midsummer night, when fans were buying albums enthusiastically, the singer Tang Tianning they liked was in a very high and confidential apartment, wearing a suit that he had not taken off before the ceremony, looking at the man sitting at the window holding red wine.

Qingrong, have you listened to my album? There are many songs written for you.

Perhaps it was affected by favorability, or it was because Rong Rong deliberately did it. In the past five years, Chen Mingze has converged his thoughts because of his busyness, but Tang Tianning has fallen into such an abyss and he is unable to leave.

Almost every piece of his music is written for Xiao Qingrong, and although others don't know, Wen Xuehui and Qiu Wanwan knows. However, Wen Xuehui is too busy, so even if she wants to do something, she can't do it and although Qiu Wanwan came to Xiao Qingrong, she also could do nothing. Moreover, for so many years, the relationship between Tang Tianning and Qiu Wanwan has become worse and worse.

After all... can you treat your love rival kindly?

I listened, you sang very well. Xiao Qingrong did not turn his head, but looked at the city outside the window. In such a noisy city, even at night, it was neon flashing, making people feel joy.

Tang Tianning was a little unhappy when he heard this. He walked up, stretched out his hands behind Xiao Qingrong, leaned over, and leaned his head on Xiao Qingrong's shoulder. He had a face more beautiful than a woman and at this time, he was aggrieved. [TN: This is making me uncomfortable.]

You always do this, so cold. He complained softly, and deliberately lowered his voice, spraying his warm breath on Xiao Qingrong's ears. Such a clear tease made Rong sitting there feel that it was kind of enjoyable.

In the past five years, Rong Rong has had a good life. In addition to his usual studies, he is almost held by everyone and loved by everyone. This feeling is really very comfortable.

Really? If I weren't cold, why would you come to me?

Xiao Qingrong reached out and held Tang Tianning's hand, then pushed him up. Watching the person standing in front of him, Xiao Qingrong looked at the person in front of him with satisfaction. Only time can change a tempered child into someone different.

Looking at Tang Tianning turning into his favorite form step by step over the years, Rong Rong is certainly in a good mood.

You only know how to bully me, don't think I don't know, you accompanied Qiu Wanwan to go abroad a few days ago.

The jealousy in his mind made Tang Tianning say this sentence, but he regretted it after he said it. He even felt that he cared too much about it. He didn't look like a man at all. As a man, he should be more sincere with feelings but he is always full of jealousy.

Then you can blame me. I went out with Wanwan this time, just to make sure of something. Didn't you ask me before, who do I like better than Wanwan?

Rong Rong likes the feeling of being loved, but it is impossible for him to give the same love, so he went out with Wanwan just now, just to confirm whether he can accept these real people.

As a personality born of nothingness, Rong Rong likes to be loved, but he has never fallen in love with other people, and it is impossible to have close contact with other people. Now, Rong Rong wants to break all this.

He wanted to see if Xiao Qingrong found his body was dirty, what would he do...

When Tang Tianning heard this, his eyes were instantly brightened, and he looked forward to the person in front of him. He thought that his waiting had finally come to fruition.

After drinking a glass of red wine, and then putting the red wine on the table, Xiao Qingrong stood up. He was even half taller than Tang Tianning. Tang Tianning's throat knot swallowed unconsciously, and he looked forward to what happened next.

And Rong Rong embraced Tang Tianning in front of him and kissed his lips.

Tang Tianning's lips were slightly open, and the slightly astringent taste of red wine suddenly poured into the cavity. When he closed his eyes and wanted to experience the kiss, he was pushed away fiercely the next moment, and his body fell to the ground.

Xiao Qingrong's mouth was full of red wine. After spitting the red wine on the ground, he sneered.

Rong Rong, you are disgusting to me.

Author's Note: Xiao Qingrong will not lose himself, neither will he in this life. He is such a delicate bachelor!